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Chapter 475: Father
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo was thick skinned, that was undeniable. However, sometimes he was more easily embarrassed. This change depended on the situation at hand. To manage what he could do required Oscar-level acting.

Lin HaoWu cared about losing face and he was representing the Qilin Clan as well. If he was thick-skinned like You XiaoMo, he’d most certainly be grounded by the elders when he got back.

Meanwhile, Elder She finally returned from looking for Feng ChiYun and that disciple.

He had looked all over, but only found that disciple’s corpse, and Feng ChiYun was nowhere to be seen. Elder She didn’t dare loiter.

Getting wind of Feng ChiYun’s disappearance, You ZhenTian’s fury was palpable to practically every single person at the venue. Everyone couldn’t help but wonder who it was that angered this old Family Head this time.

“Alliance Head Fu, a disciple of the Vermillion Blood Clan had gone missing. I was wondering if your students could help look for him?”

Even though You ZhenTian didn’t want anyone knowing of Feng ChiYun’s existence, he didn’t have any other choice. Since that person had taken the jade box, they knew Feng ChiYun’s situation. He couldn’t help but suspect that the possessor of the ChiXue family heirloom and his companions had set their eyes on the Vermillion Blood Clan long ago.

Amaranthine Mountain was the headquarters of the Cang Alliance. The Vermillion Blood Clan couldn’t mobilize a search team to go around looking for Feng ChiYun, so they could only ask Fu CangQiong for help. However, keeping this old fox in the dark might be a very difficult task.

Fu CangQiong calmly smiled, saying, “It’s hard to tell that you care so much for the disciples under you. If so, I shall have some people go and look around.”

“I thank Fu Alliance Head for this!” You ZhenTian intoned.

“It’s no trouble, You Family Head.”

“After that, Fu CangQiong had his third disciple Fang ChiYao go and investigate. Soon enough, they found out that one of the disciples of the Vermillion Blood Clan had been bitten by a snake in the Stone Forest and died from the venom.

Observing the bustling celebration, You XiaoMo found it a bit strange. “Isn’t the celebration over? Why is everyone still staying?”

He had thought things would be over and they could leave first, but he didn’t think that most of the people didn’t seem to have the intentions to leave. If they were to leave now, it would make them stand out instead.

“Haven’t you heard?” Jiu Ye, hearing his words, raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Heard of what?” You XiaoMo was confused.

Jiu Ye emotionlessly explained, “A couple of days ago, a Sacred level practitioner appeared in BeiYang City and said that they would come to the celebration to look for an old friend. Everyone is staying to see if the Sacred level practitioner will actually come or not.”

Hearing this, You XiaoMo discretely turned his head towards Ling Xiao. He had forgotten about that already.

No wonder You ZhenTian stayed despite Feng ChiYun’s disappearance.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo immediately whispered to Ling Xiao, “What are we going to do about the Sacred level practitioner? Are you planning to reveal yourself?”

“Just wait and see,” Ling Xiao replied.

You XiaoMo frowned. Curiosity could kill people.

The Cang Alliance was as efficient as ever. It wasn’t long before it was found that two suspicious people left Amaranthine Mountain not long after the end of of the celebration. However, because so many people left the mountain, they couldn’t find the two anymore.

You ZhenTian wanted to do a full investigation of the attending guests, checking on those who had left early. Due to You ZhenTian’s identity and the fact that someone really did die, Fu CangQiong had Fang ChiYao, Xiong Xiao and his other students do a full investigation.

Things had gotten chaotic.

Now no one could leave even if they wanted to.

Fifteen minutes later a name list for all those who had left was finally produced. Yin Ge’s name was among them.

Though there were quite a few people on that list, the Vermillion Blood Clan pointed their spear at Yin Ge because he came with Ling Xiao and they didn’t know his background.

Against the Vermillion Blood Clan’s suspicion, Ling Xiao was very calm. “If you suspect me, then bring out some proof.”

You ZhenTian walked out with an imposing air, his expression as serious as a judge. Hearing what the other said, he sneered, “If you had no agenda for leaving early without a reason, no one would believe you. If we want to figure out if your friend took a disciple of our family, we’d just have to bring him back and interrogate him.”

“Since you are willing to, Family Head, then wait a while. He’ll be back soon.” The corner of his lips curled upwards slightly, not bothering to argue. He had planned for this sort of situation.

“I don’t have the time to waste here!” You ZhenTian placed his hands behind his back, scrutinizing the other with his sharp gaze. The power of a Sacred level powerhouse pressed down against the other lightly.

