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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After the doctor’s words fell, the pop-ups stopped for a moment, then the screen got stuck because of too many pop-ups.

[I…once and pregnant? This is definitely bragging!]

[This is too lucky! There hasn’t been an unmarried pregnancy in years.]

[? The anchor is not a male? Is it possible that for a plant-based beast master, a male can also get pregnant?]

[Anchor, you tell us. How many chilies did you eat?]

Xie Sen’s brain had gone blank when he heard that he was pregnant, and he wasn’t looking at the pop-ups.

The contract beasts cheered. For them, offspring was important. New life had appeared so it was worth celebrating.

The giant armored beast gently touched Xie Sen’s foot with a pointed kiss. “A’Sen, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were pregnant with a baby, otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have made the contract in front of you.”

Xie Sen blinked and came back to reality. He pursed his lips and replied in his mind, “It’s okay, it’s nothing to do with you.” He took a deep breath, and nudged Maine’s shoulder. “I want to stand.”

Maine watched him carefully with a tense expression. When he saw his firm attitude, he relaxed his hold slightly and helped him to stand up.

Xie Sen looked at Lu Qingxing as if nothing had happened. “Let’s make a contract now.”

Lu Qingxing said gently, “It’s okay to wait. You should probably go to the hospital for a checkup.”

“No,” Xie Sen immediately retorted. He then realized that his tone was too sharp, so he gentled his voice. “Thank you. I’m in good health.”

Lu Qingxing looked at him in confusion, then looked at the giant armored beast, nodded and completed the bonding ceremony with the giant armored beast.

After they completed the bonding ceremony, Xie Sen asked the contract beasts to accompany the fans as originally planned. Some of the fans were worried about his health, but he said he was fine, and seeing that he looked good, the fans put their concerns aside.

The contract beasts were particularly excited to know that he was pregnant with a baby, and they played more vigorously. Fans sat on the backs of the contract beasts, and screamed loudly as they sped around.

The giant bear beast followed the people who could dance and learned how to dance, which made the people laugh. The giant beasts lifted people onto their shoulders and carried them. There was another scream. Since the fan wasn’t suitable for intense exercise on the back of the giant elephant beast, they were drenched in cold water, slid down off the elephant’s back, and then they were rolled up in the elephant’s trunk as they laughed out loud.

The audience in the live room looked hot, and hated themselves for not being there. Some newlyweds and partners who had been married for a long time without children, had turned their attention to Xie Sen and Maine, and were asking various questions about pregnancy.

Maine stood in the corner with Xie Sen in his arms, as they watched the contract beasts play with the fans. Since they had moved to stand there, Xie Sen hadn’t said a word, and Maine couldn’t hide his worry. “Should I carry you back to rest?”

Xie Sen shook his head. “I’m not tired. I’ll stay here.”

Maine shifted uneasily, and wrapped his arms around him. He didn’t dare to push too hard, and just rested his chin on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, if you don’t want the baby,” he said. His fingers clenched in a fist, and he looked pained. “I’ll find a way.”

Xie Sen grabbed his arm. “What are you thinking about?” He took a deep breath. “Don’t mention it, at least not now. Let me calm down.”

He had been a man for many years, so when he first heard he was pregnant it was too much of a shock to him. An inexplicable sense of dread rose at the thought that his belly would get bigger and bigger. In order to calm down, he kept reminding himself that he was now female. This was normal, and he wasn’t a monster. He turned his attention to the contract beasts and the fans. He didn’t want to think about a topic that seemed like a joke.

Maine felt the way his hand shook slightly, and was distressed. He held his hand with his own. “Don’t be afraid.”

Xie Sen turned his head. The lines of Maine’s face were taut, and his gaze was filled with complicated emotions, worry, anxiety, self-condemnation, and he was obviously overwhelmed.

Xie Sen forced a smile. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong.”

Maine’s fingers brushed the side of his face. “They get to play for more than two hours. You can’t stay here all the time. If you’re not sure, go home and watch the video in the living room, okay?”

