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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yu Chu didn’t struggle after being held by Zhou Mu, and cooperated by tilting his head back so that his neck could be more comfortable.

“Answer me, who are you?” Zhou Mu asked again, and his hands started to apply more force.

Yu Chu’s face gradually reddened, and his chest was rising and falling sharply. He went to pat the back of Zhou Mu’s hand, and pointed to his mouth, meaning that the pinch was too tight, and he couldn’t speak or breathe.

Zhou Mu saw that his eyes were watering at the corners, so he loosened his grip a little, but his cold, stern look remained unchanged, as if Yu Chu was going to strangle him to death here if he didn’t give a satisfactory answer.

Yu Chu caught his breath, saw Zhou Mu’s empty right hand reaching out to his mouth and nose.

“What are you doing? Don’t cover my mouth, what are you doing?” Yu Chu saw this familiar action and quickly spouted this. 

Zhou Mu didn’t cover his mouth and nose, only used his fingers to pick at the skin under his ear and the part of his face where his hair met his sideburns. After a few strokes, he pinched his nose and shook it from side to side.

“Be gentle, be gentle…” Yu Chu’s nose was pinched to the point of soreness, and tears almost flowed out of his eyes.

When Zhou Mu stopped his hand and frowned at his face, as if he was looking for something, he suddenly realized that Zhou Mu suspected that he was an impostor and not the real Yu Chu.

It was normal to be suspected, and he didn’t want to hide it from Zhou Mu, so he stopped complaining and just kept his face straight and let him look at it. He even opened his mouth and turned the angle to show him that he could look at each part more closely.

“How’s that? I’m not another who sneaked onto the island and replaced your Second Young Master, am I?” Yu Chu asked after Zhou Mu had pulled his hair a few more times to make sure it was real hair.

Zhou Mu didn’t answer, but his eyes still showed strong doubts, so Yu Chu said, “Let go of my neck first, I’ll give you the details.”

Zhou Mu slowly let go of his hand and took a step back, Yu Chu touched his neck and complained, “You’re really heavy-handed to begin with. Do you really want to choke me to death?”

“If you don’t curb my curiosity about you, then I can try.” Zhou Mu returned to his expressionless and cold look, “Tell me, who are you really?”

“I am Yu Chu.”

“You can’t be him. Don’t continue to hide, or I have many ways to make you disappear from this world without knowing.” Zhou Mu raised his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist, “You have five minutes to speak clearly, it’s five minutes past eleven.”

Yu Chu sighed, covering his neck and asking half-heartedly, “Have you heard of transmigration?”

He didn’t think his transmigration should be kept a secret, nor did he think that even if he admitted it, the other man would believe it. The real reason for this was the most unreliable bullshit.

Yu Chu told him, “I’m not from this world, but from another world, I’m certain of that.”

“Four more minutes.” Zhou Mu looked at his watch with a stoic look on his face.

“Anyway, I transmigrated into the body of this Second Young Master named Yu Chu, the original Second Young Master. I don’t know where he went, maybe to my world? Or maybe he just died.” Yu Chu raised his eyes to the sky, and raised both hands to wave.

Zhou Mu kept looking at his watch and reminded Yu Chu after he stopped talking, “Three minutes left.”

Yu Chu said, “You don’t need to keep track of time. I transmigrated here, and although I’m using Yu Chu’s body, I’m indeed not him.”

Zhou Mu’s temples jumped as he lowered his wrist, and slowly raised his eyes to Yu Chu.

“Your expression is so ugly, it makes me feel as if I’m lying.” Yu Chu reached out to cover his eyes, “Your eyes are too fierce, I’m a little scared.”

Zhou Mu grabbed his hand and held it, squeezing out a few words from his teeth, “Tell me the truth!”

“Can you not do it at the drop of a hat?” Yu Chu frowned and hissed, “Be gentle.”

Zhou Mu gritted his teeth and loosened his grip a bit.

Yu Chu pondered for a few seconds and then said, “Actually, I was scared by Li Wei who came into the house last night, so maybe I was too scared and I lost my memory temporarily.”

“You have fought me today, and although your strength is not enough, your technique is definitely professionally trained. Yu Chu has never gone through such training, so it’s impossible to have amnesia for one night and become a master.”

Zhou Mu held his other hand behind his back as well, and Yu Chu now remained in the position of having his hands held down again. The only difference was that the two were facing each other, with Zhou Mu’s hands wrapped around his waist and pressed together like an embrace.

“I said I am a transmigrator, and you don’t believe me, then I said I have lost my memory, and you still don’t believe me. Tell me exactly what kind of answer you need, I can talk until you’re satisfied.” Yu Chu tilted his head and said with an innocent face.

The strong sunlight crossed Zhou Mu’s shoulder and spilled onto Yu Chu’s face, which made him half squint.

Zhou Mu’s back was turned toward the light, so his face couldn’t be seen, and he could only feel his two sharp lines of sight.

