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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Xie Sen looked through the comments. Some people didn’t know him, and were asking who he was, then immediately a bunch of people stripped him down to nothing.

Someone was surprised. [A male? Is there something wrong with Brandt Star’s gender judgment? How dare a female stand on a Megalodon?]

[Yes, there’s definitely something wrong. Look at that height, it’s all female!]

Xie Sen scowled. He was the standard height, okay?

[The information record in the bracelet clearly states that the anchor is a male. The aura is two meters eight!]

[Yes, yes, anchor. Anchor, wait for me to look for you, ah. Kneeling for a photo with the giant Megalodon shark!]

When Xie Sen saw this, he couldn’t help but ask, “They’re not going to the Deadly Waters, are they?”

Lanny’s mouth hooked up slightly. “They were scared back to the edge. Your video showed three super large sea monsters, and the blue whale is also at the border.”

Xie Sen was surprised. The blue whale was there, that made sense. But why would the sea monsters be there? Thinking that the blue whale had been waiting there, he immediately made a decision. “I’ll go over there. Just to say goodbye to them.”

The four of them left The Phantom of the Sea, and went directly to the Deadly Waters. The blue whale wagged its tail very happily when it saw them.

Xie Sen touched its head, and the blue whale’s voice sounded in his mind, “Oooooo! Those three big bad guys, they said you were poisoned to death. Liars! I knew you’d come back.”

Xie Sen calmed down a bit and looked out into the Deadly Waters, even from some distance away, he could see three huge black shadows.

He asked the flying lion to bring him over. The octopus monster put its tentacles on his shoulders, “Hmph. I told them it was none of my doing. The squid had to say I poisoned you, when I was clearly just gently hovering over you and didn’t release any toxin.”

Xie Sen’s shoulders stiffened. It could actually poison someone? He hurriedly said, “Then you have to be careful!”

“Don’t worry, the poison will hurt others, but not you. You are the only one who can talk to us, and touching you is very comfortable!”

Xie Sen thought that was a bit scary. “We’re leaving Blue soon, but if we visit later, we’ll come back to see you. Can you not actively hurt humans?”

The octopus rolled its eyes, “I never take the initiative. They always attack me first.”

The squid said, “Yeah, I even went to save them when someone fell into the water, but they always try to cut off my hand!”

Xie Sen, “…” He could probably imagine that scene. People were in the water only to see tentacles reaching out to them…Who would expect it to be trying to save people, right?

He thought for a moment about how the Deadly Waters was a well-known forbidden area, so the general public wouldn’t come here. Most of the humans who came here were criminals. Planet Blue had a long history. He was an outsider, and if he were to intervene it would do more harm rather than good. He could only let nature take its course.

He didn’t say anything more. He knew that the three got his message to not go beyond the edge, then said thank you to them. He told them he would come back to visit them, and left after watching them slowly sink to the bottom of the sea.

Xie Sen turned back to the blue whale. First he asked the giant crocodile beast and the giant bear beast where they wanted to go. The two had long ago discussed it, and agreed. “We heard from Big Black that you built a large house, and there are many contract beasts there. Can we go?”

Xie Sen laughed, “Sure.” They were getting better, but they still needed treatment. It wasn’t safe to go to the wilderness, and he wasn’t comfortable letting them do so. That they were willing to go with him was for the best.

He stroked the blue whale’s big head. The blue whale sounded lost, “I can’t go with you. My father and dad are in the Deadly Waters. I have to go to them.”

Xie Sen said soothingly, “It’s okay, I’ll come and see you later.”

As he was saying that, there was a sudden brightening in front of his eyes, and the excited dragon roar of the flying dragon beast at the same time. He turned his head to look at Little Silver who had opened its shell.

He turned back to Maine and pointed to the shell. Maine hugged him, jumped off the back of the flying lion beast and landed on the back of the blue whale.

Xie Sen reached out, and caressed the shell. Immediately the sound of Little Silver crying came to his mind, “Oooooooooooo. Big Tail, I can’t let you go…”

Xie Sen was stunned. “Don’t you want to stay?”

The big crab stretched its crab pincers in front of him, and he carefully touched the tip.

The big crab spoke slowly, “We have discussed it. Little Silver and I are not suitable to stay in the Deadly Waters. If Little Silver and I were to go to safer waters, it would be easy for us to be found. We decided to leave with you and stay with the contract beasts. Can we?”

Little Silver choked, “I eat very little, I…I can exchange it with pearl powder. I can scrape a little bit every day, but not too much. Can we?”

