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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze had not yet recovered from the surprise of Long Yuan’s recovery, and was now confused by Long Yuan’s sudden marriage proposal.

Director Wang silently moved a step to the side, leaving more space for the two, and sighed in his heart that it was really good to be young

Long Yuan’s father’s eyebrows wrinkled fiercely, disappointed in his own son. He had never seen such a shabby proposal. No flowers, no ring, no wine, dressed in rags and there were even blood stains on his body. Who would want to marry this? His daughter-in-law was definitely gone!

Long Yuan didn’t think too much about it, thinking that Yu Ze liked him, and he liked Yu Ze. He never wanted to hear rumors that Yu Ze was engaged to someone else, so what should he do?

Of course he proposed and then they’d get married.

Long Yuan tilted his head and leaned into Yu Ze’s ear and said, “Promise me, I promise to be single-minded and stay out of trouble.”

The warmth of his breath hit Yu Ze’s ears, and Yu Ze’s ears turned red, his heart thumping. Yu Ze felt the warmth of Long Yuan and was inexplicably at peace.

Long Yuan was not cold anymore. At this moment, he realized that Long Yuan had really recovered. He gently closed his eyes in Long Yuan’s arms, felt Long Yuan’s breath for a second, then opened his eyes and reached out to grab Long Yuan’s arm, “Let go, uncle is still here.”

Long Yuan looked lost. He let go of Yu Ze, eyes downcast, “Why don’t you say yes?”

Yu Ze’s fingers clenched into fists, avoiding his gaze, and whispered, “Can we talk alone?”

Long Yuan suddenly realized that he was shy.

The lost expression on his face dispersed, he raised his hand and gently rubbed the top of Yu Ze’s hair. The hair lightly rubbed against his palm, his heart also followed the softness, “Okay, we’ll talk alone.” He turned to look at his father, “Dad.”

Father Long gave a heavy hum, “It’s rare that you can see me.”

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows, “You said, the sky is your wife.”

Father Long said, “With your shabby proposal, can you get a wife?” His son had been in the house for a long time. He left his son with a little face and did not say more, “Go home first, have you seen your mother?”

Long Yuan took Yu Ze by the shoulders and walked towards the aircraft, “I did, I asked her where you were.”

On the craft, Long Yuan and Yu Ze sat side by side. Long Yuan grabbed Yu Ze’s palm and put it in his hand, leaning his back against the back of the seat. His heart and body relaxed at the same time, and the tiredness came over him. He had only eaten one meal in the past few days, and followed by a high-intensity flight even if he was physically fit, he was inevitably tired.

Father Long threw him a towel, “Wipe yourself off. Go home and wash before going to bed.”

Long Yuan lifted his hand to take it, wiped his face casually, watched the white towel dye red, black and other colors, his expression changed several times. He looked down at his clothes and pants, stiffened for a moment, then turned his head to look at Yu Ze, “The proposal just now does not count, you quickly forget it!” 

After saying that he asked, “Have you forgotten?”

Yu Ze, “…”

Father Long really couldn’t look at his son. His jaw tightened and only barely restrained from speaking. The memory of a goldfish was better than this!

Long Yuan stared at Yu Ze, looking like he would not stop until he got an answer.

Yu Ze held back his laughter and said as sincerely as he could, “I forgot.”

Long Yuan raised his hand and stroked the side of his neck, “Good boy,” he decided to change the subject, “How are they doing, A’Yan?”

Yu Ze copied Long Yuan’s previous answer.

Long Yuan asked about the day’s events and talked with Father Long.

Not long after, the flying machine landed at the Long family mansion. When the trio walked into the living room, Mother Long was sitting and drinking flower tea, very relaxed. Seeing the trio, she smiled affectionately at Yu Ze, “ZeZe, come. I have a new flower tea, try it.”

Yu Ze walked to the sofa on her side and sat down, Long Yuan subconsciously followed him. Mother Long pointed at Long Yuan, “You, go back to your room and wash up, do not speak!”

Long Yuan put his hand on Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Wait for me, don’t leave.”

Long Yuan’s father and mother were there, so Yu Ze was a little embarrassed and replied softly, “Mn.”

Long Yuan went back to his room to wash up, and when he appeared in the hall again, he had a new look. His whole body was clean, and his hair had been blow-dried on purpose, making him especially handsome. He sat down directly beside Yu Ze and grabbed Yu Ze’s hand, as if he was afraid that he would run away.

