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Chapter 4: First World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After everything, Bai Duan began to regard the hospital as his kindergarten and settled down.

Every morning, Mama Bai would take him to the hospital; she would pick him up after work in the evening and come over to take a look at him during her lunch break to bring lunch to the two children.

Although there were two more children to look after in the hospital, the nurses were not too dissatisfied because Bai Duan was so good that he didn’t cause any trouble at all. Sometimes he would even help them do trivial things such as carrying items.

By virtue of his beautiful appearance and good character, Bai Duan mixed in like a fish in water in the hospital, and Zhao Xu’s treatment was much better. From time to time, doctors and nurses would come to visit him and inquire about his physical condition.

To the surprise of doctors and nurses, Zhao Xu’s recovery was quite good. There were no symptoms of infection, and the results of various examinations were within the scope of control. When he first arrived, he was so weak that he was on the verge of collapse, but after a period of nursing in the hospital, he recovered quickly.

Fortunately, Zhao Xu’s recovery ability did not stand out too much from that of ordinary people, so although people were surprised, they did not care, but occasionally sighed that his vitality was strong.

At the same time, the police sent people to learn about Zhao Xu. According to Zhao Xu, he was abducted and trafficked. He did not remember his real name and his biological parents. As for his abduction, he also heard it from his adoptive parents who were not kind to him. He could not bear to fight or scold, so he tried to escape several times. Although he was caught all those times and treated even worse, fortunately, he did not give up and finally succeeded in escaping.

The abduction and trafficking of children has been a major social problem, but it was challenging to solve. Trafficking gangs had high mobility, and the police did not have a sound way to understand the situation. They could only follow the clues provided by Zhao Xu to find them, but whether they could catch the traffickers was a different matter.

At the same time, the police began helping Zhao Xu find his biological parents, but before he could find them, he had to be sent to an orphanage.

Bai Duan certainly knew where the orphanage was. Papa Bai and Mama Bai donated materials to the orphanage from time to time and would often take Bai Duan to play. They even mentioned to Bai Duan that they once had the idea of adopting an orphan. If Bai Duan came a few days later, he would have a brother.

However, Bai Duan’s impression of the orphanage ended there. After all, it had nothing to do with him, and it was not worth his attention. But now, when he heard that Zhao Xu was going to be sent to the orphanage, he immediately started to think everything through. If his parents want to adopt orphans from the orphanage, it was better to adopt brother Xu!

So thinking about it, Bai Duan’s actions were very adamant. That evening, after dinner, he grabbed Papa Bai and Mama Bai and raised this matter excitedly.

Papa Bai and Mama Bai looked at each other, but they were not too surprised at this. Even before Bai Duan mentioned it, they had already discussed it in the dead of night.

Since he had met Zhao Xu, Bai Duan and the boy were like conjoined twins. Their feelings were getting closer and closer, and they could rarely be separated from one another.

Bai Duan liked Zhao Xu so much that he ventured to the hospital by himself. If Zhao Xu was sent to an orphanage, this little ancestor would probably grow up in the orphanage again.

Mama Bai pitied Zhao Xu’s experience, and Papa Bai had a good impression of Zhao Xu. As long as Bai Duan liked it, they would not reject the adoption of Zhao Xu.

Of course, although Zhao Xu had been accepted in their hearts, the adoption of an orphan was a significant event and could not be made hastily.

Squatting down, Mama Bai touched Bai Duan’s soft hair and said solemnly, “Does Duan really want Brother Xu to be your brother? If he becomes your brother, Mom and Dad can’t be just your father and mother who only love you. Your things will also belong to your brother, and you will certainly have conflicts, quarrels, and even fights. Mom and Dad will not be biased towards you and just protect you but also do the same for your brother.”

Children could get jealous, and they were not able to control their emotions as well as adults, which caused them to sometimes act more intensely. Mama Bai tried to make Bai Duan understand what changes would happen if he had an extra brother. These words were heard by Bai Duan, but they did not make him hesitate.

Admittedly, Bai Duan was possessive too. He was like a small beast who would never encroach upon other territories. He firmly occupied his area and refused anyone who approached him. But Zhao Xu was different, and Bai Duan was willing to accept him into his circle. He was not only unprepared and dissatisfied but also cheerful and impatient.

