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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chi DuoDuo rolled over and crawled up, while crying and running with eyes closed. Yu Feng, who had regained his senses, rushed forward to catch up and reached out to grab his collar.

Yu Chu was fighting with the hired thug for the gun. Seeing the situation and the hired thug trying to keep the gun, the thug then pulled the trigger. Yu Feng was late grabbing the gun and, bang, a shot sounded. Yu Feng fell to the ground, covering his thigh screaming, bright red blood spilling from beneath his fingers.

Yu Chu hurriedly moved to the hired thug with the gun, so he blocked himself, but didn’t stop fighting for the gun in his hand.

Ah Shui wanted to rush close to help, while lying on the ground, Yu Feng hissingly shouted, “He took the gun! First kill that kid! Kill the kid!”

Just as Yu Feng said, Yu Chu’s strength was still lacking, and with a push from the thug, the gun was in his hands.

Yu Chu saw the dagger at his waist at this time. Without thinking about it, he immediately reached out, pulled out the dagger and stabbed him in the chest.

The hired thug’s body trembled, his face frozen expression as he looked down at his chest, then he slowly fell to the ground.

Yu Chu turned his eyes to look at the other, and saw that the small back was about to reach the entrance, while Ah Shui raised the muzzle of the gun at his back. Yu Chu’s pupils suddenly shrunk, his explosive power reached the extreme, and he was like a loose arrow rushing out. Just as Ah Shui’s finger was on the trigger, he rushed to the muzzle and protected Chi DuoDuo, the child in his arms, and closed his eyes.

Bang, bang, bang.

Everything around him was quiet, he only heard his own violent heartbeat. Time also seemed to stop passing, and in this short moment, there were countless images floating in front of him.

Xie XingMu smiling as he rubbed his head… Xie XingMu taking the ice water out of his hand and handing him a glass of milk… Xie XingMu’s smiling eyes with light flowing, before he knew that he liked him… In that instant, he suddenly understood… Xie XingMu’s message: Wait until I get back… 

What exactly were you going to say to me? Maybe I already know… 

Sharp gunshots tore through the stagnant space-time, as Yu Chu suddenly widened his eyes and tensed his body waiting for the pain to appear. However, the imaginary pain didn’t come, but the black muzzle of the gun opposite him slowly dropped, revealing the astonished face of Ah Shui, and a hole in his chest that gurgled blood out.

Yu Chu stood still for a few seconds to catch his breath, and abruptly turned his head to look at the entrance to the building. There was a tall man standing there, holding a gun with a wisp of white smoke. His back was to the light, his body was outlined in a circle of light, as majestic as a god.

Although his facial features weren’t visible, Yu Chu recognized him as Xie XingMu at once, he slowly turned around and watched him take a step towards him.

“Bastard! You actually called someone and it’s your bitch!” Yu Feng dragged his injured leg to crawl towards the door, his mouth swearing bitterly.

Xie XingMu walked to Yu Feng’s side to stop his feet, a fist smashed on his head, Yu Feng’s head lolled, fell to the ground and he passed out.

“Xie XingMu…” Yu Chu looked at him stopping in front of himself, opened and closed his lips and called out, his voice was hoarse, “To you—”

He had yet to finish, when he was in a solid embrace, embraced by two strong arms tightly bound. It was so tight and he almost lost all his air. He felt Xie XingMu’s body seemed to be trembling slightly, so he let him hold him. The location of his injury on his body was pressed on and the pain was intense so Yu Chu couldn’t hold back a muffled grunt.

Xie XingMu hurriedly let go, but then gritted his teeth and said, “You’re hurt and you don’t even say a thing. You’re very able. “

Yu Chu wrapped his arms around his waist and pressed his face to his chest.

Xie XingMu realized those were heavy words and suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t do this again, you hear me? Xiao Chu, you can rely on me.”

Yu Chu muffled a hmm.

Xie XingMu pushed him, holding his shoulders, surveying his body up and down, “Are you hurt badly?”

Yu Chu said in a soft voice, “No.”

Xie XingMu stretched out his hand and gently touched a bruise on his cheek, but a voice came from his feet, “Xiao Chu, Uncle, and me.”

The two looked down in unison, only to find that the child was in between them and was looking up at them. Xie XingMu showed a smile, leaned down to pick up Chi DuoDuo, then kissed him on the forehead. His other hand was on Yu Chu’s shoulders as he walked outside.

A siren sounded in the distance, roaring from far to near, and when they walked out, several police cars stopped outside, and a group of armed police officers came out.

“Captain Xie, are you all right?”

“Captain Xie, how is it inside?”

Xie XingMu said to them, “They are down, I’m fine. I just want to take my family back first, I will leave the scene to you.”