“It’s not what kind of answer I need, but you have to give me the truth. Second Young Master, you should know clearly in your heart what kind of situation you’re in in the Yu Family. Since I’m your bodyguard, I should be responsible for your personal safety, not just let you continue to fool around.”

After hearing this, Yu Chu didn’t retort with anything, and Zhou Mu looked down at the man who looked like he was lying in his arms, watching him stare at his chest with a tangled face. This angle allowed him to see his skin under the light, white without a single flaw, revealing the texture of a kind of jade.

After a few moments, Yu Chu tilted his head and said, “I’ll give you the truth.”

“Say it.” Zhou Mu said in a deep voice.

“The truth is, what I just said to you is indeed the truth.” Yu Chu’s face was sincere, his eyes were light brown in the sunlight, “I transmigrated and I’m not from this world.”

Zhou Mu stared at him expressionlessly for a moment before suddenly speaking, “You still have amnesia.”

After saying that, he pushed him away and turned around to walk in the direction of back to the mansion.

After returning to the Yu Mansion, the two of them split up, with Zhou Mu going to where the bodyguards were staying and Yu Chu going to his room.

He was in a mess, but it was a good thing that he didn’t meet anyone else except the two servants who cleaned the house. So he went back to his room and took a comfortable bath until the water was almost cold, then he got up and put on his bathrobe and left the bathroom.

A strange maid in her early twenties was cleaning the sofa with a vacuum cleaner in the living room, and Yu Chu was drying his wet hair with a towel as he walked out onto the balcony. There was no one in the garden downstairs, and the deep and shallow petals of the rose family of plants emitted a fragrant sweet scent in the sunlight.

“Rugosa, how long have you been working here?” He slowly paced to the connection between the balcony and the living room and asked the maid, who was patting the sofa cushions, in a casual tone.

The maid stopped what she was doing and straightened up, a hint of embarrassment appeared on her face, “Er Young Master, my name is Chen Hua.”

“I know, I just think the name Rugosa suits you, like a rose. I’ll call you Rugosa from now on, how about that?” 1

Yu Chu leaned against the door frame, looking at the young maid first with some consternation, and then with a slightly shy smile that made that ordinary face suddenly come alive.

“Rugosa, you’ve been working here for a while, haven’t you?” Yu Chu turned his head sideways as if he was remembering.

The maid replied, “I’ve been on the island for three months, and it’s only my first week cleaning the room for Second Young Master.”

“Mn, good, then I’ll test how well you know this job.”

The maid’s heart fluttered and she stood up straight and looked nervous. She had only been cleaning the Second Young Master’s room for a week, and that was while he was away, so she hadn’t even met him before, let alone talked with him like this. Although the other maids told her that the Second Young Master was the kindest and sweetest looking person, whoever heard the word ‘test’ would suddenly become nervous.

“Don’t panic. It’s just a casual question, even if you answer wrong, I won’t do anything.” Yu Chu smiled.


Yu Chu smiled and his round eyes curved up, looking innocent and harmless, the maid thought to herself that the Second Young Master was really as good and sweet as the rumors, and her heart began to relax.

“Do you know what our Yu Family does?” Yu Chu asked.

The maid replied quickly, “Mr. Yu is in the ship manufacturing business and has several factories on shore. He’s the boss of this island.”

“Then why are we living on the island?”

“It seems… It seems like Mr. Yu disliked the air and the noise on land, that’s why he bought Singwon Island and moved here.”

“Rugosa, did I come from the shore with him?”

The maid laughed, “Second Young Master, you have lived here for more than ten years, but I have only been here for three months.”

“Ah yes, just said that.” Yu Chu also smiled, fascinated by this conversation, he continued, “Do you know how many people there are at Yu Family’s on this island?”

“There are more than a hundred and fifty people.”


Half an hour later, the maid, named Chen Hua, left the room. When she closed the door, she saw Yu Chu sitting on the sofa, coffee in hand looking at her, and smiled when she met his eyes, a few strands of undried black hair softly resting on his forehead.

The second Young Master was really good, soft and cute, and gave her a foreign name, so Chen Hua left with a bit of mixed feelings.

After being introduced by her relatives, she entered as the Yu Family’s maid. Although she was only doing some cleaning, she went through strict interrogation again and again, and it was said that someone had also visited her old village to investigate. She felt that Yu Family wasn’t simple, but she couldn’t quit, because although the management was strict, the salary was very good, and her month of work here was worth a year of her sisters’ stay in the factory.

No matter what Yu Family had, she hoped that Second Young Master would be safe and sound. Although he somehow came to test her, maybe he was just too lonely and wanted to talk to someone.

She felt sorry for him… 

Yu Chu stayed in his room watching TV, pressing the remote control and changing channels, stopping to watch what he was interested in for a while, then continuing to change channels. When he watched enough TV, he started to play with his phone with interest, and after he became familiar with the various applications, he started to search for the name Yu ShiQing in his browser.

