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Chapter 151: Ninth World (16)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Edited by Sulo

The doctor was horrified. As a member of the Miao tribe, she had no respect for the Emperor of Han, but she knew that the person was the master of the world, and their Miao territory was also under his control. Even if the people of the Miao tribe were in a corner, they were self-sufficient and self-reliant, and did not rely on the leadership and support of the Han court. But even so, they could not win against the huge army of the Han people, so they had to bow down to the Han Emperor and worship him.

——To this day, the doctor still remembered the scene from more than ten years ago, when the Han people’s cavalry stepped by the Miao area, the scene was so shocking and frightening.

It was a dangerous thing for Miao people to use the Gu insects on other people, not to mention the Emperor of Han people.

The doctor became more and more helpless, “She… What kind of insect did she use?”

“I don’t know that, but I know how it works,” Cao YuYing constantly put pressure on the doctor with his mental force, making it difficult for her to be able to think, “The person who has the insect in him is generally normal, but when he meets the person who poisoned him, his temperament changes greatly. As if he had deep feelings for the enchanter, he ends up listening to their every word.”

“…The stringing Gu,” the doctor murmured.

Cao YuYing narrowed his eyes slightly, and had to admit that the “stringing Gu” was worthy of its name. It described the person who was enchanted like a puppet, and the silk thread that controlled the puppet’s love, “This time I came to the Miao village to find a way to remove the Gu — you are the mother of MahE, also the person who taught her about the usage of Gu insects, you must know the answer I seek.”

The witch doctor’s eyes trembled, she struggled for several moments, and her face was slightly twisted. Her worry for her daughter almost allowed her to break away from Cao YuYing’s mental control, which was also the reason why Cao YuYing was unwilling to directly control the Enchantress to remove the Gu insect from the Emperor’s mind.

A human’s self-consciousness was very strong, especially when it involved some deep feelings and tried to resist the things it was not willing to do. It was easier to get rid of this kind of control instead. In case of mental control failure, CaoYuYing couldn’t guarantee what impulsive things the Enchantress would do, and how it would affect the stability of the whole dynasty — of course, the key point was that it would destroy his wish of living peacefully with his dear lover.

“You ask me to lift the enchantment on the Emperor? What about my daughter?! Once he regains his mind and knows that he was under the control of an insect, that man… It’s impossible that he will let my daughter go!” The witch doctor tried to resist Cao YuYing’s oppression and bit her own teeth hard. “If so, if so, it’s better to let him be controlled by Xiao E all his life!”

“Oh? Is that your answer?” Cao YuYing’s eyes were cold. “For your daughter, you are going to put your people in danger?”

“What does this have to do with my people!” The witch doctor said angrily, “As long as the Emperor of Han Dynasty obeys Xiao E’s advice, then his troops would never hurt my people!”

“Oh, how naive,” Cao YuYing sneered, “do you think the Emperor is the only one in this world with power?”

The witch doctor was stupefied, “Isn’t it?”

“Of course not,” Cao YuYing sneered, “The Han people have a saying, which is ‘water can carry a boat, but it can also capsize it’. The monarch is a boat, and the common people and officials in the court are the water. The Emperor is wise and won the support of the courtiers and the people, so that the throne can be stable and carefree. However, if he loses his way, has little help, and the world detests him, even if he is the ‘Son of Heaven’, he can only be subverted and self-destruct.” After raising his eyebrows, Cao YuYing looked at the ugly witch doctor contemptuously, “Otherwise, there would not have been so many dynasty changes and the deaths of kings from ancient times till now.”

The witch doctor’s lips trembled. She had wandered outside for a year, and deeply felt the servile thoughts of the Han people, and was incredibly surprised by what Cao YuYing just said, “You… you are horrible!”

