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Chapter 62: Fifth World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After so many lives, Samuel seldom came across a situation where he was in such a high position. Of course, according to the truth, it was impossible for a person like this to be the target of Samuel’s task but there were no absoluteness.

The original body contained surging and pure holy light power at birth. He was carefully raised by the Holy Church since childhood, and officially became the Son of God of the Holy Church at the age of ten. Although there were no real rights to speak of, no one dared to underestimate his position.

He believed in the God of Light and was loyal to the Holy Church. He was very pure in nature. He listened to the Holy Church’s teachings and grew up to be a real benevolent, honest and upright saint who treated his children equally without distinction between high and low.

It was a good thing that he was too well educated by the Holy Church but it was also a bad thing.

The original body had too much faith in the Holy Church, so he never found that the Holy Church, which had been highly praised by the world, was no longer pure and flawless. It was hard to escape desire and hope, and most of the clergy in the Holy Church couldn’t escape this rule. In the pursuit of the world, they grew  more proud, and more arrogant, wanting to get more and more things.

They not only fought for power and profit in the Holy Church, but also stretched their hands longer and longer, trying to touch the secular money and power. Under this influence of the desire for profit, their respect and love for all that the light God had given was not pure. All of which, the original body did not find out about, he was blinded by the faith in his own heart, and he acted wholeheartedly according to the arrangement of the Holy Church. He didn’t see the decay of the Holy Church, didn’t realize that the holy light weapons he relied on were getting weaker and dimmer, and didn’t notice the unusual movements of the demons.

Therefore, when the danger surging in the dark finally broke through the calm and tranquility on the surface and turned into a terrible flood, all recovery measures were too late.

After a long time of preparation, the demons suddenly invaded in a large scale. The spreading darkness blocked out the sun and became a nightmare for the whole continent. People were panic stricken and frantic to organize a counterattack team. At this time, the Holy Church, regarded as the Savior by the people, inevitably opened the false veil and revealed its decadence and corruption.

With the decline of the holy light, they could no longer shoulder the responsibility of saving the world and the people, and the hope of human beings disappeared.

Seeing everything with his eyes, the original body finally realized how stupid and credulous he used to be, and how rotten the Holy Church he revered was. He hated the degradation of the Holy Church; he blamed himself for his innocence; he suffered with the deaths of the people; he struggled, but could not find any hope of salvation.

Therefore, under the heavy pressure, the Son of God, who was once gentle and merciful, quickly blacked out. He found forbidden magic in the Holy Church’s forbidden book. He sacrificed his own flesh and blood and the whole world’s creatures to try to turn back time.

It had to be said that the original body was indeed extremely talented, or that as the Son of God of this world, he was favored by heaven.

Although the preparation was hurried, and the records of forbidden arts were unclear, the original body finally completed the technique successfully, making the whole continent, which was attacked by darkness, disappear in an instant. All things died, and the huge power accumulated by it broke the time barrier as planned, and returned everything to the time when the demons had not yet invaded.

However, things didn’t go so well. A taboo was called taboo because of its extreme danger and tiny chance of success. Even though the time barrier was broken, the strength of the original soul was not enough to support him to go back to the past along the river of time. It can even be said that, as early as the time when the forbidden art was launched, the soul of the original body had been shattered to pieces.

In this regard, the original body was desperate. He was not willing to destroy the world he loves, but he could only get such a result. He hated the ruthlessness of fate, and was full of guilt and reluctant to give up the life destroyed by himself.

Such strong feelings were captured by Samuel’s gray space. Meanwhile, the gray space also received a warning that the world was on the verge of collapse.

If the original wish of saving the world was not realized, then his world would thoroughly decline and be transferred to the ‘Destroy World Department’ for destruction.

The formation of a world plane was not easy, and should not be destroyed at one’s leisure. As long as there was a possibility of being rescued, the gray space would not give up.

So Samuel received this urgent task to fulfill the original body’s wish, change his destiny and ensure that this plane could continue smoothly.

Due to the sudden task, Samuel’s previous plans were completely disrupted, and Bai Duan was also encumbered. Before he could find a harmonious family to accept Bai Duan’s birth, he was rushed into the world and became a homeless child living in the lowest Black Street without a father or a mother.

When Samuel was attached to the original body, the original body was suffering from the impact caused by backtracking time and was seriously injured. He also learned about Bai Duan’s situation from the system and was immediately worried.

It was not just a day’s work to recuperate. Even if Samuel had an external connection, he couldn’t jump around in a flash. Unable to explain to others why he was injured, Samuel simply left the Holy Church. Fortunately, he was always obedient, so the Holy Church was quite lenient of him, and his care was not strict, which gave Samuel, as the Son of God, a high degree of freedom.

With all his injuries, Samuel launched the transmission array to Black Street following Bai Duan’s life force, and fell down beside the only way for Bai Duan to go home. He wanted to take this opportunity to have his lover be ‘the beauty saved by the hero’, and naturally get to know and love Bai Duan.