Xie Sen briefly lost his smile. Their consideration was quite comprehensive. He laughed, “It’s okay. Continuing to stay here really isn’t safe, so don’t worry, I will take you away.”

Little Silver cried again, and Big Tail’s voice was low, “Remember to come back to see me, I’ll grow up soon.”

Xie Sen said, “Well, I will definitely bring them back to see you, and you have to be careful in the Deadly Waters.”

The blue whale said, “I am very strong!”

Just as it finished speaking, two columns of water close to 20 meters tall suddenly rose from the sea not far away, as the sea water rose and fell violently.

“Wow! So big!” Long Teng exclaimed as he sat on the flying dragon beast, and craned his neck to see.

“Ah, Father and Dad!” The blue whale waved its tail cheerfully, while it feigned a tone of anger, “Hmph, I went to hunt for food by myself and they disappeared, saying something about a honeymoon, but now they know to look for me!”

The two big blue whales soon swam close, and stirred up huge waves, but the little blue whale’s body was so stable that Xie Sen didn’t feel any sway. The blue whale couldn’t wait to introduce Xie Sen to both parents, and Xie Sen carefully touched their heads to say hello.

A few groups of tourists who came by after they watched the live broadcast were bold enough to come to the edge of the Deadly Waters. They were startled to see the water columns from afar, and immediately flew their craft higher.

“My god, look there! What a big sea monster!”

“The water pillar just now should be caused by them. We can’t go over.”

“Huh, is there someone on one, there seems to be someone next to it too.”

One person took the binoculars, looked clearly and said, surprised, “It’s the anchor and his friend. Oh my God, he’s actually touching the sea monster’s head! Isn’t he afraid that the sea monster will open its mouth and swallow him whole?”

“Let me see! Quickly take a picture. Is this the charm of the plant beast master? Let’s go down and ask if we can take a picture with the sea monster, right?”

The companions were very excited, and flew the craft in the direction of Xie Sen. When it was less than 20 meters from the surface, the blue whale’s father suddenly cocked his tail, and slapped the water hard. The sea water was immediately stirred up, and splashed the craft.

The blue whale cheered, “Father is great!”

Xie Sen was startled, and the blue whale dad explained, “They were too close to the safety point where our baby is. Don’t worry, it was just a warning.”

Xie Sen looked upwards. The craft was shaken by the wave, but soon stabilized itself and flew back sharply, while it also went upwards.

“Ahhhhh! I’m scared to death.” The pilot’s hands were sweating profusely as he flew the console.

“I thought I was going to die!” The companion exhaled loudly.

“The difference between male and female is too great. the anchor is touching its head. We just got a little closer, ah!”

“Maybe our male scent is too strong, and makes them feel a sense of crisis.”

A few of the companions looked at each other, and said categorically, “Yes, that must be the case.”

The driver, “…” There were still two S class beast masters back there! He wiped his sweat, wisely said nothing, and flew back quickly.

The blue whale dad said goodbye to Xie Sen, who put Little Silver, the big crab and the contract beasts all into the space buckles, then Maine carried him onto the back of the flying lion beast.

The blue whale’s back was empty as it fondly followed the other big blue whales into the Deadly Waters. As it swam, it wagged its tail from side to side as a farewell.

Xie Sen waved towards it. He was also very reluctant, but he knew in his heart that the blue whale belonged on Blue. Any other location simply wasn’t suitable for it to live in.

Maine took him by the shoulders. “I’ll come back with you later.”

Xie Sen’s eyes lit up, “Mn, Blue has a good environment, suitable for tourism. In the future, if the watermelon has good production, floating on the water and drinking watermelon juice will be very pleasant.”

Long Teng said, “I want to come along too!” He raised a bright smile. “Let’s go on a mermaid boat now, right?”

Xie Sen had heard Long Teng talk about it several times, and was very interested, so he immediately agreed, “Sure, you can lead the way.”

Long Teng gave a cheer, and the flying dragon beast flew overhead towards the east, followed by the flying lion beast.

Half an hour later, they arrived at an amusement park. Long Teng took them directly to the mermaid boat ride. The mermaid boats were long and thin, and came in a large and small size. They ordered a small boat with two rows for two people sitting side by side, front and back.

Xie Sen followed the staff to the pier. Suddenly, he heard his name, and subconsciously turned his head to look over.

“Ahhhhh! It’s really the anchor!”

“Anchor, look here! Take me to play in the Deadly Waters, okay? I can pay for it!”

“Anchor, when is the fan meeting? I want to see the contract beasts!”