Many web pages about Yu ShiQing popped up on the phone, and Yu Chu clicked on each of them and looked at them carefully.

Just as Chen Hua said, Yu ShiQing was a ship manufacturer, although he only produced certain kinds of supporting equipment for fishing boats, he was also a famous entrepreneur in Haiyun City and was a major local taxpayer. On the webpage, there were many short news stories about him attending a certain meeting and being honored by a certain person, and also pictures of him with official-like people, a group of people standing in front of a building with smiling faces, and children saluting with flowers.

Yu Chu scrolled down quickly, and after clicking into another page, he found that it wasn’t news, but a website where many people were speaking, similar to the communication station on their terminal, called a forum.

The people seemed to be discussing a certain accessory on the ship, except that someone mentioned Yu ShiQing, saying that the quality of his company’s products was not up to par and that the accessory broke in no time, and the following people were refuting his words and started arguing back and forth.

Yu Chu wasn’t interested in these arguments, and was about to turn it off and leave, when suddenly a line of words came into view, causing him to stop his finger movements.

【Haiyun Pippy Brother: I learned something from my relatives today. Yu ShiQing was once arrested. Apparently, he had committed a great crime, but the specifics aren’t clear, and in those two days, my relatives had their cell phones confiscated, and weren’t allowed to go home. They all lived in the unit, because things were strictly confidential, afraid of being leaked out.】

【Is that true?】

【Haiyun Pippy Brother: Of course it’s true, they were released a few days later.】

【Don’t listen to his nonsense. These days there are so many people who hack Yu ShiQing.  What’s wrong with people who are rich? I think he’s quite low-key.】

【Low-key? Buying Star Island and building a castle for the Yu Family, that’s low key? He’s the landlord, right?】

By the end of the thread the topic has sidetracked, with people starting to argue whether living on an island was considered low-key or not. Yu Chu casually scanned it, and then turned off his phone.

The sun was setting through the window and the sea birds were chirping outside. He stood up and walked to the window, squinting at the distant horizon. There was a late sunset, the sea was also dyed red, the boundary between water and sky wasn’t very clear, like a deep and shallow watercolor painting.

He withdrew his eyes and turned around to find a figure shifting in the woods outside the courtyard. When he looked closely, he found that it was the thugs who were patrolling with walkie-talkies. It was getting dark, and the number of thugs had increased, and they were keeping a close watch on the Yu Family, watching for any sign of movement.

Yu ShiQing was definitely shady!

Yu Chu closed the curtains and went back inside, resuming sitting on the couch.

He already knew that this world was much more rule-based than his original world, and he knew exactly what that meant when the man in the forum had mentioned being caught in it.

But why had Yu ShiQing been arrested and then released? Was it the so-called need for evidence? Or was there not enough evidence? Or was he good enough to get out of trouble and stay safely outside the rules?

Yu Chu thought for a while and then suddenly felt disinterested again.

What the hell was Yu ShiQing doing and what did it matter to him? He couldn’t stay here for long, and he would have to leave the island when he found an opportunity.

He had already had enough of the fighting in his original world, and had nothing more to worry about. No one knew him here, there was no dark group, no Cloud Top or Abyss, and there was no mutual feud between several major powers. He just needed to find a time to leave and live the life he had always dreamed of.

A peaceful and free life.

Yu Chu looked down at his phone, face recognition automatically unlocked again lighting up the screen. He looked at the search bar on it that hadn’t quit yet, and suddenly his heart moved and typed Zhou Mu in it, and countless entries popped up.

【Zhou Mu— Is Zhou Mu a good name? Name scoring free website.】

【Zhou Mu Bar, a good place for you to spend your leisure time.】

【Zhou Mu Mountain Scenic Spot Tips. Zhou Mu Mountain Scenic Spot Tickets…】

Yu Chu didn’t know what he was thinking, maybe he was too bored, but he actually clicked into the first entry of the website, the one that scored the name. He followed the instructions to fill in Zhou Mu’s name and just chose a random number for his birthday, then submitted his order and waited patiently.

A dozen seconds later, an order for 38 yuan popped up on the screen, and he just glanced at it, then expressionlessly quit the browser and turned off his phone.

Not even the name scoring website was free? It seems that this world was similar to his original world, there were scammers everywhere.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Rosa rugosa is a species of rose native to eastern Asia, in northeastern China, Japan, Korea and southeastern Siberia, where it grows on beach coasts, often on sand dunes. 


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Ah… well, Yu Chu, your current world’s situation may sometimes be as bad as it was in your previous world but you just don’t know it yet. That’s especially is you are in shady business… because I’m not convinced the Yu family’s business is really clean, if the quality of parts is questioned and there is a private island with hidden warehouse.

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Yu Chu didn’t struggle after being held by Zhou Mu, and cooperated by tilting his head back so that his neck could be more comfortable.

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