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Chapter 41: Center of the World

There were many things in this world for which no one had an explanation as to why they happened. Fate was just like an invisible chain that linked and bound people together; just like how it was now, pulling Gu Ting Yu into the vortex of the Twelve Palaces.

On the surface, it might have seemed as if Gu Ting Yu had been left with no other choice, simply following wherever fate would lead him to.

But Gu Ting Yu knew very well in his heart that he had no other alternative and that he was in a tight spot. It would not come as a surprise, then, that he would not hesitate to walk towards any path that presented itself before him of his own volition.

Yet… as he wandered deeper down the path, Gu Ting Yu started to feel helpless.

It was not as if the title of ‘God’s Messenger’ alone was enough to save the world; it certainly was not the case. I just want to save them – was what fueled Gu Ting Yu’s heart to bear all the responsibility.

As for the feelings he developed for them… it had been hard to ignore his feelings since then.

In this moment,, he wanted to save Qing Que, not as an act of charity, but simply because he wanted to save them.

Gu Ting Yu did not notice that the slowly intensifying milky white glow from within his body. He cradled the black peacock tightly in his arms as his fragile emotions overwhelmed him.

[I understand you. All your pain, I can understand it.]

“That’s why, Qing Que, let’s not deceive ourselves anymore…”

Flames rose again from the ashes. Gu Ting Yu shut both his eyes as he hugged the peacock in his arms; even as the scorching flame surrounded them, he did not show any sign of fear.

The white light formed a halo around Gu Ting Yu as it wrapped the flame within it. Both Gu Ting Yu and Qing Que were almost buried beneath the raging flames as they grew even stronger, blinding the surroundings with light.

The weather became unstable and agitated; the sky dyed itself crimson red as the stormy clouds tumbled aggressively. The people trembled at the falling rain within the stormy clouds approaching from the East.

The chilling rain drizzled a blanket of azure over the vast golden land. The desert that had been dried up for the past thousand years began to show signs of life again. The withered plants that were buried within the ground began growing back miraculously. The people trembled at the long-forgotten sensation of raindrops falling onto their skin, tears forming in their eyes as they took in the rich greenery flourish before them.

It’s time to wake up.

The distinct cry of a bird pierced through the sky, awakening the land as its pleasing cries purified the people’s hearts.

Gu Ting Yu collapsed weakly onto the ground in the center of the burning flames. Then, a peacock surrounded by a dazzling green aura shot straight into the clouds.

The rainfall extinguished the flames as the man surrounded by holy light descended once again. That person had the same appearance as Qing Que but possessed a temperament that was entirely different – the charming gentleness seemed to be gone and was replaced with peace and calm.

Because at this moment, nothing other than Gu Ying Yu mattered to Qing Que.

The storm gradually weakened. Qing Que gently brushed his finger over Gu Ting Yu’s cheek, then softly placed a kiss on his lips amidst the light drizzle.

The world became clear and bright again as Qing Que carried the exhausted Gu Ting Yu in his arms.

“It’s you who gave me a second chance in life. I, Qing Que, swear that from now on, I will only live for you.”

At dawn, Gu Ting Yu woke up sleepily from his dreams.

In his dream last night, there was a bluish-green peacock spreading its feathers. Such a dazzling aura, such mysterious colours, such gorgeousness…

Then suddenly, Gu Ting Yu abruptly snapped open his eyes, “Qing Que!!”

Then he felt hot breaths blown on his ear. He turned around to meet that pair of warm, gentle green eyes.

Qing Que had stayed by Gu Ting Yu’s side since he had fainted. He had carried him back to the palace, then quietly watched him throughout the entire night.

Gu Ting Yu’s nose could almost touch Qing Que’s as they were too close, he felt Qing Que’s breathing. Seeing that Gu Ting Yu had woken up, Qing Que smiled gently; a wave of heat rushed to Gu Ting Yu’s face.

“You… are you alright…?” Gu Ting Yu awkwardly got up, wanting to check the wound from the sword that pierced Qing Que’s chest yesterday.

Yet… the atmosphere was different this time around. Qing Que simply kept silent as his grin deepened.

Gu Ting Yu only wanted to check on Qing Que’s injuries, but he had forgotten that he was lying on top of the latter’s body as he pulled open the clothes on Qing Que’s chest while they were in that intimate position. When he finally realized it, he was already awed beyond words by this beautiful person in front of him.

It’s all his fault to be blessed with such bewitching looks…

Qing Que’s breathing quickened as he raised one of his hands to Gu Ting Yu’s cheek, pulling the man closer to himself. Then finally, he leaned in for a kiss.

Gu Ting Yu’s eyes widened as he felt Qing Que’s other hand wrapping around his waist. Suddenly, the world seemed to be swirling around, and the next moment he found himself underneath Qing Que’s body.

“Um… Hnnn…”

Qing Que agily moved his tongue in Gu Ting Yu’s mouth, touching every spot in it. Gu Ting Yu had never felt such passionate kisses before. Perhaps his mind was already confused and messed up since he had just woken up.

Qing Que lips parted from Gu Ting Yu’s, shocked to find the man’s face blushing red and breathing unevenly. Gu Ting Yu’s eyes were filled with arousal as he looked confusedly at Qing Que.

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I’m still confuse about what happened earlier when he was abducted by Huan Sheng… is not he gravely injured down there….? Or it’s just one of his realistic dream again….? Still, I’m so happy about what happened after…. Thanks for the chapter !

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Wow, that scene is so hot. Had to be my favourite scene so far after the dance with XE. QQ going to get his sweet time with GTY finally~ And I wonder if Xiao Yu ability had limit?

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