Their movement attracted a lot of attention, and more people found Xie Sen. They all subconsciously ran in the direction of Xie Sen. The amusement park staff saw the situation wasn’t right, and immediately asked security personnel to maintain order.

Maine held Xie Sen in his arms, and blocked him from the view of others.

Long Teng looked back, “Wow, A’Sen. You’re so popular.”

Xie Sen was helpless. “It’s not a good thing. It’s too much trouble to be recognized all the time when you go out.”

Bai Jiao said, “I have a potion to change your skin color, or you can learn to wear makeup and disguise yourself when you go out.”

Xie Sen waved his hand. “Makeup is too hard for me. Let’s talk about this later.”

“This is the boat.” The attendant pointed to the boat in the water and laughed. He looked at the four curiously, but didn’t ask any more questions.

Xie Sen looked over, and was instantly stunned. All his attention was on to the four mermaids at the sides of the boat as they held the edge.

They had long seaweed-like hair, transparent ear wings, huge dark green tails, and perfect bodies with strong but not cumbersome muscles on the chest and abdomen. All four looked different, but all were very good looking.

Xie Sen noticed that their eyelashes and hair were the same color, and he immediately thought of Lanny. So Lanny was a blue mermaid!

The remaining three were calm. It was obviously not the first time they had seen the beast form of a mermaid.

Long Teng jumped onto the boat with two or three steps, sat down in the front seat then turned back towards Bai Jiao and waved. “Come on, A’Jiao.” Bai Jiao replied with a smile, and sat down in the seat next to him.

Maine and Xie Sen held hands, and sat side by side in the back seat.

The mermaid on the right side of the bow laughed, “Please hold on to the handrail in front of you. If you are afraid, you can scream out loud. Now count down to three. We are going to start. Three, two, one.”

The moment the word ‘one’ fell, the four mermaids swung their tails at the same time. The boat was like an arrow out of the string as it shot out, and the stern of the boat cut a long silver wave. The boat, propelled by the mermaids, raced forward and then turned steeply. After advancing for a while, the mermaids’ tails slapped the water, the boat rushed into the air, the mermaids swung their tails, and the boat fell down sharply like a parabola.

“Ah..!” Various screams came from all around.

Xie Sen suppressed the urge to close his eyes, and kept them open to look around. There were quite a few small boats of various colors beside him, as they leapt through the air and then fell back into the water.

His heart was beating wildly with excitement, and Maine held his hand very tightly. He turned his head, and smiled at Maine. He couldn’t help but shout out loud as the boat rose and fell again.

Long Teng yelled excitedly from the front seat, then reached out to wave a large greeting as they passed by other boats.

Ten minutes later, the boat stopped at another dock. There was a reprieve from the constant excitement, and Xie Sen sat in his seat and gasped for breath, with a smile on his face.

Maine looked at him with a grin in his eyes. “You like it?”

Xie Sen immediately nodded. “It was exciting.” This is completely different from the flying lion beast, which was concerned about their safety, and would always try to fly smoothly so that any rise and fall would be a controlled speed.

But the mermaid boat’s landing was a complete free fall. There was no external force to slow down the speed, so it was extra exciting.

Long Teng looked at Bai Jiao, and noticed the teeth marks on Bai Jiao’s lower lip. He reached out and touched it. It was unexpectedly soft. He said in frustration, “You don’t like it?”

Bai Jiao was stunned. He pulled his head back, and the corners of his mouth curved up a little, “No. I like it very much.”

Faced with weightlessness, he inevitably felt uneasy, as if they would be thrown out, but at the same time it was a kind of light, flying feeling, and at the end, his mood was very relaxed.

Long Teng didn’t believe him, and pointed to his lips. “You’re bleeding from biting.”

Bai Jiao subconsciously licked his lips, and smiled lightly. “That was just to avoid screaming.”

Long Teng stared at his slightly wet lips, and his heartbeat suddenly jumped wildly. Even faster than when the weightlessness came.

Bai Jiao felt uncomfortable under that look, waved his hand in front of his eyes and coughed lightly. “What’s wrong?”

Long Teng came back to his senses, giggled and rubbed the back of his head. “Nothing. What’s with the fear of screaming out loud? Didn’t Sen just scream?”

Xie Sen nodded his head, and said to Bai Jiao, “It feels super good to scream out loud. Next time you try it. It feels super good!”

Long Teng suggested, “Then let’s do it again!”

Bai Jiao shook his head, “I have to slow down.”

Xie Sen patted his chest. “I need to slow down too.” He quietly rubbed his back. He lowered his hand, as the aftermath affected him.