Mother Long asked the servants to leave, and only four people were left in the living room: Long Yuan, Yu Ze, Father Long and Mother Long.

Mother Long put down her tea cup, “How did you recover?”

All three eyes fell on Long Yuan.

Long Yuan’s face became serious and he pondered for a moment, “I don’t know.”

“Don’t know?” Mother Long laughed, “Are you brain-damaged?”

Long Yuan choked and said vaguely, “Maybe, parts of my memory seems to be missing.” He pulled Yu Ze to his feet, “Maybe if ZeZe helps me remember, I’ll remember. I’ll take him back to his room and ask about what happened during the infection.”

Mother Long couldn’t help but be a little concerned and didn’t stop him. However, she glared at him with a warning, “Don’t bully ZeZe.” She looked at Yu Ze again, “If he dares to bully you, don’t be polite and beat him up.”

Yu Ze blushed slightly, “He won’t bully me.”

“Yes, I wouldn’t want to bully him.” Long Yuan agreed, leading Yu Ze upstairs to his room.

Long Yuan’s mother looked at the two of them, and the more she saw them, the more she liked them. She said to Long Yuan’s father, “Old Long, it looks like we’re going to have a wedding.”

Father Long showed a hard-to-comprehend expression, “Do you know what just happened at school?” He bit out his son’s shabby proposal, poking at her rosy imagination.

Mother Long asked, “… Is this really my son?”

Long Yuan, unaware that his parents were spitting at him from behind, took Yu Ze to his room and locked the door with his backhand.

Yu Ze’s heart tightened at the sound of the door lock closing, “You, what are you doing locking the door?”

Long Yuan led him to the lazy susan chair and sat down, “Of course, to keep others out.” He moved his hand to the back of Yu Ze’s collar, “Let me see if your wound has healed.”

Yu Ze hurriedly covered the collar, stood up and ran away, “It’s already healed.”

Long Yuan looked at his raised hand before smoothly resting it on the back of the sofa, his right eyebrow raised, “What are you afraid of? I’ll just look, I won’t do anything.”

The memories of the infection flooded into his mind, as if silently refuting his words. His expression tensed up and he stressed in a heavy voice, “I’m a human being now, I’m not interested in blood!” At this point, his face became serious, and with that serious face he beckoned while lowering his voice, “Come here, I will not mess with you. I have something important to tell you.”

Yu Ze was infected by his tone, and also serious, he sat back down.

Long Yuan’s palm pressed against his butterfly bone through his clothes and said in a deep voice, “After I drank the blood you left me, I was in a coma for a while and woke up and recovered.”

Yu Ze’s eyes opened slightly, “You mean, my blood can cure the zombie virus?”

Long Yuan nodded, “During the exercise, when we met the zombie beast, you were also injured but not infected, and then last time, you were injured by the zombie beast in the hospital but also didn’t get infected.”

Yu Ze thought it was just luck that he hadn’t been infected, but when he thought of Long Yuan’s recovery, he had the same suspicion as Long Yuan. He pursed his lips, “Why didn’t you tell Uncle and Auntie just now?”

Long Yuan’s tone was serious, “The fewer people know about this matter, the better. If it were to spread out, it would be very dangerous. My parents…” He paused, “They are very good people, but the antidote to the zombie virus is vital to any family, I dare not gamble.” He looked at Yu Ze, “You are already timid, how can I let you be in the limelight and be scared every day?”

Yu Ze was touched in his heart, but he couldn’t help but whisper a defense, “I’m not timid.”

Long Yuan said, “Anyway, this matter must not be found out. I will protect you and not let you get hurt and bleed.”

Yu Ze saw his nervous look and reassured, “The antidote for the zombie virus has been developed, don’t worry too much.”

Long Yuan shook his head, “The current antidote, with the number based on Mushroom Awakened people, is far from enough.” His tone was low, “Every year, at least a million people are infected in the zombie beast war.”

Yu Ze was shocked, whether the original or him, and except for the practice exercise on the field, he had only stayed in the district. He didn’t even know the existence of zombie beasts and even had years of quiet.

He did not expect the war between humans and zombie beasts to be so tragic.

Long Yuan rubbed the top of his head, “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

Yu Ze shook his head, “I’m not afraid, I’m just too surprised.”

