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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Since Xie XingMu’s sentence, Yu Chu spent the entire day distracted.

Xie XingMu’s eyes were getting hotter and hotter, and day by day, became more revealing. When he got out of the shower, he was only wrapped in a loose robe, hair dripping water, as Xie XingMu looked over and his gaze burned through the bathrobe.

Although Yu Chu had never had a relationship, he knew that look. He didn’t reject it nor feel any resistance, and even felt some expectation. The knowledge that Xie XingMu was going to put that look into action, made him kind of nervous.

After his afternoon class, he walked out of the building, looking immediately at the neighborhood gate. When he saw the small and large shadow, his mood was like a small wing, fluttering up into the sky.

“Xiao Chu!” Chi DuoDuo rushed up cheerfully and Yu Chu lifted him into his arms, walking towards the smiling man.

Xie XingMu greeted him, naturally took his bag, opened the passenger door and said, “Tired? Come on, let’s go home, I’ll make you a good meal.”

“I’m not tired.” Yu Chu gently touched Chi DuoDuo’s forehead.

When they got near their home, Xie XingMu parked the car in front of a supermarket and went to buy food, leaving Yu Chu and Chi DuoDuo in the car.

When he came back, he put the plastic bag with vegetables on the back seat, and then continued to drive. Chi DuoDuo sat in the back seat, reached out to go through the bag, took out a small square box of flowers and his little mouth frowned, “Uncle, what is it?”

Yu Chu naturally looked back, but didn’t see clearly because Xie XingMu abruptly braked, turned around and grabbed the item out of Chi DuoDuo’s hands and shoved it into his pants pocket. He quickly glanced at Yu Chu, saying, “It’s nothing, children shouldn’t know.”

Chi DuoDuo pursed his mouth with dissatisfaction and looked out the car window with a pout.

Yu Chu felt Xie XingMu was acting a little strange, and couldn’t help but look at him more. Seeing him looking straight ahead, he noticed that the root of his ears were slightly red. Yu Chu’s heart moved, immediately realizing what it was, and hurried to look out the window.

When they returned home, Xie XingMu tied on his apron and began to cook, while Chi DuoDuo watched cartoons and Yu Chu stood by the cooking table with a glass of juice, chatting with Xie XingMu.

“Tomorrow is the weekend, I’m going to buy a large oven, and see what baking tools you need, and we will bring them home.”

“Don’t you have an oven at home? Why buy a big one?”

“Will it be enough for you to practice baking?”

Yu Chu stopped his wasteful behavior, “No matter the size of the oven, the function is the same, the oven we have will be fine.”

“Okay, then tomorrow we will go buy the ingredients so that you can practice at home.”

Xie XingMu finished, turned his head to look at Chi Duoduo, saw his back to people watching TV, then leaned over to kiss Yu Chu’s lips.

The kiss was loud and crisp.

At night, after getting Chi DuoDuo to take a bath and getting ready for bed, Yu Chu went to take his. After he got out of the bathroom, he heard a call from Chi DuoDuo, “Xiao Chu, it’s time to come to bed…”

Yu Chu entered the child’s room and saw Xie XingMu sitting on the edge of the bed with a bedtime story in his hand. Chi DuoDuo patted the empty seat next to him, “Xiao Chu, come to sleep.” 

After Yu Chu lay down, Xie XingMu began to tell the story, his low mellow voice brushing between his ears. Chi DuoDuo’s talking was getting smaller and smaller, and he finally put his arm around Yu Chu and fell asleep. Yu Chu was also drowsy when he suddenly felt his forehead was touched, he opened his eyes in a daze and met Xie XingMu’s face. 

“Get up, I’ll hold him.” Xie XingMu whispered in his ear.

Yu Chu, his stirring sleepiness instantly flew away, only to find that Xie XingMu was carrying a teddy bear in his hand. Xie XingMu leaned over and moved Chi DuoDuo’s hand away, signaling Yu Chu to get up.

Just as Yu Chu sat up, Chi Duoduo let out a grunt of discontent and fumbled with one hand in his direction, Xie XingMu hurriedly put the big bear into his arms and patted him on the back. When the bear was in his arms, he quieted down. Xie XingMu raised his hand to dim the bedside lamp and made an outward gesture to Yu Chu.

The two tiptoed out of the child’s room, closed the door like a thief, and then took a long breath at the door. Yu Chu just turned around and met Xie XingMu’s eyes. The pair of eyes that were usually dark and brooding, were predatory and aggressive which made Yu Chu a little flustered.

“I’m going to get some water,” Yu Chu walked towards the kitchen as a cover-up. As soon as he stepped out, his waist was wrapped in a strong arm and a solid chest was placed against his back.

