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Q: Do you have any novel/manga that has high reread value but low-quality content (trashy plots/character/genres/etc)? Vice versa, do you have any novel/manga that has low reread value but high-quality content?

Rara — For danmei, I absolutely adore Priest’s works, the story is very good but I am never in the mood to give it another reread. And yet, I have reread this one danmei 爱后余生 multiple times but the content is very trashy.  For yaoi/BL webtoons, Zankoku Na Kami Ga Shihai Suru is a masterpiece, but I haven’t reread it once. I reread Hosik a lot of times, personally, I don’t think it’s trash, but from other cmts it seems that the content is very trashy, but I gobble down on that trashiness anytime.

gaeatiamat — Ugh, there was a TERRIBLE dog’s blood that started with this that I accidentally got sucked into. The MC was so. freaking. STUPID.


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May 29, 2022 8:51 am

I never read it but my friend loves it; BJ Alex, I really don’t get what’s appealing about it though, not calling it trashy but… I think it’s a waste of investing my time to read lol (yes, I’ve tried reading it but I just can’t with it)

on the other hand, I didn’t know it until recently but people don’t really like Exotic Love because of the miscommunication between the CP but I think they’re adorable, I love rereading it

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