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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen read the message and was excited about the rewards, but sighed when he thought about his current abilities. The males here were so strong, it would be too hard for him to make it into the top three. He was also ready to learn about the news related to the exit permit, but there was not enough time. If he didn’t take a break, he would have less than an hour for his lunch break.

After a busy afternoon, he went straight back to his apartment after work in the afternoon, but Maine wasn’t there.

Maine came back a little later than the day before, so he had dinner ready before Maine returned. This time Maine was not injured, but there was still a faint smell of blood on his body.

“I’m going to take a shower first.” Maine said, and went straight into his bedroom.

Xie Sen sat at the table and held his chin in disbelief, as he thought about what Maine had done.

Maine came out of the room after showering, saw him with a thoughtful expression on his face, sat down and tapped on the table. “What are you thinking about?”

“Thinking about what you’ve been doing the past few days?” Xie Sen said directly. His eyes looked at him expectantly. He hoped he would tell him directly.

Maine’s hand with the knife and fork gave a slight pause and he raised an eyebrow at him. “You still haven’t thought of it? If not, wait a few days. I told you to keep it a secret.”

Xie Sen thought back to the conversation they had in the past two days. When he asked why it would take a few days, Maine’s answer was that the league was about to start. That meant it was related to the league, so it was hard to set up the venue? That wasn’t possible, it wasn’t illegal.

Xie Sen couldn’t think of an answer, but was curious about the league. “You’re going to play in the league, right? Is it for the prize?”

Maine nodded, “An A class contract space buckle is very expensive. It’s best to get that, but the main thing is the permit to leave the city.”

“Is the exit permit important?” Xie Sen was about to find out the information.

“You can’t leave Star City without permission to leave the city, and the wild contract beasts are outside the city.”

In that case, there would definitely be a lot of males participating, especially males with high contract beast levels, since they needed to find contract beasts themselves.

“That means it doesn’t matter if you have a permit to leave the city if you aren’t looking for contract beasts?”

“No,” Maine shook his head. “Unless you want to stay inside the city for the rest of your life, the permit is necessary. It’s dangerous outside the city, but there are abundant supplies.”

Xie Sen thought of the energy Adam had scattered, and wondered if there was a specific range.

After dinner, Xie Sen returned to his room to call on Adam. The last few days he hadn’t encountered any problems, so he didn’t bother Adam, so that Adam’s energy wasn’t consumed.

“What’s wrong?” Adam’s voice sounded in Xie Sen’s mind.

Xie Sen asked directly, “Do you have an approximate range of the energy dispersed? Do you need to get out of Star City?”

“I don’t know. I can’t sense it right now, but the temporal shock was strong, it’s likely that it’s far away from us.”

So it seems that he had to join the league. Xie Sen nodded. “I know.” Then he told Adam about the harvest of energy in the past few days.

Adam was so excited. “You’re really great! This way, we can activate the second plant soon!”

Xie Sen laughed. “Well, you’re great too. I couldn’t have done it without the plant affinity.”

The two of them bragged to each other, then Adam went back to sleep to accumulate energy, while Xie Sen went out and knocked on Maine’s door.

Maine opened the door to see Xie Sen with a big smile on his face. “I didn’t disturb your sleep, did I?”

“Not yet,” Maine said. “What’s up?”

Xie Sen looked at him expectantly. “I want to join the league. I read the instructions, and you can team up with four people, so let’s team up together!”

Maine was slightly stunned. He always did everything alone. Even if he knew he could find teammates, he never thought of teaming up with others.

“I know my ability is much worse than yours, but I will try my best not to drag my feet!” Xie Sen hastily added when he saw that he didn’t agree. He was currently gaining more than ten energy every day at Gold Medal. Tomorrow he would start working on the front line. He would be in contact with the beast masters, and would gain energy even faster.

Three days after that was his day off, and he had already chosen a place to take something to comfort the children in the orphanage, and then go to the slums. He would gain a lot of energy in one day.

Therefore, he would probably be able to activate the second plant before the competition. His abilities would be strengthened, and he wouldn’t drag Maine down.

He tilted his head, his black and white eyes full of expectation. Maine found that he couldn’t say no at all, and nodded, “Yes.”

“Yeah, that’s great!” Xie Sen jumped up happily and hugged Maine, and shook his body from side to side before he let go. “I’ll do my best!”

Maine’s eyes moved slightly. The moment the boy’s slim body touched him, he thought he would reach out and push him away because he hated it, but he never thought he would feel the urge to hold him tightly.

That touch…It was so warm.

Maine lowered his eyes, slowly curled his fingers into a fist, but he held back. It wasn’t his warmth. He would always leave.

Xie Sen didn’t notice the difference, and asked again, “Do you have any other teammates?”

“No, I don’t.”

Xie Sen instantly understood that Maine had no intention of finding teammates, and just wanted to go alone. He didn’t know the details of the competition, and he didn’t know if teammates were important, so he didn’t say much, just said, “I’ll try to help you.”

Although he was physically no match for Maine, he didn’t think he was useless.

Maine’s eyes wavered over his slender figure. When he saw his serious face, he smiled lightly and said, “Okay.”

Xie Sen went back to his room, and immediately went to Star City University’s forums for tips on the league. He clicked on the top post.