Xie XingMu walked to his big Mercedes G, opened the car door and put Chi DuoDuo in his arms down. Chi DuoDuo wrapped his arms around his neck, obviously suffering a small shock, and not wanting to leave the arms of his uncle.

“I’ll drive.” Yu Chu said from the side.

Xie XingMu reached out to ruffle a strand of hair on his forehead, as he softly asked, “Can you drive?”

“Yes.” Yu Chu said.

Xie XingMu stared at him for two seconds, then suddenly turned his head and shouted, “Li SiMing!”


“Come over and drive.”


Xie XingMu then held Chi DuoDuo as he sat in the seat and moved in again, gesturing for Yu Chu to sit next to him.

Yu Chu thought he would have to drive but Xie XingMu had just called Li SiMing, and didn’t explain, so he was about to get into the front passenger seat.

Xie XingMu saw Yu Chu moving to the passenger seat and reached out to put his arm around Yu Chu’s shoulders and gathered him into his arms.

“Let Li SiMing drive so I can hold you two.” Xie XingMu whispered in his ear.

Li SiMing hurriedly ran over and got in the driver’s seat, “Capitan Xie, do you want me to drive you home?”

Xie XingMu said, “Go down to the hospital first.”

“Okay.” When Li SiMing started the vehicle, he looked in the mirror, and then turned back to hold the steering wheel. He paused for a second, looked at the mirror again, eyes glued to it and didn’t move.

Xie XingMu had a hand holding Chi DuoDuo who was sitting on his lap, and one hand held Yu Chu in his arms, then he asked with a frown, “Still dawdling?”

“Not at all, I’ll drive.” Li Siming came back to his senses and hurried to start the car.

Once at the hospital, the doctor gave Chi DuoDuo and Yu Chu both a checkup. Yu Chu had some skin trauma, and only needed medicine with little hospitalization, so he could go home to recuperate. Chi DuoDuo suffered some shock and needed to receive a period of psychological treatment to help him.

On the way home from the hospital, Yu Chu suddenly asked Xie XingMu, “How did you know we were in that building?”

He didn’t call the police and didn’t tell anyone about his whereabouts, but Xie XingMu had come at an extremely timely moment. Xie XingMu didn’t answer, just quietly stared at him. Yu Chu immediately understood and he took out his cell phone from his coat pocket.

“Before, you gave me a GPS locator, then changed it to yours. In fact, this phone also has one installed, right?”

“Yu ShiQing’s matter isn’t finished, I was afraid that you would be in danger.” Yu Chu knew the last phone had a GPS locator, and was about to fume, but heard the worry in Xie XingMu’s voice.

So Yu Chu didn’t say anything, just put the phone away, his hand still clasped on Xie XingMu’s leg. Xie XingMu took hold of that hand, spread his fingers, and the fingers on the two hands interlocked.

When they returned home from the hospital, it was night. Xie XingMu wanted to cook dinner for the two of them, but with Chi DuoDuo hanging in his arms, he couldn’t do anything. Yu Chu came over and hugged Chi DuoDuo, taking him into his arms. They stood by the cooking table, a small and large person watching Xie XingMu cook.

Xie XingMu baked two small pancakes, the top filled with flower shaped cream. Yu Chu came over to look at them and saw Xie XingMu’s apron had all kinds of cats.

Chi DuoDuo wrapped his arms around Yu Chu’s neck and said in a small voice, “Kitty cat.” 

After eating and playing for a while, Xie XingMu went to give Chi DuoDuo a bath and carried him back to his room to sleep. Chi DuoDuo lay under the covers, listening to Xie XingMu telling him a story for a long time, but his eyes were still wide open.

“Uncle is with you, go to sleep.” Xie XingMu softly said.

“I’m scared.”

“Scared? Uncle’s here, so no one can hurt you.”

Chi DuoDuo said, “I’m scared they’ll beat Xiao Chu to death. That bad guy today beat Xiao Chu.”

Xie XingMu was silent for a few seconds and said, “Xiao Chu will also not be in danger again, Uncle will protect him.”

Yu Chu stood at the door and watched, then also walked in. Chi DuoDuo saw him move inside then come to the bed, so Chi DuoDuo moved over, leaving the bed half empty, and said, “Xiao Chu, sleep beside me.”

Although it was a single bed, it was quite large so Yu Chu got into bed and laid down next to Chi DuoDuo. Chi DuoDuo shrank into Yu Chu’s arms, took his hand and patted his stomach, like he was soothing him, and turned to Xie XingMu and said, “Uncle, tell Xiao Chu a nice story.”

“Which story is a good one?” Xie XingMu’s mouth was asking DuoDuo, but his eyes were looking at Yu Chu.

