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Chapter 17: Immoral Magic

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


If Silva was here, of course, Rowan would rather face Illican himself. But, this Silva was fake. Rowan was worried about what to do if Illican got involved with him instead of Silva.

Rowan admired Myka and wondered what would happen to Illican tonight. As a young man, Rowan was quite curious about the means of a pink robed mage, but did not dare to show it. He was taken into the guest room, guarded by guards outside, and at the other end of the corridor was the room that the new Lord would be using tonight.

Illican purposely kept the two rooms not far apart. If everything was quiet, the two sides might be able to hear each other.

In fact, Myka was upset now.

At present, the young, handsome but moral Lord was holding up a glass of red wine and chattering. Myka listened to most of it, but it didn’t matter.

Myka found out the most vicious thing about the young man: it had been many years since Illican pursued Silva. The young Lord intentionally or unintentionally said that he had nothing to do with her. The reason why he had to bring ‘Silva’ to the bedroom first was to torture Rowan in the other room.

It was also good that Myka’s guilt about being ready to cast a spell on him had been reduced.

Now Myka’s biggest worry and regret was that he couldn’t pull out the guinea pig from his chest.

It had to be said that the feeling of a wad of fluffy fur there was really… It was obscene.

Myka could feel the guinea pig’s warm body and occasional small movements even though he was still covered with a lace lining. Sometimes he felt itchy and wanted to pinch the guinea pig to remind Sylar not to move, but… It was weird to reach out and squeeze his own chest.

Finally, Illican ended his sad monologue, walked up to Silva and raised ‘her’ chin. Myka let it go, as long as he showed disgust and couldn’t escape, it was okay. He ducked, but Illican grabbed his arms and pushed him onto the bed.

Myka secretly congratulated Sylar who had decided not to hide on his arm as a snake, otherwise he would have been found out just now. What happened now was just like the nasty stories that the poets told in the tavern: a noble dressed up in clothes, an animal and a helpless girl watching as he slowly took off his gloves and bow tie, and the moonlight reflecting his grim smile through the window.

Just as Illican approached Myka, Myka reached out and touched his neck.

This movement surprised the young Lord, almost producing a small tremor. In his eyes, it was inconceivable for Silva to reach out and touch him. What’s more, Silva said a very strange thing. He didn’t hear what it was for a moment.

Then Lord Illican’s world fell into darkness…

No, it was not dark. It was pink.

He jumped up like he felt an electric shock, but he couldn’t stand still. He fell to his knees. Silva was right in front of him, but he couldn’t get closer.

The intense and sweet pleasure occupied his body and mind, and he experienced a familiar feeling — like when he secretly hid in the room and pleasured himself. But the feeling at that time was far less intense than now… 

Myka stood up, retreated slowly to the wall, and sat relaxed in his chair.

“It’s another immoral spell. I succeeded once… It guarantees you satisfaction.” Myka thought.

The guinea pig on his chest wriggled curiously. Myka felt itchy and clenched his teeth. The guinea pig stretched out a small claw from the inside of the dress, opened the two buckles, and looked out from the seam of the dress.

Illican rolled to the ground, trembling, his eyes out of focus, helplessly opening his mouth and letting saliva drip down. His blonde hair was scattered on the carpet, his hands stretched down, but he didn’t know what to do. His waist kept twisting and his legs almost cramped. He was panting and sobbing uncontrollably. The sound terrified Rowan in the other room and alerted the guards in the corridor. However, the guards could hear the sound, so they did not dare to disturb.

As Myka himself said, this was a very immoral spell. It allowed the young Lord to experience pleasure peak after peak in a certain period of time… For his body, these were not illusions, they were real, so his pants were wet.

An unbroken feeling kept one part of him… It was even more intense than the real joy of joining in bed to exercise its function and produce something. In fact, this time was not long, but different from the real situation. The magic effect did not give people any preparation time or intermittence opportunity, and the stimulation was strong and continuous.

Myka felt that the time was almost over, so he walked over lightly, pretended to be concerned and squatted down, and added the same magic again.

The spell continued to torment Illican, his voice trembling, hoarse and choking, his fingers powerlessly grasping the carpet. Finally, before the spell was to disappear again, Myka sprinkled a small amount of powder on Illican’s head and whispered another spell. At this time, Illican’s eyes were blurred by tears, and he was still groaning with a cry, so he didn’t notice this spell at all.

With the effect of the fatigue and magic, Illican grunted a few times and fell asleep immediately.

In the corridor, the guards exchanged puzzled eyes. They watched the Lord bring the bride back to the house, and they were also asked to guard in front of the groom’s door and bring him if necessary… For the first time, they heard the Lord’s voice, and it seemed that the girl was silent.

They blinked and shrugged at each other — who knew what game the Lord was playing.

