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Chapter 477: He’s Definitely Not My Father
Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Amaranthine mountain was an enchanting place with beautiful sceneries that had nurtured many talented individuals on its soil. Although the mountain peak was low, it allowed one to have a clear view of all the tall and steep peaks of the surrounding mountains. As long as you weren’t a naturally gloomy guy, staying on the Amaranthine mountain would basically keep you in a good mood every day.

After the banquet event ended, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo had chosen to stay whereas Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan left the Amaranthine mountains on the second day. As they had Yin Ge’s father’s title, the Nine Headed Serpent King, as a cover, almost no one suspected them.

After ending the conversation with Wei Bai on that day, Wei Bai felt ill the next day so they didn’t get to see him at all.

In his boredom, You XiaoMo finally remembered the person in white that Ling Xiao had kept in his dimension. Just as he was about to enter the dimension, XiongXiao came over to look for him.

XiongXiao was the only person who knew that they had commissioned him to check up on the Vermillion Blood Clan before. Even though he didn’t know who the missing disciple of the Vermillion Blood Clan was, it wasn’t difficult to guess with his intellect, but he might not have completely and thoroughly understood the situation that’s all.

You XiaoMo was anxious at his arrival.

Ling Xiao held his hand.

“What’s there to be afraid of? If he dares to threaten us, then we’ll kill him. At most we’ll just flee.” Ling Xiao said casually in a way that seemed to play down the situation at hand.

You XiaoMo had a face full of black lines. He thought he was going to say something comforting but his words ended up freaking him out even more.

XiongXiao walked in from outside. When he saw them, he gave them a bright smile.

“Fellow Ling, fellow XiaoHa. Please forgive me, I wasn’t able to talk to you during the banquet as I was busy.”

You XiaoMo instantly became depressed.

“Can you just call me Fellow You, don’t call me XiaoHa.” He said unhappily.

XiongXiao was taken aback for a moment before he guffawed, “I think your name sounds nice. The Vermillion Blood Clan’s main family’s surname is also You. If I call you like that it will sound too general.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t find the words to rebut him.

“What are you here for?” Ling Xiao walked to the side of the table and poured himself a cup of tea. The tea leaves belonged to the Cang Alliance whereas the water was the spiritual water from You XiaoMo’s dimension. Speaking of which, he quite liked drinking tea.

You XiaoMo frequently found this preference of his abnormal. This was because for someone who had lived abnormally and treated that as the normal way of living, suddenly doing something that a normal person would do one day was really abnormal. Oh alright, he’d admit that it was because Ling Xiao was using his spiritual water to brew his tea that made him really resentful.

“Master told me to bring you guys out if you want to explore Amaranthine mountain.” XiongXiao immediately replied after he heard Ling Xiao’s question.

“That’s all?”Ling Xiao gave him a look.

XiongXiao suddenly lowered his voice and spoke with a serious expression, “About the thing you guys told me to investigate on regarding the Vermillion Blood Clan, although I don’t know the reason, you can be rest assured that the investigation was done by me. No one else but me knows about it. I, XiongXiao, can swear that I will definitely not reveal a single thing about the both of you.”

You XiaoMo looked towards Ling Xiao. He didn’t expect XiongXiao to make it clear.

Ling Xiao raised the corners of his lips and said, “Xiong-xiong you do not have to swear, I believe you.”
t/n:Xiong in XiongXiao mean Bear, and -xiong means fellow. Both Xiong if pronounce fast sounds like a cutesy way of calling a person. Boss is taking revenge for momo lolol.

“Pfft!” You XiaoMo couldn’t help but let out a sound just as Ling Xiao finished speaking.

XiongXiao seemed to know what he was laughing about as he had an awkward look on his face.

You XiaoMo held back his laughter and waved his hand, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“If you don’t mind, just call me XiongXiao from now on. As for Xiong-xiong, let’s just not use it.” XiongXiao coughed once before saying.

After XiongXiao left, Ling Xiao knocked You XiaoMo on the head and clucked his tongue.

“I suddenly realise you’re an expert at ruining the mood.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” You XiaoMo immediately replied smugly.

“No, this is in a derogatory sense.” Ling Xiao said.

“No problem, I’ll take it as it was said in a commendatory sense.”

In the peaceful and remote dimension, a person dressed in white sat quietly beside a lake. It was an ordinary lake. The water was so clear one could see the bottom of the lake and count how many pebbles were in there.
The person in white had his dark eyelashes lowered, the expression on his face was calm like the surface of the lake. Even if he knew that he was taken away by a stranger, his composure was still as calm as ever. There wasn’t a hint of change. It was like if the sky were to fall, it would crush the tall ones first and not him.

When You XiaoMo saw the back of the person in white, his expression faltered for a moment.

He shouldn’t have seen this man before, but why did he have the impression that he might have seen him somewhere before?

