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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


When Anna said that, Xie Quan remembered this. In order to avoid tracking, he deliberately put out the news that he was going to attend the black market in Airy City, trying to lure people there.

Xie Quan said, “I sent the stuff to Empire Bank 201.”

Anna was accustomed to it as she said, “Then I’ll pick it up then. What is the starting price you want to auction at that time?” 

Although Xie Quan would occasionally go to the black market to buy something on his own, he never went out to trade Yan Bai’s works on his own, and was always represented by Anna. As for the price, Xie Quan was never insistent, he just said, “I heard that the Imperial Research Institute has developed a super S-grade armed protective paint, I want a bottle!” His eyes glittered.

Anna estimated in her mind where to get that stuff and how much it would cost, she promised, “I’ll talk to the black market then. Where are you now?”

“Noel City.”

“…” Anna sounded puzzled, “What are you doing there?”

“Hiding from people.” Speaking of which, Xie Quan asked, “Have you messed with the Imperial Army lately?”

Anna denied, “No, why would I mess with them? Didn’t you tell me not to deal with the Empire’s side?”

Xie Quan was confused, “Then why do they want me?”

Anna understood the meaning of this, “Are you saying that you went to Noel City to hide from the Imperial Army? No way! When you traded inhibitor prescriptions before, didn’t you have an agreement that the Empire couldn’t bother you?”

Although Anna couldn’t see Xie Quan, Xie Quan nodded, “Hmm…” That’s why he was puzzled.

At first, he offered a deal to the Empire’s government as Yan Bai, and he offered them the new generation of inhibitor remedies he developed for free, but the Empire government had to promise not to bother him, and even protect his information to a certain extent. Although Xie Quan himself also covered up very well, so many organizations had used laborious manpower, but had not found him. Part of the reason was because the Empire’s government blocked it for him.

However, now the Imperial Army was uncharacteristically searching for him, and he didn’t know where the information came from, but they had actually chased him to his neighborhood. Although he knew that the Imperial Army hadn’t found him yet, he decided to slip away first just to be on the safe side. He was an unconnected person, and such a person would easily attract the Imperial Army’s attention when he entered the gates of various cities, which was why he found a disguise with the same name and similar age.

And that ‘Xie Quan’ had died not long ago. Xie Quan intercepted the death report procedure, and then simply followed the identity of this ‘Xie Quan’ to his uncle in Noel City.

Anna saw that Xie Quan did not make a sound, knowing that his thoughts must have derailed again, she spoke to pull him back, “So how are you doing? Do you need my help?”

Xie Quan shook his head, “I’m fine now, you just take care of Airy City.”

Anna admonished with some concern, “Then you have to tell me if you need anything. Also, be careful not to be tricked! Don’t hold back when someone hits on you! Don’t let people mess with you! Don’t go to any alpha! Remember your heat! The city is crowded, don’t run around!”

The more she said, the more uneasy she was. Xie Quan did not like to go to the city and while she was happy to see it, with Xie Quan’s character, staying in the countryside was much safer. She sometimes really could not quite understand him. He was obviously from the Epsilon District, so how could he be so insensitive to the malice of other people?

The Epsilon District was the largest gathering place of malice in the world. How come the Xie Quan who came out of there was more worrying than a flower in a greenhouse?

Xie Quan listened to Anna’s words and felt that she could be too contradictory, telling him not to hold back and not to provoke people at the same time. But he still responded without haste, “Okay, I know.”

Anna felt that he punched cotton. She was momentarily speechless, and finally said very tiredly, “Noel City has not been very peaceful recently, you must be careful.”

At that, Xie Quan, who did not pay attention to current affairs at all, except for the technology channel, was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

“Noel City has recently had a number of malicious crimes against beta appear. For the stability of the people, the government has not yet informed the masses, but it is said that the crimes are really serious, and the perpetrators have not yet been caught. Be careful not to fall into this, and don’t try to do anything!”

The latter sentence is superfluous. Xie Quan thought to himself. I’m not interested in this kind of thing, what’s the point of getting involved?


In a hospital in Noel City, Ji Cheying strode up to the top floor of the ICU. The two officers at the door saw Ji Cheying and saluted him with both feet together. An officer opened the door of the ward and Ji Cheying walked in, looking at the victim who was wrapped in a safety capsule.

“What’s the situation?” His voice was low, with the aura of a superior person who was not angry but powerful.