“That’s because of your daughter!” Cao YuYing’s eyes were fierce and his tone was sharp. “Do you know how many sinful things your daughter had done in the palace out of rage with that insect?! She mutilated the Emperor’s heirs, killed the queen, bullied the other concubines, and defied the laws and even hurt the wise officials…” One by one, Cao YuYing told all the things the Enchantress had done over the years to her, and even exaggerated them a bit. As he said all of these, the witch doctor almost fainted.

Finally, after counting the evil deeds done by the Enchantress, Cao YuYing took a deep breath and calmed down his mood a little bit, “Up to now, all the officials in the court have already complained. As long as you go to the capital or even near the capital to investigate, you will surely know that the Enchantress is causing the chaos. Even the common people know it well. We have been suffering for a long time, and we can’t bear it any longer.

The witch doctor opened her mouth. Parts of her couldn’t believe that he was talking about her innocent daughter. But in any case, as a mother, she was still reluctant to hate her own daughter together with the world, preferring to bear the world’s curse with her, “What do all of this have to do with you?”

“What?” Cao YuYing sneered, “Naturally, because I am the only legitimate Prince of the Han people left!”

The witch doctor’s pupil suddenly shrank, and there were no words.

“All my brothers suffered in your daughter’s hands, they are either dead or disabled. I was walking on thin ice from the day I was born, I walked step by step carefully, and I finally grew up. Now it’s time to get justice with my fully grown wings,” Cao YuYing’s voice was cold and heartless. “I have already brought most of the courtiers on my side, and I have the support of the general who is in control of a great army, and I am ready to attack anytime. This time, I came to visit you, only because I remembered my father’s wisdom in court and his superior martial arts skill. Not to mention my kinship with him, I don’t want to bear the name of rising up against my own father. I hope I can find a better solution besides fighting.

“Now, you have two choices. First of all, you can refuse to help me remove the insect in my father’s brain. I will immediately lead a large army to break through the Miao strongholds and take revenge for my father. After that, I will announce the truth to the world, and fight back for the capital under the banner of ‘Eradicating the Enchantress who had manipulated the Emperor’. The second choice is that you agree to my request, then I will take you back to the capital secretly to cure my father. If you succeed in expelling the insect from my father, the Miao people’s merits and demerits will be equal. I will try my best to persuade him to spare your people. As for your daughter, it will depend on His Majesty’s choice after he has restored his mind,” After a short pause, Cao YuYing stared at the witch doctor, “Now, tell me your choice. Do you want to keep your daughter, and let your whole tribe die for her sins. Or would you kill your daughter and protect the peace of your people?”

The witch doctor’s eyes were full of pain, and her thin body bowed lower and lower. She tightly held her daughter’s silver ornament in her hand, with tears in her eyes, and finally closed her eyes slowly, leaving behind a sorry, struggling and loving kiss on the silver ornament.

In the early morning, Cao YuYing quietly returned to the temporary house.

Bai Duan had been lying on the bed for a short nap. When he heard the sound, he suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the door with sharp and alert eyes. Then, when he saw Cao YuYing, his eyes turned soft.

With a little yawn, Bai Duan tried to get up from the bed, but Cao YuYing walked up to him and pressed on him, making him lie down again, “Don’t get up, go back to sleep.” He raised his hand to comb Bai Duan’s slightly messy hair. “Why is your sleep so shallow? Did you even get any rest?”

“I have to cover for you,” His sweetheart finally returned safely, so Bai Duan’s sleepiness, which he had been trying to hold back, surged in an instant and he yawned again.

Cao YuYing looked at his lover who was almost unable to open his eyes. He was sad and sweet. He leaned over and kissed his forehead, “Well, now that I’m back, you can sleep in peace.”

“You too…” Bai Duan moved to the inner side of the bed, mumbled and tugged Cao YuYing’s sleeve.

“Well, I’ll go get the dirt on me away first, and I’ll be right back.” Cao YuYing chuckled and took off his clothes which had been slightly dampened by the morning dew, and then his warm hands and feet drilled into the bed, taking his little lover into his arms.

