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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wen Tianyao probably didn’t expect He YunTing to say that, not to mention that the words ‘quite chatty’ were bizarre and impossible to apply to the General.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He coughed twice to cover his embarrassment, and said, “I just thought I could help. After all, such a good Omega as Mr. Lin is extremely rare in the entire empire, the General shouldn’t miss out.”

“Oh.” Lin Han heard He YunTing say that.

For some reason, he heard this very disdainful response mixed with some other emotions, which made him want to laugh.

He even wondered what He YunTing’s expression would be at this time — no, it should be the same cold impatience as always. So Lin Han began to wonder what He YunTing was thinking.

But He YunTing’s mind was really inscrutable to him, such as having inappropriate thoughts in inappropriate places.

This was when it occurred to Lin Han that instead of talking to He YunTing, who was out of his league, it would be better to say that they ‘talked’ smoothly when they were in physical contact.

Wen Tianyao seemed to be very concerned about this matter, but from Lin Han’s point of view, he just wanted to deliberately bring himself closer to He YunTing, and then work together towards Luo Qi’s side.

But Lin Han didn’t understand, now Wen Tianyao’s reputation among the people was good, and he was a Prince. Everyone could foresee his future road, not to mention that in the Empire, even if the parliament seemed to be democratic, in the end, the most powerful person was still the Emperor.

In other words, as long as Wen Tianyao continued to remain neutral until he took the throne, neither the peacemakers nor the radicals could interfere with his choices. Then why did he have to eagerly choose one of the factions when he was still a prince — and a fanatical radical with the aim of destroying the Zerg?

This was something Lin Han couldn’t figure out.

Wen Tianyao seemed to want to compliment Lin Han again, but He YunTing didn’t even give a “hmm” this time, just lowered his voice a bit and changed the subject.

Wen Tianyao seemed to be looking at something that He YunTing handed over to him.

After a while, he read a name, 

“The General’s selection, I’m very optimistic about this person.”

Lin Han had heard of this name in the past two days. It was said to be the brightest Alpha in this batch of pilot selection, no matter what test they were always the best, he got almost no deductions, and they were far ahead.

The second round of selection content was for the pilot’s personal physical fitness and balance ability testing, even now most habitable planets were gravitational, but along with the warship that spent a long time in the universe, as well as a variety of combat uncertainty, overcome weightlessness and continue to operate calmly and accurately in a weightless environment, was a must for pilots.

Today’s training simulated the cruel graceless environment, the high radiation from the solar system and the excruciating weightlessness. The recruits needed to continue their training in the simulation chamber and complete various levels of operations according to the training requirements.

Wen Tianyao looked at a grid of images on the split screen, many people began to withstand such a virtual environment, some sat on their knees and shivered, some began to lie on the cabin guardrail and began to vomit, some had shortness of breath and blue lips. The accompanying emergency medical team was in charge of opening the cabin door to carry them away.

Only a few people in the virtual cabin still maintained a basic level of calm, and endured all kinds of discomfort to complete the test.

Wen Tianyao approached one of the light screens with great interest, “He’s too good.”

The screen he looked at was precisely at Qi Jiamu that he mentioned before.

It was a young Alpha, both his proportions and facial lines were eye-catching, even now in the virtual extremes, the expression on his face was still very calm, only during weightlessness and vertigo pressure did he occasionally clench his teeth but there were no other reactions.

Qi Jiamu’s eyes were firm and his movements were steady, and even though cold sweat oozed from his forehead, the virtual cabin’s various instructions would be completed one by one.

“His score was also the highest in the second round of the test,” said Wen Tianyao, “If he can persevere until the end, he must be in the General’s elite formation.”

Lin Han had expected Wen Tianyao to talk to He YunTing about something he couldn’t listen to, but when Wen Tianyao said he was here to take a look, he seemed to be really here to take a look. There were no pointing words and the tone was calm and kind, just as the people of the Empire claimed, stay neutral and be loved.

Only if Lin Han didn’t hear the other side’s thoughts today… 

He YunTing was also carefully watching Qi Jiamu’s every move on the screen and didn’t answer Wen Tianyao.

Wen Tianyao seemed to be used to his indifference and didn’t care, “But I heard that General used to be even better than that.”

He YunTing frowned a little, and his eyes were calm and unruffled.

And Wen Tianyao added slowly, “So it’s only natural that Mr. Lin would have a crush on you.”

Lin Han was suddenly confused by Wen Tianyao’s rapid change of topic.

He YunTing, who was ignoring Wen Tianyao, finally spoke up this time.

“No.” He YunTing’s tone was low and her tone was emotionless, as if he was sitting on something, denying Wen Tianyao’s words again, “Mr. Lin has no such feelings towards me.”

Lin Han froze for a moment when he heard this.

He YunTing denied quickly and firmly, so Lin Han didn’t know what mood he should be in now. His body stiffened for a moment, and his folded hands moved. He was very light, but because he accidentally touched the epaulets on He YunTing’s military jacket, he still made a small sound.

Wen Tianyao didn’t seem to hear it and tried to speak to He YunTing, “I just talked a lot with Mr. Lin at the mecha library, and he said—”

“Wait.” He YunTing interrupted Wen Tianyao, who was still talking confidently, as if he had heard Lin Han move.

He was unsure, but stopped anyway.

Then Lin Han heard He YunTing’s footsteps, which belonged to him alone, approaching his side. Lin Han was a little confused and didn’t know whether to sit up directly or to close his eyes and pretend to sleep.

If he gets up directly, would it embarrass He YunTing and what would Wen Tianyao say?