“Go to your room, I’ll get you some water.” Xie XingMu’s hot breath hit the side of his neck, making the skin instantly raise a layer of fine goose bumps.

Yu Chu forced himself to go back to his room and tried to close the door, but felt that the action was a bit too much, so he simply went to the window and lifted the curtain to pretend to enjoy the night view outside. He heard the door shut quietly behind him and Xie XingMu came in, followed by the click of the lock. As the latter got closer and closer, his grip on the curtain tightened.

Thump, thump, he felt his heart jump to his throat.

A glass of water was held to his mouth and Xie XingMu grabbed him from behind, watching as he drank half a glass of water before placing the glass on a side table.

“What are you looking at?” Xie XingMu grabbed him around the waist with one hand, and with the other hand he took the hand that was clutching the curtain, and gathered it into his palm.

Yu Chu said, “I’m looking at the moon tonight, it’s so full.”

Xie XingMu followed his line of sight and a low laugh escaped from his throat. Yu Chu realized that the clouds were so thick tonight that the moon couldn’t be seen at all. A wave of shame came over him and he immediately pushed the other away, but Xie XingMu instead tightened his grip.

“Baby, don’t be afraid, don’t be nervous…” Xie XingMu murmured in a low voice. His voice was like red wine, mellow and sexy, softly vibrating in his eardrums. His heart was trembling, and his body became soft.

Xie XingMu peppered kisses, fine and gentle, along Yu Chu’s neck and moved down across his chin and collarbone, his pajamas also gradually slipped to the floor.

…His hand clenched the curtains tightly, his knuckles flushed with palenes. A big hand came over and moved his fingers away, one by one. The force, although gentle, showed no objection, and soon their ten fingers were tightly interlocked.

The curtains were lowered and the person in front of the window was picked up by the waist and moved to the bed.

Yu Chu slightly opened his eyes looking at the shaking ceiling, thinking that everything felt like a long dream. The pain and pleasure coexisted and his body and mind were filled with a dreamlike feeling…  

When he woke up the next day, there was no one else in the room, and he felt sore and soft from the waist down, as if he had been run over by a heavy truck. His body was dry, with no sticky feeling, and his pajamas and the bedding had been changed at some point. He looked down and smelled the faint smell of ointment on himself, and suddenly he was a little ashamed. He was unconscious for the rest of the night, and only vaguely remembered Xie XingMu cleaning him and applying medicine.

When the door to the room was gently pushed open, a small fluffy head peeked in.

“Xiao Chu, you’re awake?” Chi DuoDuo saw Yu Chu’s eyes were open and he walked in with surprise, lying on the edge of his bed and saying, “You’ve been sleeping all morning, I’ve come to see you many times.”

Yu Chu turned his side to him, smiled and rubbed the little head, “Yes, I’m awake. You didn’t go to school?”

When he spoke, his voice was hoarse and unpleasant.

“Today’s the weekend. What’s wrong? Did you catch a cold?” DuoDuo asked, worried, “Uncle also didn’t allow me to wake you up, said to let you rest.”

“It’s okay, where’s your uncle?” Just as Yu Chu finished, the bedroom door was pushed open and Xie XingMu appeared at the door with a dinner plate. With a whoosh, Yu Chu shrank back into the quilt, his whole body wrapped up like a ball.

“Xiao Chu, haha, Xiao Chu.” Thinking he was playing a game, Chi DuoDuo went to uncover the quilt with excitement, and Yu Chu yanked the quilt along with him. He heard through the quilt Xie XingMu coaxing Chi Duoduo out of the room and closed the door again, then the edge of the bed sank slightly as someone sat next to him.

Xie XingMu laughed at the tight quilt ball, and then reached out to pull Yu Chu into his arms, lifting a slit and whispering, “Shy?”

“No.” Yu Chu said in a jarring voice.

Xie XingMu laughed again, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m very uncomfortable.”

After hearing Xie XingMu’s low laugh, Yu Chu reacted and said with shame and annoyance, “I didn’t mean that.”

“Then what did you mean?”

Yu Chu paused and said viciously, “Go away, what do you care what I said?”

Xie XingMu laughed out loud, still holding the large ball of quilt and didn’t let go as he spoke, “Get up and drink some milk. I removed the weird taste, and there’s your favorite custard bun.”

“I don’t like custard buns.” Yu Chu deliberately contradicted him.

“Okay, okay, then get up and eat the milk bun you don’t like.”

Yu Chu was about to say ‘if I don’t like it, why should I eat it’, when the blanket was lifted off his head. The world became light at the same time, and he saw Xie XingMu’s pair of deep eyes.

At this time, the bottom of the eyes were unconcealed, showing strong love and tenderness.

