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Chapter 133: Eighth World (16)
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

The guy who called Bai Duan was quite a familiar face. After all, when Bai Duan was still in the base, he liked to go to the training camp for military dogs whenever he was free. So, he had a good relationship with the soldiers there.

“Long time no see,” Bai Duan raised his eyebrows. “Are you a driver now?”

“When the training camp for military dogs was cancelled, I was naturally assigned a new job,” The soldier smiled with a faint expression. “Where have you been these past few months?”

“Yeah! You said you were sending the animals off, but you never returned. We thought you might have run into some trouble or something!” The co-pilot also knew Bai Duan — or, the soldiers in the car were, more or less, familiar with Bai Duan.

Bai Duan showed a trace of apology on his face and easily lied, “Sorry, I wanted to send them off and come back, but I really couldn’t bear to leave them.”

All of them showed a slightly weirded out expression, but the soldier who had previously worked in the military dog camp could understand Bai Duan’s feelings, “In fact, I also hate it. Those military dogs were basically raised by me. On the day they left, I didn’t dare to send them off at all, for fear that I would end up doing something that would violate military rules…”

Hearing this, Bai Duan felt a little happy, as he found ‘people with the same thoughts’, and his eyes finally showed real intimacy.

“By the way, I heard that when you went to send off your monkey, the military dogs went along with you. They… how are they now, do you know?” The soldier hesitated out of fear of hearing bad news.

“They are doing well now,” Bai Duan laughed, but he didn’t give out much information for fear of the conflict between animals and human beings in the future. “Don’t worry.”

The soldier was relieved and laughed. He looked very happy.

At the end of the discussion, another soldier immediately asked another question, “Are you going back to the base this time?”

“No, I’ve had a good time outside. I don’t plan to come back,” Bai Duan shook his head.

“It’s a pity, our chief misses you very much. You have been mentioned in several meetings,” the other soldier said.

It has to be said that Bai Duan was very popular among the survivors of the base who had not joined the military. He had a strong Esper ability. And although he was silent, he was steady. All the tasks assigned to him would be completed perfectly without any mistakes. Not only that, Bai Duan didn’t like to haggle over interests for himself, and he wouldn’t make a roundabout calculation, he was simple and straightforward.

This kind of person may be easily taken advantage of, but was very popular — at least most of the military people liked to cooperate with this kind of person, so even though Bai Duan had been away from the base for several months, many people had been thinking about him.

What’s more, the current base was not the only one of the military forces. More and more survivors joined the base, which made the forces that were not affiliated with the military continue to expand and have the strength to compete with the military. What reflected this change was that the base had been renamed from ‘X military base’ to ‘city A’s survivors base’ — of course, most local people were still used to calling it the ‘military base’.

When compared with those ‘annoying’ newcomer survivors, people like Bai Duan, who was strong but not overly ambitious, and was willing to be plain, were like untainted lotuses coming straight out of the dirty mud. How could he not be missed by the military? Every time the military was squeezed by the espers for a larger amount of materials, the senior military officers would always think about the ‘nice to use and cheap’ Bai Duan.

“If you’re not going to return to the base, why are you back here?” The soldier asked curiously, looking at the monkey which had its tail wrapped around Bai Duan’s neck. The man’s eyes avoided the monkey as he added awkwardly, “The base still… doesn’t allow animals to enter…”

“I know. I’m not going in.” Bai Duan nodded, “I’m here to escort a group of survivors.”

Hearing Bai Duan’s words, the soldiers all showed their admiration — obviously, in their eyes, though Bai Duan was cold, he was always nothing but kind.

“By the way, how is the treatment of survivors in the base now?” Bai Duan’s mission was to send headmistress Bai and the orphans to the military base, but because most of these people did not have the ability to live independently, he also needed to be careful within his ability, “The group of survivors I brought are quite special. There is an elderly person and most of them are children.”

The soldiers froze for a moment and looked at each other, “If the children are orphans, the military had issued a plan to raise the children. After all, children are the future. Even if human beings are in a dire situation, they can’t live without the next generation. This is also agreed by the survivors’ forces. Although the supplies are not so good, they should be able to ensure the smooth growth of the child.” After a pause, the soldier’s face was a little embarrassed, “As for the elderly, well… as you know, there are more and more survivors in the base, and the issue of supplies is getting more and more tense. There are only a few elderly people who can make it to the base alone, so… ”

“I see,” Bai Duan nodded, feeling rather heavy.

