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Chapter 35: Hunting

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The rain stopped in the morning, so Illican decided to take the unhappy Sovili out to hunt for relaxation. Unexpectedly, after they entered the mountain forest, the heavy rain began to continue.

The last attempt to treat his therianthropy failed. Priest Sylander tried several times before and after the full moon, and finally decided to continue next month. Sovili thanked him, and he comforted Sovili for a few words. After leaving the basement, the priest still told the Lord not to let Sovili move freely. Because therianthropy was very uncontrollable, even if Sovili himself was not evil, his curse may still engulf his personality for a short time if it happened abnormally. Or, if someone wanted to use his power, it was quite a dangerous thing.

Even so, Illican smuggled Sovili out. After all, Sovili didn’t plan to run. What’s to worry about?

The sky in the afternoon was as dark as before the sun rose. At this moment, Illican began to regret today’s trip.

He should have stayed in the city, drank black tea and watched the rain in the castle, play a patient and thoughtful spiritual mentor to comfort Sovili, whether he listened or not – but now, they hid under the muddy natural ditch, leaned back against the edge of the slope to expose the roots of the soil, and the rain drenched Illican and Sovili, who became a bear.

A few hours later, all six of Illican’s guards were gone.

The first soldier disappeared when he was urinating, the second and the third went to look for him but never came back, the fourth and the fifth suddenly fell asleep. The sixth one was to protect the Lord and his “male pet”, who intended to rush back to the official road to find the carriage as soon as possible, but in the middle of the journey, he disappeared.

The light in the forest was very dim, and the sound of rain engulfed all sounds, making people unable to detect the sound of footsteps or branches and leaves swinging. Sovili was able to detect people nearby and monitor them from near to far, but it was difficult to identify the exact location of each other.

So Sovili gave Illican a saber.

“No shouting, no running, follow me.” When Illican finished, he took the initiative to turn himself into a big brown bear with red eyes.

Sometimes he could successfully control his behavior after animal transformation, sometimes he couldn’t. fortunately, he felt that he had become better at self-control. Brown bears had more sensitive hearing and smell than human beings. Although his eyesight was poor, and he couldn’t see anything clearly in the heavy rain forest.

He found the pursuer, so he picked up Illican and threw him on his back, running towards the dense forest. He was going to walk up the road looking for a carriage. The stalker was very good at running in the dense forest. Sovili didn’t know the other side’s purpose and strength, so he planned to lose the other side as much as possible.

Sovili once wandered in this forest for a year. He used to be familiar with the landscape, but now it seemed that the forest had become different. The road had changed direction. There were many vines and thorns. He almost doubted himself and thought that he was walking in another forest.

Suddenly a small short dart stabbed into his back leg, and the brown bear shook and Illican fell off his shoulder. The two of them tumbled into a natural trench with a lot of mud at the bottom.

“Are you ok…” Illican’s blonde hair was on his face, shaking and reaching for the dart. He wanted to pull it out, but he was not sure. Sovili pointed to the dart with the paw of a bear, and Illican finally pulled it out with his teeth clenched and his eyes closed.

The short dart seemed to come from a one handed crossbow. It was very small and couldn’t do much damage. Sovili felt the loss of power and the blurring of hearing. He tried to restore human form and told Illican to run fast, but now he couldn’t.

… It was a paralyzing and hypnotic poison. Was this person treating me as a real brown bear? Sovili thought vaguely. On one side, he saw Illican kneeling beside him stupidly, at a loss. He pushed Illican with a bear’s paw, but he didn’t know whether he would exert too much… Illican was pushed a little, but still didn’t get up.

Through the rain and the misty trees, Sovili saw a figure approaching, just a few steps behind Illican.

Illican also found it, and he exclaimed, “I’m Lord Todd, and I’m the cousin of commander Sylkana…” And raise the saber to threaten them.

The other side easily grasped his wrist, turned slightly, and the saber fell at their feet. Sovili didn’t expect Illican to do anything, but he was surprised to see that he didn’t intend to run away, but he kept telling him to run while trying to resist.

After that, Sovili had no idea. He fell asleep with the appearance of a bear.


In the palace of Lansuo valley.

