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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When he heard Yu ShiQing’s phone call today, it was clear that someone was coming, and they were coming on the freighter that just arrived. Yu ShiQing’s reaction wasn’t normal and it was never an average phone call, so the person he was going to meet now wouldn’t be ordinary either.

After about ten minutes or so, footsteps came from the stairs below, and the sound of Uncle Wu talking at a lowered volume sounded. Yu Chu couldn’t hear what was said, but the tone was very respectful.

The second and third floors of the staircase were lit, only the fourth floor was vacant, so there was no light. Yu Chu gently squatted by the stairs, looking down through the cracks in the carved wooden railing.

In addition to Uncle Wu, there were three men in black trench coats downstairs. From Yu Chu’s angle, he couldn’t see their faces, but could see that all three were very tall and well-built. Uncle Wu walked forward, a few steps up to the third floor, turning to make a gesture of invitation, showing a very modest attitude.

The man in the middle was very alert. The moment he stepped on the third floor, he looked up to the fourth floor. Yu Chu saw him begin to look up, hastily leaned back, and quickly hid his body completely behind the stairs.

Uncle Wu’s voice was even more pleasant than usual, “Mr. Bang, this way please, Mr. Yu is waiting for you.” 

Yu Chu held his breath and heard the man reply in a whisper, following Uncle Wu to Yu ShiQing’s room.

He also followed and ran quietly along the fourth floor, stopping at the entrance of the room above where Yu ShiQing’s room was located, and took out a small, steel bar-like pick from his pocket, then inserted it into the lock of the room. He picked the lock very skillfully and in just a few seconds, the lock tongue sprang back, and it opened.

Yu Chu had the light off, and by the street light outside, he could see the outline of the furniture in the room. He went straight to the window and lifted the curtain a little to look out. There were a few hired thug guards at the main entrance, but his window was in the shadows and couldn’t be easily seen into. Waiting for the hired thugs to move, he pushed open the window and leaped onto the sill.

There was a foot of rainwater along the bottom of the windowsill, and he could see the third floor windows. He lightly landed on it before moving along. Fortunately, today Yu Chu had worn a black shirt, making his shape look thin, so that the darkness covered him. Surprisingly, he could stick to the window edge and blend in.

A hired thug lit the cigarette in his mouth and habitually looked at the third floor as he lit it. He noticed nothing abnormal, so he turned away from the building.

The words in Yu ShiQing’s room clearly reached Yu Chu’s ears.

“A’Bang, this time you worked hard. Your journey was smooth, right?” It was Yu ShiQing’s voice.

A hoarse, unfamiliar male voice sounded, “Not bad, just needed to take a little detour.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Yu ShiQing replied.

Yu Chu’s body didn’t move but he slowly moved his head outward. The third floor window was open, and he could see most of the interior scene through the upper edge.

Inside the room was Yu ShiQing and a young man of about thirty, sitting sideways by the window. The other two men in windbreakers and Uncle Wu stayed outside the room.

The young man, who must have been A’Bang, was gloomy-looking with narrow eyes and a long scar on the right side of his face that spanned half his face and reached from his forehead to his chin.

Yu ShiQing was used to being a superior person, so although his expression was warm, he still showed his dignified aura. He took A’Bang seriously, as the other’s eyes were downcast while he leaned against the back of the couch and twirled a silver lighter in his hand.

If it were normal people, Yu ShiQing would show a long black face, but he was obviously a little scared of A’Bang, because his face didn’t change and his tone was still mild, “A’Bang, how much of the goods did you bring? I can barely catch up here, those underlings keep pushing, but I have something on hand, and there’s a way to push again, I just hope you can come back soon.”

A’Bang stared at the lighter in his hand, kept using his thumb to open the metal cap, and then closed it with a snap, before indifferently replying, “I did bring goods, but I didn’t bring them all to the island.”

Yu ShiQing’s face was astonished and he sat up straight, “What does that…”

With a crisp clanking sound, A’Bang closed the lighter, his beady eyes stared at Yu ShiQing, then spoke in a flat tone, “I received news. Your island has a mole.”

“A mole?” Yu ShiQing abruptly stood up, and his volume also increased a lot.

A’Bang lifted his eyes and looked at him, “Mr. Yu, don’t panic. If we catch the mole, then let me send him to hell.”

Yu ShiQing turned his back on the light, his expression fierce, and only after a few seconds did he sit back down with a blue face, “A’Bang, is the source reliable?”

