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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After seeing the current He YunTing, Lin Han’s previous thoughts vanished into thin air.

——He began to think that he had just arrived at the base in the last couple of days and was bewildered. Probably because he was frequently reading He YunTing’s mind, it made him also have a different attitude towards him, wanting to understand more, wanting to explore more.

He relied on the fact that he must be different in He YunTing, so he couldn’t help but want to use this ability to explore something else.

Even though he knew that in the matter of reading minds, He YunTing didn’t even have the right to refuse. He didn’t think about whether he wanted to be probed by him, whether he was willing to talk to him.

People were inherently complex creatures, and even though everyone called for sincerity, they wouldn’t reject the rose woven from lies and falsehoods.

But He YunTing didn’t know this, he didn’t even have the chance to lie — let alone remain honest, even though it was really hard for him to communicate with people. Lin Han adjusted his breathing in the quiet air, and all those irrational cells chilled.

When he looked into He YunTing’s blue eyes again, he finally turned back into his sober self.

He YunTing had many different identities.

There were those Lin Han had faced, and those Lin Han knew nothing about.

He could be the one who was clumsy when facing him, or the one who swore loyalty to the Empire under the gaze of millions of admirers.

He could be someone who couldn’t even dance but leapt at the chance to teach him, or he could be the cold-hearted leader who said ‘no’ on the base training ground.

He could be many, many different things.

But no matter which one he was, He YunTing was He YunTing.

He didn’t need to be swayed by him, nor did he need to let him read minds. And the answer of whether he liked him or not was another topic.

Lin Han silently moved his gaze from the other’s eyes, back to the wound. He had only one thought now. He only wanted to ask if his right shoulder injury was still painful.

After thinking about this, Lin Han’s entire body was much more relaxed. He also finally returned to his old self. Lin Han didn’t go any further, but only looked at He YunTing from a polite social distance. He asked again, “Does it hurt?”

He YunTing’s hand movement froze.

After putting on his shirt, he got up again and took his jacket and put it on, until he was back to being the same as when he first met Lin Han, haughty and aloof, yet rejecting. He didn’t need anyone to know about the injury, he was still the same radiant man.

“It’s okay.” This time He YunTing didn’t say directly that it didn’t hurt.

Lin Han was about to say that’s good when he heard He YunTing add, “It’s not very painful. The wound is much better. But the medicine has been changed, so Mr. Lin doesn’t need to see it.”

This sentence conveyed another potential meaning to Lin Han, and if the wound wasn’t wrapped, he could even show it to Lin Han — He YunTing seemed to be eager to prove to Lin Han that he really didn’t hurt very much.

Lin Han nodded his head, but inside he felt a little more guilty fiercely. He shouldn’t have rashly asked the question of whether he liked him or not, let alone create those undefinable emotions after that. Even if he tried to use that hug during He YunTing’s susceptible period as an excuse, there was no way to fully excuse himself.

Lin Han looked down at his own white-gloved hands and finally curled his eyes at He YunTing, while the tips of his eyebrows were tinted with the usual light mildness.

“The first two days I wasn’t quite adapted to the base, I troubled you,” Lin Han smiled at He YunTing, “Today I came to talk to the General about this.”

He YunTing seemed to be not expecting Lin Han to come to talk about this, and gave a very slow “oh”.

The relationship between the two had taken a step backwards. Lin Han stopped having any feeling about the answer, and He YunTing didn’t continue to take him into his arms without any reason like he did during his susceptible period.

Lin Han thought, It’s true that crossing the boundary will make people lose their mind.

“Then General—”


Both of them opened their mouths again at the same time.

Lin Han politely let He YunTing speak first.

“I’m out of caramel.” He YunTing’s eyes wandered for a moment as he spoke.

Lin Han opened his mouth, not knowing how to reply for a moment. He saw He YunTing’s lips move a little, as if he wanted to add something, and his upper and lower lips parted slightly, but eventually became flat again.

But Lin Han vaguely recognized that the other party’s mouth shape was “s”. Combined with He YunTing’s expression at this moment, he should want to say “sorry”.

Lin Han felt like his heart had been pinched again, and when he thought back to those thoughts in the corridor, he didn’t even understand where they had started.

He YunTing wanted to apologize to him.

This knowledge alone made Lin Han’s face burn a little.

Lin Han was busy saying, “It’s okay — I didn’t mean anything else. If General likes it, there’s no need to take too much into consideration.”

He listened and looked at Lin Han again.

“The base meal isn’t rich.” He YunTing suddenly said.

The topic changed a bit quickly, Lin Han couldn’t follow it at first, and didn’t understand why He YunTing suddenly began to criticize the base’s diet, which wasn’t the most familiar place for him.

Lin Han’s eyelashes moved a little, as he answered honestly, “I think it’s pretty good.”

He YunTing was silent again for a few moments, and when he spoke again his voice was clearly different from earlier — he seemed to want to become less cold, to make his tone milder. But He YunTing hadn’t smiled many times in all his years, so he didn’t know how to do it, so what came to Lin Han’s ears was an odd but softened tone. His voice was low and he spoke a little slower than before, “Here, I don’t have any. But you… can go to Lu AnHe.”