Ling Xiao came over. Speaking of how he managed to guess that You ZhenTian would bring Feng ChiYun along, things wouldn’t have proceeded so smoothly if not for this person in white.

The person in white didn’t seem to have noticed their arrival as his head continued to stay lowered, as if he was staring at the surface of the lake with full concentration.

You XiaoMo walked behind him. As he didn’t know how powerful he was, after all he was a special person locked on the tenth floor, he didn’t dare to go too close to him. He thought for a while before he said, “Senior, are you also from the Vermillion Blood Clan?”

One second, two seconds…

One minute, two minutes…

You XiaoMo waited patiently for three minutes and in the end, the person in white didn’t give him any response at all. Out of curiosity, You XiaoMo walked to his side and squatted down. He lowered his head to take a look and his jaw almost shattered as it fell to the ground.

You XiaoMo ran back to Ling Xiao’s side and said in amazement, “H-h-he’s actually sleeping. He’s already in the hands of a stranger, isn’t he worried about his personal safety? He can actually sleep through this and do it so seriously, I even thought he was meditating.”

“Is there a problem?” Ling Xiao spared him a glance.


He forgot that before him was also a person who equally self-centred. If the two of them swapped positions, he reckoned that Ling Xiao would be even worse.

At this moment, a yawn alarmed them. The person in white was finally awake. Seeming to have noticed their presence, he turned his head around.

For an instant, You XiaoMo thought he saw himself.

The person in white looked too much alike, it wouldn’t be wrong to say they were made from the same mould except for their presence. You XiaoMo had a likable face and was full of youthful energy, whereas the man in white was more steady and reserved.

No one would believe that the person in white and him weren’t related by blood.

Seeing as he was staring at him blankly, the person in white couldn’t help but touch his face and laugh softly, “Hey kiddo, even if I’m handsome you can’t look at me like that!”

You XiaoMo seemed to have been frightened as he took a huge step back. He turned around and looked at Ling Xiao in shock and pointed at the person in white with trembling fingers.

“H-h-he…” He stuttered with an expression that begged for comforting.

“Just resign to fate.” Ling Xiao grabbed his finger.

You XiaoMo shook his head vigorously, “No, no, I already have you. I can’t handle one more person.”

Ling Xiao squeezed his cheeks and narrowed his eyes dangerously, “What did you say?”

You XiaoMo hissed in pain.

At this moment, the person in white who had been neglected by them spoke up.

“Little fella, two-timing isn’t right. Furthermore, I don’t like men, so…”

“It’s none of my business whether you like men or not!” You XiaoMo slapped Ling Xiao’s hand away. He was fuming from embarrassment. They made him sound like like he wanted to have 3P.
t/n: 3P = threesome.

The person in white choked. What a bad temper this little fella had.

“Hey, what’s your name?” This was the first time You XiaoMo urgently wanted to know the relationship between himself and the person in white. They better not be father and son, or else he would have the urge to kill and destroy the evidence.

“Little fella, I’m not called Hey.” The person in white muttered.

“That’s why I asked what your name is.” You XiaoMo replied.

“I’m You Xu.” The person in white answered.

“Why are you locked in the Vermillion Blood Clan’s forbidden area?”

“Because I did something wrong.”

“What wrong did you do?” You XiaoMo decided to get to the bottom of this.

“Uhh, can I not say it?” The look in his eyes started to become evasive, a clear indicator that he was trying to hide something he was guilty of.

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up. He knew something was up so he said, “No”.

The person in white started to hem and haw, “Because…because I flirted with elder brother’s wife…”


Five seconds later, You XiaoMo ran back to Ling Xiao’s side with a smug look on his face and he laughed loudly, “You see, I told you this guy definitely wasn’t my father. The truth is out now.” How could his dad possibly do something as boorish as flirting with his sister-in-law.

Ling Xiao waited till he was done laughing before continuing the conversation they were having previously, “What is your relationship with You ZhenTian?”

“He’s my big brother.” The person in white said somewhat guiltily.

That old face of You ZhenTian instantly flashed across You XiaoMo’s mind. He was already so old, so his wife should probably be very old too. He sucked in a sharp breath.

“I didn’t expect you to have this sort of preference.” You XiaoMo looked at him incredulously.

The person in white’s face flushed.

“It’s not what you think…”

“You don’t have to explain anymore, I understand. Actually with your looks, you can easily find a much younger one. There’s no need to give up a whole forest of lush greenery for the sake of an old tree. I’m sure they will be more than happy to…uh, share the pleasures of the flesh.” You XiaoMo patted his shoulder sympathetically.

The person in white wanted to just die already. He might look young but he was actually very, very old.

And that was how the man in white got his death sentence from You XiaoMo due to his incompetence in explaining himself.

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“Just resign to fate.” Ling Xiao grabbed his finger.
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