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Chapter 34: Another Visit to Lansuo Valley

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


It rained heavily for six days in a row. The sky cleared but the rain continued. Under such continuous rainfall, summer maple grass, a unique plant in Lansuo Valley, all turned red.

Summer maple was a kind of herb, but the leaf shape was very similar to a maple leaf. No matter the season, they would change from green to gold and red due to water vapor, just like maple leaves in late autumn. Lansuo elves liked this kind of plant. When they were all dyed red, they would make the whole forest ground become a blazing red.

When the night came, there would be a figure outside His Majesty’s castle. Dressed in white cloth or naked, he would sometimes lie at a window of the castle and peep in with the light from the lightning.

Princess Hyacinth once yelled at the voyeur, and her husband Inkoso chased him with weapons, but they never met the voyeur head-on.

In just a few days, the elves began to make a rumor that it was a ghost, which became more and more terrifying. As a result, the Elven King of Lansuo, Relinfall, did not dare to leave the castle for half a step.

But their castle was very small, almost a little bigger than a villa. It was not interesting for him to be in it every day. Seeing that the summer maple grass was red, Relinfall had the idea of going out at dawn.

He went to look for Hollis, who was still locked in the attic. Hollis refused to get up, so the Elven King had to take two teams of guards to pick mushrooms in the wet forest. His Majesty Relinfall was surprised that he did not feel the presence of the stalker at all today!

When he came back to the castle, his daughter informed him that the sorcerer, Morning Mist, had returned and brought the pink robed mage Myka. Relinfall was very happy and immediately changed to receive the guests.

Morning Mist once again came to Myka because of the entrustment of Relinfall. The Elven King found that strange things often happened in the castle recently.

Not only the rumor of a ‘ghost’, but also the more urgent and disturbing development — recently, the Lansuo elves had become more emotional, even himself.

At night, the lights of the castle would be pink and orange, and many Elves would unconsciously become tender and sweet, but some people were clear-minded and felt quite strange. So recently, the Lanso elves were getting up late and were tired during the day, and Relinfall decided to find out what was happening.

When Myka came the last time to the castle, the summer maple grass was still green. This time, not only was the grass and leaves red, but also the faces of the Lansuo elves were particularly pale. Myka checked the castle and other rooms in the valley for traces of magic. After listening to the description of Morning Mist and His Majesty “so hungry’s”, he knew that it must be a magic effect.

If he was right, it should be a higher level version of a range of emotive spells that could affect a larger area. It would make people in the area have a good night, with dimmer lights, a more romantic atmosphere and even more charming to lovers. He was afraid only a few people could stay awake at night.

This kind of magic had been used for several nights in the settlement of Lansuo elves. He didn’t have to think about who did it. To Myka’s surprise, Atan, who was out of his mind, didn’t capture the dark elf Hollis directly, but wandered in the Lansuo Valley for so long.

“But he’s not here today,” said the soldier, Inkoso, referring, of course, to the voyeur. “Maybe he’s gone and won’t harm us again?”

Myka looked at the Elven warrior and his wife for a long time. Because Inkoso and the Princess Hyacinth were married, Myka was very puzzled. Why didn’t they recognize it themselves? Not long ago they faced the ‘black mage and evil black dragon.’

Later, Morning Mist whispered to Myka, “Lansuo elves are not good at distinguishing human appearance by nature. In most cases, they have to rely on their clothes, hairstyles and body shapes to identify human beings. Only the Lansuo elves have this problem, neither the sea elves nor the city elves do this.”

Morning Mist spent most of her time wandering in human society, so she had long worn away this disadvantage, which was still common among the elves in Lansuo valley.

“Why haven’t they gone extinct…” Myka thought in silence.

At this point, they had checked the cast marks and come back to the castle. A group of Elven soldiers coming back from patrol were dragging something huge out of the trees.

“Aruben bless you!” His Majesty Relinfall came over and looked at what the soldiers had caught. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “This radish is alive!”

“Your Majesty, that’s not a radish…” Myka walked over and saw the creature that the elves had caught.

He didn’t expect to see it here again, if it was the same — the elves patrol caught a grey seal.

The grey seal was caught in the net, and several elves dragged it out of the grass. It rolled around on the ground, using a hand that was out of proportion to its size — no, Sylar said it was called a flipper, slapping the ground with it.

Myka couldn’t help looking around, looking deep in the forest.

He didn’t know if Sylar was still following him. Was he watching this scene nearby?

The elves listened to Myka about the story of the beast man and the experience he had seen of the seal man. When they learned that it was an animal turned into a human being, the elves suddenly became emboldened and leaned over one after another, stabbing the fat and soft body of the seal with the handle of a knife or the tip of a foot. The seal wriggled and made a cry of grievance.

“How can he not change back? We’re going to try to make him!” said His Majesty. “Now we have an expert interrogator who has turned away from the shadows. No matter how evil the enemy is, he will certainly give in to us!” 

He pointed to the attic, where Hollis, his captive, lived. Myka didn’t believe that Hollis could do it. Although dark elf elves were generally cruel, Hollis’s IQ was worrying.

Myka separated the crowd and asked for a cloak from the Elven soldiers. Since he had seen the animal form of Sovili, Myka vaguely guessed the reason why the seal person refused to release the animal form. He put his cloak on the grey seal, and sure enough, with a scream from the elves, the creature began to change, from a seal to a robust young human male.

It was the first time Myka had seen what he looked like in human form: he was tall, his skin was bronze and contrasted with his blonde hair. He was not very conspicuous, but he was very strong and had smooth muscle lines.

“I remember you,” the seal looked at Myka. “You’re a mage. You and another came to see me.”

Myka nodded. He still remembered that he forgot to lock the door again after unlocking it. He felt guilty for the seal getting stuck.