That was when Xiong Xiao, who had gone to investigate, walked over.

Everyone put turned their gazes to him immediately.

Xiong Xiao respectfully bowed, placing his hands together, and said, “Ling Mo’s friend has returned.”

When Yin Ge came up, he no longer wore his cloak, his silver hair cascading down his back to his waist. His face was as cold as ever, giving him a distant and chilling air. Even though he wasn’t the strongest here, but his cold demeanor was very eye-catching.

Seeing him, a thought flashed through Fu CangQiong’s mind. They were really too alike.

Yin Ge stood in front of Fu CangQiong, taking out a large box, handing it over as he said, “Fu Alliance Head, this is something I gift to you and your favored student in my father’s stead. He had to take care of some business and couldn’t come in person, so he had me come and represent him to give your student this gift.”

Fu CangQiong had Xiong Xiao receive the gift and then began to laugh uproariously. “I really didn’t think that that old brat would have such a mature and talented son. He really hid you well; how has your father been recently?”

“He’s been well,” Yin Ge said lightly, “In reality, my father had been planning to come in person. He had arrived at BeiYang City already, but because of some unexpected events, he was forced to change his plans. I hope Fu Alliance Head doesn’t take offense!”

With that, the crowd fell into shock.

So the Sacred level powerhouse making waves recently was this man’s father. But who was he?

Those who were more powerful had already figured out Yin Ge’s identity. Speaking of, his father, the Nine-Headed Serpent King, truly was a level twelve powerhouse. It was just that this powerhouse hadn’t appeared in millennia, so he had begun fading from people’s memories.

Apart from those involved, no one expected this plot twist. The Sacred level powerhouse they had been eagerly awaiting had turned out to be the long since risen to fame Nine Headed Serpent King. However, he did have a history with Fu CangQiong, and with the addition of him not appearing in public for such a long time, those words were reasonable.

“Why would the son of the Nine Headed Serpent King be with them?” You ZhenTian’s sharp gaze swept over Yin Ge. His eyes hid surprise as he spoke calmly.

“They’re my friends.” Yin Ge replied coldly. If it wasn’t for You ZhenTian’s special position, he wouldn’t have spoken a word.

You XiaoMo, who had watched the entire thing, hurriedly pulled at Ling Xiao and whispered, “Is this alright? If Yin Ge’s father finds out, he’d know we’re lying.”

“Even if he finds out, it won’t matter.” Ling Xiao explained. “Yin Ge’s father knew since before that his son wanted to go to the Vermillion Blood Clan to save someone. Now that Yin Ge has brought him out as a shield, then even if the Nine Headed Serpent King knew, he’d only help cover for his son.”

“So that was your plan.”

“No need to compliment me.”

“I didn’t.”

“I know.”


Ling Xiao supplemented, “However, You ZhenTian is a suspicious person. We can’t do anything out too attention grabbing while he’s still here. It’ll be fine once he goes back to Vermillion Blood City.”

You XiaoMo was about to ask when You ZhenTian would be returning to Vermillion Blood City when a commotion occurred at the entrance.

Then, several people ran inside. Some people immediately recognized the one in the lead. He was You QingYun’s younger brother, You QingShan. When You QingShan saw You ZhenTian, he immediately called out, “Grandfather!”

“QingShan?” You ZhenTian had originally wanted to shout in anger, but upon seeing that it was his grandson, he suppressed his anger. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you standing guard at Vermillion Blood City?”

You QingShan immediately relayed everything that had occurred back at the estate. Of course, he only told You ZhenTian.

He hadn’t even finished when You ZhenTian’s enraged voice rose, “Is this true?”

You QingShan swallowed thickly, nodding.

Due to the distance, they couldn’t use transmitter stones, so he could only come personally to inform the old Family Head. His anger was understandable. Who would’ve thought that the estate would be attacked right after he left and, not only did the guards fail to defend it, half of the prisoners had escaped and You AnTai had been killed.

You ZhenTian didn’t have the time to pursue who took Feng ChiYun. He immediately bid Fu CangQiong farewell and left with his people.

They left in a rush, leaving everyone else confused.

After they left, Xiong Xiao informed Fu CangQiong of what had happened with the Vermillion Blood Clan. Though You ZhenTian’s son had quickly dealt with the aftermath, the news had still gotten out.

Then, with this information being spread, everyone knew that Vermillion Blood Clan had taken a significant blow, one of a gravity they had never experienced before, as well as lost a practitioner who was close to advancing to Sacred level.

This was unprecedented.

The perpetrators, on the other hand, were still calmly being guests to the Cang Alliance.

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