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Chapter 25: Fifth Uncle, Don’t Get in Trouble

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In the evening of the Lantern Festival, there were many interesting items being sold at the stalls on the street. Some people gathered around to guess riddles and won lanterns, while others watched people perform acrobatics.

“Over there… There’s a flamethrower over there.” Lin Xiaoya clapped Cheng Yan’s shoulder excitedly, and her finger was pointing to the right.

“Where? I want to see!” Lin Xing’s eyes brightened when he heard this. After a talk with Lin Mo, he ran in that direction. What he said before was that people were not allowed to run around.

“??? Wait a minute… ” But before Lin Mo finished, Lin Xing had already run away.

Cheng Yan looked at Lin Mo and said, “Let’s go and have a look.” 

“Let’s hurry up, then. I’m afraid that A-Xing will disappear into the crowd later.” Lin Mo frowned.

There were so many people in the street, and they were almost shoulder to shoulder with strangers. They all had some difficulty walking forward. Lin Xing was the kid who had the courage to run around in the crowd! As expected, Lin Xing was the last person in the family he needed to worry about.

Lin Xiaonan’s line of sight followed Lin Xing. Seeing that Fifth Uncle had run to the distance and couldn’t be seen any longer, Lin Xiaonan said quickly, “Fifth Uncle is gone.”

“We lost Fifth Uncle.” Xiaoya turned to look at Fourth Uncle, her face full of tension.

Lin Mo touched Xiaoya’s head and said, “It’s okay. We will find him.” 

But when he wasn’t paying attention, he was bumped into by someone who was walking past. Lin Mo was pushed back a few steps without warning. Cheng Yan quickly turned around and walked back to him.

“Are you okay?” Cheng Yan asked nervously.

“I’m okay. Just jared.” Lin Mo shook his head, but his arm was numb.

“Hold on to my clothes. There are more people here.”

Lin Mo nodded and walked next to Cheng Yan. But when they went forward, they could not see where Lin Xing had run off to.

“We haven’t found him.” Lin Mo looked at Cheng Yan a little flustered.

People were coming and going. Lin Xing, a ten-year-old boy, couldn’t be seen through the throngs of people. Lin Mo’s brain was a bit confused now. There were traffickers in ancient times. When there were many people and children, wasn’t this the most opportune time for human traffickers?

“You hold Xiaoya and wait in front of the shop. I’ll go in and look for him.” Cheng Yan put Lin Xiaoya in Lin Mo’s arms and pointed out a shop in front of him where there were not many people.


Cheng Yan touched his cheek and looked into his eyes, “Listen, if Lin Xing is over there, I will find him.” 

“…Okay.” Seeing the calm eyes of Cheng Yan, Lin Mo’s confused heart settled down.

“Be careful. Don’t let people touch you.” Cheng Yan exhorted.

Lin Mo held Xiaoya and nodded. Then he stood in the same place and watched Cheng Yan squeeze into the crowd with Xiaonan in his arms. Lin Xiaonan hugged Uncle Cheng’s neck with both hands and looked around.

“Fourth Uncle, where are we going now?” Lin Xiaoya held Lin Mo’s neck with both hands, wondering.

“We will wait for Uncle Cheng. There are too many people here.” Lin Mo held Xiaoya up and walked to the place Cheng Yan pointed to.

Lin Mo stood in an open and bright place. However, Xiaoya had eaten half of the tanghulu in her hand, and no one had come back. Lin Mo, who was calm at first, slowly showed some anxiety on his face.

On Lin Xing’s side, after a while, he felt bored and wanted to leave. However, when he turned around, there were a bunch of people behind them, and they were still pushing him forward. Lin Xing’s heart suddenly panicked, which reminded him that he had run too fast, and Fourth Brother couldn’t keep up with him. Lin Xing was small and surrounded by tall middle-aged people. His sight was blocked. Now he didn’t know which direction to go.

There was no way. Lin Xing had to find a place with few people to squeeze out and find Fourth Brother. If he couldn’t, he would go back to Zuiyun Plaza.

After struggling to squeeze out of the crowd, Lin Xing looked around and found that it was a place he had never visited before. Lin Xing walked in a random direction, identifying the location and looking for people. After walking for a period of time, he finally saw a familiar person. Lin Xing’s eyes brightened and he hurriedly ran there.


After talking business with a friend, Yan Ningxi, who was about to take someone back to Zuiyun Plaza, heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned around and saw that it was his brother-in-law.

Yan Ningxi looked behind him, but he didn’t find anyone else from the Lin family. He couldn’t help frowning, “A-Xing, why are you alone? What about the others?”

When Lin Xing heard his brother-in-law’s question, he felt guilty, but he still told him the truth. After Yan Ningxi heard it, his frown deeper.

