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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When the contract beasts heard Xie Sen’s words, they slowed down, stopped in front of him, and whimpered. When they saw this, the live room viewers immediately started to compliment the contract beasts, [So smart!] [Great!]

[The anchor is still so popular with the contract beasts!]

Xie Sen rubbed all the contract beasts in turn, and his mind was filled with words about how they were happy with their new residence and that they liked it very much.

Xie Sen said, “It’s good that you like it. The main reason why it’s so good is because you were involved in the design.”

He said that sincerely, and in fact it was true. According to the habits of the contract beasts, the dwelling was divided into two main areas, the eating area and the living area.

The living area contained sleeping areas and the entertainment area. The living area was rectangular, the entertainment area was in the middle surrounded by the dwellings of the contract beasts, and each dwelling was arranged according to their preferences.

Like the giant elephant beast’s spot with a large pond next to it. Several large feline dwellings had very high staircases inside, and the staircases twisted and turned and had a diversion. They could even climb in from above to another nest. The giant armored beast’s dwelling had a corner that kept the original dirt so that it could dig a hole…

Each one’s dwelling was adapted to their preferences.

The contract beasts were even happier when they heard Xie Sen affirm their choices, and they wagged their tails dramatically.

Xie Sen said, “This time, there are also new friends. Can you guys help them find a place where they can live?” He released the giant crocodile beast, the giant bear beast, the big crab and the Little Silver from the space buckles.

The pop-up screen instantly exploded, [Oh my. If I’m not mistaken, these two are A class contract beasts!]

[Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen such a big shell and crab! Are they contract beasts too?]

[Contract beast research professionals said that both are A class. As for the shell and crab, they should not be contract beasts.]

[So, are they the anchor’s ration for the giant crocodile beast?]

[Wake up! Rations? One look and you know you haven’t paid attention to Planet Blue news. This shell is a treasure from The Phantom of the Sea, but I don’t know why it’s here with the anchor. There’s a super big pearl inside the shell!]

[Right! I have also seen the promotional picture. Super beautiful!]

The giant tiger beast stretched out its meaty pad to poke at Little Silver. “Not a contract beast? Wow, don’t cry, don’t cry. I won’t eat you, I don’t eat rocks.”

The giant black leopard beast raised its neck. “This is a shell. A creature that moves in the water, not a stone.” He looked at the big crab. “This one too.”

The big crab waved its crab pincers in greeting.

The giant elephant beast wiggled its trunk. “I have a lot of water next to my place. They can live there, as can the giant crocodile beast.”

The giant tiger beast said, “The giant bear beast can live next to me. There’s an empty space.”

Xie Sen knew that the contract beasts understood each other much better than he did, and he nodded, “Okay, let’s do what you say.”

The giant elephant beast touched its trunk on the small silver shell, the crab’s pincers, and the crocodile’s back, “Follow me.”

The big crab rolled its eyes to look at Xie Sen, who said, “Little Silver can’t move without being in the water. Wait, let’s move it over.”

He was about to ask Maine and Long Teng to help, when the giant python slid its tail over, and rolled up Little Silver in three or two strokes then dragged it toward the water.

The giant elephant beast waved its tail, complimented the giant python and also headed for the water’s edge. The giant tiger beast then took the giant bear beast to the side of its residence.

The audience watched the scene, as they frantically analyzed the meaning of the various actions of the contract beasts, and then excitedly posted pop-ups, [So smart!]

[I feel like I don’t know the word smart anymore!]

[‘Wonderful’ sent the anchor a watermelon rain. “Anchor, kneeling for a fan meeting!”]

Xie Sen heard the prompt and smiled, “We have to make plans for that first. If there are arrangements made, we’ll send out an announcement in advance.”

The pop-up screen was immediately swept by [hurry up and arrange it.]

Long Teng looked around and said, “Wow, this place is huge. It’s great.” He released the flying dragon beast, which flew in the air and landed by the pool.

Xie Sen laughed, “Mn, the land here isn’t too expensive, so it was just right to build a house for them. By the way, Maine and I have built our home too, so we’ll move tomorrow.”

Long Teng, “I’ll help!”

Bai Jiao said, “I’ll help too,” He asked, “Is there any land around here that’s still for sale? I want to buy a piece of land too. There are too many new varieties of plants lately, and I need a place to plant them.”

Xie Sen looked to Maine, who said, “I’ll give you my contact information, so you can ask.”

Bai Jiao smiled, “Thank you.”

Xie Sen saw the contract beasts all running towards the water, and the white light in the gap between them and said, “I’ll go check on Little Silver.”