Maine noticed Xie Sen’s movement, and put his hand on Xie Sen’s waist. He frowned and wanted to ask what was going on, but Xie Sen glared at him. “Don’t ask, I’m fine.”

Maine laughed lightly, and took him off the boat, followed by Bai Jiao and Long Teng. They returned to the hotel after having a good time by themselves.

On the way, the four of them talked about it and decided to return the next day. The return trip would take almost five days, so if they made it back early, they could return to Brandt Star before July. After making the decision, Long Teng and Liu Shen got in contact, and arranged the departure time.

“A’Sen, I want to have spicy hot pot for lunch, is that okay?” When he arrived at the hotel, Long Teng looked at Xie Sen expectantly.

Xie Sen nodded, “Yes.” If they were going to leave soon, it wouldn’t be easy to eat seafood later.

The four of them booked a private room on the fifty-seventh floor and ordered two pots, one with chili peppers and one with clear soup. The spicy smell soon drifted away, and hooked the rest of the greedy guests.

The chef had experience now, responded by saying they were developing new products, and sent off the customers who wanted the same hot pot. The four of them were chatting while waiting for the seafood to cook, when Lanny walked in.

Lanny’s eyes lingered on the hot pot for a moment. “What a coincidence. You’re leaving Blue soon, right? This meal is on me.” He said, taking a seat at the empty table.

Xie Sen smiled, “Thank you very much then.”

Lanny nodded haughtily, but his hands weren’t slow. He didn’t have to wait for it to cook, so he just started eating.

Long Teng kept his eyes on the hot pot, and when he found it was cooked, he immediately, and rapidly, started to eat. When the meal was finished, Lanny wiped his mouth and drank several sips of water. His face was red, his lips were even red as if dripping with blood, and his eyes were moist and very florid.

He looked at the spicy pot. “How many more chilies do you have? Sell some to me.”

Xie Sen looked at his remaining energy. There was still more than 300. He thought about it. “Yes, but I don’t want money, what is Planet Blue’s special food?”

Lanny nodded. “There are small sun-dried fish, shrimp, scallops and other food. Would that be it?”

Xie Sen’s eyes glowed. “Yes. I’ll give you chili powder directly, the spiciest kind. Just use a little bit to make it taste like a spicy hot pot. How about that?”


In the end, Xie Sen exchanged twenty chili peppers, then let them all crumble into powder in the spice box. He exchanged it for twenty pounds of dried Planet Blue goods.

He would have liked to exchange more, but Lanny said the dry goods were few. After all, the mermaids prefer to eat fresh seafood, so in order to ensure the food supplies for the mermaids, it was forbidden to catch food in large quantities for sale to the public on Blue. These dry goods were specially prepared for the messengers of other planets.

Xie Sen smiled, looking at the delicate but large amount of dry goods, and felt that he had made a profit.

After they ate, the four of them strolled around and bought some handicrafts, shells and pearl products.

Xie Sen thought of modern beauty commercials and said to Bai Jiao. “Pearl powder seems to be good for the body and can whiten the skin, so you should buy some more.”

Bai Jiao’s eyes glowed. “I once saw a reference in an ancient book to drinking pearl powder, but the pages were tattered and I couldn’t see the specific effects. Where did you see that? Can you lend me the information?”

Xie Sen laughed dryly. “Uh, I also forgot. I only got a general impression, and I’m not very clear.”

Bai Jiao regretted it a bit, but soon laughed again. “It’s okay, they are materials. It’s easy to study the effects of medicine.” He moved very quickly and directly to the street to see the treasure trove of pearls, and bought them all.

The four of them spent the afternoon shopping, and returned to the hotel at dinner time, ate together then went back to their bedrooms to rest.

Xie Sen leaned back on the sofa while Maine sat beside him, as he designed the robot program.

Xie Sen called out to Adam in his mind. This time Adam responded quickly, his voice chagrined and weak, “A’Sen.”

Xie Sen asked worriedly, “What’s wrong with you? Shouldn’t you be in good spirits after the energy recovery?”

Adam sighed, “But the energy wasn’t truly recovered. After the water energy was collected I went to integrate the energy, and I found that the water energy was short by one fifth. I tried to sense the remaining energy to find its location, but I couldn’t sense it.”

Xie Sen froze and pulled down the shirt over his right shoulder. “I thought the recovery was finished…” Halfway through his sentence, he looked at the faintly glowing five-colored peony and suddenly understood.

