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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The Zerg’s army came in less than a month. The planet was so quiet that it was hard not to be suspicious.

Ron Morton was ordered by the Marshal to check on the situation. To his surprise, there was a male Zerg’s presence on the planet. The planet hadn’t been significantly damaged in almost a month, probably because Admiral Clarence John had been soothed by the male Zerg, and had been given the spiritual power of an A class or higher.

However, what Ron Morton saw…

Ron Morton knew that it was a size far beyond the average size of a male Zerg’s penis from the physiology textbooks. The length and girth were terrifying. The length of the cock was also very impressive in terms of the range. Thick and long males were really rare, and many male Zergs were as indifferent to sexual matters as monks.

The male Zerg’s cock brought out semen from the previous ejaculation between entry and exit, and after the rubbing and bubbling, it formed a contrast with those slightly reddened buttocks that was beautiful and lascivious.

The Admiral really didn’t know any better, and wasted the precious semen of the male Zerg as it escaped.

Wait a minute. This male Zerg wasn’t yet an adult, and couldn’t even control his pheromones.

Oh my God, Clarence John raped a male Zerg pup!

But it looked like the male Zerg wasn’t resisting, and that he even enjoyed it a little…?

Clarence spotted Ron, but he didn’t stop. He needed Ron to help him testify that he hadn’t raped the male Zerg, and that it was all voluntary for the male Zerg. Maybe Ron had even now pulled out his computer to record them. 

Oh, but he didn’t want his male Zerg to be seen by others.

Clarence was right. Ron did record, and he even got wet while he watched the mating. He also wanted to be held by a male Zerg. To turn purple, and to have a male Zerg in his hole. He also wanted to have his tits pinched, his lips bitten and his tongue played with by a male Zerg, so, so much.


Gu Yi and Clarence came at the same time. Then Ron identified himself, and together they returned to the Imperial capital.

The Empire’s forum blew up. They had found a male Zerg pup, and with genetic testing, they also found he was unrecorded. Then that the pup had been raped by Admiral Clarence John, the SSS who was about to burst into flames and die.

There was too much information. No matter what it was, it was a rare event.

Admiral Clarence was arrested, naturally, for having raped a male Zerg pup.

The male Zerg genetic test result was SS level mental power. So when he became an adult, he had a 99% probability of advancing to SSS level. The reason why it wasn’t 100% was that the scientists of the Academy of Sciences upheld a rigorous attitude, that there always could be unforeseen circumstances. The probability was written as 99%, but understanding people knew that it was really 100%, and he was bound to become a SSS level male.

In the Imperial court, the entire Imperial high command was worried about whether to execute Clarence John, because when this Zerg appeared, he was a SSS female Zerg. As the only known SSS male Zerg, when those two Zerg mated, there would be higher genetic sequences produced and preserved in the Zerg gene pool.

Clarence John was born an SS, and it was only through hard work that he became a SSS. Most people, even if they were born as a SS, wouldn’t advance. It was too difficult to cross the bloodline level.

Clarence John and Gu Yi were both born SS, and would become SSS genetically through hard work later in life. But the cubs born from the union of two acquired SSS Zerg must be SSS. From then on, SSS genes could enter the Zerg gene pool. If their children were combined with an SS, there was a 50% probability that SSS would appear again.

This was a racial gene pool transformation that required several generations to complete.


The SSS female Zerg had met the first SSS male Zerg in history, but now the female Zerg had raped the male Zerg. The law of the Empire meant they clearly should execute the female Zerg. However, this rare combination was an important opportunity to change the race. In fact, everyone wanted to keep the female Zerg, but they were afraid that if they made an exception, there would be trouble in the future.

The Empire’s top brass was thinking long term. The public was only angry, and wanted to put the rapist to death. While there were reasonable people, in the end the voices were too small.

Two days later, Admiral Ron Morton, who had found the male Zerg, released a video that confirmed Clarence John hadn’t raped him, and that male Zerg had consented to the mating. The video was coded, but it was easy to see how harmonious the sex was. The crowd settled down, and silently observed the story plot direction.

For the next five hundred years, that mating video was the Zergs’ favorite masturbation material. There were even businesses that turned the high-definition recordings into full simulations.

Clarence John was exonerated, and became Gu Yi’s female husband as a matter of course, while the wedding would take place when Gu Yi reached adulthood.

Ron Morton used the video to get himself the position of female attendant to accompany the new male Zerg through his adult transformation.

To help a male Zerg through was originally a female slave’s job. A family would usually find a female Zerg to keep at home in advance, and when the male Zerg reached adulthood have him taken as a female.

Ron didn’t care about that, he just wanted to be with the male Zerg. As for whether it was a female servant or a female slave job, who cared?

When Gu Yi was threatened by Ron’s video, he planned to teach him a lesson as a young slave. Today a batch of toys arrived just in time for him to try them out.


“You are a SS female Zerg and an admiral. You married a male Zerg, but you don’t support the female monarch?” Gu Yi pulled hard on the chain between Ron’s two nipples.

“Master don’t…pull it. My tits are going to fall off.”

“You can yell when they fall off. It’s still early.” Gu Yi was tired of thrusting, but didn’t want to let him go. He pushed over the dildo machine that just arrived, and made Ron sit on it as he turned it to the highest gear.

“I want Master…”

Gu Yi admired that for half an hour. He watched as Ron’s body gradually became covered with a thin sweat. The toy inserted in his urethra couldn’t be released, and he had saliva flowing down his chin.

“Practice well. My female Zerg can’t say that they cannot stand it.”

Ron could only beg him not to leave marks in obvious places.

“Why?” Gu Yi didn’t understand. Wasn’t this Zerg his? How could he not let others see that he had been turned into a slut?

“Tomorrow my male father is coming…”

Well, it’s not good to have traces. It wasn’t not proper.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? I prepared in advance.”

The next day Ron told him that his male father wouldn’t be coming.

Gu Yi was a bit baffled. One time he said he would come, and the next time he said he wouldn’t come. Was this big family so capricious?

Ron wasn’t thinking about those things. He was afraid that Gu Yi would feel that his male father didn’t care about him, and that Gu Yi wouldn’t be able to get help from the Morton family. Then he would be despised by his master, and he wouldn’t be loved.

“My female father talked to my male father last night, and he understands me. He won’t interfere with my marriage. My male father has only one child, so he will contact me again if there is something wrong. Everything is fine.”


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