Long Yuan said, “It’s good that you’re not afraid, you are now a senior Awakened, you must join the army after graduation. You must face the zombie beasts in the future.” He got up and stood facing Yu Ze and gave a military salute, “As the heir of the Green Dragon Legion, I officially invite you to join the Green Dragon Legion, are you willing?”

Yu Ze froze and then nodded, “I am.”

Long Yuan lowered his hand in military salute and reached out to Yu Ze, his eyes focused, “Then will you marry me?”

Yu Ze’s fingers curled up into a clenched fist, and he fell silent.

Long Yuan’s posture remained unchanged, and his tone was very different from usual, slow and deep, with a deliberate meaning. “You said to talk in private, now it is considered private, right? My previous proposal was very wretched, but my heart is real. When I was washing up, I was thinking about what kind of a grand proposal I would give you, and considered even the formation of a fleet of planes. But when I saw you, I couldn’t wait to do those. I confessed, you rejected me, I proposed, you avoided talking about it. I was so upset for the first time. I was so anxious, I was worried that if I didn’t settle down soon, you’d run away.”

He smiled self-deprecatingly, “I’m doing this now, but I can’t help but worry that you’ll be scared away by me.”

Yu Ze’s heart was sour and dull, Long Yuan was apprehensive because of him. He blinked his eyes and let the wetness dissipate, his voice was slightly mute, “I said last time that I would explain when the exercise was over, do you remember?”

Long Yuan nodded his head.

Yu Ze bit his lower lip, the reason he wanted to talk after the drill was because he was worried that something would happen to him during the drill, just like the original. He avoided the original’s death, but still remembered that he was in a mission.

He called out in his mind, [System! System! Will I die in this world after completing the mission?]

No response.

Sure enough, it would only reappear if he died and the mission failed, or if he completed the mission. He was very torn and wasn’t sure if he would just leave this world after completing the mission.

“So, why do you reject me when you obviously like me?” Long Yuan saw him wrinkling his brow in silence and asked in a low voice.

Yu Ze looked back at him, “If I only had two months to live, would you still be with me?”

Long Yuan’s face changed abruptly. He squatted down and grabbed his hand, “Are you sick? I’ll arrange for someone to examine you, nowadays medical treatment is advanced, you will be fine.”

He wanted to take Yu Ze to the hospital.

“No,” Yu Ze’s hand slightly hardened to stop his movement, “I just said if.”

Long Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows at him, “Are you hiding something from me?”

Yu Ze lowered his eyes, “No, it’s just that… I Awakened too fast. There’s never been an example like me, and I’m worried something will go wrong later.”

He thought about it, this reason was suitable. If the mission was complete and he didn’t leave, using that reason to understand it would be that his body tended to be stable and unaffected. In case he had to leave, it would be that he had Awakened too quickly for his body to bear.

At least Long Yuan would be mentally prepared.

Long Yuan asked nervously, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Yu Ze shook his head, “No.”

Long Yuan thought he was shocked by the change in his body, and feeling his uneasiness, rubbed his fingers gently on the back of his hand, silently soothing. He advised, “Don’t think too much, Awakened people change during the Awakened process.” He smiled, “What happens afterwards is anyone’s guess, we will all have to enter the army in the future, and every mission will be dangerous. If the soldiers all worry as much as you do, the military department will all be bare!”

Yu Ze’s heart was moved and he suddenly thought of a saying, no one knows which comes first, the accident or tomorrow. In the case of this incident, if Long Yuan could not recover, his refusal would become Long Yuan’s regret.

Long Yuan saw that his expression was much lighter, grabbed his hand and asked again, “Will you marry me?”

Yu Ze’s heart beat faster for a moment, “You’ve only been an adult for a short time, and we haven’t known each other for long, is it too soon to get married?”

Long Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, “You think I’m too young? Afraid that I will not grow up? Worried that I will change my mind?”

Yu Ze did not think so much, after all, his concept of a relationship was very simple. If one had feelings, they would stay together, if not, they would separate.

He just really thought Long Yuan was young, not yet seventeen.

He held Long Yuan’s hand in return, “When you turn eighteen, let’s get married.”

At that time, as long as he was still in this world, he would not have any worries.

Long Yuan was not satisfied and hugged him, head buried in his neck, “I am already an adult, not young, I am very reliable! Promise me, promise me!” Long Yuan’s mouth kept chanting.