Back in the embrace of familiar arms, Bai Duan rubbed Cao YuYing’s chest contentedly — it wasn’t the soft fake chest, making him feel a little bit unaccustomed, and he woke up a little, “How did your talk go just now?”

Cao YuYing didn’t hide anything. He told the whole story of his meeting with the witch doctor last night. Bai Duan was surprised, “You really got the support of all the ministers and generals of the Imperial Court? Are you ready to lead a coup?”

“Of course not, I just said it to cheat her,” Cao YuYing raised his eyebrows and was not ashamed of his running the train with his mouth full. “The witch doctor has been living in the Miao village. Even after wandering outside for a year, she doesn’t know about the situation in the court at all. It’s not difficult to fool her. It’s already not easy for me to cover up my gender in the capital, where will I get the free time to win over the courtiers and accumulate strength? What’s more, my father is not a doormat in the court!”

Bai Duan curled his mouth and thought of the black history where Cao YuYing had cheated himself before. He could not help complaining, “You are a con man!”

“Wrong, I’m forced to be one!” Cao YuYing looked aggrieved and the hands that were embracing his lover’s waist caressed him lightly, making Bai Duan itch. Bai Duan blushed a bit and begged for mercy. He shrank into Cao YuYing’s arms, trembled slightly, and had no energy to remember the old stuff.

Cao YuYing hadn’t eaten meat for a long time. At this moment, he was right against his lover. Naturally, he was very motivated. However, the houses of the Miao nationality were all made of wood, so they were not soundproof. In addition, his lover had been waiting up for him for so long, and he was very sleepy. Cao YuYing had to restrain his urges. He held his little lover tightly again, and landed gentle kisses on his forehead to ensure that he would not be disturbed.

Bai Duan was quiet and relaxed.

“In fact, I didn’t deceive her all,” Cao YuYing combed his lover’s hair and led the conversation back to the main topic. “If the witch doctor is not compliant, I really do intend to do what I said. I have the truth on my side. With my identity and the evidence of the Enchantress’ evil deeds, and the loss in people’s hearts, I have full confidence in persuading the General AnNam stationed in the south of XinJiang. After all, his sister and nephew who entered the palace were also victims — but in this way, it will be ‘turning the trivial into a storm’. Once a war rises, we won’t have any leisure times anymore.”

Bai Duan gave Cao YuYing a bad look, “So, the Emperor having an insect in his brain is a trivial matter in your eyes!”

“Of course. The emperor having an insect in his head? What’s that to do with me? I’m working on this diligently for myself — of course, now that you have ‘married’ me and we are tied together, I am also doing it for you.” Cao YuYing chuckled and nibbled at the tip of his lover’s nose.

“For me, only things related to you are important.”

Bai Duan didn’t believe Cao YuYing’s ‘sweet talk’, but he was still happy about it, and didn’t care about whether it was sincere or not.

He nestled in his wife’s arms again and put his arms around his thin and powerful waist. Bai Duan fell asleep peacefully in this sweet feeling, he slept till the sun was hanging high up in the sky.

Because they stayed up late, Bai Duan and Cao YuYing got up late the next day. However, the Miao people did not grow suspicious, rather they believed that the two had indeed been wandering in the forest for a long time, so they were too tired.

After getting up and eating a meal, they said goodbye to Shui JiuDao, who was reluctant to part with them. Then they left the village under the leadership of a young, strong and experienced hunter in the village and embarked on the road back to the Han nationality town.

At the same time, in the dense forest outside the Miao village, the witch doctor quietly left the cave where she lived and went to the promised meeting place with Cao YuYing.

——Next, she would follow Cao YuYing to the capital and meet the Lord of the world. In order to save her whole tribe’s life, she would have to kill her own daughter who had done many wrong deeds. They would then suffer hand in hand and jump into a sea of misery.

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