[Although the beasts on the island are all below C class, the lower the level the more numerous they are. If you are unlucky enough to encounter them, it is still very miserable, so it is best not to participate alone. It will be much easier having teammates.]

[The island also has a variety of flesh-eating or poisonous plants, miasma areas, and fog in the early morning. Your sense of direction will be off, and not many students will be able to locate their teammates.]

[The best configuration for a team: two combat, one medicine, one information. Such a combination is perfect, not afraid of loss, not afraid of beasts, not afraid of poisoning.]

The posters were clear and concise, and the following were all comments. Xie Sen only glanced at them casually, but hadn’t expected to see Maine’s name, so he looked at those seriously.

[Star City University’s strongest three systems. It seems that this year’s league will have a lot of such combinations, ah!]

The following replies were a bunch of concurring words, when a different one suddenly appeared in the middle.

[The best configuration, if it is paired with the strongest person, then isn’t it a solid championship?]

There were many comments below this reply, all copy and paste […I don’t dare to think about it!]

[The student upstairs is very thoughtful ah! As we all know, the first place people in the three departments of the graduation examination are all famous for their solo line, and of course, no one dares to team up with them.]

[Long Teng of the Department of Combat is known as a fighting demon. If he sees someone, he will want to fight, so they should be only afraid of infighting.]

[The medicine department’s Bai Jiao, is known as a do-not-enter. Not to mention, as stronger than the male female. Who dares to team up with him?]

[Maine Cox from the Information Department…This surname but studying in our school. Capital awkward, cannot offend, also cannot please. Left and right dilemma. Who is willing to team up with him?]

[The analysis is too good. See the end of my eyes. Tears are out. Ah, I want to team up with Maine, he is so handsome!]

[Heh, a punch calling monster. You have the ability, not anonymous, ah? It’s not an anonymous mouth.]

[Wow, upstairs really hit the nail on the head. Cold and ruthless.]

Xie Sen saw this and Maine’s handsome face came to his mind. He couldn’t help but feel heartbroken that this was just because he was the illegitimate son of a powerful family. He was so isolated, that even if someone wanted to play with him, they didn’t dare.

He remembered Maine said that he wanted the A class contract space buckle, which was the champion’s reward. With just the two of them, he was afraid it would be a little difficult.

He had seen Maine’s hands, and remembered that Long Teng had said that he and Maine were of equal strength, which meant that alone, Maine could take on the dual identity of the combat and information department.

He wondered if Maine knew anything about detoxification. If not, and he wanted to win the championship, he should at least find a medical teammate!

The next day at breakfast he asked Maine, but Maine shook his head. “Not at all. It’s okay, just buy more antidote pills.”

“Can the antidote pills cure all the poisons?”

“No, so let’s be careful. We won’t necessarily be poisoned.”

Xie Sen thought it wasn’t very reliable. “It’s better to have a medical teammate, just in case. Don’t you want the space buckle? Our goal is the championship, so we have to be serious.”

Maine looked at him, “You want to find another teammate because I want the championship?”

“Of course,” Xie Sen nodded. “I wouldn’t even think about placing without you. As long as I can get through to get permission to leave town, I’m fine.”

Maine pondered for a moment. “I get it. I’ll see if there are any suitable people in the next few days.”

Xie Sen thought of the forum’s words. “I heard that the first place winner in the Medicine Department is Bai Jiao. He seems to be alone a lot. It would be great if he could join us!” His eyes glowed. “Can you get in touch with him? I’d like to ask him about it.”

“Yes,” Maine nodded. “I’ll get in touch with him.”

Xie Sen blinked. These two were used to traveling alone, could they communicate properly?

“Why don’t you give me the contact information, and I’ll go find him?”

“No,” Maine looked at him. “Are you interested in him?”

“No.” Xie Sen laughed dryly. Now he could say that he doubted his own communication skills.

After dinner Xie Sen went to work at Gold Medal. His first day of work on the front line in the male contract animal department went well, except that he was scared a few times at first by the various large beasts. However, later he found that his affinity was useful to them, so he stopped panicking, and could give them neck rubs without changing his face.

The beast owners and caretakers, who were used to being tossed around by the contract beasts, were just so grateful that having them seen and treated had never been easier!

Xie Sen counted the energy value at the end of the day. His energy value had increased by twenty-three in one day. He smiled with a happy face, and was satisfied to go back to the apartment.

When he came out of the parking lot, from afar he saw one tall and one short person in front of the apartment. They were sticking their necks out in the direction of the parking lot, and when they saw him, they immediately ran towards him.

“That’s him!”

“Huh, it’s you!”

The two men ran closer, and spoke out almost simultaneously.

Xie Sen looked at the short man from next door, and the taller Long Teng and wondered, “What do you want from me?”


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January 25, 2022 12:49 pm

MC seems to have something of a jealous streak. Hope that won’t get in the way if they form a larger team.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 25, 2022 3:13 pm

It’s going to be the strongest team ever with the fours coming together, but Maine is going to be the jar of vinegar. Thanks for the chapter!!!

January 26, 2022 1:54 am

Looks like there’s a potential of all three famous single players to team up together in one super team, with little Xie Sen in the mix, and I bet everyone will think he’s the weakest and a tag-along (well, physically he may be, but I just want to see a beast or a plant which picks a bone with him 🤭)

Looking forward to the lineup. And just what does this old man wants again?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Sue R
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