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Chapter 68: I Can’t Sleep Without My Husband

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The day after the Lin family arrived at the Imperial City, Cheng Yang and Lin Mo got up early. However, the several children in the family seemed to have gotten up earlier than them. As soon as Lin Mo and Cheng Yan came out of their room, they saw Xiaoya coming over with her brother’s hand in hers, followed by several maids.

Vaguely, he also heard Xiaoya’s voice and spirit of retort, and Xiaonan’s occasional harmony.

When Lin Xiaoya saw Fourth Uncle coming to them, her tone was a little ostentatious. “You see, I said that the Fourth Uncle had woken up, and you wanted to cheat brother and me. You adults like to cheat children.”

Some of the maids who followed felt like they were suffering. Their masters normally didn’t get up at this time. How would they know? Besides, they were not the only ones who served the two masters to get up and wash every day.

Lin Xiaoya finished saying this, but also did not wait for the few maids to answer, she took her brother to trot over. Several of the maids who had been following them saw this and stood by.

“Why did you get up so early? Why not sleep some more?” Lin Mo was hugged by Xiaoya, who had run over to him, so he had to stop.

“Go out and play!” Xiaoya looked up and said excitedly.

“We’ll have breakfast first, then I’ll take you out.” Lin Mo took Xiaoya’s hand and said as he walked.

Lin Xiaonan was squeezed between Lin Mo and uncle Cheng. He held the sleeve of Fourth Uncle carefully. The big eyes curved into crescent shape, and the small face stretched to show a smile. When the four of them came to the front hall, the rest of the Lin family had arrived. After breakfast, Lin Mo, with the four children in his family, plus a dozen bodyguards and several young men and maids, left the palace.

Of course, there were many shadow guards in the dark.

Cheng Yan took the others to the Lin mansion. Although the Lin family arrived half a month ahead of schedule, the Lin house had been arranged a few days ago. Cheng Yan had already arranged all the things that should be equipped for the house guard, factotum, servant boys and servant girls.

Now all that was left  was mainly for them to see what else needed to be changed and finish it all while they still stayed in the palace for the coming days. In the next half month, the preparations in the Lin ancestral house would be busy.

If someone didn’t finish the Lin’s house and the Lin’s descendants returned to the Imperial City, someone would visit them and see the depleted house. Half a month later, it would be Cheng Yan’s wedding ceremony to marry Wang Fu. As everyone knew, Cheng Yan’s Wang Fu was a Lin family member.

A few days after Cheng Yan and Lin Mo’s marriage, the imperial examinations would be held again. Although Lin Xiu and Yu Yange were competing for the top prize, their strength was slightly different. But even if Lin Xiu didn’t get the first place, according to his usual state, he would definitely get the top three. At that time, the Lin house would be revealed.

Considering the current situation of the Lin family, Cheng Yan specially assigned a steward from the palace to be the housekeeper. The man was brought out by Uncle Fu. Cheng Yan did not doubt his ability.

Lin Mo held Xiaoya in his arms, followed by Lin Xing and Lin Chen on both sides, and Xiaonan who was a little behind. They were followed by the young man, the maids and the bodyguards, and they all walked and stopped in the street.

The people walking in the street were not satisfied with the majority of the road being occupied, but they could only swallow their words after seeing the clothes of the guards around them.

They were the bodyguards of Prince Cheng’s mansion, the ger in front must be Prince Cheng’s husband.

It was only when Prince Cheng went on the street that there was such an entourage.

In front of them was an elder brother who was bumped into. His face suddenly became gloomy. He turned around and saw that it was a child, but he was still not in a good mood.

“Ah… I’m sorry.” Lin Chen accidentally bumped into a gorgeous young man, and his face didn’t look very good. He apologized. Lin Chen was a little uneasy. He had just come out and soon got into trouble.

“Boy, you don’t have eyes? How can you run into someone when there’s so much space around?”

After buying food for Xiaoya, Lin Mo turned around and was just about to walk forward when he caught sight of his brother being bullied. Lin Mo turned around and beckoned the bodyguard behind him to pass by. Some of the bodyguards who received the order rushed to the opposite side and surrounded Lin Chen.

He had only pulled the kid’s clothes and had barely even said much words: ……

Lin Chen, who thought he was going to cause great trouble to the Fourth Brother: ……

It was not until Lin Chen walked a distance behind Fourth Brother that he realized later that he came back to himself. He felt… Fourth Brother had become very powerful. Lin Chen turned his head and glanced at the ger who was his brother and the several bodyguards behind them. It suddenly occurred to him that his Fourth Brother’s husband seemed to be a prince.


Everything in the Lin house was complete. The Lin family, who had lived in Prince Cheng’s house for more than ten days, would be leaving to live in the Lin house.

Cheng Yan led Lin Mo on the bluestone road.

“Momo……”  Cheng Yan held Lin Mo’s hand tightly.

“It’ll only be ten days. Right?” Lin Mo’s tone was helpless. Since knowing that they were going to live separately before they got married, Cheng Yan had talked about this topic more than ten times, which made Lin Mo lose his temper.

“Fifteen days… it’s so long.”

“It’s not that we can’t meet.” Lin Mo glanced at him. Fortunately, there were no rules that they couldn’t meet before the marriage, otherwise…

“…” It would be hard to sleep at night, okay? Cheng Yan sighed. He had to worry about whether Momo would be able to sleep at night.