A faint hint of displeasure surfaced on A’Bang’s face, “Are you questioning my ability?”

“No, no, don’t worry about it.” Yu ShiQing denied it, and he finally settled down, “Those who can enter my island have been carefully investigated beforehand. Their backgrounds and origins have been screened, and they have to go through a period of observation and examination before they can step foot on the island.”

“It seems that your screening isn’t thorough, and even let a fish in.” A’Bang continued to spin the lighter, “The mole sends out news from the island and has a connection with the police.”

Yu ShiQing’s face was hidden in the shadows, and Yu Chu could only see his jaw was clenched very tightly. He coldly replied, “What type of information is the mole sending? The police aren’t the only ones who have moles. Each person’s cell phone has a listening device planted in it. Each call will be recorded, but we will often search the dormitory, so no one has the opportunity to use other contact tools.”

A’Bang spread his hands, “Who knows? This is something you need to find out yourself, Mr. Yu. So I have the goods with me this time, just giving you a reminder.”

“I understand. stay on the island tonight. Many people saw you so you can’t leave too quickly.” Yu ShiQing’s expression was still ugly, but his tone had eased, “We will re-draft between deliveries? The specific style and location is up to you.”

A’Bang gave a short laugh, “Mr. Yu, the fish is still not caught, and you’re in a hurry to deliver? I don’t feel comfortable with that.”

Yu Chu was lying on the edge of the window, listening to the sound of a hand turning, then the lights in the next room came on, and the light from the wide open window illuminated the shape of his body lying under the window sill.

Someone had entered the fourth floor room.

Yu Chu’s heart thumped. He didn’t know if he was discovered. He slightly moved his face sideways, saw that the hired thug on duty noticed nothing unusual, still smoking and chatting, so he calmly held the small steel pick.

The person entered, and started to go toward the window, but stopped in the center of the room. A few moments later, the humming sound of the vacuum cleaner rang out.

It turned out that the maid had entered the guest room to clean it.

The windows upstairs and downstairs were open, and Yu ShiQing and A’Bang in the room on the third floor also heard the sound from upstairs and stopped talking. Yu ShiQing got up from the couch and went to the window.

Yu Chu was lying on the edge of the window and listened at the window with a few seconds pause, then there was the sound of the window pane sliding and a click sound as the window was closed tight.

The maid on the fourth floor of the room was still cleaning, vacuum cleaner humming along with the sound of tapping the goose down pillows. Yu Chu was clearly illuminated by the light. As long as the hired thug on duty looked up, he would notice Yu Chu on the edge of the window. 

The third floor window was closed, Yu ShiQing and A’Bang’s words were no longer audible, Yu Chu only hoped that the maid would quickly finish cleaning and leave. If he was lying here any longer, sooner or later, he would be discovered.

The vacuum cleaner stopped buzzing, and there was a rustling sound of changing the covers, and it took several minutes before the room lock finally clicked. But Yu Chu’s heart had time to no time to calm down when he heard the servant ‘eek’, and then there were footsteps approaching the window.

He gripped the steel pick tightly and slowly crouched, holding his breath as he looked overhead.

“Why is the window open?” The servant grunted in a whisper, pulled the window above his head tight, clicked the lock from the inside, and retraced his steps out of the room.

A hired thug, on duty at the base of the mansion, was borrowing a light from someone nearby to light his cigarette. He puffed out a mouthful of thick smoke and turned his head to look upstairs. He was adjusting his line of sight, and suddenly felt where there was something weird. He turned back to look, saw the fourth floor light disappeared, and was covered in darkness. But he noticed nothing unusual in the darkness.

The maid turned off the lights, Yu Chu continued to lie on his back, his thin body and the edge of the window close to each other, until the big front duty hired thug turned back to continue smoking. Then he let out a long breath of relief.

The window was closed and locked, it was now impossible to return the original way. He looked around.

This building, although it was a total of only four floors with the rooftop, but the edge was rounded, unusually smooth, and would be hard to climb up. And next to the connected rooms, the windows were separated by thick columns, which were also slippery, giving him nowhere to move to.

Yu Chu was clear that he couldn’t stay here too long, but the only tool at hand was that small steel pick. The wall next to the wall was old red brick by design, he considered either using the steel bar to poke into those brick cracks, using it as a support to climb to the roof.

Although this was a little more dangerous, that wasn’t the problem, even if he was careful he was too weak. He wasn’t sure he had enough arm strength to hold himself up to get onto the roof.