He went over and saw Little Silver had opened its shell. The pearl and the shell emitted a bright light, and the contract beasts’ eyes glowed as they stared straight at it. The flying dragon beast came closest and couldn’t help but dip its eyes in close to the pearl.

As soon as Xie Sen appeared, Little Silver immediately closed the shell and opened it again, letting the current push it up to the edge. Xie Sen reached out to touch it, and Little Silver cried out, “Oooooooh, it’s scary! They’re all so big!”

Xie Sen said soothingly, “Don’t be afraid, they won’t hurt you. They’re all very friendly.”

The giant elephant beast stretched its trunk into the water, and after a while took it out. Then it sprayed water from up high towards Little Silver. The water slid down the side of the shell through the light and was especially beautiful.

The pop-ups exploded again, [Wow, wow, wow! It’s so beautiful!]

[Such a big pearl. Stunned!]

Little Silver suddenly stopped crying, “It will spray water? So powerful!”

The giant elephant beast wiggled its trunk proudly, and stretched it out in front of Xie Sen, who reached out and touched it. “It’s awesome.”

Xie Sen asked Little Silver what it wanted in a place to live, and it said it was satisfied. Xie Sen asked the other three, and they were all satisfied and appreciative, with happy voices.

The giant bear was particularly excited, and it sounded very proud. “Haha! The giant tiger said it would teach me how to dance, and if I performed later, I could pay for my stay if I received a reward!”

Xie Sen, “…You’d better get well first.”

The giant bear beast was about the same size as the giant tiger beast, but it liked to stand. It was really conspicuous, especially since its paws and feet were fat. Dancing would probably be equivalent to shaking meat.

The giant bear beast was physically exhausted, but in good spirits. “Don’t worry, I’ll recover soon. I’m in great shape!”

Xie Sen, however, wasn’t at ease, and still had Bai Jiao check on it and the giant crocodile, then told them to rest more.

When the others found out what had happened to them, they were all furious, and the giant tiger said, “Are there so many bad guys? I want to go out with the giant rhinoceros beast to catch the bad guys!”

The giant lion echoed, “I’m going too.”

Xie Sen said soothingly, “The bad guys have been caught. If you want to help, I will contact Zhao Hao. If they need force support, how about if they come to ask for your help?”

The two spoke in unison, “Yes!”

After he made arrangements for Little Silver, he went back to the eating area to take a look. The eating area was next door to the living area, and there were many stone feeding troughs inside, each of which was large and side by side.

At the entrance of the eating area stood a 1.8 meter tall silver robot. This was the feeder of the contract beasts as well as the garbage cleaner. The garbage cleaning procedure was new after Maine considered the reality of the situation and added it later.

Maine checked the feeding robot to make sure it was working well, and returned to the living area with Xie Sen. After they spent some time with the contract beasts, Long Teng and Bai Jiao left first, while Xie Sen and Maine went to see their home.

The new house was right next to the contract beasts’ residence, separated by a stretch of open land. Once outside, Xie Sen caught a glimpse of their two-story home, which was too conspicuous in the middle of a large, earth-colored flat lot.

Xie Sen pointed to the large plot of land, “I’m going to plant big trees on the outermost part, divide it into vegetable gardens to grow vegetables and fruits, then plant shorter evergreen trees near the house and put loungers inside for relaxation.”

The two of them walked to the entrance of the house. Xie Sen looked around. “What do you think about fencing the front and back of the house, and planting some flowers and plants?”

Maine’s expression was very soft, and his eyes were extremely gentle as he looked at Xie Sen. “Very good. Just as you said.”

Xie Sen smiled, “Don’t you have any ideas?”

Maine said, “What you think, is what I think.”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth curled up. “That’s very nice.”

Maine swiped the door open with his bracelet. The second floor of the house was similar to their current residence, except that the two bedrooms had become one large room. Also on the second floor were the guest room, a gym, and the workroom where Xie Sen did his exercises.

There was only transparent glass between the gym and the workroom, and a door that opened in the middle.

Xie Sen looked at the workroom, smiled and joked, “You want to watch me so much?”

Maine lifted his chin, and looked deeply at him. “What do you think?”

Xie Sen grabbed his hand, and smiled smugly. “You just want to look at me.”

Maine’s eyes overflowed with laughter, and he kissed him on the lips. “Mn, I want to look at you.”

Xie Sen didn’t feel anything when he was joking, but when Maine said it in a low tone, his heart wouldn’t stop beating wildly, and he was somehow embarrassed. He coughed lightly and pulled Maine outside. “It’s late. Let’s go back for dinner, and get organized. We’ll move here in the morning, and tidy up the land. We’ve brought back a lot of seeds, so we can plant them all.”

