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Is there a profession, for gongs or shous, that you think would kill any possibilty of good romance.  I wonder how you would write a good romance story about a sewage treatment facility manager or a call center worker….

Rara: That’s a good question. I do know several danmei where MC and ML work on minimum wage, ex-convict, live in a garbage house, garbageman. I think they are still a good romance, but almost all the aforementioned BLs, they r bittersweet romance. When the profession get too real and there is no cinderella story, it’s not a fairytale anm but a slice 


SoothingSweets: High rank business jobs sometimes. You may hear things about these people being so dedicated to work that they really don’t have time for relationships or a family. They could be married, but they may both have the same workaholic mind

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April 6, 2022 5:27 am

for me, any job is possible for a good romance.

although for some jobs, the story would be fiiled with sacrifices (of time, money, career, loved ones, etc) and bitter moments (imagine a doctor with his lover who is a stage 4 cancer patient)
even a delivery man or a trash truck driver can have a good romance as long as the author has the ability to weave the story.

April 6, 2022 7:43 am

If the romance is fantasy, then the professions shouldn’t matter. They could still bexoenned living an idyllic life, once home; just no eating out at expensively, designer clothes, or jetting around the planet.
A long distance lorry driver, travelling salesman, or circuit speaker of sone kind, would make it hard, as they’d be away too much.

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