“With the exception of orphans, all survivors are governed by uniform rules, whether male, female or elderly.” The soldier gave a dry cough, “If you want to obtain supplies, you must go out of the base to collect supplies by yourself, or participate in the construction work within the base, there is no exception. If there is no way for them to do that, then they can only rely on the support of friends or relatives…”

“There’s nothing wrong with having a job,” With a smile and a soothing soft voice, headmistress Bai said, “Although I am old, I am still strong enough and should be able to do some work.”

“Yes, don’t worry, Xiao Duan,” As early as Bai Duan stopped the car, Bai Ting was following their conversation closely. Hearing the words, she quickly said, “I’m an esper, I can take care of the headmistress!”

Hearing the voice of the young girl, the soldiers subconsciously looked at Bai Ting, and were immediately attracted by the beautiful woman.

After the apocalypse, the number of females plummeted, not to mention such beautiful and still-single female espers.

Feeling the soldiers’ warm eyes, Bai Ting took a step back, blushed and slightly lowered her head, she raised her hand and fidgeted with a strand of her hair behind her ear.

T/N: lol signature bitch move.

Bai Ting’s every move showed shyness and softness, which was really a beautiful scenery. Bai
Duan looked at her coldly, and her eyes were clear. Nie LanLei also raised his eyebrows, leaned close to Bai Duan’s ear and lowered his voice, with a coldness in his voice, “It seems that she is ready to change targets.”

“Um,” Bai Duan nodded, his tone was indifferent. “Bai Ting has always been very smart. She knows how to live better and would never wrong herself — that’s good.” After a pause, he turned his head and glanced at Nie LanLei, with some confusion, “What’s the matter? You look a little… unhappy?”

“I’m unhappy,” Nie LanLei stared at Bai Ting with a chill in his eyes. “She is no longer interested in you, which is a good thing. But who does she think she is? She pestered you to no end just because she liked you, then she found someone new and just threw you aside without a word?”

Bai Duan looks at Nie LanLei silently, “You are really… horrible. You’re not happy that others like me, and you’re not happy that others don’t like me — you don’t give people a chance?”

Nie LanLei hummed and knew that his logic was a bit overbearing, but he was naturally upset that his lover was thrown aside so quickly by others.

“Well, that’s fine. Bai Ting’s character is sure to live well in the base, and she is respectful to the headmistress. She will certainly take care of the headmistress within her ability. In addition, the headmistress herself is also an independent and strong person. In this way, I can rest assured even if I leave,” Bai Duan gently hooked the corner of his mouth and glanced sideways at Nie LanLei. “Don’t do anything to Bai Ting.”

Nie LanLei curled his mouth, he didn’t agree to Bai Duan’s words, but his eyes narrowed slowly.

At this time, Bai Ting had already talked with several soldiers and quickly achieved a high degree of favor. Even some soldiers agreed to help them settle down their lives in the base after leaving the mission and returning to the base — all men like pretty ladies.

T/N: Unless they are gay UwU Yep, good.

Bai Ting’s voice was soft and sweet. She thanked the soldiers with a blushing face. Then she said goodbye politely and watched them drive away. Although she was met with many obstacles with Bai Duan, it turned out that she had no problem with other men.

Finally proving that her charms work and regaining her confidence, Bai Ting was elated, but she didn’t want to turn around and face Bai Duan’s ridiculing eyes, so she bit her lips awkwardly.

Emotionally, Bai Ting still liked Bai Duan, so letting him see her flirting with other men was still awkward. However, the ‘like’ she felt would not withstand the pressure of survival.

Bai Duan had Nie LanLei by his side, but he did not bid her goodbye yet. If that was the only obstacle, Bai Ting would have probably tried her best not to give up, but the golden snub-nosed monkey, who was inseparable from Bai Duan, made her flinch. Plus, Bai Duan didn’t hesitate to say that he won’t enter the base, which was the final straw to crush Bai Ting.

From any point of view, Bai Ting couldn’t continue by hanging on the Bai Duan, so even if she liked him, it was more important to stop being at a loss and look from a practical point of view.

After barely looking at Bai Duan, she quickly turned her eyes away. Now, Bai Ting was thankful that she had never expressed her heart to him because of Bai Duan’s indifference, otherwise, the situation would have been more embarrassing.

Although she was a little guilty and didn’t dare to delve into the meaning of Bai Duan’s gaze, Bai Ting didn’t have much scruples about Nie LanLei.