Xie Sen thought about it, and was about to say something when his bracelet rang. When he picked up, Long Teng’s voice shouted out, “Sen! You’re pregnant? Hahahaha, you’re great! You open the door, I want to come in.”

Xie Sen’s face stiffened slightly, as Maine gave Long Teng access to the door and said, “You’ve been given access. Come straight in. Remember to close the door, and don’t let anyone else in.”

“Okay.” Long Teng ended the communication. Not long after, a dragon roar came from the door. A few seconds later, the flying dragon beast flew to Xie Sen and landed. Long Teng and Bai Jiao jumped down from its back.

The flying dragon beast wrapped Xie Sen’s wrist in its dragon whiskers. “A’Sen, congratulations on your baby.”

Xie Sen, “…Thank you.”

The flying dragon beast let go of him, turned its head and went to mix with the contract beasts. It carried two more bold people, and flew a few laps in a fancy way overhead.

[Wow ! I also want to fly on the flying dragon beast!]

[I’m already sour, so angry, from today onwards, every day with a brush face. I do not believe I am so black!]

[This time the lucky audience is also too lucky. Watch the contract live, but also get the news of the anchor being pregnant, and so many contract beasts. The result is the flying dragon beast also came, envy!]

Bai Jiao smiled, and said to Xie Sen, “Congratulations.”

Long Teng smiled brightly, and revealed a mouthful of white teeth. “Congratulations. You guys are really great. Now that there is a baby, when are you going to get married?”

Xie Sen inexplicably felt a little funny. It was a very absurd feeling. It seemed that everyone was happy, including the contract beasts. He obviously didn’t want to mention the pregnancy, yet it was brought up again and again. He saw their sincere congratulations, and the joy on their faces. He listened to the cheers of the contract beasts, and his originally panicked heart suddenly settled down.

Both his human and contract beast friends were happy for him. That wasn’t a terrible thing, was it? He smiled, “We’ll get married after we get our diplomas.”

Maine had been watching him intently. When he heard that, his eyes lit up. A’Sen wasn’t mad at him, and he was willing to marry him! Such a good A’Sen. he moved his fingers slightly. If it wasn’t the wrong moment, he would have kissed him deeply.

Bai Jiao’s eyes fell on Xie Sen’s abdomen. “How are you feeling? Can I check it?”

Xie Sen was a little embarrassed, and hesitated for a moment to extend his arm. “I feel fine, no different than usual.”

Bai Jiao took his wrist. “Your health is very good, but your pregnancy will make you weaker than usual. It’s best to go to the hospital for a detailed examination.” He sensed his nervousness, and smiled. “My family has a private hospital, and I can accompany you.”

Xie Sen pursed his lips. “Is it okay to go tomorrow?”

“Of course,” Bai Jiao smiled, and said soothingly. “Don’t be nervous. Although you are young, you are healthy. You’ll be fine.”

Xie Sen nodded, and Long Teng asked curiously, “How old is the baby?”

Xie Sen shook his head, and Bai Jiao smiled. “It should be less than a month old. We’ll have to go to the hospital to check it out,” he said to Xie Sen. “You go rest. Teng and I will help you here. They are very obedient. They’ll be fine.”

Xie Sen looked at Maine, saw that he looked worried and nodded. “I’ll have trouble you guys.”

Long Teng smiled. “It’s no trouble at all!” he said, then scampered into the group of contract beasts, and started playing with the fans.

Maine and Xie Sen returned home. Xie Sen sat on the sofa with his head down, as he half-heartedly leaned his back against the sofa and lifted the hem of his shirt. His figure was on the lean side, and his belly flat without a trace of fat. He reached out, and patted his belly. He couldn’t feel anything at all. He was still amazed. Was there really a baby in there?

Maine half-kneeled in front of him, and grabbed his hand.

Xie Sen froze and looked up. Maine’s lips were pressed into a straight line, and his jaw was taut. “Even if you don’t want the child, don’t hurt yourself.”