Yu Ze was forced to lean against the back of the sofa. With his head slightly raised, he held Long Yuan’s shoulder, a little helpless, but also a little wanting to laugh. He was at his wits’ end with the childish Long Yuan. He didn’t want Long Yuan to be disappointed, no matter what the outcome was, he wanted the memory he left with Long Yuan to be a good one.

He thought for a moment, “Let’s get engaged first, and before you turn eighteen, we’ll try to earn our own money to buy a house and then get married.”

Long Yuan’s pulled his body back and cornered him on the sofa, his golden eyes shining, “Yes! I will try to earn money to buy a house!” He jumped up, “I’ll go tell my parents to have an engagement party as soon as possible.”

Yu Ze watched him run out of the house in a happy mood and couldn’t help but smile as he straightened his collar and contacted Xie Wan.

Xie Wan was not surprised, smiling and joking, “I was wondering when you were going to tell me he was your boyfriend, but I didn’t think you would get engaged straight away.”

Yu Ze was a little embarrassed, “He and I weren’t in a relationship before.”

Xie Wan asked, “… Have you thought about it and are you sure it’s him?”

“Mn, he’s very nice.” Yu Ze said.

Xie Wan replied, “Mom supports you. Yuan is a good boy but if he changes in the future, you remember to tell mom if you are aggrieved.” Xie Wan’s voice was gentle and her words were full of motherly love, “Mom will always be behind you, you are not alone.”

Yu Ze immediately thought of his real mother, like Xie Wan, they were both good mothers who loved their children. His eyes were slightly sore, “Thank you, mom.”

Xie Wan smiled, “Yuan’s mom contacted me, I think it’s about the engagement party, I’ll hang up now.”

Yu Ze hung up the communication a short while later. Long Yuan came back, “Mom said July 20th is a good day. Let’s get engaged on that day, okay?”

Yu Ze agreed, “Okay.”

Long Yuan picked him up and put him on his lap, resting his chin on his shoulder, “I’m really happy, I’ll inform A’Yan and A’Miao right now.”

Yu Ze was infected by his emotions, his eyes smiling as he watched him send messages to his friends group.

Bai Yan replied quickly, [So eager to get engaged, honestly, did you eat Yu Ze?]

Yu Ze’s face turned red.

Long Yuan muttered, “I would like to.”

He tapped the words, [Be pure, we got engaged because of our feelings. Isn’t that normal?]

Bai Yan, [Oh.]

Xuan Miao, [Congratulations, I will definitely attend.]

Bai Yan, [Dress up handsome, or don’t blame your brother for stealing your limelight.]

Long Yuan tsked, [You can dress up.]

Long Yuan mentioned what happened briefly, but did not mention the infection. Long Yuan disappeared for a few days so the outside world only thought he was in danger, and only a few people knew about the infection.

After the conversation, Long Yuan turned off his bracelet and asked Yu Ze, “Am I handsome or is A’Yan handsome?”

Yu Ze laughed, “Both are handsome, different types of handsome guys,” he added, “In my eyes, you are the most handsome.”

Long Yuan was overjoyed and stared at him for a while. He couldn’t help but kiss him on the side, “You’re so good at talking, I’m so happy to be with you.”

Yu Ze blushed and leaned his head on his shoulder, “I’m happy too.”

Long Yuan took him by the waist, his heart softened into a piece, “Why are you so soft? Not at all like an Awakened,” he paused and hastily explained, “I mean you are weak, I mean, you… have a good temper.” He thought it was amazing, “I never seem to feel intimidated by you, nor do I perceive your repulsion.”

Yu Ze said, “You didn’t reject me either.”

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows, “Of course, I just want to be closer to you. I can’t wait to be close to you, how could I reject you?”

Yu Ze suspected that Long Yuan had taken a course in love languages.

Long Yuan looked straight ahead, “Come, I’ll teach you how to release the pressure. From now on, when someone comes near you, don’t be polite.”

Yu Ze pretended not to understand his little mind, and learned seriously.

During lunch, Mother Long said, “ZeZe, you continue to stay here. We don’t feel comfortable with you staying at the school until this matter is finished.”

Long Yuan echoed, “Yes, stay at my house, I can also guide your training.”

Yu Ze didn’t refuse their kind offer, “Okay.”

Xie Wan lived in the staff dormitory every day and unless he rented an apartment, he really had nowhere to go if he didn’t go back to school. Long Yuan would definitely be unhappy if they rented a room, and he wasn’t coy about it since they had already decided to get engaged.