Finding out that Nie LanLei was looking at her as well, Bai Ting stared back at him subconsciously — she didn’t feel that she had lost to the other side in this ‘war’. She had just found a more suitable choice, so she quit ahead of time.

At the moment when Bai Ting and Nie LanLei’s eyes met, Nie LanLei’s eyes flashed. Bai Ting only felt a sudden shock in her brain, which made her dizzy for a moment, but she soon recovered.

Bai Ting didn’t pay much attention to the dizziness. She just felt that she had been working hard all the way. She was really tired. Now that she was looking at the new life in front of her, and she had decided her future plan, she finally felt the fatigue.

Rubbing her temples, Bai Ting turned around and got into the car. She followed Bai Duan’s car and continued to march towards the survivors’ base. Although, Bai Ting didn’t know what happened to her, Bai Duan, as an onlooker, saw things clearly.

Holding the steering wheel in hand, Bai Duan propped up the mental force net, temporarily blocking out the hearing of the people in the back seat of the car. After a while of training, he was more and more skilled in mental power control, which could not only affect zombies, but also temporarily affect people who did not have any sense of preparedness.

After confirming that the people in the back seat would not hear their conversation, Bai Duan sighed helplessly, “What did you just do to Bai Ting? Didn’t I tell you not to do anything to her?”

“I didn’t do anything to her~” Nie LanLei shrugged and said in a light and innocent voice, “You don’t want me to do anything to her, just so she can take good care of the headmistress, right? Of course I will listen to you and let you get what you want.”

“…So, what did you do?” Bai Duan raised his eyebrows, obviously not believing Nie LanLei’s perfunctory.

“Just a little hint.” Nie LanLei chuckled, “implying that she should respect the headmistress all her life until she dies of old age.”

Bai Duan took a look at him and was slightly surprised.

“People like Bai Ting, even though she has respect now, will always be an egoist. I’m not saying that it was wrong for her to want to abandon the headmistress and the children in a difficult situation, but since she had such an idea and even if she has given up on her actions, if she can do it the first time, there is always the possibility of a second time. What’s more, she still has a very long life ahead of her. You never know what kind of change people’s hearts will make. It is obviously unrealistic to hope that she will take care of the headmistress as she always does in the next few years, or even decades.”

Bai Duan was silent, but had to agree with Nie LanLei.

“So I gave her a hint that if her filial piety does not change, the hint will not take affect at all. But if she changes her mind, the hint will force her to care for the headmistress,” Nie LanLei glanced at Bai Duan, “She made me unhappy. This is a gentle lesson. It can also fulfill your expectations of her. Isn’t this killing two birds with one stone?”

“…Well, thank you.” Bai Duan sighed, “However, it seems that it’s not very kind to completely put the responsibility of taking care of the headmistress on her. Every once in a while, let’s come back to the base and bring some supplies for the headmistress — I’ve always planned on doing that, I never planned on relying on Bai Ting completely anyways. Of course, since you gave her a hint, I can feel more at ease.”

“You want to visit the headmistress, of course, there is no problem.” Nie LanLei nodded, “We can bring some vegetables, fruits to her. After all, the elderly can only be healthy if they eat more fresh and nutritious things.” After that, he twisted his body, fell on Bai Duan’s arm, blew a hot breath into the delicate auricle, and his voice became ambiguous and cute, “You see, I listened to you and helped you improve your plan and solve your worries. Shouldn’t you give me a reward?”

T/N: lol they didn’t block the sight of the people sitting in the back though.

“What reward?” Bai Duan asked cautiously.

The smile on Nie LanLei’s face deepened a little, and his eyes became more deep, “When we get back, what do you say about trying the premium mattress?”

Stunned for a moment, Bai Duan immediately understood what the other party was impling, “…………”

“… You don’t mean… but haven’t you not reached the age of eighteen yet?” Licking his lips, Bai Duan’s tone was somewhat restrained — although he was also a little eager to try out Nie LanLei’s suggestion.

“Who says I’m not eighteen yet? It’s just that I don’t want to drive, so it’s nonsense!” Nie LanLei picked up his eyebrows and was elated, “One, no one has their ID card anymore, and two, there’s no database to prove my age. If I want to say I’m at that age, then I am! If it doesn’t look like it, it just means that my face is tender!”

The speechless Bai Duan, “…………”

——Well, you’re right, you win! Let’s go back and ‘try out the mattress’!

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