Xie Sen blinked, looked at the hand Maine was holding tightly, and understood. He leaned forward, and poked his finger at Maine’s chin. “I’m just curious. Don’t be nervous. I’m…I’m just too surprised. But I definitely won’t hurt myself,” he said. Then he took a deep breath, and patted the seat next to him. “Let’s learn about physiology together!”

Maine got up, and sat beside him. Xie Sen opened his bracelet and searched for information on the female body structure with a serious look, then examined it carefully. After he read it over, he exhaled lightly. The female body structure really was different from the male, and it was normal to get pregnant.

Immediately after that, he checked the graphic details of the female’s pregnancy changes, and watched the small point in the belly slowly grow into a small doll. It felt extraordinarily magical, and rightfully so. He used the most authoritative information to deal with the fact that he was pregnant, and although he was still a little uncomfortable, he didn’t panic at all.

At the end, there was also a line of notes at the bottom. [As the baby becomes larger, the female during pregnancy becomes more sensitive, and the need for sex becomes greater. Do not be shy. Let the male treat you well, and the process will be smoother.]

Xie Sen inexplicably felt some shame, closed the page, and immediately went to find out the nutritional needs during pregnancy.

Maine looked down at his reddened ears. A smile flashed in his eyes. He opened his own bracelet, and bookmarked the pregnancy precautions.

Xie Sen looked at the search results and his mouth drooped. The nutritional supplement during pregnancy mainly consisted of a special nutritional liquid which was three times more expensive than the ordinary nutritional liquid, and he would need to drink one every two days.

The main ingredient of the nutrition liquid was a variety of vitamins. The content wasn’t very high, and they were extracted from an inedible variety of tallplant, so it was a mixture of liquids.

When he inquired, he learned that the nutrition liquid was a new product of the twenty-seventh generation, which was already much better than the first generation.

He looked at the pregnancy nutrient liquid. The color was darker than the normal nutrient liquid, and he thought of that unpleasant and strange taste as he looked at it. He absolutely couldn’t stand to drink that nutrition solution all the time!

After he considered it, he opened the System panel, and exchanged all the edible plants that had been activated, one each. Now he had a total of 70 plants, with 42 kinds of edible ones, including cereals, beans and onions, ginger and garlic.

He placed the 42 types of plants on the coffee table one by one. Maine, after he took a closer look at them, asked in surprise, “Are these all edible?”

Xie Sen nodded, “The nutrient solution is too hard to manage, and its nutrition isn’t comprehensive. I don’t want to drink it.”

Maine’s eyebrows wrinkled. “How come there are so many? Are all of them grown by your contract plant?”

Xie Sen, “…Hmm.” It wasn’t far off, but Adam was a System not a contract plant.

Maine took him by the shoulders, and said in a worried voice, “We can’t let anyone know.”

Xie Sen, “Mn, I know, but it’s not good to keep it to myself. These plants can improve our diet if we can grow them.” He tilted his head, and thought it over. “I have an idea, but let’s talk about it later. Let’s see what happens first.”

At 11:30, he went to the contract beast accommodation area to announce the end of the meeting. The fans had a great time and left satisfied. Only Lu Qingxing didn’t leave.

Maine closed the door behind him. Lu Qingxing looked at Long Teng and Bai Jiao, and then looked at Xie Sen with a hesitant look. Xie Sen quickly guessed what he was thinking. “Are you wondering why you can communicate with the giant armored beast?”

Lu Qingxing was slightly surprised. “You know.”

Long Teng laughed. “Big Black can also communicate with me because they are very smart.”

Xie Sen said, “Teng is right. You can understand it this way. Their IQ is much higher than the average contract beast. It’s no different from humans.”

Lu Qingxing’s mouth transformed into a gentle smile. “I felt it when I watched the live broadcast. My luck is really good.” Then, he apologized. “Most of the family’s possessions are antiques. I can’t get that much cash right now, so can I pay later?”

Xie Sen waved his hand. “No need to be polite. You just need to be good to the giant armored beast. It chose you. It has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Qingxing said, “How can I do that? Just postpone it for two days.”

Xie Sen said, “If you feel you must pay, it’s okay to pay less. I may need your help.”