When the five kinds of energy weren’t integrated, for each kind of energy recovery, the corresponding color would light up, but when the five kinds of energy were completely collected, the color of the peony should be its original color – red.

Just like during the end times when the peony was red.

During this period of time of retrieving the energy, the peony’s changes confused his thoughts, so when he saw the black petal light up he thought the water energy collection was complete. That was why when he woke up and saw that the peony petals were all lit up, he actually didn’t recognize the problem!

How silly, he cursed himself.

He thought about it and reassured Adam, “It’s okay, don’t worry. We recovered four complete energies, so there are still more than three years to go. We will definitely find a way.”

Adam perked up. “Yes, you’re right. I can’t sense it now because the energy strength of one-fifth of the water energy is too weak, but as long as my own energy is strong enough, I will be able to sense it.”

Xie Sen immediately asked, “Does your energy strengthen with the more plants that are activated?”

“Yes, Sen is so smart!” Adam complimented and cheered Xie Sen. “Sen is the best. Look, in just over three months, you have activated five types of plants. Surely you can activate many plants quickly. I will also rest and try my best to accumulate energy.”

Xie Sen said, “You rest well, I’ll do my best as well.”

“Sen is awesome.” Adam complimented again, then didn’t say anything else.

Xie Sen opened the System panel and flipped straight to page six. He looked at the plus sign after the energy, and immediately the words ‘Do you want to spend 10 energy to activate the plant?’ appeared in his mind.

Xie Sen chose ‘yes’, and the next moment, a familiar tone appeared in his head.

“Congratulations on activating the fire dragon fruit, the hardness of the top leaf is up to you, one energy for one fire dragon fruit?”

At the same time, on the blank sixth page gradually emerged a red oval dragon fruit. The top of the fruit had red and green mixed leaves.

Xie Sen stared at the top of the blade, which was thin and narrow, and rubbed his chin in thought. He imagined himself holding the fat dragon fruit and poking people with the tip. The corners of his mouth twitched, and had the feeling of kindergarten children playing.

But when he thought about the previous plants’ ‘specialties,’ he quickly dismissed that notion. The System’s hardness would be absolutely extraordinary. If he were to really poke people, it would be equal to a dagger.

The pictures in System were very realistic. He just looked at it, and was already imagining the light and slightly sweet taste of dragon fruit.

“Hungry?” Maine leaned over and asked.

Xie Sen shook his head, “No, I just finished dinner!”

Maine looked at him. “What were you thinking about? You’ve been staring for a while.”

Xie Sen grimaced. He hadn’t even noticed Maine was looking at him. He grunted slightly. “How do you know I was dazed? You’re not serious about your work!”

Maine hooked his chin up, and kissed him on the lips. His eyes were penetrating, “You’re changing the subject.”

Xie Sen knew that the more evasive he was, the more likely he was to make him wonder, so he stopped thinking about the System and said honestly, “There’s a new plant, a fruit, and I was wondering if I should eat it.”

He originally planned to tell Maine about the System as soon as the energy was recovered, but it turned out that the water energy was partly missing. In order to avoid Maine worrying, he wasn’t going to tell him for the time being.

Maine put his hand on his right shoulder and looked puzzled, “With your contract plant, why can you produce different plants?”

Xie Sen thought about it, and tried his best to stay close to the truth. “Maybe it’s because the color of its petals are different, so it can produce different colored plants.”

Maine gathered him close. “We can’t let others know. That plant is too important to the stars.”

Xie Sen nodded. “I know. My choice to work with the Plant Research Institute has to do with that. We’ve been to quite a few places, so it will be fine to tell others that we found the seeds there, and they were developed by the Institute.” He patted Maine’s arm. “Don’t worry. The more plants I have, the more I can do. I have the ability to protect myself.”

Maine kissed him. “I will protect you.”

The next day at 7:30, the ship departed from the Blue Spaceport on time. Five days later, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the ship landed at the Brandt Star Spaceport. The four of them thanked Liu Shen, and went directly to the new living quarters for the contract beasts.

When Xie Sen walked into the living area, the contract beasts were playing their own games. However when they heard the door open, they all turned their heads to look, and when they saw him, they immediately ran towards him from everywhere.

The viewers in the studio cheered, [Wow, the anchor is finally back!]

[Haha, those people who went to Planet Blue to besiege the anchor, are they crying in the toilet now?]

[I wonder if the anchor has brought back a new contract beast this time!]

Xie Sen looked at the contract beasts that were rushing over, and hastily shouted, “Stop!” 

If he couldn’t stop them, he’d have to go straight to the hospital!


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