Rowan heard this from the other room. He didn’t like Illican, but he had to admit that the groans were too sweet. As a male, he almost felt terrible. What kind of experience could make people groan like that? Or was it because Illican himself was bad?

At first, Rowan thought he would sleep at ease tonight, but at this time he was tossing and turning. He strolled to the window, trying to watch the moonlight while thinking of Miss Silva’s smile and drove away the imagination of the other room from his mind.

Just then, he found something moving in the bushes in the courtyard.

At night, there was no wind. Between the trees, a huge black shadow rushed to the wall and crawled to the other side of the castle.

Rowan thought he was dazed. He thought what he saw just now was like a bear.

Thinking about it, maybe the Lord had a big dog in his garden? Rowan pasted himself in front of the window and could no longer see the figure of that thing.

“You can come out, he sleeps like a dead cat and won’t be woken up,” Myka reached out and pulled out the guinea pig. “When you go back in the morning, you’ll be something else.”

The guinea pig with brown and black spots of white fur was really clever. Myka held him up in front of his eyes. Those round eyes and pink nose was very cute. How could a Druid change into such a pure and soft thing?

Myka put the guinea pig in another chair, and Sylar recovered his original form. Myka breathed out a long breath as the fluffy ball finally left his chest.

“My transfiguration is almost over, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll get another one in the morning. For safety’s sake, I can’t sleep too deep tonight. Let’s go back to Berry Village and get back to sleep. Fortunately, I’m well prepared…” 

He was muttering, looking up at Sylar — and, of course, the other side, with a blush, was looking straight at him.

“Don’t think about my chest.” Myka said.

Sylar nodded, “Your chest muscles are thin.”

“I said no discussion!” Forgetting that there were guards in the corridor, Myka almost raised his voice unconsciously.

“I didn’t discuss the false breasts. I mean your chest is very thin. I almost touched bone. I…”

“Don’t speak sentences with the word breast!”

Sylar chuckled out loud, “Okay. But I still have to say, I’m sorry just now. I seem to have touched you…”

“Don’t say it!” Myka’s hands were clenching his dress.

Myka averted his gaze and began to count the contents of his purse. Fortunately, the light in the room was very dark now. He could feel his face was slightly hot. The Druid was obedient and silent this time, but Myka guessed he was still staring at him.

“Myka, do you hate it when I tell the truth?” After a short time, Sylar said, “In fact, I was just thinking that you are a person who likes all kinds of natural things and all kinds of cute and intelligent animals.”

Myka was confused by the speed of the topic change, but he was relieved not to talk about his chest. “What? I don’t understand you.”

“I think you like what I look like when I’m an animal.”

Myka was even more puzzled. Where did the conclusion come from?

“I feel that it’s not easy to approach you in my natural form,” said Sylar. “You can touch the little grey mouse and allow the guinea pig to get near your… into your clothes.” He avoided the word ‘chest’, “But I know that if it was me, you wouldn’t want to have such close contact…”

As he said this, he looked at Myka pitifully.

“Of course it’s different! Your way of thinking is really…” Myka was speechless for a moment, and didn’t know where to start.

This was not the same thing at all. Myka thought that as long as he was human, Sylar’s logic was very strange, but Sylar seemed to think this quite seriously.


The author has something to say:

The spell is a small modification of “constant orgasm”. The original spell is from the peach blossom Scripture. For the sake of the plot, the description of the usage is slightly modified (but it is almost the same), and changed “1 minute + 1 round / level” to “1 minute + 1 minute / level”

I know that changing the duration of the spell will affect the level of magic, but it’s a story anyway, when I’m (willful) DM, so I has the final say, wwww.

What follows is not hypnotism or sleep, but the combination of magic and some hypnotics.

I can explain what’s wrong with it… Sometimes I think it’s a bit of putting the cart before the horse… Let some GN feel inexplicable…

But I still want to mention the magic with provenance… Don’t care too much, don’t know too much and don’t affect any OTL

By the way Pink robed mage, isn’t he scary?

Well, in fact, that magic is not guaranteed to be successful. In short, it means that people with weak wills are more likely to lose, or people who give up holding on… If you are a strong willed person with a strong self, it will not work…

So it’s not that scary! (… It seems that it’s terrible. For ordinary people and civilians…)

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Sylar is too honest… again.

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August 24, 2020 1:02 am

Feeling something fluffy moving against your skin… yup it tickles, and not being able to remove it can drive one nuts. But I’m curious about that big shadow in the garden. It seems that the night won’t be as peaceful as they planned it. XD
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Illican certainly got more than he bargained for.
Sylar is right that Myka is more comfortable with him in animal form (well, when it’s the cuddly kind), but that doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to him as a Druid, just easier to deal with… because it removes the physical attraction, I think.
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Thank you for translating and editing.

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Will Illican “remember” the feelings caused by the spell? Part of me worries he will remember the “high”, so to speak, and will spend his life chasing it and become a problem for his whole territory. Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

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