However, he underestimated the danger level of Black Street, and didn’t expect that Bai Duan, who lived in Black Street since he was a child, to become so vigilant and careful. Instead of winning Bai Duan’s favor, he made the other side more vigilant and regard him as an extremely dangerous enemy.

To this end, Samuel almost wanted to cry out, so he had no choice but to find a safe place for the time being to recover from his injuries and go back to the Holy Church to make up a story. Only then did he formally return to Black Street and bring his lover back to his side. Anyway, he just found a chamberlain from Black Street. Although it was unheard of, it was not a big deal. He had always treated inferior people equally, and others had no doubt about his compassion and love of orphans.

Looking at his angry sweetheart, Samuel got up slowly and tried to make his expression more friendly, “Don’t worry, I don’t mean you any harm.”

However, Bai Duan’s response was the opposite of what Samuel expected, “No harm? I did not save you from death, but you accepted me as a personal attendant. Is it still that ‘revenge will not be rewarded’?” After a pause, he ground his teeth silently. “And then, you should undo the spell you cast on me!”

Samuel was stunned and puzzled, “What spell?” 

Bai Duan blushed and felt extremely ashamed, “That is… It’s the spell that controls my emotions!”

Samuel’s face was wronged, and he felt the situation was more and more inexplicable, “I didn’t cast a spell to control your emotions.”

“Nonsense!” Bai Duan’s face was full of rage, and his rage suddenly overcame his shame and embarrassment. “If you didn’t do it, why would I dream about you day and night after I saw you, and worry about whether you were dead or not? After I saw you, you only said a word and it made my heart beat faster!”

Although Bai Duan’s blame was full of anger, listening to anything Samuel said was no less than sweet love words. After the edification of love words in his last life, Bai Duan expressing his feelings was quite straightforward. This habit seemed to have been brought into this life.

“Is that how you feel?” Samuel’s eyes were slightly bright, and he could not help taking a few steps towards Bai Duan, but he was once again warily dodged by Bai Duan. In desperation, Samuel had to stop and give up the idea of approaching Bai Duan. “I swear to the God of Light, I didn’t cast any spells on you, and my heart is the same as yours. Even when I was seriously injured, I couldn’t resist being attracted by you. I want to get close to you and touch you… At that time, I should not have trusted anyone, but instinctively trusted you and sent out a call for help to you… ” After a pause, Samuel looked a little dim. “However, you left me.”

Bai Duan felt a little pain in his heart. With Samuel’s words full of remorse, regret and guilt, he felt that this feeling was absurd and totally unacceptable.

“Of course, I can understand your cautious approach, but I’m really sad. I wanted to catch up with you and hold you right away.” Samuel said with emotion, “But my physical condition didn’t allow me to do so, so I had to leave for a while, and I came back to find you as soon as I was cured. Fortunately, I found you in the crowd and brought you back to me.”

Bai Duan was deeply touched by Samuel’s words. He looked at Samuel and the corner of his mouth lifted slightly, “What are you talking about? Are you sick?”

Samuel, who was regarded as a disease by his sweetheart, “….”

“So, don’t you believe what I said?” Samuel frowned a little. The light sorrow between his eyebrows was pitiful. He wished he could do all he could to ease his sorrow.

Bai Duan sneered, “Yes, I don’t believe a word you said!”

Samuel, who lost with all his beauty and bitter strategies, “….”

Samuel really had nothing to do with his lover who was throwing oil on the fire. After so many lives, he naturally knew Bai Duan very well, and knew that he was a bull headed guy. Once he determined something in his mind, he would rush forward. No matter what the situation was, he would never turn back.

Once upon a time, Bai Duan loved him so wholeheartedly that Samuel felt incomparably happy and at ease. Now, Bai Duan thought that he was a bad guy. No matter how poor Samuel acted, it still had no effect.

For such a Bai Duan, Samuel really loved and hated him. He had to admit that once Bai Duan believed that he was a man with ulterior motives, it would be difficult for him to reverse this image.

It seemed that the previously planned sweet pet route was not going to work. Samuel narrowed his eyes slightly and decided to choose another route. In the last life, he was forced by Bai Duan to unilaterally announce his love. So in this life, it was his turn, right?

As soon as he raised his hand, a beam of light twined around Bai Duan. Even though Bai Duan was alert at all times, he could not resist the overwhelming power. Before he could react, Bai Duan was pulled by the beam of light and plunged into Samuel’s arms. He held him tightly.

Samuel hooked up Bai Duan’s chin, and looked into his gaping eyes. Samuel let loose a ruffian smile, bowed his head and printed a kiss on Bai Duan’s lips. “If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it. Anyway, you can’t escape my palm.”

Completely unable to move, Bai Duan felt like he was waiting to be slaughtered. “……”

He knew that Samuel was not as pure and holy as he showed. What should he do? It was so urgent, he was about to be eaten! QAQ

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