The senses of elves were much sharper than that of human beings. However, in the past few days, they could only detect that someone was spying, but they can’t catch that person.

Today, when night fell and the heavy rain stopped, the Lansuo elves didn’t find the voyeur again.

Myka was commissioned to stay at his Majesty’s castle to help them remove any unusual range spells that might occur at any time. However, Myka felt that the spell would not appear today. He guessed that Atan would go to Sovili. Sovili lived in the basement of the Lord’s castle. Sylander, the priest, was also in the Lord’s house. It was said that Atan was hard to catch.

Today Myka had a personal purpose – to catch Sylar.

After these days of observation, Myka had no doubt that Sylar was still by his side. But whether Myka was preaching to the open street, leaving a note on the table, or talking to the dead tree that had been broken in the rain, Sylar would never show up.

It made Myka a little unhappy… Actually, he was quite unhappy.

He thought to himself that Sylar used to like to add “don’t be angry” before or after his sarcastic words. At that time, Myka would not be angry at all. But now, Sylar was back in hiding, trying to track the same as the previous nine years, Myka was a little unhappy.

Knowing that he had been followed for nine years, Druid, as a stalker, knew his house very well, so Myka suspected that maybe an unfamiliar environment was more beneficial to him, and he was more likely to catch Sylar outside his home.

Sylar knew Myka’s house quite well. Maybe he had developed an escape route that Myka didn’t even know… In the Elven King’s Castle (though only as big as the villa), Sylar, who may become a small animal, was not able to move.

Myka lives in a room smaller than his bedroom with only one window.

Before he was ready to rest, Myka seemed to suddenly return to the days when he had fought Mage: he began to take out the things he had prepared in his backpack and set traps in every entrance and exit of the house and even on the walls.

Myka believes that Sylar can find the magic alarm, and he would either not trigger it at all or can quietly remove it. After all, Sylar was a much better mage than himself.

However, small animals sometimes have some physical disadvantages, and mages were generally good at not only casting. Myka used ordinary things in life to cooperate with magic to turn the house into a simple fortress, full of invisible little traps. He didn’t leave a gap in the window because he wanted to avoid looking too deliberate.

“I didn’t take camping so seriously…” Myka said to himself, blowing out the candles on the table.

At first he was always paying attention to everything, so he didn’t fall asleep until early in the morning. In fact, Sylar didn’t come back during this period.

Sylar heard that six confused soldiers had returned to Todd, but the Lord and the “male pet” were missing. He couldn’t find Illican and Sovili. He didn’t give up until the evening and rushed back to Lansuo valley.

Before dawn, the elf guard outside the gate of the castle thought the forest was a little unusual. He drew his sword and approached slowly. A brown bear in the forest ran away. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the bear named Axido.

At the same time, the cuckoo flew out of the canopy and landed on the carved balustrade of the castle terrace, then jumped to the floor. The guards below didn’t see that there was a human shadow on the terrace, which slipped silently into the castle.

Myka slept heavily, unaware that Sylar was struggling to find him. Sylar didn’t know which room Myka lived in, and this was the house of the king of Lansuo elves. He had to avoid the patrolling elves, and it was not convenient to make a hole in the wall at any time.

Because of the cloudy sky, the sky before the sun came out was darker than before. Myka suddenly felt his fingers being pulled and woke up. He turned to sit up and saw that the door of the room had been opened a crack, and the soft magic cold flame of the corridor was pouring in. On the floor in front of his bed, a grey tabby cat was staring at him with round eyes, which seemed shocked.

Myka didn’t do magic alerts at all. In the past nine years, these things were necessary on the way to travel, but he seldom did them after settling down to run a magic goods store. Myka thought that instead of setting up an alarm and being found by Sylar, he might as well pretend to be the same as usual.

At the same time, he installed a small mechanism made of cotton thread between the door panel and the interior furnishings, which also benefited from his life experience as a battle mage. As soon as the window or door was opened, the loop on Myka’s finger, the end of the mechanism, was pulled.

The carpet was rolled under the bed, and Myka sprinkled a large amount of ointment on the floor… The grey tabby cat had obviously found something strange on the floor, but he didn’t expect Myka to wake up so fast. He was picking the floor with his claws, and his limbs were taut to maintain balance.