“Is there some kind of mission?”

“It’s not a mission.” He YunTing finally barely found a new speed of speech suitable for this moment, and it flowed much better after he spoke again. He seemed to want to try to lift the corners of his lips, but he was afraid that his expression would scare Lin Han, so he finally had to give up.

“Where Lu AnHe lives, there are a lot of snacks.” He YunTing said, “You can go to him and he will give some to you.”

Last time I gave you snacks, you didn’t get angry again; so this time, can I cunningly do the same trick again?

Lin Han was stunned.

It turned out that he had already seen that he had other emotions, but still wanted to tell him so that he wouldn’t be angry.

This time Lin Han didn’t hesitate, and with a smile under his eyes, he said sincerely, “I’m really not angry, General.”

After saying goodbye to He YunTing, Lin Han’s heart was much brighter.

Even the nightly supplements became less difficult to swallow, and he finally got a good night’s sleep after two days of bed problems.

The next day Lin Han finished washing up and just changed his clothes to get ready for work, when there was a knock on the door of his room.

Lu AnHe had all kinds of snacks in his hand and brought them to Lin Han with a smile, “Good morning, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Han looked at the things in his hand and wanted to laugh, “General told me to come to you.”

And he didn’t really like snacks that much.

Lu AnHe said, “But today Boss warned me that there are too many snacks in my room, and if I don’t clean some up, I will be docked money.”

His tone was very pleasant and he didn’t sound scared at all.

Lin Han took it, thanked him, and remembered the tone of He YunTing’s voice when he said this yesterday, and his mood lifted.

“No thanks needed. I also want to thank Mr. Lin for saving me from punishment, two birds with one stone.” Lu AnHe, who successfully solved the snack issue, waved at Lin Han, “Then I’ll go to the command room first, see you later.”

Lin Han watched as Lu AnHe hummed a little song and walked away, putting away the snacks he brought over and heading out the door as well. He didn’t need to go to the base first today, but went to the mecha library to confirm the function of several of the batches.

The mecha depot and the selection bases were in two directions, closer to the logistics team, and it was early in the morning, so most of the people at the bases were either in morning training or being reassigned to the first and second bases to collaborate with the pilot selection. 

The further Lin Han walked, the fewer people he encountered. About halfway to the mecha library, Lin Han passed through the corridor and unexpectedly heard a familiar voice calling him.

“Mr. Lin from the Institute?”

Lin Han didn’t expect to meet this person, as he wasn’t supposed to be here at this time. He bowed respectfully to the other party, “General’s adjutant just left for the command room, you can go straight there if you want to find them.”

“Mr. Lin, thank you.” Wen Tianyao said with a smile, “I was bored before I came here, and I don’t talk to too many people. If Mr. Lin could lead the way, that would be best.”

Lin Han, who had been a bit of an axle when it came to work, first smiled politely along, “But I have to go to the mecha library now…”

Wen Tianyao gave a somewhat contrived “ah”, “I’m not in a hurry, and I’m also quite curious about the mecha library, Mr. Lin if you don’t mind me staying on the sidelines, you can also take me to see it.”

Lin Han frowned invisibly.

He felt that there was something odd.

Wen Tianyao was very gentlemanly and made a gesture of invitation to Lin Han. He also said, “The General said Mr. Lin has a cleanliness fetish, so you don’t have to take off your gloves.”

Lin Han’s heart fluttered.

He YunTing’s wound hadn’t healed yet, and the reason why it had become difficult to heal was because he had been set up at the Prince’s dinner party.

If it was possible… 

Lin Han hooked his lips, respectfully took off his gloves and put his palm up—

“No matter. It’s also an honor for me to shake hands with His Highness the Prince.”

【This is the Omega He YunTing has his eye on?】

【Maybe it would be easier to start with him.】

Lin Han’s ears rang with Wen Tianyao’s voice.

He thought, maybe he could really help He YunTing.


The author has something to say:

When I wrote the last chapter, I thought it was pretty smooth, I just wanted to write that Han Han’s heart was in turmoil before he had thoughts that didn’t match his daily demeanor, but the last few sentences were a bit problematic and looked a bit ooc, so I’ve changed it.


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April 3, 2022 10:36 am

Thank you for translating. This book help me a lot. It’s uplifting my depressed mental.

Can’t wait for the moment when LinHan and YuTing conform their mutual feelings. They are so complementary to each other.

April 3, 2022 10:43 am

What was the meaning of LuAnHe sentence “… I will be docked money”?

Was it meant that LAH will receive extra allowance or was it the opposite?

Sorry if this question sounds stupid.

Sue R
Sue R
April 3, 2022 12:20 pm

Oh…the Prince is double agent he ha secret plan.

April 4, 2022 2:21 am

Lu AnHe, ever the diplomat.
Glad Lin Han is less upset than he was. I wish someone could tell him that “I don’t know” does not mean “No”, but is an honest answer from someone with no experience.
Happy he’s decided to help, in his special way.
The plot thickens…
Thank you for translating and editing.

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