Chi DuoDuo responded, “The story of the kitty stealing the small fish from the table.”

Xie XingMu cleared his throat and began to tell the story in a serious manner, “There was a very cute kitty who lived on an island and had a very mean big cat father and a cat brother who always bullied him.”

Chi DuoDuo asked, confused, “This isn’t the story?”

“This is another kitty story.” Xie XingMu said.

“Oh, a new story, that’s good.”

Xie XingMu continued, “The kitty had a very good friend, a very powerful and handsome big cat with tiger stripes—”

“Yes, a police dog.” Yu Chu, who had his eyes slightly closed, suddenly interrupted.

Xie XingMu: “…The kitty’s friend, a very majestic and handsome German shepherd.”

“German shepherd? What’s that?” Chi DuoDuo asked curiously.

“…A dog.”

Yu Chu held Chi DuoDuo’s soft little body, his ears filled with Xie XingMu’s low and gentle voice. He felt like he was immersed in warm water, comfortable and relaxed. His consciousness gradually blurred, and he soon fell asleep.

Xie XingMu stopped talking and quietly looked at the sleeping faces of the two people on the bed. He tucked the covers in for them, turned off the bedside lamp, and moved very gently out of the child’s room.

The next day, Xie XingMu arranged everything at work and took a week off to take Yu Chu and Chi DuoDuo on a trip abroad. Since Yu Chu had been living on an island, they went to a snowy country, stayed in a hotel among the mountains, skied every day, rode the locals’ dog sleds, watched the aurora borealis, and had a great time.

Soon, Chi DuoDuo was no longer afraid of the kidnapping even and sometimes took the initiative to mention it, telling how he cooperated with Yu Chu and biting the man who choked him, so he could escape.

“Xiao Chu told me to bite him, we practiced! Uncle, hold my neck… see, I escaped this way.” Chi DuoDuo performed triumphantly.

Xie XingMu said, “Great job, but you can’t use this trick to deal with children.”

“Of course I know, Xiao Chu only lets me deal with bad guys.”

“When we get back, Uncle will teach you two more tricks.”

“Yeah, yeah, hahahaha.”

Xie XingMu had booked a hotel with a king-size room, and the fireplace warmed the room so much that the three of them spent the night lying on a queen-size bed watching TV. Chi DuoDuo insisted on lying between them, with both feet resting on Xie XingMu and Yu Chu’s stomachs.

Before falling asleep, Chi DuoDuo was lying properly but Yu Chu grabbed his foot and tickled it. Chi DuoDuo giggled, the other foot on Xie XingMu’s stomach reflexively kicked, and Xie XingMu began to tickle that foot too.

Soon the tickling turned into a melee. Xie XingMu pinned Yu Chu underneath him and grabbed one of his feet and tickled it. Yu Chu broke free, laughing so hard that he was about to die, he curled up like a shrimp that had been cooked.

Xie XingMu suddenly stopped moving and looked at Yu Chu with both hands on the side of his head, his eyes dark and stormy, with dangerous emotions churning inside.

Yu Chu was still smiling, eyes moist, cheeks flushed, slightly gasping, and Xie XingMu stared at him for a few seconds, also slowly putting away the smile.

The atmosphere suddenly became very strange.

Chi DuoDuo rushed over to them, smiled and pushed Xie XingMu to save Yu Chu. Xie XingMu then tumbled off Yu Chu, pulled the blanket and rolled himself in it, lying aside and closing his eyes, his brow furrowed, his expression stoic.

Yu Chu wrapped his arms around Chi DuoDuo, his eyes looked askance at Xie XingMu next to him, then buried his face in Chi DuoDuoi’s hair and laughed heartlessly, laughing so much that his shoulders and back twitched.

Xie XingMu opened his eyes and glanced at him and said, “Laugh, keep laughing, wait until we get back, see how I’ll deal with you.”

During the night, Yu Chu woke up from his dream, he opened his eyes and saw the snow outside the window, reflecting with a glittering white in the moonlight. He was lying in Xie XingMu’s arms, with his steady breathing in his ears and one of his legs over his stomach.

He rubbed his face in Xie XingMu’s arms and fell asleep again.

The week passed quickly, and soon they were at the airport on their way back. Chi DuoDuo made a fuss about going back, saying that he would ask his kindergarten teacher for a few more days off, hanging on to Xie XingMu’s arm and dragging across the ground, being carried coldly on Xie XingMu’s shoulder, hanging upside down as they entered the airport.

Because he had taken a week off, Xie XingMu would be very busy the next few days, so Yu Chu took on the job of picking up and dropping off Chi DuoDuo again.