Myka reached out to drive a previously placed magic effect, a low level Magic Invisible minion. It could only help you to do small things, move something or something, without much strength or thinking ability. The advantage was that it could last for a long time without temporary casting.

The invisible servant immediately shut the door and put in the spring.

If Sylar wanted to escape, there were a lot of ways. Myka couldn’t stop him. But if he did, he would be exposed to Myka. Just like many years ago he was caught in a trap in the form of a white headed rabbit, he could escape as long as he returned to the original state, but he didn’t want to do so.

“Don’t pretend! I got you ” Myka jumped straight out of bed. “Don’t think I can’t recognize you!”

There was slippery plaster on the ground, and Myka couldn’t keep his balance. The grey tabby cat slipped and stood up again, which was obviously much more nimble than Myka.

Myka knew it was hard for humans to catch cats, and he didn’t plan to catch him in the house. He thought that once Sylar was trapped, Sylar would turn into a human being and apologize shyly!

The cat tried to jump on the table, but it didn’t succeed because the ground was too slippery, so he jumped a little farther. Myka thought about whether it was too much of a fuss to cast a magic spell on the cat. At the same time, he couldn’t help but beat his heart out: what if it was a real cat? Was it really Sylar?

If it was Sylar, then obviously Sylar was going to fight it out. The cat was more nimble than Myka, and finally it jumped on the windowsill, and the spring inside the window was snapped open. Myka was more certain that this was not a real cat!

The cat opened the window to jump out, and Myka followed.

The castle of the Lansuo Elven king was really small. This room was only on the second floor. Cats could fall lightly, but humans couldn’t – especially a mage, who wasn’t very good at melee. But Myka thought it was an opportunity.

On the second floor, even if he had feather falling skill, he couldn’t save him! Because it’s too close, he’ll fall right away! And… Even if he fell, there would be no big problem!

A long time later, Myka thought his quick thinking process was insane, but at that time, he was very sure that he wanted to do so. After the cat jumped out, Myka jumped down without hesitation.

As it turned out, Myka won. He didn’t fall directly on the earth. He was held firmly in someone’s arms, and the two rolled several times together on the wet grass.

“That’s dangerous! What were you thinking?” The red haired druid’s face was panicked, and the little wild flowers on his hair circlet were wiped away. He put his arms around Myka, who was lying on his back.

“I should have asked you what you were thinking!” Myka pulled at the collar of his cloak.

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September 29, 2020 10:30 pm

It can be said that both huntings were successful. Atan successfully kidnapped Illican and Sovili, 😨😖 and Myka did great at finally catching Sylar (althought he was caught himself) 😂😉 So now I bet this druid & pink mage pair will go to save this big bear and stupid lord duo (I mean, seriously, why go out when you were expressly said not to? 🤔😓).
Thank you for the chapter!!!

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
September 29, 2020 11:07 pm

Lol you two are meant for each other i wish myka would say i like you too poor sylar thanks

September 30, 2020 8:33 am

Illican, you fool!!

Hehe, caught! Myka Knew Sylar wouldn’t let him fall directly.

Thanks for the chapter!

September 30, 2020 9:38 pm

To hunt or be hunted..such cute cat and mouse game by Myka and Skylar🤣🤣🤣

October 1, 2020 7:23 pm

*applause applause* Myka’s getting good at catching, err.. understanding Sylar. Hahahaahha! Good job Myka!

October 1, 2020 7:55 pm

Thank you for all the hard work!

October 15, 2020 1:42 pm

I absolutely love this story 🥰

November 10, 2020 11:03 pm

He finally caught Sylar!
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April 18, 2021 10:26 pm

He didn’t even think about jumping he knew Sylar would grab him! Omg Atan got Sovili and Illican!

July 30, 2021 5:06 pm

I resent and dislike Illican, whose actions have now put himself and Sovili in Atan’s hands. He’s so arrogant, completely ignoring Sylander’s advice.
Myka has succeeded and now lies in Sylar’s protective embrace. Will it be sweet, or will there be more admonishing and misunderstanding.
Thank you for translating and editing.

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