Just as he was ready to move, a rope suddenly swayed down from the upper rooftop. He was frozen in place, staring at the rope, watching it fall in front of his eyes, swaying gently.

The person above poked out his head. Yu Chu didn’t know who it was. After a few seconds, the man seemed impatient, and wiggled the rope, as if urging him to hurry.

Yu Chu no longer hesitated to grab the rope and pulled himself up. The person above received the message, and the rope began to be pulled up. Yu Chu’s feet dangled in the air, and was slowly dragged up.

When he was close enough, his feet landed on the platform and gave a small flip to stand firm. Seeing the person in front of him, he was somewhat sarcastic, “It’s you!”

“Who else would it be?” Zhou Mu pulled up the rope outside the hanging building and clapped his hands, “Come on, let’s go back.”

The top floor originally had a closed iron lock but it was now open with the large iron lock hanging on it. After the two entered the building, Zhou Mu closed the door and put the lock back in place.

“You have a key?” Yu Chu whispered in his ear.

Zhou Mu, with the light outside, looked at the palm of his hand, and whispered, “You also used a lock pick to open the door. You think it would be difficult for me to get one?”

The two of them went downstairs silently. Before they rounded the third floor corner, Zhou Mu tugged Yu Chu’s arm, signaling him to flip down the staircase railing to the second floor. The two people A’Bang brought with him, as well as Uncle Wu, were all on the third floor, so he followed Zhou Mu and flipped down the stairs with ease.

Back in his room, Yu Chu finally felt a safe sense of relaxation. Yu Chu immediately wanted to flutter to the couch limply, but the back of his neck was held by Zhou Mu.

“You’re too dirty. Go wash before you sit down.” He frowned.

Yu Chu didn’t say anything and obediently went into the bathroom. The black shirt on him was really dirty, and was covered with mud from the edge of the window. Even though it was black, it still looked dirty. 

He threw the dirty clothes he changed from into the clothes basket, took a comfortable shower, then changed into a clean and soft color linen shirt and casual pants. While walking out of the bathroom he wiped his wet hair with a towel.

Zhou Mu was standing by the window looking out, but when he heard the noise, he turned around, “Where are the clothes you changed into?”

Yu Chu was stunned enough to stop wiping his head, “In the bathroom.”

Zhou Mu no longer said anything, stepped to brush past him, turned and went into the bathroom. A few moments later, the sound of scrubbing clothes echoed.

Yu Chu leaned on the frame and watched him wash the black shirt in the sink, realizing that he was afraid that the dirt on the clothes would reveal traces, so he said, “Don’t wash it too clean. Just rinse the dirt off the top, wait for the maid to collect and send it to wash.”

Zhou Mu didn’t raise his head, “How hard can it be to wash a piece of clothing? Is it harder than hiding outside the window and getting dirty?”

Yu Chu choked on his words and stopped talking.

Zhou Mu was close to 1.9 meters tall, so the washbasin was a little short for him and he had to spread his legs and half arch his back. Yu Chu saw him turn on the faucet and skillfully begin to rinse, so he said, “You’re quite good at housework. “

“It’s not like changing a bunch of diapers. I’ve washed enough of those.” Zhou Mu drained the water and started to clean it again, ready for a second rinse.

Yu Chu was silent for a few seconds and then turned his eyes away, “Thank you.”

This ‘thank you’ wasn’t only for Zhou Mu’s help in washing his shirt, but also for pulling him up from outside the building just now. Zhou Mu pressed his shirt into the clean water, and replied indifferently, “No need. You also said we’re now tied together. If you’re caught, I will definitely be the first to die. “

“Then how did you…” Yu Chu raised his voice and stared in surprise.

Zhou Mu put down his shirt and turned his head to look at him, his gaze with insightful understanding of everything.

Yu Chu lowered his volume with a guilty conscience, “At least you were the first one to find me. I will do nothing for a while.”

“The person who came just now was A’Bang?” Zhou Mu asked.

Yu Chu wasn’t surprised that he knew A’Bang was there, so he answered truthfully, “Yes, he also brought two people.”

He deliberately sold them out and didn’t follow-up, waiting for Zhou Mu to ask more, but he was scrubbing his clothes with a bowed head, clearly not intending to talk. Yu Chu waited for a few seconds and then had to go on, “He originally came to the island to make a deal with Yu ShiQing, but said there was a mole on the island and it wasn’t safe. So this time he brought less goods and came empty-handed.”

Yu Chu said while glancing at Zhou Mu’s face to observe his reaction, but Zhou Mu’s face didn’t show a trace of difference, he was still busy rinsing the clothes clean and wringing them hard. As he did, a few nice-looking muscles bulged on his forearms.

“Hanger.” He suddenly spoke.

“Huh?” Yu Chu reacted.

Zhou Mu waved his hand, “Go get a hanger from your closet.”

“…Oh.” Yu Chu went to the checkroom to get a hanger and watched as Zhou Mu stretched his shirt flat and hung it on the horizontal towel bar. Zhou Mu didn’t reply, but Yu Chu couldn’t hold back, “You don’t want to hear what else I overheard?” 

Zhou Mu turned his back towards him to adjust the hanger position, casually replying, “What else could they talk about? Probably that Yu ShiQing wants to catch the mole, and discuss the next delivery.”

“Catching the mole would be a mistake, but that A’Bang said if the mole is not caught, there will be no more deliveries.” Yu Chu replied.

Zhou Mu turned and rubbed his very short hair while looking in the mirror, “If it was just about the mole, A’Bang wouldn’t have to come to the island himself. He could have said that over the phone. The fact that he’s here means that no matter if the mole is caught or not, there will be another deal set. If it was a secret, he wouldn’t have come today and let many people see him.”

Yu Chu nodded thoughtfully, rolled his eyes again, pretending not to think, “What’s the ‘goods’ in the end?”

Zhou Mu opened the cabinet next to his mirror, took out an electric razor from it, and started shaving the hair at his temples. The hair there wasn’t long, and looked hard and black, so he pressed the switch, with the sound of vibration, as it passed through the short layer of stubble, it revealed the clean scalp underneath.

Zhou Mu finished pushing one side of the sideburns and switched to the other side, “Have you heard of Julia?” 

Yu Chu’s spirits lifted, “Yes, who’s that?”

“Julia’s not a person, but the name of a new drug. The main ingredient is lysergic acid diethylamide, a semi-synthetic hallucinogen. Julia was created in Burma and is a further refined form of LSD. Whether addictive or toxic, it is far beyond the various drugs now. And recently, the city of Haiyun has also found out about the existence of this drug.”

Zhou Mu finished shaving his head, and ran the electric razor beneath the water to rinse it off. Yu Chu silently pulled out his phone and looked up ‘Julia’ and ‘Burma’.

“You mean it’s this drug that Yu ShiQing and A’Bang are dealing with?” He quickly slid his phone screen and jotted down the information he saw.

“A’Bang is a notorious internationally wanted criminal. If he risks being caught to meet with Yu ShiQing, I can’t think of any reason other than trading huge amounts of drugs.” Zhou Mu just finished speaking, suddenly seemed to hear something, and leaned sideways to listen intently. He put the razor back in the cabinet, and strode towards the living room window.

Yu Chu hurried to follow.

The man with the big mouth stood near Uncle Wu and a few cronies who were watching a car speeding away towards the dock. In addition to the driver, there were three people. Seeing the clothes, Yu Chu recognized A’Bang and his two men.

The car disappeared, Uncle Wu and stood watching for a while, then turned towards the garden. And after the thugs went forward, the few on-duty hired thugs also came over, pushing the big gate shut. The lock clanged down.

Swish, swish, swish!

The garden lights suddenly came on one after another, illuminating the entire Yu Family Mansion like it was daylight, with every hidden corner exposed to the light. Yu Chu saw a beam of light that stung his eyes and he hurriedly raised his hand to block it. He waited for the soreness in his eyes to pass, before adjusting his position to look out the window again.

Uncle Wu, in contrast to his usual warm demeanor, sullenly drove a few probing maids in the garden back to the building, and then took his cronies and duty hired thugs towards the right.

There was the building where the hired thugs lived, the so-called staff quarters.

Yu Chu was here for so many days, but this was the first time he had seen this kind of formation, but this was also the first time he had seen the big gate to the mansion closed, it was usually open and guarded 24 hours a day.

“What are they doing?” Yu Chu stood near Zhou Mu.

Zhou Mu looked at Uncle Wu’s back and whispered, “Catching the mole.”

“Oh…” Yu Chu trailed off meaningfully.

Zhou Mu lowered the curtain, stopped looking outside, walked to the couch and sat down, using the remote control panel to turn on the TV.

On the TV was the news, showing a small stone bridge collapsing, in front of which stood a female reporter with an umbrella, holding a microphone in her right hand. She was interviewing a farmer in a certain area, “Did you panic when disaster struck?” 

The farmer smiled nervously, “I didn’t panic, I knew what to expect.”

Yu Chu followed Zhou Mu and sat down next to him, watching the TV light cast bright and dark colors on his face, imitating the female reporter’s way of speaking, “Did you panic when disaster struck?”

Zhou Mu turned his head, suddenly smiled slightly, and also imitated the tone of the farmer, “I didn’t panic, I knew what to expect.”

The two of them stared at the TV screen, watching the female reporter finish interviewing the farmer, going to the nearby village to chat with an older woman after, and listening to what the older woman was saying in an obscure and incomprehensible dialect with passion.

Because it was a live broadcast, there were subtitles under the screen, and although they couldn’t understand half the words, both of them seemed to be watching with a very engaged expression.

“You’re the mole they’re trying to catch, right?” Yu Chu slightly shifted, his upper half close to Zhou Mu as he whispered.

Zhou Mu also looked at the TV, but he still replied, “Maybe.”

“Is this all in your plan?” Yu Chu asked.


Yu Chu said, “You suddenly asked me to take a shower in my room that day, and then made Uncle Wu think that our relationship isn’t normal. It was logical to move to my room. If you live with me, people won’t catch you as a mole.”

Zhou Mu turned his head to look at him, his eyes sharpened, with a compelling pressure, but Yu Chu stared at him unyieldingly, and raised his chin. The air was suddenly stagnant and the atmosphere began to grow tense.

The sweet voice of that female reporter came into Yu Chu’s ears, making him distracted for a moment, “Uncle, hey uncle! I ran into you again. Just now I interviewed an old lady, who said that this time the stone bridge collapsed. Was it collapsed by the villagers passing by with their cows?”

“What nonsense, it’s inexplicable.” The raspy voice of the farmer from earlier came out of the TV.

Zhou Mu suddenly turned his head away from the TV and continued to watch, but followed with the words, “What nonsense, it’s inexplicable.”

The tension in the room was like a balloon being punctured by a pin, and suddenly dispersed without a trace.

Yu Chu also stopped asking, picked up the tea given by Yu ShiQing on the table and threw it to Zhou Mu, “Go make me tea, I want to drink tea.”

Zhou Mu obediently took the tea leaves, but directly stuffed them into the lower layer of the coffee table, and got up and left the couch.

“Why did you do that? I want to drink tea.” Yu Chu turned his head to look at him.

Zhou Mu carelessly walked towards the small bar in the corner of the living room, “Tea in the middle of the night? Don’t you want to sleep? Drink milk.”

Yu Chu sank his face, “I don’t drink milk.”

He felt that milk had a foul smell, and he didn’t like it.

Zhou Mu ignored his protest and took a bottle of milk from the refrigerator, put it in the microwave oven on the counter next to him and turned the heating button.

“Damn mole.” Yu Chu stared at his tall back, lowering his voice and cursing hatefully.

Zhou Mu didn’t listen, his hands were propped up on the counter, watching the microwave spin.


Knock, knock, knock!

The beep of the microwave oven and the knocking came at the same time.

Yu Chu maintained a fierce face, and turned to look at the door. Then he changed his expression to a soft voice, “Who is it?”

“Second Young Master, there’s an urgent matter I need to see you about. Please open the door.” Uncle Wu’s voice came from outside.

“Okay, Uncle Wu.”

Yu Chu went to open it, looked outside at the serious face of Uncle Wu and a few hired thugs, and asked, puzzled, “Uncle Wu, are… are you here to discuss the banquet matter with me?”

“Ah, it is indeed because of the banquet. We’re going to search the rooms in advance.” Uncle Wu eased his look.

Yu Chu looked back in his room, “My room is going to be searched?”

Uncle Wu explained, “Second Young Master, all rooms on the island will be searched, including Eldest Young Master’s and Mr. Yu’s. Don’t be afraid. The purpose of the search is to eliminate any danger, until the room is secure and we have done away with all issues, so you can live with a peace of mind.”

After giving an indication, the hired thugs went forward two steps and directly went into the room.

Yu Chu gave way, and although he looked unhappy, he dared not to make a sound. He only grabbed the hem of his clothes, slightly wrinkling his eyebrows.

Uncle Wu looked at Zhou Mu standing in front of the microwave oven and the milk in his hand, “Zhou Mu, did you bring all your things from the dormitory?”

“All brought, the suitcase is in the checkroom in the bedroom.”

One hired thug checked the living room, carefully searching the couch, and under the carpet. Not even the refrigerator, water dispenser, small bar cabinet, and coffee machine had been spared, including the TV cabinet which was taken out so the inside could be checked, and then returned.

The look on Yu Chu’s face was even more unhappy, but his voice was still very soft, “Be careful, don’t break anything.”

“Yes, yes.” The hired thug’s voice was even softer as they hurriedly responded.

“Don’t dismantle the TV remote control, there can’t be anything inside. If you dismantle it, it won’t work anymore.”

“Second Young Master, I will fix the remote control for you in a moment.”

The three of them thought Yu Chu had a dough-like good temper. Uncle Wu had been able to deal with everything and saw Yu Chu reveal a few annoyed glances. He simply went outside, pretending to appreciate a painting on the wall as he let the hired thugs inside search.

Zhou Mu walked to the hall, leaned on the door frame, pulled out a cigarette case from his arms, handed one to Uncle Wu, waiting for him to take it. Uncle Wu placed it in his mouth, and Zhou Mu took out a lighter to light both cigarettes, saying casually, “Uncle Wu, you’ve worked hard.”

“Not really. We are all working for Mr. Yu, and working hard as we should be.” Uncle Wu exhaled smoke.

Zhou Mu smoked his cigarette, eyes looking at the living room as a hired thug rummaged through the coffee table, “Before, you would only check the staff dormitory, but this time you’re even checking the main building. Is the banquet going to have a big shot?”

Uncle Wu turned his head and looked at Zhou Mu, “I’m only responsible for the errands. For the specific reason, you have to go to Mr. Yu.”

Zhou Mu was stunned, but then quickly put a smile on his face, “No, I’m the one who talked too much.”

“Since you’re following Second Young Master, then take good care of Second Young Master, other things shouldn’t be your concern, so don’t think too much.”

Zhou Mu nodded, “Thanks to Uncle Wu, I will not talk too much again.”

A hired thug picked up the tea container from the bottom of the coffee table, and uncovered the lid to look inside, when Yu Chu rushed forward and snatched it away. He took the tea container in his arms, somewhat nervously, “Don’t check this! It’s the HouKui Dad gave me. It’s very expensive, and Dad will blame me if I spill it.”

“Second Young Master, I’ll just take a look. Just one look, I won’t spill the tea,” explained the hired thug.

Yu Chu turned his face away, “What’s there to look at? I just drank it, and there’s only tea in it.”

“Second Young Master—”

“Okay, okay, enough of this matter.” Uncle Wu heard the quiet inside and interrupted the hired thug, “Go check the other rooms.”


Uncle Wu put out the cigarette and threw it in the trash can on the side, then walked back into the room to stand at Yu Chu’s side, “Second Young Master, don’t be angry. These people just don’t know what to do. You don’t have anything to be angry about, when this is over, I will talk to them about it.”

Yu Chu clutched the tea container, lowering his head.

Uncle Wu smiled, “Come, let Uncle Wu put it away for you. No one else will be allowed to touch it. I’ll clean up whoever dares to touch it.” Yu Chu didn’t insist and let him take the delicate cylinder away.

“Second Young Master, do you still want it under the coffee table?” Uncle Wu squatted down in front of the coffee table, turned his back toward Yu Chu and quickly opened the lid, looked inside, and only then closed it again and put it away.

“Hmm.” Yu Chu answered through his nose.

Zhou Mu, still leaning on the frame to smoke, watched Uncle Wu’s actions and examined the expression on his face. Quiet thumping sounds were heard from both the bathroom and the bedroom, as the hired thugs moved the bed and removed the water tank.

Yu Chu looked at Zhou Mu, then strode towards the bedroom, reminding them in a little anxious, but still kind tone, “You guys be careful, don’t break the leg of the bed. And don’t mess up the clothes, it’s better not to touch the underwear and shirts with your hands.”

“Second Young Master, we’ll wear gloves before we go through your clothes.”

Yu Chu went to see the bathroom again and instructed the people inside not to misplace the shower gel and shampoo, “I take the shower with my eyes closed, so don’t mix them up.”

“Okay, Second Young Master, I’ll keep it in place.”

Yu Chu pouted unhappily, worried that they had broken his things, but there was nothing to do but to go back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom, reminding them over and over again. Then back to the living room, put the remote control board resting on the TV back to the coffee table, eyes all over the room to see what else has been tossed and put them back in place.

The carpet in the living room was lifted then set back, but there was a little arch. He went over and flattened it with his foot, then went to the balcony and turned around, came back and sat on the couch and pressed the TV switch.

“Uncle Wu, how much longer will it be? The Sword Seals the Mountain River is going to start and I want to watch my TV series.” He tilted his head Uncle Wu.

Uncle Wu put the tea leaves away and then stood next to the couch, before yelling to the people in the rooms, “How much longer will you be?”

Several hired thugs came out from the bedroom and bathroom, “Uncle Wu, we have finished checking what’s available.”

“Mn, then check the balcony.”


Seeing a few people walking towards the balcony, Uncle Wu turned towards Yu Chu, “Second Young Master, we will be done soon. Only the balcony is left, so it will only take a little while more.”

Yu Chu forced a pitiful smile, “Okay.”

Zhou Mu had also been leaning on the frame after smoking. He watched the hired thugs move towards the balcony, so he slowly paced in, quietly locking the door.

“Uncle Wu, sit down.” Yu Chu pointed to the left side of that single chair, “Don’t always stand, sit down.” Seeing Uncle Wu sit down on the chair, he turned his head to greet Zhou Mu, and patted the place next to him, “Zhou Mu, you also come over and sit.”

Zhou Mu hands shoved into his pants pockets, walked to the living room but stopped and turned back at the balcony, “It’s okay, I’ll follow them to watch.”

“Don’t watch them, there’s nothing to see. Come sit with me.” Yu Chu gently patted the seat beside him as if he was used to being pampered.

Uncle Wu also followed, “Yes Xiao Zhou, what is there to see? Come over and talk with Second Young Master.”

Zhou Mu lowered his head and looked at his toes for two seconds, then raised his head again, and his handsome face showed a light smile, “Okay.”

After Zhou Mu sat down next to Yu Chu, Uncle Wu smiled, “Xiao Zhou, I remember you came to the island last year, right?”

“Last February, Mr. Yu went to inspect the machinery factory and brought me along with him when he returned.”

“You became Second Young Master’s bodyguard soon after you arrived, who on the island doesn’t envy you? Our Second Young Master is a gentle person, you’re blessed.” While Uncle Wu was talking about Zhou Mu on the surface, he was subtly complimenting Yu Chu.

Yu Chu was really happy, smiling so much that he squinted his eyes, and also obliviously wrapped his arm around Zhou Mu’s left arm, shaking it from side to side like a child.

“This is my blessing. Also thanks to Mr. Yu and Uncle Wu’s care and the promotion.” Zhou Mu’s right hand patted the back of Yu Chu’s hand on his arm.

Uncle Wu saw this inadvertently, “When you caused trouble in your hometown, Mr. Yu helped you to set things right. Have you considered leaving the island to go back home?”

“I don’t want to go back, it’s good to stay on the island and follow Mr. Yu. If I go back to open the restaurant, what’s the point? Plus, I want to follow Second Young Master now. If he wants me to go, I will go. “

Yu Chu interjected with a smile, “You say this, but I won’t let you go.”

Zhou Mu turned his head and nudged Yu Chu’s nose with his index finger, and Yu Chu made a move to bite his finger, but he quickly withdrew it and let out a soft laugh.

The two of them were flirting like no one was watching, and Uncle Wu was sitting on one side, so Yu Chu turned back and caught a glimpse of him looking at Zhou Mu, his eyes buried in wrinkles showing some scrutiny.

Bam! A heavy sound came from the balcony, like something heavy fell on the ground. Uncle Wu stood up and sternly shouted, “What happened?!”

Yu Chu’s hand wrapped around Zhou Mu’s left arm, and felt the muscles under him suddenly tense up, like a large beast ready to pounce.

The hired thug on the balcony answered, and Uncle Wu chased again, “What did you find?” After saying that, he swept Zhou Mu with a harsh gaze.

Zhou Mu’s left arm squeezed Yu Chu, but the right hand, without a sound, reached out to the coffee table. There was a fruit plate, holding the leftover fruit just now, and next to it was a sharp fruit knife.

Reaching out, Zhou Mu felt a squeeze on his left arm, like a hint for him to stop. After a slight hesitation, he paused and looked at the person on his side.

Yu Chu’s eyes were big and round, showing a bit of ignorance and naivety. He was looking at Zhou Mu with those innocent eyes, but his mouth was more for Uncle Wu as he said, “Uncle Wu, actually… I put the dumbbells on the top of the balcony cabinet… I guess they fell off. “

Uncle Wu was about to move again, when the two on the balcony came back into the room, walking while explaining, “There was a cabinet on the balcony, and Xiao Liu didn’t check the top of it and after a slight touch, the dumbbells fell down.”

“The balcony is clean?” Uncle Wu questioned.

“Yes.” The two nodded their heads in unison.

The hired thug named Xiao Liu explained, “When the dumbbell fell, the floor tile was smashed into pieces.”

Yu Chu heard this and immediately let go of Zhou Mu’s arm. He turned back in concern, “If the tiles are broken, are you guys okay?”

Xiao Liu waved his hand in panic, “It’s okay, neither of us was hurt. Thank you Second Young Master for your concern.”

Uncle Wu’s face was peaceful again. He looked at Yu Chu and said, “Second Young Master, we haven’t found any dangerous items. Your room is very clean, so we will leave.”

“Okay.” Yu Chu smiled sweetly, “The Sword Seals the Mountains and Rivers is also about to start, so I can watch it now.”

Uncle Wu was about to walk towards the door and stopped after two steps, slapping his head suddenly, “Look at my memory, oops! There’s one last thing I forgot.” He beckoned Zhou Mu, “Xiao Zhou, come, come. We need to search you. We’re just following procedures.”

“Another search?” Yu Chu widened his eyes.

Uncle Wu was about to explain, but Zhou Mu stood up from the sofa, patting Yu Chu’s shoulder, “It’s the old rules. We have to be searched every time after checking a room, just like Uncle Wu said, we’re just going through the procedure.” He said he walked up to the hired thug and spread his arms.

A hired thug started pulling things out of his pants pocket, putting a lighter, cigarettes and wallet out onto the shoe cabinet. When taking out the phone, Uncle Wu picked it up and pressed the bright screen to turn it on. Then he took out a small metal instrument from his arms, the phone was scanned up and down a bit, to determine if there was anything unusual with it, before handing it back to Zhou Mu.

Once all of Zhou Mu’s things were taken out, a hired thug began to pat him down, from the armpits down the waist side down pat, pat to the ankle, and then stand up, continue to pat the chest and back and other parts.

“Touching him is fine, but don’t come to touch me.” Yu Chu looked at the hired thug’s work and squeezed his shirt tight.

“Second Young Master, this is not touching—”

“I don’t want to be checked like this, I really don’t like to be patted around like this.” Yu Chu frowned, full of resistance written all over his face, “If not, go tell my dad. I’ll go to his office and let him check me out himself. I don’t want others to search me this way.”

Zhou Mu was checked and there was nothing abnormal. Uncle Wu’s heart began to be annoyed, thinking that only the maid’s room was also being searched, yet they didn’t find anything. Seeing that the hired thug was also persuading Yu Chu, Uncle Wu impatiently waved his hand, “Okay, that’s it.”

He turned to open the door, but unexpectedly a hand faster than his beat him to it.

Zhou Mu twisted his hand, hidden under the palm, his pinky finger hooked upward, as he gently pushed the anti-lock button, and pulled open the door.

“Uncle Wu, walk slowly.” He said attentively.

When Uncle Wu and his party left, Zhou Mu closed the door. He slowly turned and looked at Yu Chu on the couch, his eyes dark, his expression obscure.

“I saved you for once.” Yu Chu raised his small chin, looking arrogant.

Then he stretched out his right hand and spread it out, and there was a black metal object lying in his palm, only half the size of a cigarette box, attached to a button-sized earbud, which looked like some kind of communication tool.

When the hired thugs were searching the bathroom and bedroom, he pretended to organize the carpet, and went to the balcony to seemingly wander around, grabbed this from on top of the cabinet on the balcony and hid it in his coat pocket.

“The communicator you use to communicate with the outside world secretly?” Yu Chu tossed the communicator in his hand.

Zhou Mu walked towards the small bar, took out the warmed milk from the microwave, and replied, “Did you put it there?”

Yu Chu proudly raised an eyebrow, “I’m not a fool. I heard Yu ShiQing say to that A’Bang tonight, that everyone’s phone on the island is installed with a listening device. I knew you were on the balcony talking to your nephew. So I was sure you used another contact tool and hid it on the balcony.”

Zhou Mu cut two oranges and threw them into the juicer, pressed the switch, and the machine started, when Yu Chu stretched his voice, “Right? Mooole~”

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