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Do you qualify as a geek? How high are you on the scale?


Gaeatiamat A: Don’t know the proper answer because I’m an autodidact which answers the question I posed, I am a HOPELESS geek. Nerd in English Literature, Religion, Western History and working on it in every other subject except Physics and Philosophy because they make my brain hurt.

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August 19, 2022 6:43 am

Not really. I know little snippets about a lot, but apart from cats, not a lot about a few specific things.
Hated school and get bored quickly.
If my interest is piqued, I do have to obsessively research though, until satisfied.

August 19, 2022 8:41 am

No Sure about where on the scale I should put myself but I’m a geek for sure. Some of my friends even calls me walking encyclopedia . 😂 I am however mostly inclined to Religion, Literature and quantum physics

August 19, 2022 9:16 am

i dont know the difference between geek and nerd, but goddamn if i dont have all the (mostly useless) knowledge on the subjects of my liking(mostly manga), i mean, if its for me to like somethin i will do so perfectly that no one can ever ever ever contradict my knowledge, and if by chance i say somethign wrong i will correct myself and study on the subject more than the person who corrected me so i still can feel superior afterwards. petty? yes, but fuck me if i aint gona do it all perfectly.

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