Lin Han hadn’t thought clearly, but He YunTing’s footsteps were already approaching. He didn’t have time to think much, but chose to close his eyes and began to calm his breathing.

But because of the careless movement just now, Lin Han was a little nervous, the sofa position wasn’t spacious, he didn’t hold it in his hand, so He YunTing’s jacket slipped to the floor.

The temperature covering Lin Han’s body disappeared all of a sudden, and his body suddenly became cold, making him subconsciously curl up, his eyelashes trembling a little because of uneasiness.

Wen Tianyao probably saw He YunTing walking away and called out in confusion, “General?”

This time He YunTing didn’t speak, as if he was afraid of disturbing Lin Han.

Even with his eyes closed, Lin Han still felt an oppressive aura approaching him.

However, once he thought that the other was He YunTing, his original tension dissipated, as if he was sure that even if He YunTing knew that he had heard their conversation, he wouldn’t mind at all.

He YunTing walked up to Lin Han and stopped.

Lin Han was lying on the right side of the sofa, his left hand gently folded over his right hand, a little cold from the loss of He YunTing’s jacket, his legs gently curled up, trying to draw warmth by shrinking his body a little.

He was wearing a pure white uniform, his eyes were tightly closed, his fine black hair fell meekly on his forehead, his lips were slightly open, while his eyelashes seemed to move a little, and he looked a kind of unadulterated innocence.

Lin Han didn’t know if He YunTing wanted to wake him up, and was hesitating what to do when he felt the tall figure in front of him squat down, then pick up his jacket, pat it gently, before covering Lin Han again.

The lost and found warmth and very light ebony fragrance wrapped around him again.

He YunTing had been worried about Lin Han lifting his clothes again in his sleep, and pulled the jacket up some more.

Just when Lin Han thought He YunTing was going to leave, he hesitated for a moment, seemingly afraid that he would get cold, and carefully grabbed Lin Han’s exposed hand and tucked him back inside the jacket, allowing him to get a peaceful sleep.

【Mr. Lin looks so cute when he’s asleep.】

Mr. Lin, who was trying to pretend to sleep, “…”

But He YunTing didn’t stay long, and after doing this, he walked back to the console, and only then did he answer Wen Tianyao’s previous question.

“Mr. Lin is just a special expert hired by the base.” He didn’t care about being seen by Wen Tianyao in his actions, but he didn’t want Wen Tianyao to presume to guess whether Lin Han had a crush on him.

He would rather deny it.

Wen Tianyao sounded a bit regretful, but became lighthearted again after seeing He YunTing’s attitude towards Lin Han, “General doesn’t have to be discouraged, Mr. Lin will definitely—”

“It’s time for the virtual cabin.”

This was the second time today that He YunTing interrupted him directly.

He YunTing connected to Lu AnHe’s communicator, gave a couple of instructions, said “I’ll be right there”, and then coldly said to Wen Tianyao, “Didn’t His Highness come to see the selection? I’m going over there now.”

Wen Tianyao then stopped dwelling on that topic with He YunTing, “Okay.”

The two of them stopped talking and left the command room a few moments later, one after the other.

He YunTing was the last to go, he seemed to hesitate to look at Lin Han, but didn’t want Wen Tianyao to talk more. In the end he didn’t stop, only closed the door lightly, and then quickly left.

When the doorway was quiet again, Lin Han sat up. He didn’t know when Wen Tianyao would leave, but he had to find the time to tell He YunTing about it.

Lin Han continued to go back to work in the afternoon, but began to pay attention to the words of others, intentionally or unintentionally. Until the end of today’s selection, Lin Han went back to his room and finished his dinner, but still had no news whether Wen Tianyao had left the base or not.

If he dialed He YunTing’s private line directly and Wen Tianyao was still there, it would confirm what he had said.

Lin Han glanced at the pale blue jacket beside him, and remembered what Lu AnHe told him. He YunTing was busy all this time, sometimes staying in the command room at night. And He YunTing only had a shirt on him when he left today, so he didn’t know if he would be cold and if he had time to go back and get his clothes.

Lin Han thought about what Wen Tianyao said today, and his heart was still uneasy.

Even if he didn’t see that scene, he could feel impatience from He YunTing’s tone, and he didn’t know what they talked about after they left, and what kind of mood He YunTing was in.

Was there disgust? Would he be angry?

Or… Whether he was moved.

Thinking about it, Lin Han still couldn’t wait until tomorrow, so he grabbed He YunTing’s jacket and opened the door to go back.

During the break time, many people saw Lin Han and tried to greet him, but he ignored them all and went straight to the command room.

Lin Han walked faster and faster, and almost jogged on the way.

His physical strength was already bad, and when he reached the door of the command room, he finally couldn’t help but hold his knees and pant for a long time. Before he could calm his breathing and knock on the door, the door to the command room opened from the inside.

He YunTing, still wearing a thin shirt, finally saw Lin Han with a different look on his face.

He YunTing’s blue eyes flashed for a moment, then he called his name, “Lin Han?”

Lin Han was still gasping for breath, his throat was a little dry and he couldn’t speak for the moment, pushing the jacket in his hand in front of He YunTing.

Seeing that He YunTing took it, Lin Han walked into the command room and looked around to make sure there was no third person, then took a moment to finally calm down his breathing, “I came to… Let me tell the General something. Whatever His Highness said, you have to think about it before you listen.”

He YunTing looked like he was surprised why Lin Han wanted to talk about this directly with him.

“I have something to tell the General,” Lin Han also came here on impulse, hadn’t even organized his words yet, so he could only speak while looking up with He YunTing, “I can promise you that I will not lie to you. General, do you trust me?”


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