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Chapter 47: Tame

“E-enough… hah… enough…”

The beads inside his gut stimulated a large amount of fluids as the butt hole held on to the beads. Liang Yue used his fingers to press on the other end of the bead as he slowly pushed it into the tight, narrow entrance. The wetness and beads produced a slippery sound as the foreign objects were pushed in…

Gu Ting Yu tried his best to adjust to the beads’ entering his body. The discomfort increased, making his waist sway in reaction. His abdomen already formed a slight budge as the beads squeeze against each other in his gut.  

“Hnn… Hnn!!” He stretched out his hand as if trying to grab hold of anything, but there was none. The pain made Gu Ting Yu’s sight momentarily go blank; he couldn’t remember how many beads had entered his body. The only thing he realized was that if this went on, he would definitely not last till the next day.

PAA!” The lash whipped without warning against the center of his butt! One of the beads was stuck at the entrance which Liang Yue tried to squeeze in forcefully, but because the gut was too full, it was probing out instead.

“Hold tight.” Liang Yue commanded in his deep voice. The whip accurately landed on the soft entrance. Every hit on the wet entrance made Gu Ting Yu’s body shake in response. The whipping made him tighten his muscles in contractions and the strengthless muscles, started moving again…

The intense pain spread through his entire body as his pale skin became sweaty. Gu Ting Yu collapsed onto the floor powerlessly as he panted heavily. The skin that was whipped at became wet and swollen. Liang Yue controlled his strength, making sure that no blood was shed by every hit.

“One more left.”

“No more, urgg…” Even breathing became a difficulty now as his entire body remained tensed so that the beads would not leak out from his body. Gu Ting Yu’s vision blurred as all his senses were focused on his stomach that felt like it was going to burst anytime.

Liang Yue did not move his gaze as he studied the begging human lying on the floor. He took the final bead to his lips then rolled his tongue over it and licked it erotically. Then finally, he raised the wet bead towards Gu Ting Yu’s butt cheeks.

Liang Yue lifted up Gu Ting Yu’s legs and latched them onto his own shoulders… Gu Ting Yu noticed Liang Yue’s intention and struggled messily.

Ding.” Gu Ting Yu suddenly realized that both his hands were chained onto the cold metal behind him. He turned back to see the metal chain firmly wrapped around him as if it was alive. Instantly, he felt powerless.

“This part of you… is so soft.” Liang Yue smiled devilishly as his fingertips gently stroked against the edge of the entrance.

“… Please I beg you… stop…” The legs supported on Liang Yue’s shoulders made Gu Ting Yu’s butt lift up, completely exposing him before Liang Yue. He could almost feel Liang Yue’s hot breathing coming out of his nose. Gu Ting Yu’s consciousness was close to breaking apart as his chest heaved heavily. The rings that were pierced through his nipples revealed a silvery glow.

Liang Yue remain unmoved; he was already determined that the human was his object –  he wanted to see how the human would cry as he begged him.

So, he increased the pressure and pressed forward mercilessly.


The painful screaming echoed out from the prison cell, making Huan Sheng bite down hard on his own lips.

Unable to stand listening to the screams anymore, Huan Sheng decided to walk away, but ended up stopping in his tracks. He turned to his side and looked at those low clouds from a distance away. The sky was dark and gloomy, the wilderness was surrounded by broken statues of crucifixes. Huan Sheng weakly lowered his head and transformed into a dark green shadow and disappeared from the fourth palace’s graveyard.

Deep within the Twelve Palaces, Jue had been waiting for a long time.

“Is he dead?”

Huan Sheng toyed with the accessories on his clothes and remained silent.

“Huan Sheng!” Jue’s angry tone intensified further, “Answer me!”

Then just at that moment, Huan Sheng’s body suddenly trembled as a dull green light emerged from his body. When the light faded, Huan Sheng looked as if his energy was completely sucked away as his body became half transparent.

“Huan Sheng?!” Jue shouted in shock and then quickly took out a big bottle of golden liquid for Huan Sheng.