“My brother won’t rob me or quarrel with me!” Bai Duan raised his cheeks, and his tone was firm. “If my brother likes it, I will definitely give it to him. We would not be conflicted about such trifles!”

In Bai Duan’s heart, Zhao Xu was the most important, and nothing else was worth mentioning. He could share everything with the other, even the love of his parents.

Seeing that Bai Duan was not hesitant, Papa Bai and Mama Bai finally relaxed after confirming that the other party really understood.

Pinching Bai Duan’s cheek, Mama Bai laughed, “Well, your parents are willing to adopt brother Xu, but only if brother Xu agrees. Tomorrow, we will go and ask him, OK?”

“Un!” Bai Duan nodded heavily, not worried at all. “Brother Xu will certainly agree!”

As Bai Duan said, Zhao Xu did not deny being adopted by the Bai family. After knowing that he could eat and sleep with Bai Duan and live together all the time, he even gave Papa Bai and Mana Bai a soft smile, and the bright expectations in his eyes were not inferior to those in Bai Duan’s.

As early as before the birth of Bai Duan, Papa Bai and Mama Bai had studied the process of adopting orphans in detail. So it was not challenging to retake the action now.

Bai Duan and Zhao Xu both cooperated very well. In addition, Papa Bai used a lot of money to open his way, soon completing the set of procedures and Zhao Xu became a member of the Bai family. With Zhao Xu’s permission, he was renamed Bai Xu.

Since Bai Xu’s recovery was good, he soon got the doctor’s discharge permit. Next, he needed to go home and take care of himself. He did not need to continue living in the hospital to occupy the already full beds.

When he was discharged from the hospital, Bai Xu could walk on his own, but his injured leg was still not very stable. He was limping and needed to carry a crutch for a long time.

Bringing Bai Xu home, Mama Bai opened the door for him then smiled and said, “Welcome home, Xu Xu.”

“… Hmm.” Bai Xu licked his lips. Obviously, he was not adapted to such intimate terms, but there was no sense of rejection. He looked around with a soft response.

Mama Bai’s decorations were quite simple, but everywhere was full of the warmth of ingenuity, which made people unconsciously relax when they were in it.

Mama Bai led Bai Xu around the house, then pushed open a door, looking awkward and hesitant, “Originally, we were going to clean a room for you alone…but Duan didn’t want to live without you…”

Mama Bai did not want Bai Xu to think that he was not valued. After all, children like him were always more sensitive than their peers. However, although they tried hard to treat the two children equally, they had still raised their own flesh and blood for five years. Bai Duan wanted to live with Bai Xu and they could not deter him and could only make such an arrangement.

“If you don’t like it-” Bai Xu was looking at the house and keeping silent. Mama Bai tried to ease his mood, but she was interrupted by Bai Xu just as she spoke.

“I like it very much.” Bai Xu bent his eyes and tightened his subconscious grasp on Bai Duan’s hand. “I want to live with little Duan, too.”

After observing Bai Xu’s expression carefully, Mama Bai found that he was delighted with the arrangement from the heart. Mama Bai was relieved, and her smile lightened up. “Then we can rest assured! You brothers should get along well!”

“Un, yes!” Bai Duan and Bai Xu nodded, and two small hands held each other tightly. Hearing each other’s answers, they looked at each other and smiled, full of happiness.

For a while, Mama Bai had the feeling that she was the electric light bulb (third-wheel) and the two children were shining together.

Rubbing the heads of the two children, Mama Bai smiled and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch, while Bai Duan accepted the task and took his new brother to stroll around the house.

Hand in hand, the two children toured the rooms one by one, and finally came to Papa Bai’s study.

Looking at the computer placed on the desk, Bai Xu hesitated for a moment and turned to Bai Duan, “Xiao Duan, can I use your computer?”

“It’s not my home, it’s our home!” Bai Duan frowned and retorted discontentedly.

Bai Xu’s eyes were soft, and he was as kind as a flowing creek, “Well, yes, it’s our home, my home, and Xiao Duan’s home.”

