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Chapter 43: Attraction

Gu Ting Yu had already woken up as the sunlight shone through the glass window. He leaned against the bed’s headboard and looked at the azure sky far away. The sunlight hit the side of his face, melting into a soft golden color.

The sky looked so clean as if it had been washed before. Gu Ting Yu closed his eyes and enjoyed this peaceful quiet.

“It’s alright… I will wait… you don’t have to force yourself…” Suddenly, Qing Que’s gentle words flashed through his mind, but there was no one else in the room. Gu Ting Yu buried the pillow into his face.

He felt that he must have fell for that unfortunate appearance. Although Gu Ting Yu may seem to be cold-hearted, he was a man after all. Just like most men, their resistance against charming people was as weak as how irresistible cheese was for mice. For the past thirty years, Gu Ting Yu was constantly troubled by his extraordinary abilities which made him put on an cold front to the people around him.

Yet at this moment, ever since he had entered the Twelve Palaces, he could feel that he was changing gradually.

The feelings for them, it was complicated but authentic.

Suddenly, Gu Ting Yu heard laughter; Unsure since when, Qing Que had been standing at the door. His head slightly tilted, his eyes filled with gentleness and his lips pressed together smiling as his long hair draped down his shoulders.

The hands gripping onto the pillow clenched harder as Gu Ting Yu eyes fixated on Qing Que. He truly felt that he was a …

—A very silly person.

Wake up, Gu Ting Yu! He’s a man, and you’re already a thirty plus year old man!

“What are you doing? Did that pillow offended you?”

“No…” Qing Que suddenly walked over making Gu Ting Yu unable to meet his gaze unconsciously.

Qing Que’s gentle gaze was filled with anxiety and worry as he sat beside Gu Ting Yu, “That area… is it still painful?”

“Where…” Gu Ting Yu didn’t catch what Qing Que meant at first. But within the next moment, he sensed Qing Que wrapping his hand over his own waist, as he placed it onto his butt.

!!! Gu Ting Yu’s face instantly turned red as he pushed Qing Que away, “… It’s fine.”

“Look at me.”

“…Go away.”

“Why is your face so red?”

Gu Ting Yu was forced into a dead corner as he reluctantly threw the pillow at Qing Que, “That’s because of your feminine face!”

With that declaration, the edge of Qing Que’s lips twitched. Qing Que threw away the pillow as he pounced onto Gu Ting Yu. The latter who reacted slower was instantly pinned under Qing Que’s body.

“What are you doing??? Aahhh…”

“I dare you to say one more time that I’m a woman, try it.” Qing Que pinned Gu Ting Yu’s hands above his head out of frustration as his other hand attacked Gu Ting Yu’s waist – according to his experience from the ‘late night attacks’, Gu Ting Yu’s waist was extremely sensitive.

Indeed, Gu Ting Yu reacted like a violent cat, “Aahhahaha… get lost-hah…” but because his body was firmly trapped, he couldn’t avoid Qing Que’s nimble fingers at all. Under the torturous tickling, he started to beg for forgiveness.

“… Enough… hahaha, you’re not a woman… ah…”

“Say it, that you’ll come back for me.”

“Hahahaha… release me! Qing Que!!”

Gu Ting Yu was forced into tears as the ticklish sensation spread from his waist to every inch of his body, even his toes were curled up… he twisted his waist, but his body still failed to escape Qing Que’s suppression and teasing.

“Say that you… like me.” He released the hand that was torturing the man and firmly leaned in for a kiss on Gu Ting Yu’s lips.

Moments later, Qing Que moved away from Gu Ting Yu’s lips. The connection between their lips had a trace of long, transparent drool. He buried his head into Gu Ting Yu’s neck, tightened both his arms around the man as if he was using all his strength to embrace him.

“Qing Que…” Gu Ting Yu could feel Qing Que’s intense heartbeat; this man had a delicate exterior, yet he would only show his weakness to Gu Ting Yu. His transformation was only possible because of Gu Ting Yu, his gentleness would also only be meant for this one person.

If Gu Ting Yu still denied his attraction for this man, then that was just self-deceiving.

“I…” Qing Que spoke with a thick nasal voice, “Even though I didn’t want to force you but you… don’t let me wait too long, okay?”

Gu Ting Yu was just about to say something when he was interrupted by a chilling taunt –

Huan Sheng leaned against the door with an unpleasant face, “Are you guys going to mess around until the Evil Source wakes up?”

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