Yu Chu threw away those evil words, and suddenly could no longer speak. Sweet bubbles popped up in his heart, and he unconsciously curled up the corners of his mouth, and whispered, “Then let go of your hand, or I can’t eat otherwise”

Xie XingMu said, “Okay.”

Although he said this, he didn’t immediately let go, first ruffled Yu Chu’s messy hair, and lovingly pecked on his lips, before the quilt was ripped off, and he helped him sit properly.

Xie XingMu watched him drink milk, before asking, “Do you like my room?” 

Yu Chu licked the milk stain on his lips and asked, “Why?”

Xie XingMu stared at his movements, and his eyes were a little dark. Yu Chu was alert and moved to the side, “Say it properly, don’t look at me so creepily.”

Xie XingMu laughed and said, “We will stay in whichever room you prefer.”

“Huh?” Yu Chu froze a little.

“It can’t be Chi DuoDuo’s room, because we will live together.”

Yu Chu looked at him sidelong without saying anything, that look tickled Xie XingMu’s heart. He didn’t care if Yu Chu resisted, as he pressed the person in his arms and kissed him fiercely, then said. “Then move to the master bedroom, since there’s a complete set of bathrooms. Last night I carried you to the main bathroom, so that DuoDuo wouldn’t come in. We bumped into him. Otherwise, it’s quite inconvenient.”

“DuoDuo bumped into us?” Yu Chu was shocked, then carefully asked, “I was wearing clothes at that time, wasn’t I?”

Xie XingMu was silent for a few seconds, before saying, “Quickly eat your custard bun, it’ll taste weird when it’s cold.”

Yu Chu looked at him gloomily and didn’t say anything. Xie XingMu said, “It’s okay, I held you in my arms, so Chi DuoDuo also only saw me.”

“You were naked?” Yu Chu squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

Xie XingMu thought about it and said, “He only saw my back.”

Chi Duoduo was watching cartoons in the living room when he heard a heavy thud from the guest room door. Since the door was shut in the face of the magnificent and godly uncle, he stumbled a few steps.

“Uncle, what are you doing?” Chi DuoDuo was curious.

Xie XingMu heard the same sentence as last night, and his thoughts jumped, seriously saying, “The teacher assigned you to draw a pair of pictures over the weekend, did you do them? Your socks were washed by yourself, did you wash them again? You can’t watch cartoons, finish your homework.”

Chi DuoDuo pouted and rolled his eyes to look at his uncle. Xie XingMu ignored him and went into the kitchen, tied his apron skillfully and started to make rib soup.

Yu Chu felt that the next period of time, life was so happy it seemed to be unreal.

He was no longer alone, there was an extra Xie XingMu in his life, and there was Chi DuoDuo too. Every day in the training class he had no concern, and looked forward to the afternoon, when he took a leap of faith out of the building, and always saw a small and big shadow waiting for him.

That shadow instantly filled his heart, that had been left empty for twenty years, without a single gap.

He recently made desserts at home every day, and Chi DuoDuo and Xie XingMu could no longer eat them. The refrigerator was also stuffed full, so Xie XingMu would bring those desserts to the criminal investigation brigade for the team members to eat.

The criminal investigation brigade members weren’t picky, and Yu Chu experimented so it didn’t matter how much they could eat. No matter what, Xie XingMu will take a sample of everything and ask for their opinions: what they didn’t like, where it could be improved, what was good and Yu Chu would sit and listen.

On another weekend, Xie XingMu sent Chi DuoDuo to Old Chen’s and took Yu Chu shopping with him.

“We haven’t even enjoyed the world of two people, that little light bulb doesn’t even feel self-conscious.” Xie XingMu parked the car in the underground parking lot of the mall and hugged Yu Chu for a long kiss first.

“Since Panda Xiao Duo hasn’t been taken, it will not be noisy…” Yu Chu said vaguely in between the change of air.

Xie XingMu squeezed his waist, “Concentrate, don’t talk about him.”



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December 27, 2021 1:16 pm

I really like this story but these last few chapters felt kind of…rushed I guess. Or maybe I just want more talking between them.

ANyway, thank you for the chapter (^.^)/

December 27, 2021 10:09 pm

I’m so happy for them, finally fully together 🥰😍 (although we got only the hot prelude and the morning after, oh those Chinese). The world of the two is so happy.

But I really hope the ramaining two chapters will provide us some answeres about the unfinished thread – the key. I have my suspicions but let’s see what happens.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 21, 2022 7:42 pm

I have mixed feeling about them being together. On one side, I happy that YC can have family that he wanted, on the other I feel like he didn’t put enough fight and made the romance feel like Stockholm syndrome, or like imprinting. Sigh. Well, congrats I guess….

Thank you for translating this story

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