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Chapter 61: Fifth World (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The person standing in front of Bai Duan had an extremely handsome and exquisite appearance, which was a beauty that Bai Duan had never seen. Of course, having an outstanding appearance was not a good thing for the residents of Black Street. People like Bai Duan, who were good-looking, always covered their appearance in various ways to make themselves look more ordinary.

In addition to his eye-catching appearance, another characteristic of the man was his shining golden blond hair. When he stood there quietly, it seemed that even the gloomy sky over Black Street began to clear up, which was really worthy of the Son of God.

The Son of God’s eyes were very calm, and there seemed to be no superfluous mood when he looked into Bai Duan’s eyes. However, Bai Duan could not help but shiver. He felt that his back was chilly, and in a twinkling, he was covered in a cold sweat.

The reason was not because of the man, but because Bai Duan recognized that the Son of God in front of him was the enemy who was previously ‘helpless’ and casted that magic spell on him. Even though Bai Duan didn’t see each other clearly at that time, his heart rate and inexplicable joy told him firmly that he didn’t recognize the wrong person.

So, someone came later? Then why did he run back to Black Street?

He…came to him for revenge, right?

Bai Duan’s mood was extremely uneasy, but no matter what the Son of God wanted to do, he had no room to resist. After all, the group of armed Templars was not just for the sake of good-looking decorations.

Bai Duan tensed his body and bathed in the vision of the Son of God. After looking at him for a long time, the Son of God finally turned his head and opened his mouth to the official with a respectful face by his side, “He is my choice.”

The official hurriedly responded, glancing at Bai Duan with envy and jealousy, not to mention the other Black Street people who were ‘robbed of wealth’ by Bai Duan and unfortunately lost. No one knew that Bai Duan’s mind was in a state of chaos. He wished he could find a crack to get in and escape.

Bai Duan also thought about how to get out of Black Street and live a better life, but he never intended to be a servant of the Holy Light and he was also a servant of the Son of God who had a ‘feud’ with him.

It was killing him!

At this moment, Bai Duan finally believed that the Son of God came to seek revenge. Although his methods were extravagant, maybe he was very bored and wanted to have some fun and toss him around?

However, no matter how reluctant he was, Bai Duan could only pretend to be flattered and excited. After the Son of God issued an order, he got up and followed him step by step.

“What’s your name?” The Son of God’s tone was peaceful, and his eyes toward Bai Duan were not of scorn or contempt like that of other people when facing the Black Street residents.

“Bai Duan, sire…” Bai Duan’s voice vibrated slightly, “My name is Bai Duan.” 

“Bai Duan…” The Son of God recited the name in a soft voice, which was as smooth as silk. When he uttered these two words seriously, Bai Duan could not help but feel a flush and heart beat. For the first time, he thought his name was so charming and beautiful he felt like he had been jinxed. When would the magic spell disappear?! Bai Duan didn’t even know what to do with such a spring heart!

“Bai Duan.” The Son of God chuckled, “this name sounds a little strange, but it’s very nice and suits you.”

Bai Duan tried to control his restless mood because of the compliment, he ignored his red and hot cheeks, and bowed his head in fear to thank him.

The Son of God didn’t seem to want to see his humble appearance. He frowned slightly, “My name is Samuel. You can call me by my name, not Son of God

“Son of God!” Samuel was interrupted by the Templars by his side before his voice fell. They obviously couldn’t understand or agree with Samuel’s pick for the Black Street teenager.

Samuel glanced at the Templar, who had a sense of awe and reverence for him, with a light glance. He immediately asked the knight to hang down his head and dare not continue to be ‘loyal’. But the Templar’s for Bai Duan showed warning and admonition, silently asking him to understand his identity.

Bai Duan received a warning from the Templar Knight, and hissed in his heart, that’s why he didn’t like the Holy Light and the Holy Church. These guys who think of themselves as noble and holy were despised even by ordinary nobles, let alone the lower classes from Black Street. Even if they protected the people of the whole continent from the invasion of demons, such a high-ranking appearance was not pleasing at all.

However, no matter how repulsed and unwilling he was, Bai Duan dared not show it at all. Of course, he didn’t want to accept the treatment of calling the Son of God by his name directly, which made Bai Duan feel as if he had put his head in the gallows.

Compared with the Templars who showed their contempt and disdain frankly, Samuel, who was courteous, gentle and kind, was more frightening to Bai Duan. After all, Bai Duan had seen a lot of people who pretended to be good but were evil-minded.

Seeing Bai Duan’s vigilance and uneasiness, Samuel sighed in his heart and understood that he was a little impatient and rash. However, after finding his sweetheart, and honey dyed his hands but, in a twinkling of an eye, his lover turned away from him and looked at his eyes like he was a monster that would eat him, which really made Samuel very unhappy.

Of course, in a sense, he really wanted to ‘eat’ him.

In silence, with his restless mood, Samuel stopped pestering him to use his name, “I can’t stay in Black Street for too long. We’ll leave for the Holy Church in the morning. Do you have anything to pack?”

“…Yes.” Bai Duan hesitated and nodded gently. In fact, there was nothing important in his house. After all, the house on Black Street was not safe at all. All the important and valuable things would be carried with him.

