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Chapter 3: First World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Bai Duan suddenly disappeared without warning, and his kindergarten teacher was almost mad with anxiety! Because Bai Duan did not like to play with his peers, and sat alone in the corner, bright and sensible, never causing trouble, most teachers focused on the other more noisy children. It wasn’t until recess that they found that Bai Duan had gone missing and began to look for the child. He wasn’t in the garden, so they rushed to contact his parents.

Receiving the teacher’s phone call, Mama Bai was confused for a moment, then she reacted to it in her brain, and suddenly she was covered in a layer of cold sweat.

Regardless of blaming the kindergarten teacher, she told the other party to continue searching, then hung up the phone, and rushed straight to Papa Bai’s office, “Duan is missing!”

Papa Bai was correcting the documents on his desk and was stunned when he heard the words. He suddenly stood up, and his face changed, “What’s going on?!”

Mama Bai’s tongue was very fast, quickly repeating the kindergarten teacher’s words, confused.

Fortunately, as the company’s CEO, Papa Bai was more stable and careful. He frowned, “Would Duan go to the hospital by himself?”

Mama Bai was stunned and hesitant, “… He’s so good, isn’t he?”

“He’s really good and sensible, but he also has a lot of ideas!” Compared with Mama Bai’s love without a bottom line, Papa Bai had a more unobstructed view of his son’s nature. Bai Duan looked sensible and astute and listened to whatever they said. In fact, he just didn’t care much and was too lazy to argue. His personality was soft on the surface, but his nature was somewhat cold. He was usually foolish and happy and ignored everything, but he was smart and knew everything. Papa Bai just kept silent and ignored his son’s shrewdness.

He was stubborn though and did what he believed in anyway. With his little cleverness, he really did not make a fuss, but when he did, it was frightening and became a ‘big thing.’  But in any case, it was essential to find their son first, and the lessons would have to be given once he was back.

Papa Bai grabbed his coat and put it on. He looked at his wife and said, “You go to the hospital now. I’ll go around the kindergarten to look for him and keep in touch.”

“Ok!” Seeing Papa Bai’s reaction, Mama Bai finally seemed to have a clear mind as if she had a main idea in her heart. The couple quickly left the company, one in a private car and the other in a company one.

On the way to the hospital, the more Mama Bai thought about it, the more she felt that Bai Duan probably wanted to see that little brother again. After all, the kindergarten they had registered Bai Duan into was strictly guarded, and the children would not be taken away from the kindergarten when they were idle. Bai Duan did not disappear early or late, it happened on the day after saving the boy, and Zhao Xu did not have any relationships with others, so it was definitely impossible that he picked her son up.

Thinking here, Mama Bai was furious and worried; she was angry at Bai Duan and worried that he would get into an accident on the way to the hospital. She wanted to immediately catch him and hit his butt!

Hurrying to the hospital, Mama Bai never stopped and went straight to Zhao Xu’s ward. She crossed the nurses’ station, but heard the laughing greetings of the nurses, “Lady Bai, are you looking for Duan?”

Mama Bai braked sharply and stopped immediately. “Yes, I’m looking for Duan. Has he been here yet?”

“He came early.” The nurse smiled, nodded, and then chided disapprovingly, “How can you let the little Duan come to the hospital alone?”

“It’s not that I let him come alone…” Hearing Bai Duan was in the hospital, Mama Bai finally breathed a sigh of relief and laughed bitterly. “I took him to kindergarten this morning, but I didn’t realize that this little ancestor would run away from the kindergarten by himself!”

The nurse seemed to have no idea that the clever Bai Duan would do such a thing. She could not help laughing, “No wonder. He said he had no money to pay the fare and borrowed money from me!”

“What fare?” Mama Bai was stunned.

“Taxi fare.” The nurse shrugged her shoulders. “He came by taxi, but he didn’t have any money with him.”

Mama Bai drew her lips in a frown and felt that she loved and hated Bai Duan at that moment. This little ancestor was able to escape by himself and unexpectedly even took a taxi!

After saying thanks and returning the fare to the nurse, Mama Bai went to Zhao Xu’s ward, took a deep breath and adjusted her expression at the door, and then pushed the door open. However, before she could get ready to blame her son, she saw her son peeling an apple with a fruit knife next to the bed.

Bai Duan had never cut an apple, not to mention held a fruit knife as long and sharp as that. Every movement was as frightening as if he was cutting her fingers.

Mama Bai was anxious in her heart, but she was afraid to make a little noise and frighten her little baby. She could only creep over and grab his hand holding the fruit knife with quick eyes, and snatch the fruit knife away.