Maine looked at his reddened ears, and smiled softly. His lover was very cute.

The two of them returned to their residence, and from afar they saw three people at the door. Two of them were pacing from side to side, and one was standing quietly by the door.

As Xie Sen approached, he immediately recognized the two men who were pacing. They were the parents of his original adoptive father, his nominal grandfathers. He was surprised at first, and then frowned. The experience of meeting them when he had just come to this world made it hard for him to feel good about these two men.

When Grandfather Xie saw Xie Sen, his eyebrows instantly raised. “You should give us compensation–”

Other Grandfather Xie slapped a palm on his shoulder, and interrupted his words. Grandfather Xie’s face twisted for a moment, but he soon put up a smile.

Grandfather Xie had a kind smile on his face. “A’Sen, you’re back.” He looked at Maine and his eyes glowed. “You’re a friend of A’Sen’s, aren’t you? I’m his grandfather. He’s also his grandfather.” He pulled over the young boy who had been standing with his head down. “This is Sen’s cousin, Xie Qi.”

Xie Qi, who was similar in height to Xie Sen but slightly fatter, heard Grandfather Xie’s introduction, and looked up at Maine, then abruptly dropped his head. His face flushed, right down to his neck, “You…Hello, I’m Xie Qi.”

Maine didn’t pay any attention to him, just looked at Xie Sen inquiringly.

Xie Sen frowned, as he sensed how strange this scene looked. Grandfather Xie’s attitude towards Maine was overly polite, and as for Xie Qi, it was even stranger. It gave him the feeling that they were hoping Xie Qi and Maine would get together.

He looked at Grandfather Xie, and said bluntly, “I moved out of my adoptive father’s house, and I don’t want anything from his inheritance. Now you’re here to see me. Is there anything else?”

“When I saw the news, I was worried that something had happened to you, so I came to see you. As an elder, I care about you.”

Grandfather Xie at his side also nodded, and looked quite relieved. “We’re happy to see that you are fine.”

Xie Sen deflated. “Don’t pretend. You’ve seen me, so what are you going to say? What’s the matter? Don’t beat around the bush.”

Grandfather Xie looked embarrassed, and anger rose to his face, but he was suppressed by the other Grandfather Xie’s glare.

Grandfather Xie’s eyes swept to the side. “Well, after all we are elders. It’s not good to stand outside all the time. Let’s go in and talk?”

Xie Sen’s eyes saw that someone had noticed their group. He was very popular recently, and didn’t want to draw attention to himself. When he saw that the Grandfather Xies looked like they wouldn’t leave easily, he went forward and opened the door.

After they entered the house, Grandfather Xie looked around. “This is too small. I heard that you have earned a lot of money from live streaming, so why not buy a big house?”

Xie Sen sat down on the sofa. Maine gave a slight glance at Grandfather Xie, and sat down next to Xie Sen.

Grandfather Xie sat across from them. Xie Qi was about to sit down when Grandfather Xie pulled him to sit down on his right hand side, directly opposite Maine’s position. When Xie Sen saw this, he knew that his previous hunch wasn’t an illusion. These two people really wanted to set up Xie Qi and Maine.

He looked at the Grandfathers Xie with their eyes like a psychopath’s. How did they get this idea?

Grandfather Xie was again full of words of concern, as if he really came here because he cared for Xie Sen.

Xie Sen waited for him to finish. “Thank you for your concern. If there is nothing else, you should leave. We are very tired and need to rest early.”

Grandfather Xie smiled at his words, then gestured to Xie Qi, “You haven’t eaten dinner yet, have you? Xiao Qi is very good at cooking. If you are tired, let him make you dinner.”

Grandfather Xie nodded from the side, and smiled at Maine. “There are not many females like Xiao Qi who are good looking and good at cooking. They are too spoiled, and can’t take hardship. They even find it hard to cook.”

Maine frowned, and said to Xie Sen, “I’ll make you anything you want to eat.”

Xie Sen also thought it would be better if Maine wasn’t here, and said, “Let’s have rice and potato stew.”

Maine nodded, got up and went to the kitchen.

Grandfather Xie waited until Maine entered the kitchen, then looked at Xie Sen with shining eyes. “Do you guys eat this well every day? A meal that is more than someone’s salary for a few days, and it’s not even always possible to buy it.”

Xie Sen, “Not every day, just say what we want to. Don’t beat around the bush.”

Grandfather Xie looked at the kitchen, his face serious and lowered his voice, “You are young and won’t plan for yourself, so we are doing this for your own good.” He looked at Grandfather Xie.