Lu Qingxing said solemnly, “Just say what kind of help you need. Even if you don’t need the money for the contract, the favor of the contract can’t be measured by money.”

Xie Sen now had an even better impression of him, and smiled. “Let’s give our contact information. I’ll contact you if I need you.”

Lu Qingxing nodded his head, and the two exchanged contact information. Then Lu Qingxing left with the giant armored beast.

Xie Sen asked Long Teng and Bai Jiao over for lunch. The four of them returned to their home, which was filled with the aroma of food. Long Teng cheered, and ran to the kitchen. “Smells good, A’Sen. What did you make to eat?”

Xie Sen said, “You’ll see.”

Bai Jiao’s eyes fell on the coffee table. He was slightly stunned, then quickened his steps, walked over, squatted down and looked at it carefully. Then he glanced at Xie Sen in shock. “Where did you find all this?”

Xie Sen, “It’s not easy to explain, and I hope you’ll keep it a secret.”

Bai Jiao wondered, “Then you took it out for me?”

Xie Sen said, “I want your help to analyze their ingredients. I…I’m pregnant, and I need different nutrients. Eating vegetables and fruits is the best way. I’m going to choose some suitable ones to plant in the ground.”

Also when he had sufficient energy to exchange for food, it was good to know what was better to eat.

Bai Jiao’s eyes were hot, as he abruptly looked at the various plants. “You can plant them all, ah!”

Xie Sen shook his head. “My land isn’t big enough. Also, planting outside is too noticeable, and isn’t convenient for cooking. But if I can think of a way, in a short time these can be planted openly.”

Bai Jiao put the plants carefully away. “Analysis of the ingredients is simple. I’ll get you the results as soon as possible.”

Xie Sen said thank you, then exchanged honeysuckle and licorice from the System. “These two should be usable as medicine. I’m not very clear about their specific medicinal uses, so you can just try anything.”

Bai Jiao’s eyes immediately lit up. “Thank you.”

The lunch was sumptuous, with two meats, two vegetables and a soup. The four of them ate extraordinarily well.

Long Teng sat on the sofa, “A’Sen, I’ll stay at your house. Your food is so good.”

Xie Sen cut up a plate of dragon fruit, put it on the coffee table, then said in amusement, “You can’t live here, but you can come and play every day.” He took out several kinds of food available in the market, and exchanged two portions for Long Teng and Bai Jiao. “If you have land at home, you can also grow this, so you don’t have to rob the supermarket.”

Long Teng smiled. “Thanks, A’Sen. I’ll take it back to Grandpa.”

Bai Jiao was doubtful. “Can you grow it directly? The Institute grows plants with special fertilizers.”

Xie Sen laughed. “Yes, it’s fine. Just plant it.”

The four of them chatted for a while, then Long Teng and Bai Jiao left while Xie Sen and Maine took a nap together.

When Xie Sen woke up, Maine was lying on his side with his head propped up on his hand. He was staring at him intently. Maine said, “I’m not sleepy.”

Xie Sen sat up. Maine also sat up and took him in his arms. He held his hand, rested his chin on his shoulder, and said in a warm voice, “Thank you.”

Xie Sen raised his eyebrows. “Thank you for what?”

“Thank you for being willing to accept the child,” Maine gently squeezed his fingers. “I thought you would blame me, and not want the child.”

Xie Sen’s feet kicked up and he turned his body from vertical to horizontal, as he lay across Maine and looked up at him, while Main relaxed his abdominal muscles so he could lie more comfortably.

Xie Sen said, “You’re not entirely to blame for what happened that day. I’ve accepted that I’m pregnant now, but.” He gestured to his belly. “I might be uncomfortable and also might be grumpy when it gets bigger.”

Maine stroked his hair. “It’s okay.”

Xie Sen grunted softly. “Don’t dislike me anyway!”

Maine lifted him upwards, and kissed him. “Never.”

They exchanged a warm kiss, then Xie Sen braced himself on his shoulders and sat up. “What do you think of Lu Qingxing?”