Long Yuan was happy and brought him a glass of juice, “That’s good.”


After a morning of fermentation, the news of their engagement quickly spread through Planet Watt, dominating the news headlines.

[The Long Family heir is engaged!]

[Two male S-rank Senior Awakened are engaged!]

Both topics exploded all over the place.

The Awakened Department forum’s activity level was even at a record high, especially the previous post betting on Long Yuan and Yu Ze’s relationship, was on fire. The bets had been settled and the students who pressed this side of ‘Yes’ made nearly a hundred times the amount they bet.

[I just want to know who the top is?]

[I’m just regretting now, so much regret, why I didn’t press yes at first!]

Long Yuan brushed the comments and lightly grunted, they had no vision.

Yu Ze accompanied Mother Long to the garden to look at the flowers for a while, then returned to the living room to see him on his bracelet. He came over to look, just in time to see the forum earnings settlement interface.

The ID in the upper left corner was very obvious: Water.

Yu Ze felt this ID was familiar. Wasn’t this the person who triggered public anger with a ‘you can’t’ reply at first?

“This is your ID?” Yu Ze asked.

Long Yuan nodded smugly and pointed to the earnings above, “Look, I knew we would be together.”

Yu Ze asked, “You bet on it? You…” He thought back, a little surprised and a little pleased, “You liked me at that time?”

Long Yuan was frank, “I think so. I didn’t realize it at that time, but I found out soon after.”

Yu Ze asked the question himself, but he was a little embarrassed, feeling as if he was making sure he was charming. He changed the subject, “Are you taking a lunch break?”

Long Yuan turned off his bracelet and stood up to take his hand, “Mn, go to my room.”

Yu Ze said, “I’ll go back to the guest room.”

Long Yuan laughed, “Don’t be afraid, we also share a room at school. You’ll like my room.”

When Yu Ze went to Long Yuan’s room in the morning, he only stayed in the outer room and did not go to the bedroom. As soon as he walked into the bedroom, his eyes lit up, it was beautiful!

The ceiling of the bedroom was a layer of light panels, inlaid with diamonds, and the diamonds were in the shape of various constellations, as if it was the starry sky.

Long Yuan pointed to the left, “Look there.”

Yu Ze looked over and there was a built-in wall cabinet with sliding glass doors, filled with gold bricks, a golden patch.

Yu Ze, “…” It was the first time he saw so much gold.

Long Yuan’s tone was very unfortunate, “I wanted to install a cabinet like this in my dorm room, but my mom said it was too high-profile and didn’t agree, and the walls were glued with rhinestones, not diamonds.” He pointed to the ceiling, “These are diamonds, do you like them?”

Yu Ze even suspected that he was showing off his wealth.

“Yes.” Yu Ze honestly said, he really liked these gorgeous and shiny things too much.

Long Yuan took him by the shoulders, “Then how about this design for our room in the future?”

Yu Ze said, “Yes.”

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows and smiled, “You’re so nice.”

Since he Awakened, his mother had been asking him to consider marriage or a partner, but he had refused all of them. He had no one he liked and felt people would make fun of his preferences. He didn’t expect that he would meet such a suitable little Phoenix for him.

Yu Ze thought Long Yuan was really an easily satisfied lover.

After seeing the bedroom, Long Yuan led him to the bathroom and the changing room. Except for the outer room, every space was arranged according to Long Yuan’s preference, especially shiny.

Yu Ze also liked it.

Back to the bedroom, Long Yuan pointed to the bed, “You sleep on my bed, I’ll go to the bathroom to soak in the water.”

Yu Ze nodded his head.

Long Yuan took two steps towards the bathroom, suddenly thought of something, turned around and walked back to Yu Ze, “I remember, you haven’t seen my beast form carefully!”

After saying that, he directly bestialized.

The whole room was immediately occupied by the dragon. The dragon’s coiled body surrounded Yu Ze in the middle, the big head facing Yu Ze. Yu Ze froze, the visual impact was too big.

Long Yuan touched his shoulder with his dragon horn, he came back to his senses and saw the huge golden eyes of the dragon blinking at him, blinking and blinking, with a sense of urging.

Yu Ze reached out and gently touched the dragon scales which felt cool and smooth to the touch. He praised, “You’re beautiful.”

The dragon gave a pleasant chirp and its tail wagged from side to side.

Yu Ze’s eyes curved, “You go soak in the water, we can practice flying together this afternoon.”

