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Chapter 18: When Beasts Meet and Don’t Know Each Other

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Myka tried to organize the logic. Fortunately, nothing happened all night long and he could sort it out slowly. Before he could figure out where to start, there was a rustle outside the balcony of the room. The room was located on the second floor, with a ten foot wide terrace. The stone railings were carved with rose vines, and the corner pillars were decorated with various flowers.

The sound of the trees swaying and rubbing against the stone wall continued. It seemed that something had climbed up the relief columns used as decorations outside the house.

Myka hid his purse and listened carefully. Sylar went to put the sleepy Illican back on the four post bed. Just after Sylar pulled the curtain of bed and left, a strong shadow came up from the balcony, roared and rushed into the room.

Myka was so close to it that when he grabbed the curtain and turned to one side, he saw the thing’s eyes glowing red in the dark.

The intruder had no interest in Myka and went straight to Illican. Sylar stopped in front of Myka, reached out a hand to the beast and recited a incantation, but it seemed to have no effect.

The only effect was that it seemed to hesitate for a moment — not as if the beast were deterring the enemy, but as if it were a man thinking briefly.

In the dim light, the huge black animal carried Illican on one shoulder, then ran back to the terrace quickly with three claws.

The sound startled the guards. When they broke into the room, they saw the thing carrying the Lord jumping off the terrace, and another stranger holding the ‘bride’ immediately followed.

After being stunned, the guards in the garden called out, “Bear!!!”

Rowan opened the window and looked out at the riot.

He saw a huge animal half pack and half-holding the Lord Illican — Illican’s blond hair and gorgeous clothes were quite conspicuous; a motley wild also horse rushed out and stopped. Behind the wild horse was Myka, in the bride’s dress, who took out a parchment scroll, seemed to say a few words and then flew up; the wild horse saw the situation, and chased the bear and the Lord again as the mage flew near it.

Then another bear came out of the garden bushes and rushed after the creatures in front of it. The guards also adjusted their armor and ran after. Some of them were chasing after them, some were busy going to the stables to lead their horses out.

“… Why are there so many animals?” Rowan watched them disappear into the night.

Myka squatted behind a bush and watched the huge black figure not far away. He followed the running monster to the slums of the city, where there was no sound. At night, the gate of the city was closed. Obviously, no one could easily cross the sentry post, so the monster, who took the Lord. had to flee to the city.

Myka had lost his way for a short time because he couldn’t see when he was flying low in the bushes and near the grass. Sylar had just become a vigorous horse, but he soon found that running in the city was very dynamic and not conducive to tracking. Myka didn’t know when Sylar disappeared. When he noticed, he couldn’t find the Druid.

Myka found the other figure first. A robust figure was slowly following the canal. Myka didn’t dare to act rashly. He felt that he couldn’t deal with it alone. It noticed him just as he tried to get close and look at it.

The beast looked back, almost opposite Myka’s eyes, and ran to him. Myka unleashed a sparking spell to frighten it, but it was completely unmoved.

This was a bear… A giant brown bear! Myka grabbed another flight scroll and had no time to figure out how much it would cost to use it. He just wanted to run away immediately.

Just before he opened the scroll, another animal roar came from the other side of the street.

There was a bear behind him, Myka thought in shock and despair, was this really the city? Even if two assassins were normal, what was the matter with the two bears?!

At this time, the bear behind him stood up, did a chest expansion and back stretch, and then raised its forepaw, looking expectantly at Myka.

So Myka immediately understood.

“Sylar!? When did you suddenly become a bear?” He was just a horse!

Sylar was a huge brown bear and he grunted to the ‘same kind’. The other bear leaned carefully against the wall, bypassed Myka, and meekly walked to him.

Sylar raised his paw and patted the head of the other bear. The other bear rubbed against his paw tenderly.

Myka thought that when he was in Fenglin, he had seen many Druids and animals become close comrades in arms. They trusted each other and could basically communicate with each other. Some people brought falcons or small cats, some Druids became friends with wolves and brown bears.

“Three good gods, I can’t tell who you two are when you’re standing together!” In front of Myka’s eyes, the two bears seemed to communicate something. After they changed their positions, Myka was dazzled.

Sylar stood up again, twisted a few times, indicated his identity, and pointed to a certain direction with his palm and fingers. Before Myka could use the scroll, his bear friend looked into Myka’s eyes, which he thought was not terrible. Then he grabbed Myka and dragged him onto Sylar’s back.

Myka wanted to complain, but the bears had already stepped up. It seemed that Sylar found what he was looking for.

Holding the bear’s broad back, Myka thought gloomily that it was nice he had saved the scroll, but he couldn’t get rid of the fate of being carried by the Druid in his life… 


The turbulence and night wind made Illican recover his consciousness in advance, but he was still half awake. He felt that he saw the moon in the sky several times and then fell into darkness.

There was a sharp pain in his shoulder and back. He snorted and woke up completely.

He was thrown on the stone ground, and his eyes mistily saw that this was an abandoned house. He didn’t know where it was. The moonlight came in from the broken wooden window, and there was a huge shadow on the floor in front of him.