Maine’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Are you interested in him?”

Xie Sen put his hand on his shoulder. “What are you thinking? I have something to ask him to help me with.”

Maine said, “Lu’s family is a famous archeological family. They act with a low profile, but they are very popular in the academy. Many important documents lost to the disciplines have been found by their family. Lu Qingxing is the only son of the Lu family. His professional ability is very strong, low-profile and modest since childhood. People around him have very good things to say.”

Xie Sen raised his eyebrows. “How do you know so much? Is their family so famous?”

Maine’s eyes were half-hidden as he squeezed his hand. “You deliberately exchanged contact information with him, so I definitely needed to know more about him.”

Xie Sen laughed, and looked down at him. “Jealous?”

Maine gently cupped his chin, his eyes focused. “Yes.”

Xie Sen kissed him. “Jealous. Didn’t I tell you? He is an archeologist, so he must be searching for various relics, yeah? In addition to ancient documents, it would be normal for him to find some lost seeds, right?”

Maine immediately understood what he meant, and mused, “I’ll keep an eye on him, and talk to him when I’m sure he’s reliable.”

Xie Sen hmmmed. “I’m also worried about whether he’s reliable. That’s why I didn’t say anything now. If so many plants get out and they all come from me, it will definitely lead to trouble.”

Maine, “I will find a way to contact him.”

As they were talking, Xie Sen received a communication from Mu Lin. Mu Lin opened the conversation with, “Many people on the starnet are now speculating whether plant beast master males can get pregnant. Some people are questioning whether we got your identity wrong, so we may need to disclose your female identity.”

Xie Sen shrugged. “Then make it public. We can’t hide the fact that I’m pregnant, and it’s not necessary.”

Mu Lin said, “Good.” He let out a laugh. “Thank you for last time. Can we visit your home? We want to get information about the pregnancy of a plant beast master, and I’m afraid it’s not very convenient for you to come to the Institute because of your special situation.”

Xie Sen thought about it. “The day after tomorrow. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow, and I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

“Okay.” Mu Lin replied, and ended the communication.

Soon, the Institute of Contract Beasts explained Xie Sen’s identity. In order to ensure his safety because he was a special plant beast master, his gender was deliberately listed as male, while in reality he was female.

Xie Sen looked at the comments. The top one read, [I told you. How can there be such a short male!]

He deflated, closed his bracelet and stopped reading.

The next day, Xie Sen and Maine went straight to Bai Jiao’s private hospital.

“Mr. Xie, may I ask how long you have been pregnant?”

“Can you pass on your experience? How did you conceive?”

“Yeah, what position? What time did you do it? How long did you do it at once? What did you eat?”

“Something to do with chilies? Have you eaten chilies for a long time?”

All kinds of questions were asked, and the sound was noisy and confusing. Xie Sen listened with a complicated expression. He thought, these people must not be with any serious media companies. What kind of things to ask!

Soon a security guard arrived to maintain order. Bai Jiao and Long Teng also ran over. Bai Jiao saw that Xie Sen looked normal and was not frightened, and was relieved. “Sorry. The hospital prohibits journalists from entering, but these people disguised themselves as patients to get inside.”

Xie Sen thought for a moment, and understood. “It’s okay. There were too many people watching the live broadcast yesterday, and they heard what we said.”

With tens of millions of viewers, it wasn’t surprising that there were so many journalists playing patients and perhaps even some curious viewers. Xie Sen followed Bai Jiao to a ward on the second floor. Inside was a gentle, middle-aged man. The man was 178 centimeters tall, a female.

“This is my eldest brother-in-law, a fertility specialist.” Bai Jiao made the introduction, and after they had gotten to know each other, Bai Jiao’s eldest brother-in-law began to examine Xie Sen’s body.

The results came out quickly, and Dr. Bai smiled, “You are healthy, and the baby is less than half a month old. You can’t feel anything yet, but your resistance to stimulation will be weakened, so be careful. You will slowly feel him after the full month. Come back then for a checkup, plus once a month thereafter, and feel free to contact me if you don’t feel well.”