The princess and Inkoso went to the attic to find Hollis. The other elves shouted and pushed the naked man, with the cloak around his lower body, into the castle.

“Are you human?”

“Why don’t you dress?”

“Are you a ghost that has been outside the castle these days?”

“Why did you become a turnip…”

The seal man couldn’t help looking at the elves, looking like a frightened child. In the prison dungeon, Myka thought that the beast man was not very good at speaking. His words were disordered and his thinking was slow. Maybe he was once imprisoned by the necromancer and later separated from the human environment for a long time.

At this time, the princess and Inkoso pulled the sleepy Hollis down, who completely ignored the seal person — perhaps the dark elf had been used to seeing naked men for a long time. He walked straight to Myka, pointed at and scolded him with a string of words, that no one could understand, in his native language, and his face was filled with the indignation of a duel.

After His Majesty Relinfall promised that he would have cherry wine for dinner, Hollis finally calmed down and looked at the seal man.

“I’m familiar with him. I think I’ve met him…” Hollis cocked his head.

“You did see him,” Myka said. “I’ve heard about you. You were with a few non-humans and were rescued from the necromancer by a Druid. He was one of your companions, wasn’t he?”

Hollis stared up at the naked man, who stared at him stupidly.

“Igor?” The dark elf stepped back in surprise. “Are you Igor? My God? I almost forgot your human face! You used to turn into a giant radish and roll around!”

Myka found that Hollis and His Majesty “so hungry” were quite in tune. Both of them called the seal man a radish. Moreover, the surface’s common language from Hollis was much better than before. He didn’t know if it was the contribution of the Lansuo elves.

Hollis, on the other hand, seemed a little anxious and kept looking right and left. “If Igor is here, then Atan is not far away,” he said without asking. “Let’s throw Igor out! Throw him as far as you can! He will bring the pervert!”

“You want to escape that Druid? Atan Needles?” Myka asked.

The drow shook his head, “I wouldn’t call it escape… Atan saved us and was good to us, but he was so strange. Atan seems to like Igor quite a lot. He said he likes Igor…” The drow drew Igor’s body line, “This kind of body-building and charming shape, as well as his radish like animal shape. Atan is very abnormal. Really, I can’t stand him.”

“How perverse is it that even a dark elf can’t stand it?” Myka asked.

Hollis seemed to think it was a compliment, and he said proudly, “You’re right, mage, there are many things in dark elf society that you can’t imagine. But, I have to admit, Atan is more difficult to understand. For example…” Halfway through, his mouth was covered by His Majesty.

“Inkoso, take your wife and the others under the age of 110 to avoid this conversation.” The Elven King ordered.

After most of the young elves around left, Hollis told them that Atan Needles rescued a group of slaves and experimental creatures from the Necromancer’s hands, and then left the ones he didn’t like very much in the human village, while leaving the ones he thought were good-looking around (Hollis also showed a proud look at this point). At first, Hollis felt that Atan was beautiful, passionate and full of love, but gradually he could not understand him.

For example, Atan once expressed his affection for a female animal-like person. When she just agreed to courtship, Atan asked her to agree to get pregnant the next day and have the child on the third day. The female animal-like person was shocked and embarrassed. Atan explained to her, “I can make you feel no pain at all when you give birth. Don’t worry. If you think it’s very troublesome to take the child, I can do all of the work myself like I have with everyone else. It’s very convenient…” ——He said ‘everyone’, referring to the five or six people left by him at that time, including men and women.

Atan was very fond of the body-building shape of Igor, the animal-like human seal. At the same time, he also liked the appearance of the seal’s flesh. After making love with Igor, Atan would ask Igor to change back into his seal form and sleep beneath him… At the most exaggerated time, Atan pressed Hollis on Igor’s seal form and used him as a cushion, hoping to make love with the dark elf on top of him.

In the end, these people couldn’t bear it. They secretly negotiated a way to escape from Atan.

Animal people and the dark elves were not popular everywhere, and they were very strange to human society. Druid Atan was a good protector, but they thought that if they continued to be with him, everyone would go mad.

“My God, you agreed?” Relinfall looked at the dark elf with a blue face.

“What did I agree with?”

“To… to that?” The elf referred to the naked man.

“I didn’t!”

Myka rubbed his eyebrows and turned to see that Morning Mist was sitting in the corner of the hall, happily eating from a fruit plate in her hand, and covered her mouth with food while shaking with laughter. He just wanted to make a sarcastic remark, but saw a shadow outside the colored glass window behind her. The flash of the shadow was not of an Elven warrior. They didn’t need to hide like this.

At this time, Igor, the seal, reached out and pulled at his dress. Hollis was explaining the horror of Atan to His Majesty “so hungry”. Maybe he repeatedly mentioned the name “Atan” and reminded the slow witted Igor of something.

“Don’t throw me out, the master doesn’t like me.” Igor said. Obviously he was still thinking about the words ‘throw Igor out’.


“The master said he didn’t like me,” Igor explained. “He put me in the forest, but he still liked the animal people. He preferred the animal people. He left and went to a man.”

Hollis didn’t understand him for a moment, but Myka understood what he was talking about. Previously, Relinfall said that mysterious creatures had been watching around the castle for many days. Today, it seemed that they suddenly disappeared… 

If that was Atan, maybe he was not around today! ——He went to get Sovili!

By the time Myka thought about it, Sylar had reached the garden of Lord Todd’s mansion.

Just now, he was eavesdropping on the outside of the castle in the form of a leopard. When he came to the conclusion, he immediately used magic to catch up. He turned into a bird and looked everywhere. Several gossiping maids said that the Lord took Sovili and several guards to hunt in the forest outside the city.

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