Illican raised his head in terror. In the backlight, a bear bigger and stronger than the brown bear in the ordinary mountain was staring at him, making a deep roar.

Its eyes were not the green of wild animals at night, but gave off a dark red light, which reminded Illican of the abyssal creatures in the terror atlas.

He dragged his soft body and tried to move away. The giant bear was not close to him. It just grasped and gouged the ground sometimes, and raised its head to show its teeth sometimes.

Illican huddled by the wall and said in a shaky voice, “I’m sorry I… I didn’t forget what I promised you, really… Believe me…”

The giant bear roared again and slowly approached. Illican closed his eyes tightly and cried for help. He felt the smell of the beast suddenly disappear.

The palm of a human hand tightly covered his mouth, and a low voice said beside him, “Shut up, or I will make you shut up.”

Illican stopped immediately and opened his eyes cautiously to a man he had seen months before.

He was very tall, but not very strong. Although he had smooth muscle lines under his skin, he was a little sickly and emaciated, as if he had been suffering from some old disease for a long time. The curly brown hair was scattered around him, almost to his waist. Moreover, at this time, he did not look happy.

He gazed at Illican with dim eyes, slowly released his hand and said, “Have you forgotten? Don’t lie to me. I’ve been waiting for a long time, but you haven’t found me. If you had told me directly that you couldn’t do it, I would have had no complaints… But you lied to me!”

“I didn’t…” Illican shrunk again. “I just can’t help it for a while. You see, I just inherited this territory, so I have a lot of things to deal with…”

“A lot of things? For example, the first night of other brides?” The brown haired man sneered, “And then those two people, one male and one female. I heard your moans in the garden. What a busy Lord.”

He referred to the man and woman, Sylar and Myka in women’s clothes, but apparently Illican thought they were Rowan and Silva. Illican couldn’t help recalling the feeling of himself burning. He didn’t understand how he could be touched by a woman and become like that… 

“Look at that disgusting expression, are you still feeling the aftertaste?” The brown haired man growled. 

Illican shook his shoulders and said, “I’m just thinking about how I can help you faster! Really… I really didn’t forget. I promise, give me another period of time, I must have a way…”

“You didn’t think of anything for me, no!” The brown haired man grabbed Illican’s collar, lifted him to the air with his feet dangling and pressed him against the stone wall. “I waited for a long time, and then I came to Todd… What do I see? I see that there is no temple here, and you are addicted to the extravagance and have already left my affairs behind!”

Illican kept defending in a low voice, and the brown haired man continued to roar, “If you didn’t want to help me, why give me hope?”

All of a sudden, a few blue and shining missiles hit the man with brown hair. He left Illican and quickly dodged to defend.

Those attacks were made of magic energy and were very common mage’s magic. The man with brown hair was shocked… He hadn’t seen such a thing for a long time.

On the other side of the dark room came several shadows — two bears and a ‘woman’ with heavy make-up.

The ‘woman’ was stunned, and the brown haired man thought that maybe it was because he was naked… One of the two bears began to change shape, which surprised him most.

Sylar’s sighed, “I thought you would not recover until dawn, and thought that I should become a bear to communicate better. So you can control your body?”

The brown haired man unconsciously took a step back.

Sylar wore a colorful braided robe and a small flower, leather armor, and a holly branch tied to the oak stick in his hand. The brown haired man could see that this was a Druid. His ability to change was given by nature. Even when he restored his human appearance, he could keep his clothes… Unlike himself, what he got was not a gift, but a curse, and he would become a real beast.

Illican, who was paralyzed by fear, reached out towards Sylar and Myka. The brown haired man gave him a fierce look, and he stopped.

Illican didn’t look at Sylar, but thought that the ‘woman’ beside him was very strange. She was dressed almost the same as Silva, but she looked very different… 

Sylar whispered to Myka, “What do I do? It’s him…”

Myka almost forgot how strange he looked now. He put away his wand and approached carefully, “Sovili? Are you Sovili?”

The brown haired man hadn’t been called that for a long time.

At present, the voice of this man was familiar, but the image was very strange. Being stared at by this ‘woman’, Sovili began to feel shy.

He retreated warily. “Who are you? Why do you know my name?”

Myka raised a ball of powder to Illican, who was shivering, and said a incantation. Illican fell asleep again. To make sure he slept longer, Myka opened a small flat bottle and placed it beside his face.

Then Myka thought about it and used a little magic to erase the makeup up on his face. Under Sovili’s shocked eyes, he smiled with difficultly, “I am Myka… MykaBin Huguerie.”


A lot of bears…

The beast man was not my own idea, but comes from the DND monster map (of course, there is also the concept in the three-dimensional rural Fantasy Legend). In fact, it is not the same as the werewolf Um.

The story of Sovili will continue… 

In fact, Sylar is cute as a bear. It makes Myka want to sleep using him as his pillow (but Myka certainly won’t…)

Sylar’s animal companion hasn’t appeared before, just think Sylar likes to give it a holiday… It’s also a bear…

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