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I am adding a new daily thing to do to keep the community active and to help those who are shy have a chance to talk about something. So this is our newly added series: Question of the Day!

I (or members in ExR) will ask one question daily to see everyone’s opinion on it.


The first question of this series is:


  1. How did you get into yaoi/danmei/BL?


Addis’ answer: I started reading shounen-ai back in 2012 because I read all of the release shojo and josei that I could find. I wanted to find something with a different plot and stumbled upon Junjo Romantica and Loveless.

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January 25, 2022 6:33 am

I was obsessed with Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. I heard that Yana Toboso had written a yaoi manga and I found it and read it…and got hooked.

January 25, 2022 6:38 am

I started reading m/m romance a few years ago to take a break from regular romance novels. I went searching online and one of the first stories I found was a translated one. Been hooked ever since. One of the first 10 is actually Mo Dao Zu Shi. Lol

January 25, 2022 6:42 am

I had a baby at the beginning of the pandemic, 2 years ago, & we watched The Untamed together while I recovered 😅 Then I found out it was based on a story. The rest is history!

January 25, 2022 7:09 am

What a nice idea this is. We get to interact and learn a little about Addis and tge excellent EXRs team.
I was drawn to GMDC after watching some other fantasy C-dramas and loved the characters and story. Read about it being based on a novel and searched for a translation I coukd understand… ending…. here 🤗
I love this group and not a day goes by where I don’t read from here. Thank you all so much.

January 25, 2022 7:25 am

I started with shojo manga and then found translated yaoi as a genre. I love to read/watch stories from different parts in Asia. And as they say the rest is history.

January 25, 2022 7:28 am

I started reading manga in 2019 and stumbled on the XRS site. Here I found GMDC and LMW and have been obsessed ever since.

January 25, 2022 8:20 am

I saw HIStory on Vikki and the Untamed. Went to find the novel and became obsessed with the BL genre.

January 25, 2022 8:22 am

Oddly from watching YinYang Master/Dream of Eternity (which is not even BL in the original source material, apparently) and thinking wow, this is so…super gay. Which I LOVED. Netflix’s Algorithms then gave me The Untamed. Then I googled and fell down the rabbit hole from which I have yet to emerge.

January 25, 2022 9:29 am

First of all, seeing everyone comments, I am feeling a bit old. 😝
So, this oldie has been addicted to yaoi since 2006 after reading one of my favorite manga, ZE. And, I have been feeding this little bug ever since. 🐛🐛

i'm a klutz
i'm a klutz
January 25, 2022 10:50 am

i found some fujoshis discussing bxb stuffs on line webtoon comment section 4-5 years ago.
At that time i didn’t understand what they were talking about, my curiosity got the best of me and i browsed the words they used. Well, i found bl.
After some time i got bored of the bottom/top thing, i wanna see some equally masculine boys couple. Hehe~

January 25, 2022 11:05 am

I watched the series The Untamed in Viki and in the comments i saw there was the writen novel in ER so i started reading your novels until now. Thank you Addis and al Your staff for your good work

January 25, 2022 11:15 am

Hmm, I don’t really remember how I got into yaoi. I think it’s from manga website, don’t remember the 1st one though. Then, came across Hua Hua Yu Long manga, but it’s not finished yet. Looked information about it, turned out it was from novel. Yeah, my 1st novel is HHYL! 😄 Quite a hardcore, but I like the story and the characters, both are strong characters who knows what they want. Been reading yaoi manga and novel since then, watching yaoi anime and donghua, and listen to yaoi cd drama too!

January 25, 2022 12:49 pm

I arrived this site by reading a Manga around 2 or 3 years ago Then I realized there were novels and stayed here

January 25, 2022 1:27 pm

I got in through the manhua of the legendary master’s wife 🥺🥺🥺

January 25, 2022 2:45 pm

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi may have been the first yaoi I found, but what made me stay forever and plunge into this abyss was Mo Dao Zu Shi. After the end of season 1, I was completely hooked. Like a ravenous beast I searched the YouTube comment and found that it was based off of a novel, I googled for the novel (thank you google), and I found you guys and the rest was history.

Alyssa Johns
Alyssa Johns
January 25, 2022 3:25 pm

I started in Thai BLs. I think my first one was Together with Me, and as I got further into it I found books. Recently I have gotten into yaoi anime.

January 25, 2022 3:57 pm

I don’t actually remember. I think it was because of YouTube recommendations back then when everything wasn’t censored.

January 25, 2022 5:18 pm

Back in 2013, I stumbled upon a kaisoo fanfic (EXO) and since then I’ve been a huge BL fan. I only discovered danmei last last year when I accidentally watched the donghua of mdzs. Suprisingly, the first danmei I’ve read was not mdzs but svsss

January 25, 2022 5:55 pm

The first time I went to Japan and accidentally browse thru a magazine and saw 1 picture of 2 guys hugging each other, from there onwards I started looking for more and was hooked by it.

January 25, 2022 6:18 pm

I saw a Naru/Sasu fanart and that opened up a new world~ My first yaoi was Junjou Romantica >///<

January 26, 2022 4:26 am

Introduced by a friend back in 2016 with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (anime) and found Junjou Romantica (anime). Then found out about the MANGA hehe. and then it’s a straight down the rabbit hole~ After a few years of manga, my first BL outside of manga was the novel The Legendary Master’s Wife c:

January 25, 2022 9:08 pm

I found out about the world of yaoi when I started reading fanfics about Gundam Wing. My favourite pairing was Heero x Duo. I’ve read many shounen-ai/ yaoi manga since then. But the one that really touched me and stayed close to my heart was “Only the Ring Finger Knows”.

January 25, 2022 9:53 pm

My best friend handed me her copies of Matoh Sanami’s “Fake”. I’d always loved cop and crime shows, and Fake was right up my alley.
It had comedy, serious drama, strong female characters and the sexiest kiss scenes ever. Yeah, it was 2 guys kissing, but did not matter.
Never looked back
I’ve read a lot of BL a billion times worse than it and, unfortunately, very few better over the 20 years since.

January 26, 2022 6:24 am

Hello everyone, I started Bl after watching the Untamed on Netflix, i like Lan WangJi and Wei Wu Xian, so i started following them and that I found Grand Master of Demonic Cultivation and I love it so much, and than i continue till today. I hope you understand what I mean, because my English is not very good, sorry about this and thank you

January 26, 2022 10:21 am

Ahahaha, i been reading yaoi since 2012/2013 k was young at that time like 12 years old but first i started with books my mon at that time had. She love a good romance, and she had a gay romance in the middle of the other’s stories. And i was a little obsessed with books at that time so i read that one.
After that came the manga, a few years later the webcomic, and about 3/4 years ago the novel and the drama.
I gotta confess I’m still a little obsessed with this stories 😁😁😁

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