After what happened last time, he kept a very close eye on Chi DuoDuo, and would definitely not let go of his hand when they left school. Chi DuoDuo didn’t take it seriously, and would comfort him, “Xiao Chu, you’re afraid. I will never let them hurt you again. You see, I will be like this, hehehehehehe.”

Xie XingMu finally resumed his normal work schedule after taking care of all the piled up cases, and also enrolled Yu Chu in a pastry training course. He would make breakfast every morning, wake up the two who were still sleeping, and watch Yu Chu brush his teeth and wash his face while he waited for him to get dressed.

“Yu Chu, how are you brushing your teeth? Just brush up and down, a cement plaster isn’t as fast as you.”

“Chi DuoDuo, how can you even fall asleep like this? Quickly put your hands through your sleeves.”

“Hurry up. You both still have to eat breakfast, boost your spirits.”

Yu Chu got up every morning to a wake up call, gloomily brushed his teeth, washed his face, with “don’t mess with me” clearly written on his face. That little temper with teeth and claws was on display every morning.

When they sat down at the table, Xie XingMu gave the two of them hot soy milk in bowls, and Yu Chu took a bite of the bun from the plate. He questioned angrily, “Why are they salty? Where’s the custard bun?” 

Xie XingMu picked up a sugar dumpling and put it into his small plate, “Today’s breakfast is bought outside the breakfast store, and the custard buns were gone by the time I got to the line. Eat a sugar dumpling first, and I’ll buy you custard buns tomorrow.”

Yu Chu stared at the sugar dumplings on the small plate, “Who bought the custard ones?”

Xie XingMu looked at him speechlessly, “What? Do you still want to kill and rob for those buns?” After saying that, he picked up the sugar dumpling and lifted it to his mouth, “Open your mouth, aaah…”

Yu Chu took a bite of the sugar dumpling and whispered, “You’re annoying.”

“Yes, Uncle is annoying.” Chi DuoDuo drank his soy milk and nodded his head in agreement, and his face was pinched and shaken by Xie XingMu.

After eating, the three of them went out. According to the first route, Xie XingMu sent Chi DuoDuo to kindergarten first, and then sent Yu Chu to the training course, before going to work himself.

The pastry training course was located in a community and was on the second floor of a certain building. Xie XingMu parked the car beside the road and waited for Yu Chu to leave the vehicle, then suddenly pulled Yu Chu back.

“What?” Yu Chu looked at him with confusion.

There was something in Xie XingMu’s eyes, flashing. Yu Chu suddenly felt some panic, wanting to leave the car, but Xie XingMu held his neck so he couldn’t move, then, he lowered his head and covered Yu Chu’s lips.

Yu Chu felt dizzy during this warm and tender kiss, and his body was imprisoned. Xie XingMu supported his body steadily until he let out a gasping sound from his nose. He raised his head and gasped slightly to look at the person in his arms. Yu Chu’s eyes seemed to be filled with water, the corners of his eyes were red, his lips were like two of the most gorgeous petals

Xie XingMu wiped off the saliva from his lips, and said hoarsely, “Tonight, put Chi DuoDuo, that boy, to sleep early and we will go to sleep in your room.” 

After returning from their vacation, Chi DuoDuo slept in Yu Chu’s arms every night. Yu Chu would wait for him to fall asleep before secretly getting up, but it was like Chi DuoDuo had a surveillance radar installed in the brain, and the moment the bed had a little movement, he would immediately wake up. Yu Chu could only lay down again.

Yu Chu heard the words in his heart and his face felt hot. His eyes drifted around, and looked at the man on the other side of him.

Xie XingMu held his chin and made him look at him, he asked with burning eyes, “Did you hear what I said? What do you think?”

“You’re holding me too hard, lighten your grip.” Yu Chu blushed and deliberately changed the subject.

Xie XingMu really dropped his hand, but still gently rubbed the light red marks on his chin with his fingers and said, “Your skin is so delicate.”

Yu Chu took the opportunity to open the door, jumped out of the car, and ran towards the front building.

“I’ll pick you up this afternoon, wait for me!” Xie XingMu poked his head out and shouted at his back.

Yu Chu ran the short distance, and became bold again. He stopped to turn around and looked at the car then blew a flying kiss to the man.

When Xie XingMu made a gesture to get out of the car, Yu Chu hurriedly turned back and continued to run to the building, only to hear Xie XingMu’s loud laughter, and whistle.

Yu Chu was just about to turn back when he heard two old ladies sitting on the flower bed next to him say, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, these little rascals, showing off.”

“But then, if I had that kind of car, I’d chase girls around.”

Yu Chu hurriedly pretended to not know that person, and trotted into the building.


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