Huan Sheng shakily held on to the wine glass as he poured himself a glass full of the liquid and swallowed it. The liquid flowed down his throat towards the deepest part of his body as it spread to every parts of his body.

“What happened?” Jue slightly relaxed after he saw Huan Sheng’s expression gradually recovering.

Huan Sheng finished the golden liquid before he replied, “It’s an indication that the Evil Source is awakening. The barrier’s powers have increased. Although I can pass through the Twelve Palaces freely, it drains too much powers from me.”

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier?” Jue’s voice was laced with urgency, “Your physique is different from us, you don’t know how serious it is to run out of power…”

Huan Sheng did not listen to the words after that, he simply stared blankly at the gold colored drink…

Back then when he first met Gu Ting Yu, he had brutally violated his body. That delicate skin, that tightly closed entrance made him even more confused than before. Huan Sheng still remembered… all those sensations and Gu Ting Yu’s subconsciously thankfulness… he remembered all of it.

Huan Sheng poured himself another glass of the liquid. He lifted his head and shut his eyes as he focused on the sensation of the liquid slipping through his lips…

The golden, sweet liquid flowed down the human’s skin. His nipples, his chest and his abdomen all covered in thick liquid as Gu Ting Yu cheeks reddened, his eyes rippling with charm. He used his fingers to glide across the sweet liquid and placed it in his mouth, and whispered softly:

“Eat me.”

——“*Coughs*!!” Huan Sheng choked from his imagination. He did not expect himself to get confused by his own illusions, damn it!

“Huan Sheng?” Jue read Huan Sheng’s weird reactions, “What were you thinking… don’t tell me…”

“It’s not! I didn’t think of…” The sudden denial made Huan Sheng realize that he had just lost control of himself. He quickly calmed down and put up a forceful smile, “But the taste of that human was quite intriguing, why not wait till he’s here and you have a taste of him too?”

“Shut up!” Jue scold angrily, “You still have the mood the joke? See for yourself how much nourishment you’ve left!”

Every now and then, Huan Sheng must consume the concentrated dew that came from the Yuan Ming flower to stay alive. The Yuan Ming flowers would only bloom at the land where the Evil Source dissipated and every time one of themwithered, it signified that the Evil Source’s moment of awakening was approaching.

“The Yuan Ming flower can’t produce anymore dew at this moment. Yet you only have this much left, Huan Sheng.” Jue worriedly looked at the bottle that is left with one third of the golden liquid. “… In any case, don’t leave the barriers anymore for the time being.”

The muscles wrapped itself tightly onto the transparent beads as the intestinal fluids dripped down his butt cheeks. Gu Ting Yu laid on his side, sweating profusely. It took him a great deal of effort to look at Liang Yue:

“You… satisfied now?”

A small puddle of water stains pooled on the ground below Gu Ting Yu’s bottom. Liang Yue squatted down and glided his hand on the fluid on the ground. Then, he moved his palm in front of Gu Ting Yu’s mouth and ordered, “Clean it.”

The room was only left with Gu Ting Yu’s struggling breathings. Moments later, Liang Yue lifted Gu Ting Yu’s chin and stared at the blushing face, “Clean it, all of it.”

Gu Ting Yu’s panting increased as he hesitantly opened his mouth. He extended his red wet tongue and lightly licked Liang Yue’s fingers. Instantly, Gu Ting Yu’s frown deepened.

Liang Yue was obviously unhappy about it; he pried opened Gu Ting Yu’s mouth and then used his fingers and played inside the opening. Gu Ting Yu could not move away, so he had to suck Liang Yue’s fingers. Clear fluids slowly dripped from his mouth.

He fiddled with Gu Ting Yu’s nipple rings and lightly tugged on them until Gu Ting Yu showed a painful, twisted expression. Liang Yue laughed softly, “Give up, you can only be my toy… Ugh!!!” The sudden pain came from his fingers as Gu Ting Yu fiercely bit down.

