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Chapter 98: Seventh World (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Looking at his sweetheart, whose tears were still in his eyes and who was gradually showing some vigilance, Liu Tao only felt as if his heart was broken. Because the last two worlds had been a war of light and darkness and hegemony of the universe, it was a bit tiring. So this time, he chose a relaxed task, but unexpectedly, there was something wrong with it. It was truly worse than nature.

But in retrospect, it seemed that every time he wanted to choose an easy task to rest, there would inexplicably be troubles. Was it bad luck?

This time, because of the unique magnetic field, the world really had the existence of ‘ghosts.’

When the body dies, either because of deep resentment or nostalgia, any soul that was unwilling to accept its own death would become another independent form of existence after being separated. They were collectively referred to as ‘ghosts.’

However, due to the weakness of the majority of human spirits, the ghosts formed were incomplete souls that lacked reason, so it was difficult to complete their minds before death. Once a long time went by, these ghosts that couldn’t fulfill their wishes would be gradually dispelled by the natural forces and ‘spirited away.’

In order to fight against the power of natural decomposition, some other ghosts instinctively learned to hurt and devour the living to make up for their incomplete souls, and became the so-called ‘fierce ghosts’ over time.

The original body chosen by Liu Tao was a poor man who suffered from such a fierce ghost. Originally born in the countryside, his family was not rich, but as the youngest and only boy, he had never suffered from any hardship from childhood to now. It could be said that he was loved by his family.

In order to enable the original owner to go to university, his parents worked in the fields from dawn to dusk, and his three older sisters also dropped out of school to stay at home, or married out early, or went to work in a big city, just to support their younger brother, so that he could go to university and have a future. Fortunately, the original body was also a sensible child. He was grateful for his family’s efforts and hard work. Finally, he was admitted to a national ranking school. Once he graduated, he would be able to fly to the sky.

However, it was not easy to realize that the golden phoenix flying out of the earth was not fully grown, so it had broken its wings. He didn’t expect that when he went out with friends from the club, he would step into a ghost gate.

For such a result, the original was unwilling. He was not willing to lose his life when he was still young and had a bright future. He was even more distressed that he had not returned to his parents and sisters, nor let them live a good life, but let them experience the pain of bereavement, and let his parents send their youngest off into the afterlife.

Whether it was to support his parents and sisters or to be outstanding, it was a simple task for Liu Tao. He thought that this world could be relaxed and calm. He could have a fresh and pure campus love with his lover, but he didn’t think that just when he opened his eyes, the world’s style had caught him by surprise.

He heard the familiar voice of his lover and saw his beautiful face as soon as he opened his eyes. It was really a beautiful thing for Liu Tao but it was a pity that he put his heart on his sleeve for his lover and overestimated his physical condition at this moment. He was in a moment of emotion and didn’t breathe. That was all… in the arms of his lover… he was gone…

Before he could say hello to his lover, he was once again rejected from the flesh of the original body. To be honest, although it was an accident, Liu Tao, as a veteran of all kinds of battles, didn’t come across a similar situation.

Most of the time, those who were willing to trade with task holders were in danger of losing their lives. It was a very common thing for them to have attached themselves and suffer heavy losses before they reacted. Their lives were in danger or they would even die.

At the beginning of his tasks, Liu Tao often accidentally killed his original body due to his lack of experience. Fortunately, in order to deal with this situation, the task holders in the gray space also had their own way, that is to say, if they died, they could be reattached again.

As long as the time of death was not long, all functions had not stopped completely, and the body was still intact, the Tasker with strong mental power like Liu Tao could use his own soul power to nourish the body and make it return to operation. This was not too incredible. After all, even ordinary people would have a state of ‘pseudo death,’ while the Tasker was only dead for a second. It was a little more thorough than ‘feigning death.’

If he didn’t die in his lover’s arms, Liu Tao would not care about it at all. However, he was swallowed in his lover’s arms. This… it was a bit awkward.

However, Liu Tao did not have time to savor this embarrassment, and soon his heart began to tremble when he saw his tearful lover. He really could not bear to see Bai Duan’s tears, especially the other side’s poor and confused look while crying, which made his heart ache. He wished to immediately hold him in his arms and appease him, kiss off his tears and dissipate his confusion.

Since he could not change the fact that his lover witnessed his death, Liu Tao simply did not wait, and plunged into the body of the dead flesh, returning to life in front of Bai Duan.

As for the next part… It was even more embarrassing.

Lying in Bai Duan’s arms, Liu Tao and Bai Duan stared at each other for a long time, and Liu Tao stiffly maintained the act of wiping tears for him. Later, Bai Duan released his hand expressively, leaving Liu Tao’s still unable to control his body and smashed heavily on the cold and humid ground.