Bai Duan was frightened, his hand loosened, half of the cut apples fell to the ground, and he grunted. He raised his head and looked at Mama Bai with a blue face, shrinking his neck subconsciously.

Mama Bai bent her lips and laughed without actually laughing. “Do you all know how to play truant? What a feat?!” Bai Duan hung his head in silence.

Looking at Zhao Xu, who was worried on the bed, Mama Bai could not help feeling angry even though she knew that her little baby’s truancy was not to be blamed on the other side.

She nodded to Zhao Xu and told him to have a good rest. Mama Bai then carried Bai Duan out of the ward by his collar, while Bai Duan glanced at Zhao Xu through the slowly closing door gap.

Bai Duan was full of tension and wanted help, while Zhao Xu looked at the bustle with a smile.

Bai Duan: “…” I had good intentions to skip class to see you, but you do not help me. Brother Xu is a big rotten egg! QAQ

Unfortunately, before Bai Duan could express his condemnation with his eyes, the door to the ward closed silently. For Bai Duan to have such willful behavior, Mama Bai was angry and afraid. She tapped Bai Duan’s head for more than ten minutes, which was interrupted by the ringing of her mobile phone.

Mama Bai took out her cell phone and found that she had forgotten to contact Papa Bai after finding her son. She glared at Bai Duan and then answered the phone.

With the help of the phone call, Bai Duan breathed a sigh of relief and slipped back to the ward quietly, without noticing the helplessness of his mother glancing at him as she spoke on the phone.

After returning to the ward, Bai Duan rushed straight to Zhao Xu’s bedside and complained mildly, “Brother Xu, don’t talk about righteousness!”

“It is true that Duan did not do it right.” Zhao Xu looked at him tenderly, raised his hand, and pinched his cheek. “If you come alone, I will worry too.”

Bai Duan couldn’t stand Zhao Xu’s eyes. In the twinkling of an eye, all his grievances dissipated. He muttered, hummed, and turned to pick up half of the apples that had fallen to the ground.

After the phone call, Mama Bai pushed the door open only to see the apple and fruit knife back in Bai Duan’s hand. Then she was dissatisfied again, “A fruit knife is dangerous, how can you touch it casually? What if you cut your finger? Did you forget what your mother taught you before?”

Bai Duan blinked and looked innocent, “But I don’t think it’s dangerous or even cut my finger…”

Mama Bai raised her eyebrows, wanting to refute, but found that the apples cut in half in Bai Duan’s hands were really flat and beautiful. Without the pitiful appearance of beginners, even the apple skin on the ground was not broken, like a narrow and proper rotating ribbon.

Mama Bai had to admit that she could not cut such a beautiful apple even by herself. At ordinary times, Mama Bai would praise her little baby’s ingenuity, but at this moment, she really could not praise him.

Reaching for the apple in Bai Duan’s hand, throwing it into the dustbin at the end of the bed, Mama Bai took out a paper towel and wiped Bai Duan’s hands dyed with apple juice, “Even so, no way! Be obedient!”

“… Oh.” Bai Duan pouted, he knew his mother was still angry and nodded obediently. Anyway, it was just peeling the apples. It was no big deal.

Soon after, Papa Bai finally arrived at the hospital. Looking at the way his son was being taught by his mother, he couldn’t bear to say more. Grabbing his son under his arm and holding him up and kissing him, Papa Bai’s voice was warm while blaming him in the middle, “Duan is really wrong this time, which makes me and your mother so worried that you can’t do it in the future!”

Bai Duan raised his hand to Papa Bai’s neck, put his tender cheeks against his fathers, and rubbed pleasantly. However, he did not relent to admit his mistake. He said the line that Papa Bai and Mama Bai wanted to hear most, “I won’t do it again.”

The couple looked at each other, and each saw a little helplessness in the other’s eyes. They never thought that their son would have such a stubborn and headstrong side, knowing that he was wrong but not repenting.

With Bai Duan in his arms, Papa Bai turned his eyes to Zhao Xu and carefully examined the boy who had made his son change his mind substantially. Zhao Xu did not show any weakness in his eyes and looked up at him calmly.

Papa Bai saw this, and a trace of appreciation appeared in his eyes. To be honest, compared with his spoiled son, Papa Bai felt that Zhao Xu was more like a man, he had the toughness, maturity, and tenacity that a man should have. And most importantly, he could see that Zhao Xu’s nature was not evil, and his feelings for Bai Duan were sincere and serious. Since Bai Duan liked Zhao Xu so much, it was not a bad thing for them to play together. After all, Bai Duan had never had friends of the same age.

