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Chapter 46: A Bet

It was eerily silent inside the prison cell.

Gu Ting Yu’s determined gaze stunned Liang Yue like a sudden clap of thunder.

“… Hands off.” He kept his surprised expression and stared coldly at the man who was lying above him. Gu Ting Yu subconsciously trembled from the chilling tone Liang Yue made.

“Let me out of this place.” He declared his only thought deep in his heart just like how he hung on to the simple will to survive the ordeal as his source of courage. Gu Ting Yu cupped his hands firmly onto Liang Yue’s neck despite knowing how redundant the action was.

However, Liang Yue did not push Gu Ting Yu away but lifted his head and sneered.

With every minute and second slipping by, the dim and moist prison cell seemed to look even more rundown. Gu Ting Yu’s vigor started to fade away along with the time. He understood that Liang Yue was only temporarily not fighting back. Should Liang Yue return fire? Even if there were ten of him, he was still not his opponent.

The hands clutching on to Liang Yue started slowly relaxing its grip, yet this strange man underneath him did not even put in the slightest amount of effort to try to break free from him.

Gu Ting Yu started to panic.

Being stared at by Liang Yue’s mysterious gaze, Gu Ting Yu had an indescribable feeling that he was being read through like a open-book.

“I… will give you one last opportunity.” Liang Yue said as he sat upright and Gu Ting Yu instinctively protected his own body. But the brutal violence that he anticipated did not happen; everything was eerily calm. Just like how an arrow suddenly lost its target, the fire that was within his chest was extinguish before it even lit up. He simply could not guess what exactly the man before him was thinking.

Liang Yue stretched out his hand and a ball of black smoke formed on his palm. When the smoke faded off, ten thumb-size beads appeared on the space above it. “Let’s make a bet, if you can safeguard these beads, then I will fulfill your request. If you can’t… then you will swear your entire lifetime to be my slave.”

“Just like that?”

“That’s all I ask. Are you willing to bet?”

After he saw Gu Ting Yu nodding his head, that was the first time Liang Yue revealed a genuine smile in front of the man – but before Gu Ting Yu could react to it, he was flip over and pinned on the ground.

“Ah! What are you doing?!”

Liang Yue smiled lightly as he spreaded open Gu Ting Yu’s legs, “Perhaps, I did not explain clearly earlier – you can only use here, get it?”

The cold fingers pressed against Gu Ting Yu’s lower half as his other hand firmly gripped onto Gu Ting Yu’s kneecap, preventing him from struggling away.

“Hnn, ahh! Move away, you-!” Gu Ting Yu was finally cornered as he laid on the floor screaming. But after so many years of good manners, Gu Ting Yu could only curse out words like “bastard” etc., even he himself felt so weak.

Liang Yue didn’t seem affected at all as he focused on stretching Gu Ting Yu’s body. Using the chance when the latter let down his guard to breathe, Liang Yue suddenly increased the force on his hand and inserted the first bead into his body.

The bead’s size was too much for Gu Ting Yu to handle. The transparent beads slowly entered his body. When it’s completely buried and out of sight, Gu Ting Yu was sweating profusely and trembling vigorously.

“There’s still half of them left, if it can’t go in, then you’ll lose.

By this time, Gu Ting Yu’s entire body was shaking weakly, he bit his lips and turned his bloodshot eyes to Liang Yue, “Swear it, that if I can do it, you’ll let me go.”

Liang Yue frowned at the sentence. But when he saw the tears forming on the edge of Gu Ting Yu’s eyes, he hesitated for a moment then finally replied, “Fine, I swear on it.”

Gu Ting Yu then took a deep breath – he raised his hips high up and presented a humiliating position, lying on all fours in front of Liang Yue.

“Put all of those… inside now.”

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July 24, 2018 10:48 am

Holy hell GTY you’re a wolf…in no clothing…thanks for the chapter!

July 24, 2018 11:00 am

;A; gu ting yuuuuu nuuu poor baby. I feel Liang Yue isn’t going to want to let him go though.

July 25, 2018 4:53 am

Thank you for the chapter 😊

July 25, 2018 10:10 pm

Like a boss. 🤪

August 28, 2018 3:04 am

Boys got balls.

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I don’t know whether to cry or cry harder😢

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Bloody *#&$&%!

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