Liu Tao hit the back of his head on the ground and made a muffled sound. Obviously, it was not a light hit. Fortunately, his nervous system had not fully recovered, and he did not feel too much pain, but he could not help showing his expression of grievance but to be honest, this expression with black and blue skin was really weird.

Standing up, wiping tears from his face, Bai Duan looked coldly at the ‘man’ who sprawled on the ground, slowly and stiffly, “Who are you?”

Liu Tao blinked, “I am Liu Tao? Member of [Ink Black Moon] dubbing club… “

“You are not him.” Bai Duan frowned, his tone determined. Although he had not been in contact with Liu Tao, Bai Duan instinctively knew the difference between a ‘human’ and the ‘Liu Tao’ in front of him. Even if they used the same body, they were also very different. At least Bai Duan and Liu Tao had met several times before, but he had never paid any attention to him. However, it was difficult for him to ignore the existence of the ‘person’ in front of him.

Of course, it was also possible that this guy’s way of appearing was too weird.

In the dark, Bai Duan felt that his inexplicable abnormal performance just now was related to this ‘person,’ not for the original ‘Liu Tao.’ In addition, he was attracted here by the tracer with obvious effect of looking for someone who had a close relationship with him, which made Bai Duan even more uncertain.

Was there a relationship between him and this guy that he doesn’t know of?

At the time of Bai Duan’s random speculation, Liu Tao finally used his soul power to nourish his body. His skin color faded from blue and black, and became a lot more normal, but it was still pale and bloodless. He got up from the ground and touched the back of his head, which was finally beginning to ache. He missed the silly sweet lover who once believed what he said and was easily fooled.

“I’m Liu Tao.” He shrugged and stressed, “From now on, I will be Liu Tao.”

Bai Duan’s eyes were deep, “You’re an evil spirit?”

“You mean a ghost? Um… maybe you can call me a ghost, but I’m not a bad ghost. I’m a good ghost.” Liu Tao tried to justify himself, “The death of the original body was not by my hand. I just made a deal with him on the verge of death to fulfill his wish, support his parents and use his body in a proper way.”

Bai Duan looked at Liu Tao suspiciously, but did not discuss with the other party whether it was ‘right or wrong.’ He has no friendship with Liu Tao, and it was impossible for him to fight for Liu Tao, who had always been weak in emotion. Even, vaguely, Bai Duan felt relieved and happy in his heart.

Feeling overwhelmed by his feelings, Bai Duan didn’t intend to continue the topic, “If you’re a ghost, then do you know what’s going on here? Where is my cousin Lin Lin?”

“I’m not a ghost from here, so I don’t know what’s going on.” Liu Tao shook his head honestly. He had just come into the world. He didn’t know much more than Bai Duan did. He just raised his hand and pointed to the passage ahead. “I only know that they ran in that direction before I died.”

Obviously, Liu Tao’s answer was not satisfactory to Bai Duan. He frowned, took out the rune paper and folded a tracking symbol again to ignite it, but this time, the flying paper ash did not guide him, instead, it hovered around him and Liu Tao.

“… Is it out of order? Or did I get it wrong?” Bai Duan asked himself in a low voice. He was very upset. Instead, Liu Tao secretly hooked his lips and showed a happy smile.

Although he had just arrived in this world and had not understood the Dharma and mantra of this world, this kind of Dharma was not very different in every world. Liu Tao was naturally happy to know the restrictions of the tracker made by Bai Duan. After all, he and Bai Duan had a long-standing marriage, and signed many contracts. Naturally, they were much closer than his cousins how could the tracker fly to other people with him there?

So with his elated thinking, Liu Tao also did not ignore his anxious lover. Since it was Bai Duan’s cousin, Liu Tao would certainly not let her die. He silently ordered the system to scan the whole air raid shelter, and soon found a trace of the group of college students who were about to be killed. He immediately said to Bai Duan, “I know where they are, follow me!”

Bai Duan subconsciously stepped behind Liu Tao and ran a few steps before he realized that this man seemed to be too incredulous. He didn’t know whether the ghost was an enemy, a friend or something else, and since it was just like this… shouldn’t he worry and not follow him boldly?

Bai Duan secretly held his vigilance and felt it was simply eaten by the dog, but his footsteps didn’t stop at all. He once again put a spell in his hands, so that he could be aware of accidents.

Liu Tao, who had been leading the way and had not turned back, clearly noticed Bai Duan’s vigilance and defense through the system, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly in his heart.

It seemed that his campus love would have to be worked for. It was not a coincidence that the time of his appearance was almost too late. He was afraid that his lover had raised his standards. It seemed it was time to play ‘the ghost of a human.’ →_→

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