Liang Yue allowed Gu Ting Yu to bite him as he saw blood flowing down from the corner of his mouth. Liang Yue only laughed even more ambiguously, “… a toy that’s not tamed.”

Nightfall arrived after Liang Yue locked Gu Ting Yu inside the prison cell and walked out alone. Gu Ting Yu had his back leaning against the wall as he tolerated the beads moving around inside his body. He was hung above the ground; any slight relaxing movement and the beads would flow out from his entrance.

Before Liang Yue left, he said that he beads were not good with light and were easily breakable. So if any beads slipped out from his body, it would break and that would mean Gu Ting Yu had lost the bet.

The whole night was a struggle as Gu Ting Yu dared not relax at all; he dared not breathe too heavily much less think about falling asleep. After tensing up throughout the night, his entrance was already numb, but he told himself again and again that he must hang on till the end. Even if his wrists were badly bruised by the chains and his body was swaying under the chilling air.

He wasn’t sure after how long; the dazed man instantly woke up when the doors opened again. The sun was up as Liang Yue stood by the door dressed in black.

The pleadings that he was waiting for did not happen; Gu Ting Yu was miserably hung up in the air, his legs trembling as the intestinal fluids flowed down his thighs to his ankles, leaving a small puddle of sticky mess on the ground.

Liang Yue squinted as a flash of dangerous intention appeared.

*Clank* The chain unlocked itself and Gu Ting Yu fell onto the ground like a puppet freed from its strings. Liang Yue extended his wings and caught the falling Gu Ting Yu and carried him as he flew out of the prison cell.

They flew past a vast land of graveyard filled with wild grass growing everywhere as the still, cold wind blows in their direction.

“That big fire started from here and extended all the way…” The objects on the ground became blurry as he increased his speed. Gu Ting Yu could barely recognize the various crucifix that they past.

Liang Yue carried him and seemed to be mumbling to himself but also seemed like he was telling it to Gu Ting Yu, “It extends on… many have lost their lives… that big fire extended to here.”

Liang Yue landed softly with Gu Ting Yu. Just beneath them was a cliff.

By the edge of the cliff was an old, dried up tree, growing crookedly off the side of the cliff. A big portion of the tree bark extended to the top of the tree. Liang Yue then put Gu Ting Yu on the edge of the tree bark and returned to the ground.

Gu Ting Yu hung on tightly onto the tree bark. Just underneath his feet was a bottomless abyss. With his current strength, there was no way he could climb off the tree by himself, much less think about the ten beads that were within him.

The tree bark swayed along with the wind making Gu Ting Yu trembling uncontrollably. Liang Yue looked at him coldly and said, “Let the beads out and you might still be able to stay alive.”

“No…” Gu Ting Yu’s voice is filled with fear yet contained his determination.

“Get down!” Liang Yue felt his chest filled with an unknown raging anger as he spread his wings widely. The black feathers flutters in the wind like fallen snow. He looked at Gu Ting Yu’s frightening pale face, his tensed body and tightly closed eyes.

Liang Yue did not understand… he just wanted the human to listen to his words, why is that so hard?

“I repeat myself…”

But it was too late, Gu Ting Yu could not hear what Liang Yue said; the tree bark could not withstand Gu Ting Yu’s weight, it suddenly snapped with a loud crack – Gu Ting Yu fell into the bottomless abyss before Liang Yue’s eyes…

At the same time, Huan Sheng’s chest felt a dull pain as the image of Gu Ting Yu covered in blood in a terrible state flashed through his mind. He couldn’t care less anymore, just as he was about to pass through the barriers again, an angry voice came from behind him:

“Huan Sheng, how long are you going to lie to me?”

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oh my…. my poor GTY…

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This is my favorite chapter so far… the beads thing is played for drama, but it’s also hot… and also really stupid because of its reliance on buttcheek power. XD and huan sheng? Is he ok?

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He just needs to land on his butt to survive. It’s made of steel and heals magically

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