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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The next day, Yu Chu didn’t leave the mansion and only went to the beach when the sun was about to set, where he was greeted by several of the thugs. 

“Hello, Second Young Master.”

“Is Second Young Master going for a walk on the beach?”

Big Scar, who he had seen in the secret room, followed him not too far behind. Yu Chu stopped and turned around, but he didn’t catch a glimpse of Zhou Mu, instead, he was greeted by Big Scar with a smile on his face, “What does Second Young Master need?”

Yu Chu looked him over and asked nonchalantly, “What are you following me for?”

“Second Young Master, I’m your bodyguard.”

“Bodyguard?” Yu Chu repeated, “Isn’t my bodyguard Zhou Mu?”

With that said, his eyes crossed over to Big Scar and looked at the bushes behind him.

“Zhou Mu had other business to attend to and followed Mr. Yu ashore, so I’ll be protecting Second Young Master for the next few days.”

“He went ashore on an assignment? On what business?” Yu Chu asked.

Big Scar shook his head, “I don’t know, Mr. Yu assigned the work, how dare I inquire?”

Yu Chu also stopped asking questions, only saying, “In that case, these few days will be hard on you.”

“No problem, no problem.” Big Scar raised his hands again and said, “Look, I prepared all these things for you.”

Yu Chu saw him carrying his sun hat and water bottle and asked, pretending not to know, “What’s your name?”

“My brothers call me Big Scar, so you can call me Big Scar too.”

Yu Chu knew he was different from Zhou Mu, so he didn’t go near the pier, but just went to a beach and sat on a reef near the shore.

Before he sat down, Big Scar wiped the already clean rock with his sleeve and wiped it again and again. When Yu Chu finally sat down, Big Scar stepped back a few meters away, keeping a proper distance, acting both attentive and not offensive.

The sea breeze was soft as the white waves rolled in. Yu Chu’s posture relaxed to enjoy the sunset on the horizon, when soon a cup of water appeared in front of him with many pieces of turquoise tea leaves floating on top.

Big Scar, holding the lid of the thermos bottle filled with tea, said warmly, “Second Young Master, have a sip.”

Yu Chu smiled at him, “Okay.” Reaching out to take the cup of tea, he passed it to his mouth and sipped it slowly.

His bangs were lifted by the wind, revealing his fair skin and long eyelashes, and the tip of his nose looked very straight from the side. Big Scar stood at the side and watched, getting fully absorbed in the sight. It was only when Yu Chu handed the glass of water back to him that he awoke as if from a dream and hurriedly reached out to take it.

Yu Chu stood up, crossed to the forefront of a reef, and then squatted down to look at the water waves by the stone. Big Scar looked at his back and said with some concern, “Second Young Master, be careful. Don’t fall into the water.”

“I know.” Yu Chu turned his head and gave him a carefree smile, “There’s a colorful kind of little fish in the water. It’s really beautiful, come and see for yourself and help me catch two.”

Big Scar was dazzled by that smile, and immediately put all the things in his hands on the ground, took a few steps to arrive next to Yu Chu, then also squatted down.

“Where… where are the fish?” He bent his head down and got close to the water to take a closer look.

“They’re right here, they just swam past. Look, right here.”

The white fingers on the surface of the water moved with Big Scar’s eyes and he gulped subconsciously. He was so close to Yu Chu that the wind sent a nice smell into his nostrils. He thought of what was going to happen later, and felt his heart racing and also skipped a beat.

But at that moment, without any warning, the back of his head was suddenly hit with a strong force, and was pressed into the water. Caught off guard, he was being held under the water, the fishy salty cold seawater instantly filled his nose and mouth. Reflexively, he reached out to grab the person next to him, but he missed, and a sharp pain came from his left shoulder.

The smile on Yu Chu’s face disappeared, the corner of his eyes were slightly tilting downward, his usually round eyes full of innocence were now overflowing with a cold murderous aura. His left hand strangled the back of Big Scar’s neck, holding him down in the seawater, while his right hand lifted a stone and smashed it onto his shoulder.

This body was still too weak, so if he didn’t use a stone to smash him with, he simply wouldn’t be able to restrain the strong Scar.

Big Scar was in so much pain that he lost the ability to resist for ten seconds or so, and by the time the pain disappeared, he was also dizzy from the water. His ears were buzzing, his arms and legs had lost their strength, and he had only one panicked realization inside: someone had attacked him and that someone was trying to kill him.

Even up until this moment, he didn’t expect that this person was none other than Yu Chu.

The look on Yu Chu’s face was so calm that it was almost cruel, and with that slightly fleshy face, there was an indescribable eccentricity.

Because of the lack of strength, he pressed both hands on Big Scar’s neck and pressed both knees on his back, using his whole body weight, until Big Scar no longer struggled, and like a dead fish, flopped on the ground. He yanked Big Scar’s hair, and pulled him up from the water.

“Khaa… Haa…” Big Scar opened his mouth wide to breathe fresh air, his lungs emitting a sound like a broken bellows. Water spilled outward along the corners of his mouth, and his bloodshot red eyes were about to burst out of their sockets.

When he got his breath back, he tried to turn his head to see the person behind him, but his hair was grabbed by the neck and couldn’t turn.

“You… Who are you?…” He asked hoarsely.

The person behind him first snorted and then asked, “What do you think?”

With a voice that clear and pleasant, who else could it be but Yu Chu?

“Second… Second Young Master!” Big Scar was so shocked that he forgot for a moment that his hair was still being held, and abruptly turned his head. His scalp suddenly tingled, and he hurriedly dared not make another move.

While all that was happening his mind ran through several guesses, such as Yu Family’s opponent came ashore or the young dude he had fought a few times in the mansion, but never would’ve guessed it would be Second Young Master Yu Chu.

“Second Young Master, what are you doing? If I… where I have upset you… you… you can tell me… I will definitely change ah.” Big Scar finally calmed down, while gasping for breath. eyes began to look from side to side, wanting to wait until his strength had returned a little

He needed to find an opportunity to put the person behind him under control.

Yu Chu seemed to have seen through his thoughts, and didn’t answer, only smiled and patted his face with his other hand. Just as Big Scar was about to continue speaking, he suddenly pressed the man’s head into the water again.

Glub… Glub…

Yu Chu picked up the stone at his feet again and smashed it against his left shoulder in a familiar way.


It was the same spot as before.

Yu Chu counted the seconds in his heart and estimated that it was almost time to lift the man out of the water again.

“Huff… Hrrr… Cough… I was wrong… Hrrr… Please, Second Young Master, have… have mercy.” Big Scar slumped like mud on the reef, his face as blue as death, but his eyes stung red by the seawater, looking like a horrible, stern ghost. He had walked in front of the door of life and death again, no longer daring to underestimate this seemingly harmless Little Young Master behind him.

Big Scar was wrong to think he was naive, almost like a dull little lamb, but it turned out that he was well hidden, not to mention his hands lacking mercy, just as ruthless and decisive as a veteran. He had been in nearly twenty years of hiding, and it was enough to make people chill all over.

Big Scar gasped, his eyes full of panic.

Yu Chu grabbed him by the hair and lifted him up, and came to his ear and asked softly, “What did you do wrong?”

His voice was still clear and pleasant, and his tone was soft, but Big Scar subconsciously shivered and said in a trembling voice, “I shouldn’t… shouldn’t have put medicine in the tea you just drank.”

Yu Chu smiled, “I knew already, I spit that tea out. Tell me, who told you to drug me?”

“No… no one.” Big Scar didn’t answer, when he felt a tightening at his scalp, knowing that Yu Chu was about to press him into the sea again, he hurriedly screamed in despair, “No, no! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!”

Yu Chu stopped his right hand from choking him at the back of the neck then reached forward and patted his face, as if he was calming a disobedient child. Big Scar knew that this was to urge him, so at this point he didn’t dare to hide anything, explaining, “Last night Eldest Young Master called me and told me that Zhou Mu was sent to the shore by Mr. Yu and you have no one around for the time being. I was to become your bodyguard, then find a chance to drug you, before taking you… I didn’t want to do it! I didn’t dare, but Eldest Young Master told me not to be afraid, saying that he would take care of everything. I, too, was blinded by foolishness, begging Second Young Master to spare me!”

Big Scar finished in one breath, lifting his heart to listen to the movement behind him. Fortunately Yu Chu also didn’t burst into a rage or show signs of anger, but let go of him and stood up.

When Big Scar turned over, Yu Chu looked at him from a high position and said, “Go back and tell Yu Feng not to put people around me, and not to harm me. I don’t have any other strengths, just one. I’m someone who gets revenge.”

“Understood, understood!” Big Scar said with palpitations.

“If there’s another time, I will kill you.” Yu Chu half bent down, but because his back was to the light, his five features were hidden in the shadows.

Big Scar bubbled with disbelief, then hurriedly moved his head to extinguish that emotion. His lungs choked on the seawater, and now were still vaguely painful, and the constant fear of death hadn’t completely dissipated.

For the remainder of the day, Yu Chu became a person Big Scar wouldn’t dare to follow. He didn’t go to the pier, but just wandered around the beach. He acted like he was interested in picking up a few shells, until the sky began to turn dark, then went back to the mansion.

Walking in the courtyard in front of the building, he casually stroked a bright red flower beside him, but was coldly pricked by a thorn. He frowned and put his index finger, which was oozing a bead of blood, in his mouth and looked at the flower, wondering whether it was a rose or something else.

The bright red flower was in full bloom, and a few glistening droplets were rolling around on the soft petals.

Half a minute later, he continued to walk into the building. The flower was gone, leaving only a bare branch and crushed petals on the ground.

Yu Chu was humming, as he unconsciously looked up and his eyes fell on a window on the second floor. The curtain was pulled half open, and a man stood behind it with a grim expression, his eyes coldly looking at him downstairs through the lenses of his glasses.

It was Yu Feng.

Yu Chu knew that Big Scar had long since told him what had just happened on the beach, and relayed those words of his own along with it.

He stopped, stretched out his index and thumb in the shape of a gun, aimed at Yu Feng on the second floor, squinted one eye and mouthed, “Bang!

Yu Feng seemed to be shocked, his face was first stunned, then full of anger.

Yu Chu stared at him unabashedly, and then slowly stretched his mouth, revealing a sly smile.


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Is YFeng nutcase? Why keep harming YChu😡😡😡

November 14, 2021 9:58 pm

Nice one Yu Chu. What is it with his perverted brother wanting him raped? I asdumed that’s what Big Scar meant by ‘take him’.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 14, 2021 10:50 pm

Drugging him again… that’s old, big brother and won’t work again. This young master is out for revenge. I think the situation between the brothers is about to spiral down the drain. Oh I’m so looking forward to the mess. 🤩

Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 29, 2021 7:53 am

I’m looking forward to Yu Chu taking that big brother out

January 3, 2022 8:04 pm

Why is Yu Feng so determined to ruin his brother?

I’m glad Yu Chu is able to defend himself! There are too many disgusting people on this island. 😠

January 8, 2022 10:09 pm

Yu Feng seems impatient to ruin his bro, could there be a deeper meaning to it??? Does Yu Chu know or have something, or does Yu Feng just finds him to be an eyesore?

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