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 Have you ever felt an author’s description of a character’s attractiveness hard to believe?


NOT in a “no one is perfect/there should be more average people” way, but more like:

– he sounds handsome, but not like “#1 bachelor of the entire galaxy” handsome, or

– he sounds like a sick alien and needs a sandwich

– contradiction of anatomy 


caicaicat — Sometimes… But like in my mind i think about those transmigrate into a book setting and you know that xx character has a protagonist halo. So when something seems really too attractive to exist and i haven’t been given an explanation like idk dragon sperm makes you more handsome then i assume that the protagonist halo is functioning the way a charismatic person is more attractive. Even if they shouldn’t be, they appear to be. Or like snow white, she sounds like a monster but somehow she was fairest of them all?


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September 16, 2022 5:19 am

speaking of a transmigrated character. at the beginning of the story, this mc looks quite ordinary, handsome face, but ordinary.
then in the middle of the story, he was described as really, REALLY attractive. beautiful face with jade-like fair skin, silky black hair etc etc. that even the enemy is obsessed with him.
i was like… how?😶
just because the ml starting to love him, he suddenly turned into the white moonlight?
i don’t get it 😅

September 16, 2022 12:47 pm

Nope 😂
Even characters described as being seemingly plain, if they have a beautiful soul, will becone super attractive just by their very actions.
If they aren’t rich, then get a rich partner or bestie and get expensive m2m clothes, hair done, facial treatments, suddenly ‘blossom’ too.
Beauty’s in the eye of the… reader 😏

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