Grandfather Xie patted Xie Qi. “Xiao Qi, you go, and let your cousin look at you.”

Xie Sen raised his eyebrows. Did his face have a calming effect? How come you aren’t panicking anymore?

Grandfather Xie said, “As you can see, Xiao Qi is not worse looking than you, and he is a female.”

Xie Sen rolled his eyes. “So what? Don’t pave the way with one sentence, just say it.”

Grandfather Xie said, “Then I will put it straight. We already know your identity. You are too young, and may not realize what being a plant beast master means. Based on your affinity for contract beasts alone, there will be countless people attracted to you.” His eyes glittered, and he couldn’t keep his voice down, “You know what that means? Not only Brandt Star, almost all the planets with power families, you can enter any of them. Even if you are male, they won’t care.”

He took a breath, “I’ve also read Maine’s report. He’s young enough to start a company, and also cooperate with Guangyao. His future is unlimited, but can’t completely be compared with those families, so for you to follow him is too degrading.” He patted Xie Qi. “I know you and Maine are a couple, so our Xie family won’t go too far. We can let Xiao Qi marry him. Xiao Qi and him are quite a match, since he is female, and no worse. It’s a great thing for him.”

Xie Sen, “…Good shit.” He stood up, and waved his hand to shoo those people away. “Get out. You’re not welcome here.”

“Brother, don’t do this,” Xie Qi whispered. “Those who are mere commoners care about heirs. You’re a male, so you can’t give him children–”

“Get out!” A cold, stern voice came from the kitchen door. Maine’s face was grim as he rapidly walked to the door and opened it. “Get out immediately.”

Grandfather Xie said angrily, “How can you treat us with such an attitude!”

Xie Qi’s eyes were red. “Yes, I’m sorry. I really like you, and I’m a female. More than Xie Sen–”

“Shut up!” Maine’s gaze was hard. “You’re not qualified to compare with Sen at all. Get out.”

Grandfather Xie scowled. “Don’t be too arrogant. With Xie Sen’s status, even if you were the royal son, he is young and doesn’t know what to do. He was coaxed away by you after a few words. We as elders can’t ignore it. We have consciences as human beings, so before thinking of putting Xiao Qi–”

Suddenly, a huge, incomparable, flying lion beast appeared before his eyes. The lion was face to face with him, and opened its bloody mouth, as if the next moment it would bite his head off.

“Ah…!” He was so scared that his feet went weak, and he fell to the ground. He managed to crawl two steps back, got up and stumbled to the door. Grandfather Xie and Xie Qi screamed at the same time, and darted outside.

Maine slammed the door shut with a loud ‘bang,’ and stared at the door panel with a grim look.

Xie Sen was disgusted, as if he had swallowed a fly. He had never seen such brazen people.  He sat back on the sofa expressionlessly, opened his bracelet, contacted Huo Feng and asked him to recommend a reliable lawyer.

Huo Feng didn’t ask anything, just quickly gave him the lawyer’s information. He contacted the lawyer immediately to make sure that he and the Xie family were completely disconnected. No associations at all.

The lawyer asked him about his relationship with the Xie family, learned that he was an adopted son, and that his adoptive father and father had passed away. He replied, “Such a small matter? Don’t worry, it will be done tomorrow.”

Xie Sen was relieved, and was replying with words of thanks, when he was hugged tightly. Maine’s voice was harsh, “You are mine!”

Xie Sen confirmed his reply as he hugged him back, then tilted his head and kissed him on the lips. “Mn, you’re mine too,” he said, and couldn’t help but hum softly, as he poked Maine’s face. “You’re so charming, I fell for you right away.”

Maine frowned, and said coldly, “I want to throw up.”

Xie Sen couldn’t help it and laughed. “Just in case, I just contacted a lawyer and cut off all ties with the Xie family. I don’t want any of the property my adoptive father left me, anyway.”

Maine nodded his head, wrapped his palm around the back of his neck, gently squeezed it and said heavily, “Were you always bullied before?”

“No,” Xie Sen shook his head. “You were always bullied, but that’s all in the past. We don’t need to pay attention to it.”

Maine looked down, and kissed his face. “Mn.” He stared at him. “Were you really coaxed away with a few words from me?”

Xie Sen bristled. “No. You think I’m that easily coaxed away?” He kissed Maine’s lips. “I like you as a person. Like has nothing to do with status, so don’t think too much about it, that’s it!” He pushed Maine’s shoulder. “They said before that they know you have a future with your company or something. How did they know?”

Maine said, “The first batch of companion robots I made with Huo Feng were sold, and the market response was very good. Also Three Trees software was mentioned in the news.”