After separating from Cheng Yan, Lin Mo and his family went to the Lin house. After dinner, Lin Mo followed the maid back to his courtyard. After letting people go down, Lin Mo pushed the door to enter, but he was thinking about how to spend the night for more than ten days alone.

It was impossible to sleep without Cheng Yan around. He could only sleep for about an hour. Maybe he could go into his spiritual space to have a look. He didn’t go in very much during this period of time, and he should use the things in it directly. It was time to take care of several kinds of herbs.

Lin Mo went into the inner room and combed through things in his mind. After looking up at the front, Lin Mo’s steps were heavy and his breath was heavy. Lin Mo breathed quietly and walked on, “Why are you here?” 

Although Lin Mo’s mood was not shown on his face, Cheng Yan, who was half in bed and knew his husband well, and knew that Momo was very happy at the moment.

“Come here.” Cheng Yan sat up at the edge of the bed and reached out to him.

Lin Mo pursed his mouth and wanted to suppress the joy in his heart, but his slightly curved eyebrows and eyes showed his mind in front of Cheng Yan.

When Lin Mo went over, Cheng Yan reached for his waist.

Lin Mo raised his hand and touched the head leaning against his chest. Hot breath seeped in through his clothes and wrapped around his skin, making Lin Mo’s ears a little bit hot.

“I can’t sleep without my husband.”


“… Momo, how about going to bed with your husband tonight?”


Fifteen days felt short. In the past, it was hard for Lin Mo, but now, it seemed to pass in a blink of an eye.

On the morning of the wedding, Lin Mo was awakened by someone outside. Lin Mo, who was used to sleeping late, nestled in Cheng Yan’s arms and hid in the quilt, trying to block the annoying voice.

The awakened Cheng Yan opened his mouth to silence the people outside. He didn’t care how the people outside would react to his voice. Cheng Yan, who got up to put on his clothes, took the man out of the bed and dressed him.

“I’ll go back to the palace to change into my wedding clothes. I’ll take you to the palace later. I’ve told them to cook some red bean porridge. Remember to eat some.” Cheng Yan put his hair up in a simple bun and told him in a low voice.

“… Mn.” Lin Mo half opened his eyes and answered vaguely. By the time Lin Mo returned to consciousness, he was already sitting by the dresser. Dressed in a red suit, the makeup woman behind him was combing his hair.

“Wang Fu, the Lord asked you to have some porridge.” The waiting maid noticed that Wang Fu’s attention had come back and hurriedly took the porridge to the front.

The makeup woman wanted to stop the maid, but once she heard it was Prince Cheng’s order, she took back the foot that was already stretched out half a step, and stood aside.

Although it was his own marriage, it was also a national event. Lin Mo could only sit and let them play with his hair on their own, which was not easy to fix. Lin Mo, who just had two bowls of porridge, was hungry again.

Even if Lin Mo couldn’t see it, he could also hear from other people’s words how grand his wedding was. It could be said that ten li of red makeup was too much.

“Fourth Uncle!” Xiaoya’s voice came from the outside of the door. Within seconds, the door was pushed, and a red little cute baby came in.

“Why is Xiaoya here? What about Xiaonan?”

“My brother is with Fifth Uncle. Fourth Uncle looks good in red.” Lin Xiaoya felt her clothes with her hands and smiled.

“Xiaoya looks good in it, too.”

Lin Xiaoya sat by, propped up her chin, and looked at Fourth Uncle.

“Fourth Uncle, when are you going to wear such red clothes next time?” Lin Xiaoya asked.

Lin Xiaoya thought that if he and Uncle Cheng got married for the second time, they would also get married for the third and the fourth time.

“In red? When your Second Uncle gets married, he will wear them.” Lin Mo laughed.

“Second Uncle is getting married? Which beautiful sister is it?” Lin Xiaoya asked, her eyes immediately brightened. In addition to their grandmother, their mother, their third aunt and her, they were all boys. Lin Xiaoya naturally hoped that the second aunt was also a girl.

“Sister? Doesn’t Xiaoya want your uncle to marry a good-looking brother?” Lin Mo just finished, and there was a knock outside the door.

“A-Mo, it’s almost time. Are you ready?” Lin Xiu stood outside the door and knocked.

Lin Mo heard that, glanced at the people on his side, he saw that they had started to pack things. “OK, Second Brother, come in.”

Lin Xiu heard the response and pushed the door in. Lin Xiu, a handsome looking man in a red suit, was even more remarkable.

Waiting on the side, the makeup woman looked over with bright eyes. She was thinking about which girl or ger in the Imperial City would match him.

“Why is Xiaoya here?” Lin Xiu asked when he saw his niece standing next to Lin Mo.

“Second Uncle, when are you going to marry a beautiful brother?” Lin Xiaoya asked with bright eyes.

“…” The question caught him off guard.

“When your Second Uncle comes back, the beautiful brother will go home with your Second Uncle.” Lin Mo touched Xiaoya’s head and laughed.

Lin Xiu: “…”

“A-Mo!” Before Lin Xiu could say anything, there was a familiar voice outside the door.

Lin Mo saw the instant change on his Second Brother’s face and chuckled. An Jinyuan came in from the outside and saw Lin Xiu standing by. He was stunned. After reacting, he walked to Lin Mo as if nothing had happened.

Lin Xiu, with a smile in his eyes, stood by and listened to the two of them, but his eyes remained on the man.

Lin Xiaoya looked up at the beautiful brother who came in, then at Fourth Uncle, and finally at Second Uncle.

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