Xie Sen said thank you. Maine took the initiative to get Dr. Bai’s phone number, and several people left the ward.

Bai Jiao handed Xie Sen a white bag with glowing eyes. “The stuff and the information you want are inside.”

Xie Sen didn’t expect him to be so fast. “Thank you. Thank you for your hard work.”

Bai Jiao smiled. “You’re too kind. I’ve gained a lot too.”

The four of them chatted casually, then Xie Sen went back home with Maine. Xie Sen saw that Maine kept following him and said, “You go do your own thing. The doctor said it’s fine, and I don’t feel anything. Don’t worry.”

Maine was still a little uneasy. Xie Sen touched the sunflower on his left shoulder. The sunflower flower was facing Maine, and shot out a seed which was embedded into the wall next to Maine’s ear.

Xie Sen looked at Maine with a raised eyebrow. Maine laughed lightly, and rubbed the top of his hair. “I’m going out then. Call me if you need anything. The wall is already in protection mode.”

Xie Sen nodded. After Maine left, he went through the ingredients of the plants Bai Jiao analyzed, and selected three types of leafy greens, cabbage, lettuce, and spinach, and five types of fruits, apples, bananas, pears, dragon fruit, and cherries.

He ordered the fruits to separate out the seeds, and put the remaining pulp in the refrigerator. Then he took the leafy greens, plus a small shovel and went straight outside to the land. He didn’t know what the most suitable growing conditions for these foods were, so he could only plant them randomly while hoping the System’s strong vitality made up for it.

Only the leafy greens were just right for eating when they were redeemed from the System, and there were no seeds. So he planted the ripe greens directly into the ground, ready for them to grow again and get seeds. After he planted the vegetables he started to plant the fruits.

After all that planting, he thought about it and took out a scoop from inside the house and watered the seeds.

While he was planting, the contract beasts watched him curiously from a short distance away. But when they saw him scoop up the water, one of the giant elephant beasts came over and stuck its trunk into the water, then turned around and sprayed the water onto the ground.

It sprayed water in a very uniform mist. Xie Sen looked at the scoop in his hand, and suddenly felt very inefficient compared to it.

The elephant’s tail swept Xie Sen’s feet. “A’Sen, the human pregnant body is very fragile. I’ll help you water. You go rest.”

The giant crocodile crawled over to them. “Stand on my back. I’ll carry you. I can climb very steadily!”

Xie Sen was touched, and wanted to laugh. “No, I’m fine. Where did you all hear that?”

The giant crocodile said, “When we heard that you had a baby, we were curious, so we requested Big Black to ask his beast master if there were any videos about human pregnancy. Big Black’s beast master tuned the channel for me.”

Xie Sen, “…You guys don’t need to know that.”

“In the future, if we have a beast master, we can also help our beast master take care of their mate!” The giant crocodile beast wagged its tail. “Right now we have to take care of Sen.”

There was a soft sound in the air. Xie Sen looked up, and saw the flying eagle beast was coming down, while Tuan Tuan stood on its head and chirped.

The flying eagle beast turned its body sideways, and tilted to the right. With a grunt, a pile of red fruits rolled down off its back. It stretched out its wings, and Xie Sen put his hand on them. The flying eagle said, “A’Sen, these were picked near where we used to live, and they’re delicious! I’ve never seen them before!”

Xie Sen immediately thought of the red energy. These fruits should be influenced by the red energy when they grew. “Thank you.”

The flying eagle beast said, “Sen is pregnant with a baby, and should eat more delicious food.”

“Chirp” Tuan Tuan called out, and nodded its head.

Xie Sen was very touched. His contract beast friends were really very good!

He picked the fruit up. There were three kinds of fruits, but he only recognized the mulberry. He looked back, and saw that the land was thoroughly wet and said, “That’s enough. No more watering.”

The giant elephant beast waved its trunk, lightly rubbed Xie Sen’s hand and walked back to the man-made river to play.

Xie Sen took the scoop, the wild fruits and led Tuan Tuan back home.


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