Xie Sen opened the news section, searched for Three Trees and many results popped up.

Xie Sen clicked into the top news story and looked at it. Almost all of Maine’s information from childhood to adulthood was dug up. Especially the news that he was the illegitimate son of the Cox family, and later severed ties with the Cox family.

The back introduction talked about him, Maine’s current boyfriend.

Maine grabbed him, looked at the screen and pointed to the ‘current boyfriend’ title. “Can you change it to something else soon?”

Xie Sen said, “Is there a difference between then and now?”

“Of course there is,” Maine looked serious. “It lets the people who covet you know that you are mine. Do you have no confidence in me?”

Xie Sen was helpless. Why had he changed the subject again? He closed the bracelet and bit Maine’s chin. “If I didn’t have confidence in you, I wouldn’t have become a couple with you.”

Maine wrapped his arms around the back of his neck, and kissed him softly, his voice low. “Let’s get married!” His eyes were intense, “I’m not as good as a powerful family, but I’ll work hard to make money and be good to you.”

Xie Sen frowned, cupped his chin, pushed him back a bit and studied his expression. “You’re not taking their words seriously, are you?”

Maine said in a dark voice. “You are too good, and there are many people who want you right now. If your identity as a female is revealed, there will be even more people after you.”

Xie Sen deflated. “I’m a human being, not cargo. It’s not my business what other people think,” he said with a stern face. “You think I would leave you because of someone else’s identity?”

Maine lowered his eyes. “There will be someone better than me.” He raised his eyes. His gaze was firm and dark. He put his hands against Xie Sen’s shoulders and pressed Xie Sen into the back of the sofa. “But I won’t let go. You’re mine. I’ll give you whatever you want, but don’t leave me!”

Xie Sen rolled his eyes and kicked him. “Who’s leaving you? You’re too sensitive. Besides, there’s no one better than you. I’m hungry.”

Maine stared at him, then gave him a kiss. “Dinner will be ready soon.” He got up and went to the kitchen.

Xie Sen looked at his back, and rubbed his chin. He might really have to think about it.

The timing of the water energy recovery was uncertain, and if it dragged on for more than two years, Maine’s character would definitely become more and more restless. He put himself in his place, and decided he could understand. After all, everything was uncertain, and it was abnormal to refuse to get married. As for his physical uncertainty…

Xie Sen laughed helplessly. Even if he didn’t get married and something happened, Maine’s reaction would be just as bad if they were married.

If they were married in advance, Maine would be more at ease.

As he was thinking, his communicator suddenly rang. As soon as he picked up, he heard Ma Qun’s voice full of excitement. “A’Sen, the peppers are ripe! The potatoes have been successfully planted too!”

Xie Sen’s eyes lit up. “How’s the yield? Can you provide me with peppers to eat?”

Ma Qun, “…If you have time, come to the Research Institute. The yield is great, and we have other discoveries.”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. He was just thinking about marriage, now what was this discovery?

He thought about it. “I’m moving tomorrow, so I’ll come to the Institute in the afternoon.”

Ma Qun said, “Okay. I’ve given you access, just go straight in.”


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March 30, 2022 1:07 pm

I love Xie Sen’s patience and understanding towards Maine’s feelings of inferiority when compared to some others from powerful families and of his fear of losing him.
XS responds so well to Maine’s fears.
What vile grandfathers! And they had the front to accuse XS and Maine of having an attitude! Thank goodness he has no ties to them any more.
Hope they get married 🤗
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
March 30, 2022 2:24 pm

The flying lion beast did a good job.😜😜😜
The cunning people are inevitable really.,😭😭😭

March 30, 2022 2:24 pm

I KNEW we would see more of those selfish grandpas. They’re so brazenly arrogant and self-serving that I’m mad about it! Xie Sen handled it well, however I kind of wish the author would have mentioned the adoptive parents. Just bc the parents were good and loving towards the original XS. They shouldn’t be lumped in with those pompous grandpas.

Maine is really, really leaning into that alpha male possessiveness huh?? 🙃

March 30, 2022 2:42 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Well that was incredibly ugly, especially after the cute moment with the adorable beasts!

March 30, 2022 4:01 pm

New suprise? Looking forward😁😁😁

June 14, 2022 11:41 am

Umm… saltwater creatures living in a freshwater pond?

October 26, 2022 8:27 am

The discovery should be the part where his plants help the soil 🤔

October 30, 2022 7:02 pm

Ugh they keep causing problems and have such high opinions of themselves so glad they were kicked out 😤

April 21, 2023 5:35 pm

‘Garbage cleaner’. That’s a nice way of describing poop clean up!

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