Tang Wenshao was a doctor of this hospital and was currently in charge of the treatment plan for these victims. Although he was not Ji Cheying’s subordinate, he still unconsciously gave him respect and reported, “Despite the resuscitation measures, the pheromone storm in the victim’s body still cannot be quelled. The victim’s body is unable to repair itself and control the pheromone storm because the glands in his body have been forcibly stimulated to produce pheromones and the Loon area in his brain, which manages pheromone, has been damaged.”

The body was equipped with glands that emit pheromones, but only the alpha and omega glands were mature and could secrete pheromones to influence the development of the body. Beta glands remained in an undifferentiated, atrophied state and did not have the ability to secrete pheromones. In this regard, a few decades ago, the medical and research community had put forward the idea that betas were an under-evolved human body.

It was possible to transform betas into an alpha or omega by catalyzing the growth of the gland. However, such statements endangered human rights. Not only were the relevant research materials banned, the scholars who put forward this view were also dealt with, but now there were actually people who had started doing such crazy things.

Not only was a high concentration of pheromone injected into the gland to forcibly stimulate the gland and promote its development, in order to stop the body’s self-correcting ability, the Loon area in the brain that controls the glands was directly destroyed.

It was too cruel.

Tang Wenshao looked at the victim who was enclosed in a safe isolation capsule that was enveloped in the air of the ten square meters area. When the patient’s pheromones stormed, this was not a long term solution. These capsules were meant to properly handle susceptible alphas or omegas in heat. The body was controlled by the uncontrolled pheromone, there was no sanity, only unrelieved pain agitation, and their entire body felt pain and thirst.

However, alphas and omegas could also be marked or an inhibitor could suppress and moderate the pheromone rampage, while these beta victims could only live worse than death.

They had used countless inhibitors, but it was like a drop in the bucket, and only gave temporary relief of their pain. Once the inhibitor wore off, they were like wild beasts in a frenzy.

“Can’t we make them talk?” Ji Cheying asked with a frown.

“Now… Not yet, the long-term pheromone rampage and the abuse of the inhibitor has caused the destruction of the brain region. They have no reason at all and are completely unable to communicate.” After Tang Wenshao finished speaking, he met Ji Cheying’s sharp gaze, he swallowed and added with difficulty, “We, of course, we are still doing our best to study the treatment plan and try to restore the patient’s consciousness as soon as possible, please rest assured Major General.”

At that moment, an officer walked in, “Major General, Lieutenant Colonel Henry has arrived.”

Ji Cheying nodded and with a sideways glance, he looked at Tang Wenshao and said, “A brief moment of consciousness is fine, I need the information in their heads.”

Tang Wenshao hurriedly responded, “Yes.”

After Ji Cheying went out, Tang Wenshao breathed a sigh of relief. In front of Ji Cheying, he could not help but be on edge. Obviously he was only a beta, reasonably speaking he should not be sensitive to the alpha pressure. Is this the top alpha pressure? Even a beta can feel it?

It was not in line with medical science. Thinking about Ji Cheying’s order, he was in a quandary again. It was too hard. He just wanted to stay in peace until he retired. How could it be so hard?


As Ji Cheying’s subordinate, if Lieutenant Colonel Henry knew the thoughts of young Tang Wenshao, he would tell him that the Major General did not easily show his pressure. He did not need to use that intimidation, since he could just stand there, eyes smilingly glancing at you, and it was fucking scary enough to stop a child crying at night.

And in fact, Ji Cheying did not exude his own pressure at all. He was not bored, so why should he exude his own pressure? He was not a brainless person who could not control himself.

Henry stood in the corridor with Ji Cheying, and then used his terminal to pull up two documents. He reported, “Major General, here are the results of the current investigation into the victim’s wounds, and this is the investigation report of your new neighbor.”


The author has something to say:

Xie Quan: What case? It has nothing to do with me.

Ji Cheying: Well, Yan Bai is the first suspect.

Xie Quan: ???? (He was sitting at home, yet pots were coming from the sky!)


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August 19, 2022 5:05 pm

What’s happening to these Betas sounds horrendous.
Who’s messing with Xie Quan?
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 20, 2022 1:14 pm

Aah now we know what happened to the real XQ! I hope he doesn’t get discovered by the major when he receives the background report! It sucks that the betas are going through this process, I feel bad for them! I like Anna, she’s like a big sister! ❤️ Thank you for the translation and editing!

August 26, 2022 5:17 am

That case is horrible D: So XQA didn’t know that his products are used to bad things… And I was wondered what happened with real XQA, now we know he is dead :< I have some suspicions

Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

December 29, 2022 10:50 pm

Lol- ‘pressure? What pressure? I’m bored.’

I hope those betas can get help.

Thank you for the chapter!

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