However, Bai Duan was not willing to give up his life and be taken to the Holy Church without resistance, but ‘packing’ was probably his last and only chance to escape.

Hearing Bai Duan’s answer, Samuel nodded, “Umn, I’ll go with you.”

At the end of the conversation, the Templars around Samuel frowned again, and took a step forward with worry and admonishment, “Your Highness, it is not suitable for you to go too deep into Black Street. Let your subordinates take him for you.”

The concern of the Templars was very normal. After all, Black Street had a long history of chaos. Even if officials spent a lot of money to clean up, they could only clean up a few main roads. However, the depths of Black Street still contained dirt and were not suitable for outsiders.

Bai Duan naturally agreed with the Templars. He nodded repeatedly and even said that he could do it alone without bothering the ‘master knight’.

As long as Samuel didn’t go with him, most of the Templars would naturally stay by his side to protect him, and Bai Duan had a much greater chance of escaping. Obviously, these knights were not willing to let this ‘mean and dirty inferior’ become the close attendant of the Son of God, and they probably wouldn’t try their best to catch him. His escape would not affect them at all. 

Bai Duan’s tone was sincere and serious, as if he was really afraid to trouble them. While Samuel glanced at him lightly, his clear blue eyes were peaceful, but he seemed to see through everything and Bai Duan’s original intention easily.

Bai Duan was bathed in Samuel’s clear gaze, and his heart was full of apprehension. Subconsciously, his eyes drifted to one side.

Samuel said softly, “You don’t have to worry about it. You will be my personal attendant and the closest person to me in the future. I should know more about you and see where you have lived.”

Samuel’s voice was tender and concerned, which made Bai Duan’s heart rate stall. He couldn’t figure out whether it was because the magic spell he was given was still effective, or because… he was truly scared.

Samuel’s words were like the devil’s whispers, which were full of feelings and he couldn’t help becoming confused, but instinctively he felt the cold ‘malice’ of the Templars.

The more considerate the Son of God was toward him, the more Bai Duan felt his hair standing upright. In his eyes, it was like ‘the weasel plays with the chicken’. The more attention he got, the more he would pay in the future. However, even though Samuel seemed to be gentle and easy to get along with, once he stuck to his point of view, no one could go against his will.

In the end, Bai Duan had to take Samuel and more than ten Templars to his dilapidated residence, pretending to pack some things that he didn’t care about and didn’t use at all, and sort out some decent luggage.

The Templars were well-trained as they surrounded Bai Duan’s residence and kept an eye out for suspicious people or objects. Samuel silently watched Bai Duan, who was busy looking around, with a little restrained pity and heartache in his eyes.

Bai Duan inadvertently found the eyes of the other party, and subconsciously shivered, shaking off the goose bumps while he looked at the ground.

Finally, under the close supervision of Samuel and the Templars, Bai Duan still didn’t find a good chance to escape, so he had to pack up and follow Samuel back to the official residence where they stayed temporarily.

This was the first time Bai Duan stepped into such a splendid house, but there was no awe in his heart, which made Bai Duan a little surprised, but he doesn’t think much about it. However, although Bai Duan did not feel inferior to others, others felt that his shabby appearance was really out of line with the surrounding environment. After all, even though Bai Duan had tried to keep himself clean and tidy, due to the conditions of Black Street, he was still very unsatisfactory in the eyes of the aristocrats.

Hearing the official’s suggestion to ask the maid to take Bai Duan to clean and change clothes, Samuel thought for a moment, nodded softly, but refused the maid’s participation, “I need a bath, let him follow me.”

All the people around were disbelieving as if they saw a ghost. Obviously, they could not imagine the Holy Son of God bathing with a dirty person. Of course, they did not want his holiness to be tainted. 

“He, Chamberlain Bai, has never been trained, so he won’t be able to handle the task…” The official’s expression was slightly distorted and he tried to get Samuel to stop his absurd idea.

However, Samuel was stubborn, “Because he can’t do anything, he needs to learn as soon as possible.” His face was calm, and one could not see from his appearance that there was a mischievous plot going on.

After that, no longer giving anyone the chance to persuade him otherwise, Samuel took Bai Duan directly to his room.

The officials and the Templars looked at each other, but they were thinking about the Son of God, who had been tough and arbitrary since he returned to the Holy Church. They had no choice but to comply with his wishes, and begin to perform their duties and get busy.

Soon, the originally spotless bathroom was cleaned again. The huge bath was filled with clean water at the appropriate temperature. The white mist was steaming around, making Samuel appear more mysterious, noble and holy.

He stood at the edge of the pool, kneeling on one knee, stretching out his long white fingers to stir the water, as if to test the water temperature. His long blonde hair was curling on the ground, his white robe was like white petals blooming around him, his slightly drooping eyelashes moistening with water vapor were like butterflies fluttering their wings, and his pale pink lips were slightly raised, which made others want to pluck them.

It was a pity that the only person who saw this beautiful scene didn’t enjoy it at all.

Putting the smooth cloth and exquisite pattern robes in his hands on one side of the shelf, Bai Duan pursed his lips, placed his hands against his chest, unconsciously made an alert and defensive gesture, and his tone was cold, “What do you want to do?”

Samuel made a move, looked sideways at his sweetheart who had sharp stabbing eyes, and sighed softly.

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