“Duan, tell your Dad the truth. If Mom and Dad send you back to the kindergarten, will you continue to run away to come here?” Papa Bai took back his eyes and rubbed Bai Duan’s head.

Bai Duan fluttered away with some guilt, without nodding or shaking his head— but Papa Bai and Mama Bai understood what he meant.

Papa Bai sighed and put Bai Duan on the ground. Then he tilted his head to Mama Bai, signaling her to go out of the ward together with him and began to talk in low voices. Bai Duan happily ran back to Zhao Xu. A glimmer of cunning flashed through his dark eyes. The beloved child knew that his parents could not beat their flesh and blood.

Looking at the triumphant appearance on Bai Duan’s face, Zhao Xu could not help laughing at his gains and losses. Obviously, he also liked Bai Duan’s appearance, which relied on recklessness. Only a truly happy child would have such self-confidence and show such a mood.

Unexpectedly, after a long debate between Papa Bai and Mama Bai, they finally compromised. Although they could send Bai Duan back to kindergarten, and then tell the kindergarten teachers to take good care of him, it would add trouble to kindergarten teachers; second, there was still a risk of Bai Duan escaping the kindergarten and neither of them knew whether he would succeed for the second time; third, they were not willing to let their son be sad.

Papa Bai and Mama Bai had no choice but to visit the nurses’ station together and send some fruit gifts. They asked the nurses to take care of Bai Duan and Zhao Xu to avoid accidents in the hospital. Fortunately, the nurses liked the two children very much, especially Bai Duan. Although they were hesitant, they still agreed.

Thankfully, Papa Bai returned to the company, while Mama Bai took a half-day leave, stayed in the hospital to take care of the children, and taught Bai Duan to pay attention to all kinds of things when he remained in the hospital. Bai Duan naturally restored his bright image. Whatever Mama Bai said, he kept it in mind, and it finally let her breathe a little more relaxed.

After teaching Bai Duan, Mama Bai went to buy nutritional porridge for lunch— because Zhao Xu had gone hungry for too long, his gastrointestinal function was not good, so he could only eat digestible and nutritious food three meals a day.

Zhao Xu was still attached to an IV drip, so it was not convenient to eat. Mama Bai moved the chair, intending initially to feed him, but did not expect her son to take the initiative to do it.

“Feeding someone is not easy, can you do it?” Mama Bai looked at Bai Duan with a distrustful look. “Duan, don’t make any noise. What if you don’t feed him well, spill the porridge and scald your little brother or dirty his clothes? It’s the little brother who will suffer.”

Bai Duan bit his lip and looked at Zhao Xu with hesitation in his eyes.

Zhao Xu smiled, and his voice was still hoarse but it was much smoother than yesterday, “Aunty, it’s all right. Let Xiao Duan come.”

Mama Bai shook her head helplessly and saw that both children were so persistent that she had to wrap up the porridge bowl to not let it burn Bai Duan. Then she stuffed it into the hands of her eager son and taught him how to feed Zhao Xu porridge with her hands.

This time, the performance of Bai Duan was not as good as his apple peeling. His movements were cautious, and he stumbled. Zhao Xu had to take the initiative to lean his body over and turn his head towards the trembling spoon. His posture looked somewhat awkward.

However, Zhao Xu was not at all concerned about such a strange gesture, and even quite enjoyed it. It was not so much that Bai Duan was feeding porridge since Zhao Xu was cooperating with him.

Mama Bai looked at the two and felt that Zhao Xu had a terrible posture, but the two little guys would fight her, so she had nothing to say.

After about half a bowl of porridge, Bai Duan’s feeding speed gradually became fluent, and Zhao Xu finally improved his awkward posture. The cooperation between the two children became more seamless and even had the mood to play. One took the spoon to his mouth and secretly retrieved it. The other deliberately held the spoon, unwilling to let it go.

Looking at the happy appearance of the two children, Mama Bai was full of joy. Bai Duan rarely found a compatible peer, revealing the naughty and active mood a child should have, and Zhao Xu’s body covered by shadows also suddenly dispersed at this moment, seeming to have wholly forgotten his oppressive past.

If these two children could get along like this, it was terrific…

Mama Bai thought so, and the impulse to adopt Zhao Xu flew through her mind. Although this impulse was soon suppressed, it left traces in the bottom of her heart, and only when the right time came could it breakthrough.


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