The young man standing by Yan Ningxi said, “Brother Yan, since your brother-in-law has met you, he’s fine. What he has to do now is to find his other brothers. I think they will be panicking now.” 

“Yes, yes. We need to find Brother Cheng and Fourth Brother quickly.” Lin Xing looked up at the man who helped him talk, and quickly agreed.

“Brother Yan, I’m sorry. Can you go back to Zuiyun Plaza first? I’ll be there later.” Yan Ning apologized.

“It’s nothing. Anyway, everything is settled. I’ll go with you to find out the difference between this year’s Lantern Festival and previous years.” Yan Min replied with a smile.

Seeing this, Lin Xing walked beside his brother-in-law and described the general direction to him. After walking for a long time, Lin Xing, who looked around, saw a familiar figure of his Fourth Brother and Xiaoya.

“Brother-in-law, I see Fourth Brother…” Lin Xing looked at Yan Ningxi and said happily. Then he turned around and ran to Lin Mo without waiting for him to say anything.

“Slow down…”

“Brother Yan, your little brother-in-law is quite a character.” Yan Min said with a smile.

“Fourth Brother! Fourth Elder Brother!” Cried Lin Xing as he ran past.

Xiaoya had finished eating a bunch of candied tanghulu by then. Lin Mo was now very worried since Cheng Yan hadn’t come back, and was going to go find him himself, when he heard the call of Lin Xing from the right.

Lin Mo’s heart finally settled down, and filled with anger and frustration. Lin Mo walked over with Xiaoya in his arms, stood still and looked at Lin Xing expressionlessly.

“Fourth Brother… What’s the matter with you?” Lin Xing, who was slow to respond, finally realized something was wrong with his Fourth Brother.

Xiaoya held Fourth Uncle’s neck and said angrily, “Fifth Uncle, you are bad! Make Fourth Uncle angry!” 

Seeing Lin Mo looking at him, Lin Xing immediately consoled him, stretched out his hand and pulled at his clothes, whispering, “Fourth Brother…” 

“You’re very capable. Seeing so many people and yet daring to squeeze in.” Lin Mo said without expression.

“Er… I didn’t think much… How about Brother Cheng and Xiao Nan?” Lin Xing looked around, trying to change the subject.

“They went to find you. They haven’t come back even after Xiaoya ate a bunch of tanghulu.”

“Yes, yes, Uncle Cheng and brother have been away for a long time. I will tell Sixth Uncle to beat you when we go back!” Lin Xiaoya clenched her fist and made a move to beat him.

“It’s not certain who will beat whom…” Lin Xing murmured.

“Mo’ger, why is it just you and Xiaoya? What about the others?” Yan Ningxi came over and asked.

“They went to find Lin Xing and haven’t come back yet.” Lin Mo glanced at Lin Xing and said this. Lin Xing stood aside and pretended to be an ostrich.

“Let me hold Xiaoya.” There were many people here and if they didn’t pay attention, they would notice that they didn’t have any acquaintances around. Yan Ningxi knew that Lin Mo was not sure of putting Xiaoya down. He should have been holding her for a long time.

“Sorry for the trouble.” Lin Mo nodded.

Lin Xiaoya put her hand on Yan Ningxi’s shoulder and asked, “Uncle, why are you here? How about Third Aunt?” 

“Your Third Aunt is at home.” Yan Ningxi said with a smile.

“Oh, who is this uncle?” Lin Xiaoya looked at Yan Min, who was standing beside Yan Ningxi, and wondered.

“I’m your Third Uncle’s friend.” Yan Min greeted with a smile.

Lin Mo just glanced at Yan Min and then didn’t pay further attention to him. He instead continued to look in the direction of Cheng Yan’s disappearance. The dim warm light of the lantern made him vaguely see a familiar figure.

On hearing Xiaonan’s voice in the distance, Lin Mo was sure that Cheng Yan was back. Lin Mo felt completely relieved. Before long, Cheng Yan walked towards them with Xiaonan in his arms.

“Brother Cheng… Sorry, it’s all my fault… ” Lin Xing saw that Cheng Yan’s forehead was all sweaty, and he looked down to admit his mistake.

“Let mother talk to you about it later!” Lin Mo poked Lin Xing’s head.

“It’s fine, just as long as he is okay.”

“Put Xiaonan down and wipe off your sweat.” Lin Mo fussed. Fortunately, today, he listened to Mama Lin and took his handkerchief with him.

Cheng Yan put the boy down, took Lin Mo’s handkerchief and hesitated. Cheng Yan felt that it was a waste to wipe his sweat off with this handkerchief.

“Brother! Just now, Fourth Uncle bought a tanghulu for me.” