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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Zhou Mu lunged forward as soon as Yu Chu stomped off his hand, trying to grab his foot again.

At this time, most of his body was hanging off, and he lunged out. Under his chest, the loose rocks crunched, and then it broke, shattered into countless pieces, and fell with Yu Chu into the deep water.

Uncle Wu swooped down to look at the edge of the cliff, only to see a splash of water in the waves, the deep black surface of the sea waves undulating, the edge of the white foam gushing, where there was still half a human figure.

He turned to Yu ShiQing in fear, his voice trembling, “Sir, Second Young Master and Zhou Mu have fallen.”

Yu ShiQing was lying motionlessly on the edge of the cliff, staring blankly at the sea, still maintaining the posture of his upper half hanging off the cliff. Uncle Wu was afraid that he would also fall, and hurriedly dragged him backward by the leg. After dragging a few steps, an abrupt cell phone ringtone suddenly rang.

It was coming from his suit jacket and it was the familiar ringtone of Uncle Wu. Yu ShiQing listened to this ringing, came back to his senses, then he shivered and reached into the coat pocket, pulling out the phone. His head was in disarray, his suit was covered with dust, and when he answered the phone, his voice was incredibly hoarse, as if his throat had been sanded, “Hello… What? I know… Okay.”

After a few words, he hung up, sat on the floor with his eyes closed and his head slumped in dismay, his shoulders down.

“Sir, I’ll ask the mansion to send some men to find Second Young Master.” Uncle Wu’s voice was a little choked.

There were many reefs below this Broken Heart Cliff, but they were too high, if they didn’t hit the reef, there was still a possibility of survival. Yu ShiQing didn’t respond, and only after a moment did he whisper, “I was just scaring him.”

“I understand, sir, I understand everything.”

“He’s my son, how could I want him to die? I just wanted to know where the key was, and when he told me, I would’ve pulled him up.” Yu ShiQing’s voice was tinged with a suppressed tremor.

“Yes, I understand everything.”

Yu ShiQing reached out to touch the necklace on his neck, feeling it was empty, fingers touching his neck, still feeling a hot tingling. Yu Chu just reached out to pull him, just scratching the skin on his neck and also tore off the necklace.

“But what does he want me to die for? Huh? Did you see his last move? He was trying to grab me to die.” Yu ShiQing raised his head and grabbed Uncle Wu’s arm, his bloodshot eyes were filled with both heavy sadness and monstrous anger, “If he flipped up and grabbed me, I would’ve fallen too! This is all his own fault! This rebellious son! Rebellious son.”

“He’s just like his dead mother, a bitch, usually looks timid and fearful, but can still make such a big move. Both mother and son are mean-spirited, they’re no good.”

He gasped in his throat, spittle spilled out of the corners of his mouth, and his fingers were so strong that they looked like they were going to break Uncle Wu’s little arm.

“I’m right, right? Old Wu, say it was he who asked for it!” Yu ShiQing’s eyes were fixed on Uncle Wu’s face, as if to find affirmation in his expression since these words.

Uncle Wu agreed, “Yes sir, it’s his fault, but now we have to find Second Young Master. Shall I call some men now?”

Yu ShiQing stiffened his eyes and shook his head qualitatively, “We can’t call anyone, we can’t let others know about our deal. Yes, we need to go now, get out of here immediately, without even a minute delay.”

He immediately tried to stand up, his body swayed and he almost fell, but he was held up by Uncle Wu. After he took several deep breaths in place, he finally, temporarily calmed down, and his ghastly white face looked a little better.

“I just received a message, we immediately have to go. The police will be on Singwon Island in a few minutes.” Yu ShiQing finished and then pushed Uncle Wu away, since he no longer needed the support to stand up.

Uncle Wu instantly changed his mood, “The police?”

“Yes, they’re already on their way.” Yu ShiQing returned to a calm and majestic appearance. His harsh gaze surveyed his surroundings, “Push all the bodies into the sea. The goods can’t be kept, throw them into the sea with them.”

“The goods too?”

“Throw them into the sea. We can’t leave evidence to the police.” Yu ShiQing gritted his teeth and said, “As long as the people are okay, everything can be built up again.”

“What about Second Young Master?”

Yu ShiQing’s hand hanging by his trouser leg trembled and said in a hoarse voice, “We’ll come back for him later.”

The moment Zhou Mu fell, he adjusted his posture in the air. He was falling sideways, in such a position into the water, under the huge impact force, he was bound to be rendered unconscious.

When he adjusted his gaze into the sea, cold seawater with a bone-chilling chill suddenly invaded every inch of his skin. After sinking rapidly for a few meters, he made a U-turn upward and didn’t surface immediately, but continued to move through water and began to look for Yu Chu left and right.

They were lucky that there was no reef where they landed, and the water looked thick and black in the night, but in fact it was the same in the water. The moonlight shone through the water, shining everything clearly, and the visibility was quite high.

Zhou Mu didn’t see Yu Chu around, knowing that he was swept away by the undercurrents in the water, he swam in the direction of the current to the left. Sure enough, he soon saw a shadow floating and sinking in the water in front of him.

It was Yu Chu.

Yu Chu had fallen into unconsciousness, his body was helplessly stretched out, carried by the currents as he continued to float to the left. His soft silk clothes bloomed in the water, his skin was white and transparent. His body was sinking with each wave, mood unusually calm, but the corners of the mouth were overflowing with blood. In the water, he left a red blood trail, and it quickly stained his surroundings.

Zhou Mu’s feet were forcefully swimming to Yu Chu, but this broken cliff was under the dark current, the waves were staggered vertically and horizontally, obstructing his speed.

At this time, he saw a dark color in front of Yu Chu, a deep hole formed in the mountain wall, immersed in seawater. Yu Chu was being swept by the current towards the hole.

Zhou Mu accelerated as he swam forward, ignoring the fact that his lungs were running out of air. He caught Yu Chu before he was swept into the hole. But just when they were more than half a meter apart, a turbulent undercurrent formed at the mouth of the cave and swept them both into the cave together.

Zhou Mu was carried forward by the current, and he tried to stabilize his shape so that he could hit the wall of the cave, while paddling rapidly to speed up, and finally pulled the man by the hand before Yu Chu was about to hit a raised rock.


Zhou Mu’s back hit the cave wall hard. The impact almost displaced his internal organs. He held the person in his arms tightly, in a curled up position, floating deeper into the cave with the current. He began to float upward, trying to find a space that wasn’t submerged in water. Because of the lack of oxygen, each of his alveoli seemed to explode open, his throat tasted fishy, salty blood. But the hole seemed to be filled with seawater, several times he floated up to the top, they were still surrounded by seawater.

He should be feeling anxious, but knowing there must be a way out, his heart was unusually calm.

According to the direction of the current, they were floating to the east of the island. And the land gradually rose, the seawater fell and the hole gradually surfaced.

As if to prove his speculation, when he ventured out again, he finally rushed out of the water without hindrance. The moment he felt the air, he breathed heavily like a dying man, a haa-haa sound came out of his throat, and the fresh air with a cold chill instantly filled his burning lungs.

He pushed Yu Chu out of the water. Without light in the cave, Zhou Mu couldn’t see his current situation. With only left arm around Yu Chu, Zhou Mu’s right hand groped around, finally touching the side of the cave wall; there was a platform.

The platform was quite large, and should be a reef surface. He quickly climbed up, and lay Yu Chu flat. Without a second delay, he began external chest cardiac compressions.

Yu Chu felt that his body had no weight, as light as a wisp of wind, floating endlessly in a space of nothingness. There was a light in the extreme distance, without any reason, he knew that it was the place to go, the eternal peace. There was neither fear nor curiosity in his heart, and he calmly flew towards the point of light… 

“Seventy, seventy-one, seventy-two…”

“Yu Chu, wake up, wake up…”

“Eighty-three, eighty-four, eighty-five… Yu Chu, wake up!”

A voice sounded in the distance, chattering…  

Who is Yu Chu? He thought confusedly, Yu Chu… Yu Chu… Ning Cheng… Who is Yu Chu and who is Ning Cheng…?

“Yu Chu, do you want to be free? Just wake up and you’ll be free…”

“Ninety-one, ninety-two, ninety-three. Wake up! Wake up!”

Yu Chu, Yu Chu, Yu Chu… 

The voice kept making noise, stopping and reverberating in this void space, stirring Yu Chu’s chaotic mind into peace. A sudden burst of clarity came over him, like an enlightening thought, like a thunderclap, exploding in his head instantly.

I’ve been Ning Cheng! But I’ve become Yu Chu!

In the darkness, Yu Chu’s eyes suddenly opened wide, breathing heavily, his body twitching spasmodically, and seawater spilling out of the corners of his mouth.

And the voice echoed from far to near, becoming unusually clear, “Don’t rush, don’t rush. Breathe slowly, you’re not in the sea, breathe slowly.”

The voice was low and steady, with a calming power that made Yu Chu finally stop convulsing, and his mind began to clear, breaking free from the scene before his death. He choked and coughed again before asking in a weak, hoarse voice, “Zhou Mu?”

Although it was a question, there was a certainty in his tone, and Zhou Mu sat back, bracing his hands behind him, and said, “It’s me.”

Yu Chu lay still and flat for a while before saying, “I’m still alive, right?”

“What do you think?” Zhou Mu leaned tiredly against the cave wall, “Don’t tell me you want to cross the Naihe Bridge1 with me?”

Yu Chu smiled silently in the darkness, “Thank you.” After licking his lips, he added, “Now I owe you my life.”

Zhou Mu said, “Just hold on to your life for now, you can pay me back later.”

“I only said I owed you a life, but I didn’t say I had to pay it back.” Yu Chu’s voice was still a little muffled.

Zhou Mu tsked, “You’ve just come back to life and you’re reneging on your debt. Do you believe I’ll throw you back into the water?”

“I do.” Yu Chu said.


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Translator Notes:

  1. According to Chinese mythology, on the other side of Naihe Bridge is where one’s soul gets the soup of forgetfulness before reincarnating.


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December 6, 2021 6:04 pm

Yu ShQing lies to himself pretty well, enforced ny Uncle Wu. Hope they both end up regretting it.
That was a very close call.
What will they do next; play dead and get out altogether? Then they can exact revenge under cover.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 6, 2021 9:45 pm

phewww…..glad both of them is out of ysq clutch for now

December 6, 2021 10:00 pm

Mr. Yu and Uncle Wu are two of a kind. I hope they’ll regret it.

A very convenient cave. Zhou Mu is like “You think you can just die? Not on my watch!” and Yu Chu is still talking back 😂😅😏 Now they have to get out of that cave.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 9, 2022 11:19 pm

When you think Yu ShiQing couldn’t get any worse, he proves he can! This dad has several problems… 😓

Zhou Mu is a badass. And he’s still wearing that t-shirt!

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