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Chapter 99: Seventh World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Bai Duan followed Liu Tao to find his little cousin, he saw Lin Lin and her companions being forced into a corner by a black fog and shivering. They were pale and had no spirit in their eyes. They couldn’t even scream. Obviously, they had been scared out of their senses, leaving only fear and despair.

Seeing this scene, Bai Duan’s pace accelerated rapidly and he ran directly ahead of Liu Tao, lifting the charm in his hand and throwing it hard. The yellow charm was just a piece of light floating paper, but at this time, it seemed to be a throwing knife, shooting out, directly into the black fog.

The black fog suddenly trembled, making a sharp howl that is, howling may not be appropriate, because people didn’t really hear any sound, but felt that their ears and brain suddenly vibrated, buzzing, like the response to high decibel noise.

Obviously, Bai Duan’s action angered the black fog. It gave up the prey that was forced to the corner for a while, wriggled its body to approach Bai Duan, but it didn’t expect to move only one step. Then the black fog stopped, hesitated for a moment, and quickly retreated like the tide, drilling into the cracks in the wall not far away.

Bai Duan was surprised that the black fog fled so easily. He fixed his eyes on the crack for a few seconds to make sure that the black fog would not return. Then he gave a subtle look at Liu Tao who was following him.

Liu Tao blinked, innocently, as if he didn’t know the reason why the black fog suddenly disappeared.

It had to be said that although there was not much sense, the black fog had lived for a long time, and it gave birth to a more acute instinct. It instinctively felt that the two new people were not easy to deal with. Even though it coveted the huge and pure soul, it dared not speak at all.

The danger dissipated and the peace was restored in the cave, but the college students in the corner still didn’t move.

Bai Duan went to them, squatted down, drew a calming sign on his little cousin’s forehead, which finally brought back Lin Lin’s mind.

As soon as she regained consciousness, she saw her steady and reliable cousin’s concerned eyes. Lin Lin was stunned for a long time. She woke up and looked at the dark cave around her. Finally, she cried loudly and plunged into Bai Duan’s arms.

Lin Lin’s crying also awakened several other students. They trembled, burst into tears, hugged each other tightly, felt each other’s body temperature and heartbeat, and confirmed that they were still alive.

“It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.” Bai Duan caressed his little cousin’s back, and held her in his arms, soothing her gently with an equally gentle look. Liu Tao was very upset at the back, but he had to recite ‘that’s my cousin-in-law’ in silence, which made him resist the impulse to pull Lin Lin and throw her aside.

He didn’t know whether it was Liu Tao’s deep resentment or Lin Lin finally venting her fear, but she emerged from Bai Duan’s arms with a pale face, and her voice choked, “Cousin… Why are you here?”

“I didn’t feel right in the library. I felt like you were in danger.” Bai Duan replied as he raised his hand to the red rope on Lin Lin’s neck and pulled out the amulet. Unexpectedly, he saw that the red bag with the amulet was dark.

“This is… What’s the matter?” Lin Lin’s face was flustered.

“It’s okay. It’s just broken. I’ll make you a new one later.” Bai Duan shook his head and said, “I’m glad you asked me for it, or I may not have been able to make it to you.” As he said this, he turned his head to look at Liu Tao and thanked him in his heart. If he hadn’t led the way, he would have lost his way in the air raid shelter and be unable to help his little cousin.

However, Bai Duan did not know, at this moment, that his tracker was invalid because of this guy.

Following Bai Duan’s line of sight, Lin Lin also found Liu Tao standing behind him. Her eyes lit up, “TaoTao, are you okay?! That’s great!” After a pause, she bit her lips, and her face showed guilt and uneasiness. Tears fell again, “I’m sorry… You, when you fell, I was so scared that I didn’t pull you up. I just ran away… I’m sorry.”

Several other college students also expressed their apologies for abandoning their companion and escaping on their own. No matter what they thought in their hearts, at least they made a confessional gesture.

“It’s okay. If it was me, I would probably not dare to stop to save people. I can understand.” Liu Tao smiled, his face pale as he accepted the apology from the students. He didn’t seem to have a bad heart. Because the original didn’t mention revenge in his original wish, Liu Tao didn’t bother to argue with these college students. “In a word, I should also thank Lin Lin for asking for the safety token from Bai Duan, which made him come here in time and save me at the last moment.”

For Liu Tao’s ‘explanation,’ Lin Lin had no doubt at all. Instead, she held up her chest with pride, “My cousin is the most powerful! Grandpa said he is a genius! If he focused on the path of our ancestors, he will surely become an outstanding Onmyoji! Of course, now I think he is an excellent one already!”

“Onmyoji? God, is there such a profession?”

“I thought it was all made up in the story!”

“Mr. Bai is so powerful! Can I learn this skill?”

Upon hearing Lin Lin’s words, the college students immediately aroused their spirits, talked a lot and subconsciously gathered with Bai Duan in the middle.

Liu Tao was pushed from Bai Duan’s side because he couldn’t compete with others in order to maintain his original character. He watched himself getting further away from his lover, and there were so many obstacles in the middle. The excited college students didn’t notice Liu Tao’s gloomy complexion and twinkling sharp eyes, but Bai Duan was sensitive to the dangerous breath change around him or Bai Duan’s attention had always been on Liu Tao, even when he comforted his little cousin.