Long Yuan turned into human form with a whoosh, “Okay! I’ll just soak for half an hour, how long do you want to nap?”

He was looking forward to it.

Yu Ze held back a smile, “Half an hour.”

Long Yuan carried him around, then picked him up, put him directly on the bed and took off his slippers, “Get some rest.”

When Yu Ze got up and adjusted his posture, Long Yuan had already scurried into the bathroom.

After the lunch break, the two of them bestialized together and exercised their flying ability above the back garden of the Long Family House. The Phoenix spread its wings, its feathers seeming to burn in the sunlight, dazzling.

The dragon’s golden eyes looked at the phoenix with fascination, his body bent and did his best to stay close to the phoenix, touching it with his horns. The phoenix lightly chirped, wings flapping to pull away and the dragon hurried to follow.

Mother Long, who was enjoying the flowers in the garden, couldn’t help but spit out to the maid, “So clingy, is this really my son?”

Since then, Long Yuan had fallen in love with flying with Yu Ze, and especially liked the shy and calm way Yu Ze looked when he took human form.

The day before the engagement, Yu Ze received the happy news that Feng Sheng was sentenced to death and Feng Hai was imprisoned for life. The message was sent by Feng Yi, who, in addition to telling him the message, also apologized in passing.

“I debunked the news about your engagement to A-lian a few days ago, I hope it won’t affect you. I wish you and Young Master Yuan a hundred years of happiness.”

Yu Ze replied politely, “Thank you.”

Long Yuan approached, “Who are you messaging with?”

“Major Feng Yi.”

Long Yuan snorted, “Don’t pay attention to him, he’s a human being. He was the one who circulated the false engagement news between you and that person. This is a clever trick, some people who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to attack the Feng family thought that the news was true, and taking into account that you are a senior Awakened, did not dare to immediately move the Feng family. He took advantage of this time to collect a lot of Feng family forces.”

Yu Ze was shocked and felt as if he was a salted fish. He thought there would be no follow-up after Feng Yi sought him out, he now knew that so much more had been planned.

Long Yuan thought his surprised look was cute and poked him in the side of his face, “Don’t pay attention to him in the future, be careful of being led astray.”

Yu Ze said, “I think he’s pretty smart.”

Although he was used, he didn’t really lose anything and didn’t mind too much, especially since the other party brought the news he wanted.

Long Yuan said, “That’s called having a lot of heart, I’m the one who’s really smart.” He pulled up Yu Ze, “Come on, mom wants us to try on the clothes.”

In a flash, it was the twentieth; the engagement party was arranged as a luncheon, and the venue was the Long Family’s House. The engagement party was very grand, and the people who came were all Planet Watt heavyweights, in addition to family and friends, all rich and famous.

Yu Ze followed Long Yuan around, met many celebrities, heard a lot of praise, and by the end of the engagement party, his face was smiling.

“I’m so tired.” More tired than flying for three hours straight. Yu Ze sat on the sofa and loosened the top two buttons of his suit.

Long Yuan stood in front of him and leaned down to unbutton his cuffs, “I had food sent, eat before you rest.”

Yu ZeMn made a sound and closed his eyes slightly.

Yesterday, he was too nervous and did not sleep well all night. Now he only cared about smiling, not about his nervousness. His features were already delicate, and today he had put on light makeup that made him even more beautiful. With his slightly closed eyes, revealing his long and slender neck, there was a sense of fragile beauty.

Long Yuan’s eyes were slightly dark, and he couldn’t resist, so he lowered his head and kissed Yu Ze’s lips.

Yu Ze hummed softly, his mouth opened slightly, and Long Yuan took advantage of the opportunity to enter. The two of them were both virgins and after stumbling at first, neither left. After a long time, it ended, and they were panting against each other’s foreheads.

Knock…” The door of the room was knocked on.

Long Yuan’s finger wiped at Yu Ze’s lips, “I’ll go get it.”

Yu Ze sat upright, blushing, and straightened his clothes.

The two of them finished their meal, washed up, and then rested.

When Yu Ze woke up, the afterglow of the sunset shone through the window, making the room very beautiful. Long Yuan was sitting on the sofa next to the bed with his back to the light, staring at the holographic screen with a cold face.

Yu Ze immediately woke up, got out of bed and walked over, “What’s wrong?”

Long Yuan’s tone was cold, “The fact that your blood can cure the zombie virus has been exposed.”

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