Bai Duan was delighted with this answer, and even quite naturally ignored that Papa Bai and Mama Bai were in the family as well. He grabbed Bai Xu, climbed up the revolving chair, familiarly turned on the computer, and happily shared his little secret with his companion, “Mom and Dad say I cannot play on the computer a lot, in fact, I often play .”

“Un, Duan is very good.” Bai Xu laughed and praised with a sentence, then watched Bai Duan put his paws on the keyboard, and clumsily enter the password, “The password is the pinyin of my name and the date of my birth!”

“Un, I’ll remember.” Bai Xu nodded and secretly recorded Bai Duan’s birthday.

After entering the desktop, Bai Duan moved on the swivel chair and reached out to help Bai Xu climb up. Fortunately, the swivel chair was quite broad. The two children were barely crowded together and seemed more intimate.

“Brother, what are you going to do?” Bai Duan blinked his eyes and watched Bai Xu open a lot of windows from nowhere. His hands were beating lightly on the keyboard, knocking down a series of inexplicable codes skillfully.

“I’m punishing bad people.” Bai Xu answered, with a ferocious smile on his lips.

“My brother is a hero?” Bai Duan’s eyes shined.

Bai Xu turned his head and looked at him, lifting his eyebrows, “Brother is not a hero for everyone, only a hero for Xiao Duan.” After that, his eyebrows softened, and his smile became more genuine. “Your brother punishes the bad guys and gives them the reward they deserve, then I can concentrate on Xiao Duan and be happy all my life!”

“That’s great!” Bai Duan did not quite understand the meaning of Bai Xu’s words but was instinctively happy about it.

For half an hour, Bai Xu was sitting in front of the computer and clicking the keys. Although Bai Duan could not understand what the other party was doing, he was not bored at all. He was quietly leaning on Bai Xu’s shoulder and looked at the screen earnestly.

Finally, Bai Xu finished what he had to do, cleared away the traces he left on the Internet. As soon as he turned his head and wanted to report the good news to Bai Duan, he saw his reflection shining in the eyes of his opponent.

“Brother, have you punished the bad people?” Bai Duan’s tone was exuberant.

“…Un, it’s done. The bad guys will soon be brought to justice.” Bai Xu nodded and answered Bai Duan’s question, but his attention was not on the above words at all.

Without waiting for Bai Duan to ask again, he kissed the black and white eyes of Bai Duan lightly.

Bai Duan was stunned by Bai Xu’s actions, his red lips were slightly open, but he completely forgot what he was going to say. Bai Xu’s eyes grew darker and darker, then he lowered his head slightly, printed his lips on the slightly opened red lips, and even stretched out his tongue and licked the other gently.

“It’s sweet, like a strawberry lollipop.” Bai Xu touched Bai Duan’s lips, and his tone was profound and implicit, which was far from his age’s depression and restraint. “When you gave me a lollipop, I wanted to taste it like that.”

Bai Duan did not understand what Bai Xu’s actions meant. Being a favored child, he was often embraced by someone, and it had long been a part of his daily life, but this was the first time someone had kissed him on the lips.

Despite his ignorance, Bai Duan realized that the kiss was different. He felt a little shy, and his cheeks flushed, but instinctively, he felt no rejection at all. He even thought that the scene was very familiar and cordial as if they had done it many times before. But, this should not have been the case.

After being kissed, Bai Duan did not know how to react, but ultimately just embraced Bai Xu’s neck with a red face, and quietly hid in that generous embrace.


A month later, the police uncovered a major human smuggling case, arrested nearly one hundred criminal groups, and even several adult human trafficking chains. The incident shocked the whole country and caused great public outcry. Even the four in the Bai family saw the news.

Mama Bai looked at Bai Xu anxiously for fear that he might think of some bad memories. But Bai Xu, as if he hadn’t heard or seen anything, conscientiously folded a piece of meat into Bai Duan’s bowl, and then satisfactorily watched him eat it with relish.

Mama Bai: “…” Mama Bai silently moved her eyes away, and her heart could not help feeling sad.

The relationship between the two children was so good that when they were together, even their mother felt that she was an outsider.

What mother! What seemed to be wrong?


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