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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The female Zerg had said just once, but in fact, it was more than once. After he ate barbecue in the evening, Gu Yi was wanted three times. If you did the math, that was seven times in a day, and it was really killing him.

The next morning, Gu Yi was awakened by the urge to pee. The female Zerg came back with food and gave him a good morning kiss.

The two of them were naked, and they looked as slutty as possible.

“What’s your name?”

“I thought…My name is Clarence John.” The Admiral thought the whole Empire knew him, but it seemed the little male didn’t care much about politics.

Clarence saw the male Zerg’s cock was slightly erect. He realized it was a morning erection, so he took the initiative to help Gu Yi lie down, and comforted the male Zerg with his hole.

“Ah… wait. I…haven’t…gone…yet.”

The female Zerg’s movements made him pee in Clarence’s ass without even uttering a whole word.

“I wanted to say it, but you didn’t give me a chance.”

Gu Yi shot his urine into the female Zerg, and watched it all get locked up in his hole.

Clarence reassured him. “Don’t worry. I’ll hold it all in, and it won’t leak out.”

“It…you…me. I ejaculated yesterday and you are…holding it in?” Gu Yi recalled that it seemed like it really didn’t leak out. He’d thought Clarence quietly let it out in the morning.


Gu Yi breathed a sigh of relief, then he said “Mn, but that stuff shouldn’t stay in the hole, ah.”

“I’ve absorbed it all. I’m fertile, so it’s absorbed quickly.”

Gu Yi. ⊙ω⊙?

The male pup hasn’t been taught his physiological lessons.

“The female Zerg will automatically absorb the male Zerg’s bodily fluids to appease the blood riots, while the semen left in the cavity can also increase the chances of pregnancy.”

“Female…female Zerg?”

Gu Yi’s first reaction, This thing is a female?

Gu Yi’s second reaction, His body muscles were nothing.

Clarence saw that he didn’t believe it. Although the Admiral felt that he was a very good female Zerg and didn’t need to give proof, he still bent over and spread his buttocks to show Gu Yi his hole. “You see? I have a reproductive cavity.”

Gu Yi only saw a fleshy patch. He didn’t see anything special. It was the red colored intestinal flesh that aroused Gu Yi’s interest. He stretched out his index and middle fingers and touched it, which caused the intestinal flesh to shrink back.

The female Zerg’s genital cavity was a forbidden place. The first time was reserved for a male Zerg, so generally a female Zerg wouldn’t touch their hole. Even if they really reached in themselves, they wouldn’t find their genital cavity, because their hole was sensitive. Even if their genital cavity was the most sensitive part, as long as there was something to go in there, they wouldn’t be able to distinguish between southeast and northwest. They just weren’t able to distinguish which part was the most sensitive.

The female Zerg’s intestinal walls were quite interesting. Gu Yi inserted two fingers inside and stirred it. The intestinal walls wrapped around him, then let go as if they were shy. It was like a living mouth.

It took Gu Yi a lot of effort to pull his hand out.

By the time Gu Yi put in four fingers, Clarence was trembling and couldn’t take it anymore. His hands let go of his buttocks several times, before he released them with more force.

The four fingers were flicking around in his hole, as they pressed every inch of red flesh, then went deeper and deeper. Just as they were about to reach the end, Gu Yi touched something different. With just a touch, Clarence fell to the ground.

Gu Yi reached out and slapped his ass impatiently, causing the buttocks’ flesh to ripple.

It was quite tender.

“Separate them. I can feel it.”

The female Zerg complied with the words to separate his butt cheeks. This time Gu Yi’s hand moved in a tapered shape, followed the lustful fluid inside, encountered an obstruction, rotated to an angle and continued to move forward.

“Ah no…it’s so full…it’s so swollen…”

Gu Yi impatiently pinched his thighs, and urged, “Wide. Spread them wide!”

The female Zerg really increased his strength. Gu Yi was a little doubtful that he would break his ass into two pieces.

“That’s it.”

Gu Yi didn’t want to quit, but he couldn’t get in. He was in a dilemma.

“Put…the edge to open a little. Press…press…to open…”

Gu Yi searched carefully along the side of the hole, and found a gap. With his other hand hooked up a little, it loosened slightly, and he put his whole fist in.

Gu Yi could feel the flesh of the hole as it throbbed and closed around his hand. The mouth of the hole was narrow, but the inside of the hole was wide enough to allow Gu Yi to open his palm, which made it easier for him to move.

Gu Yi felt carefully, as he searched for the rough flesh of the hole. WIth each movement, the female Zerg’s soul was almost flying.

After Gu Yi found the genital cavity, he played with it for a long time, so long that the female Zerg passed out from pleasure.

When he was done playing, he wanted to take his hand out, but discovered a problem. Clarence wouldn’t wake up no matter how much Gu Yi tapped and spoke. Gu Yi looked at the dimming sky and darkness. He was starting to worry about how to pull his hand out, so he got angry. Then, he made his hand into a fist, and hit the cavity hard. The female Zerg woke up in excitement.

“My hand…”

The female Zerg gasped a little to calm down before he said to Gu Yi, “I…I’ll…”

He told Gu Yi to stay put while he pulled forward so it would come out.

“Ahhhhh…my hand is going to break! My hand…” Gu Yi cried out in pain. He finally heard a “pop” sound, and was freed.

Clarence saw that he was still crying from pain, and gave him a look. His wrist was dislocated. He kissed the male Zerg. He had a deep tongue kiss with him, and while Gu Yi was occupied, he quickly popped his wrist back into place.


Clarence kissed his hand. “Don’t play in the future. You’re still young. That was too dangerous.”

The female Zerg leaned down. He licked and comforted the male Zerg’s cock, and Gu Yi’s cries slowly changed tone as he began to moan with pleasure.

“You spit it out. I want the back.”

Clarence, of course, complied.

Gu Yi grabbed his waist and moved it. He used his memory to find the most sensitive part of his genital cavity, then hit it hard. As he listened to the female Zerg’s moans of pain and contentment, Gu Yi was overjoyed. This time, Gu Yi was focused on mating, and it was the female Zerg who couldn’t stand it and wanted to escape. However, he forced himself to hold back.

With the last thrust, Gu Yi penetrated the genital cavity, and ejaculated.

The male Zerg wasn’t yet an adult, and couldn’t form a knot. Clarence could only hold the semen after the male Zerg had withdrawn. He didn’t dare let a drop out.

“So hungry…”

“I’m…going to get something ready right away.”

Clarence held in the semen, and readied breakfast. While he was eating breakfast, Gu Yi saw that the female Zerg was pouting. He thought that he had hurt him, so he wanted to say a couple of good words to coax him to eat something.

“I can’t eat too much. Excretion will expel the semen as well.”

Gu Yi couldn’t resist slapping his buttocks, and left a palm mark on one. “Then pout.”


Gu Yi took a deep breath, and couldn’t resist another slap. Now the two buttocks were red. It was still quite attractive.


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What a way to dislocate your hand. The young male in his rebellious period is really getting an education

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GY 180 degree change 😎😎😎

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