Seeing Bai Duan’s eyes pass the crowd and rest on himself, Liu Tao’s expression just slightly improved, showing him a sweet smile. In the last world, Bai Duan couldn’t stand his smile like this. As soon as he showed his dimples, he could make the other side immediately soft and let him ask for whatever he wanted. 

It was a pity that in this world, Liu Tao was not as sweet and lovely as Eddie in the last world. Such a smile, on the contrary, made Bai Duan feel that he had bad intentions, and his eyes were more alert.

Liu Tao with a silent smile, “…”

This was really a tough injury! He was actually missing Eddie’s face, which he once hated. Was it a little bit broken?

Appeasing these students who were in great trouble, and answering a few questions at will to satisfy their curiosity, Bai Duan brought the group of college students out of the air raid shelter safely. He finally breathed a long sigh of relief.

Seeing the sky again, the people who had almost been killed couldn’t help but feel a bit like crying again. Students from other provinces rushed back to school to have a rest, while students from this city simply went back to their homes to seek comfort from their parents. Bai Duan also sent back his frightened little cousin, who was a little bit depressed after coming here, but he didn’t go back to school. Instead, he went to his Grandpa’s.

After saying hello to Grandpa, Bai Duan plunged into his study and began to read the ancient books and notes left by his grandfather. He was eager to know the origin of the ‘Liu Tao’ he met today, and what kind of relationship he had with the other.

It was hard for Bai Duan’s grandfather to sleep and eat when he saw his grandson. Naturally, he didn’t disturb him. It was a pity that Bai Duan had been staying in his study until midnight. Apart from some records of returning a soul from a corpse, he didn’t find anything else and Bai Duan didn’t think that ‘Liu Tao’ was a ghost returning as a soul to a corpse.

Rubbing his dry eyes and breathing softly, Bai Duan finally gave up his search. He stretched his body, which was slightly sore because he kept the same posture, stood up and went into the bathroom to take a bath before going to bed. However, just after taking off his clothes, he felt a gaze full of existence.

With a lot of mental strength, Bai Duan’s five senses were more acute. He looked around the bathroom, but he didn’t find anything suspicious. His face was a little heavy somehow, he suddenly thought of Liu Tao.

Bai Duan didn’t have a magic spell to suppress ghosts because he had stripped off his clothes. Before the other party did anything, he didn’t plan to scare the snake. He turned on the shower, washed in a hurry and then put on his bathrobe.

Vaguely, he seemed to hear a light ‘tsk’ of regret.

Bai Duan, whose brow was slightly scrunched, “….”

Silently biting the itchy roots, Bai Duan went to his bedroom and turned on the air conditioner. He wanted to change into pajamas, but he finally gave up because of the following gaze. He just wrapped the bathrobe tighter, tied the belt, and then got into the bed. Anyway, his sleeping posture was always good, even if he wore the bathrobe, he didn’t have to worry about going out.

Secretly touching the charm hidden under his pillow, Bai Duan was a little calm. He pretended to close his eyes and try to lead the snake out of the hole, but the other side was more patient than him. He didn’t show any signs at all. Bai Duan held a charm in his hands, but he couldn’t find the target to the attack.

After such a confrontation, for more than an hour, Bai Duan gradually became a little mentally slow. After all, he was human, and was exhausted from the long day. Now finally lying in a comfortable bed, even if he tried to remind himself to stay awake, he could not help but start to feel vague, drowsy and attacked by sleepiness.

Between the sleepiness, he felt a breath gradually approaching and enveloping himself. However, the breath was too gentle and harmless, and he seemed to be familiar with it, which made Bai Duan unable to raise half of his vigilance. Instead, he became more relaxed and slept more deeply.

The young man’s frown on the bed gradually extended, and the fingers holding the charm relaxed slowly, leaving the yellow paper to be blown aside by the wind.

As if supported by something, the young man turned over obediently. The bathrobe that had been tightly wrapped around his body was gently pulled along with the turning movement, revealing a large patch of white skin. The breeze gently blew, the red tassel on the chest gradually stood up, becoming more and more red and gorgeous. The young man gasped and groaned softly. His long body writhed on the bed impatiently. Even in the air-conditioned room, he couldn’t help but sweat a little.

However, soon, he stopped moving as if he had been comforted by something, but his breath became heavier and his face more ruddy, and even his eyes flew up with a touch of a blush. He reached for what he seemed to want to hold, but he grabbed an empty space. He could only turn to the bedspread on both sides of his body and tighten his flexible waistline.

The next morning, Bai Duan, who was sitting on the bed, looked at the dry white traces left on his bathrobe and bedspread. His calm face, which had never collapsed, even in front of Mount Tai, was slightly twisted and he beat the bed hard.

Although he slept heavily last night, somehow, he clearly remembered how he got off, his lust had climbed to the top in that bastard’s ‘hand,’ and what he couldn’t accept was that he didn’t feel repulsed or disgusted by it. Instead, he… wanted to taste it again.

It was just… crazy!

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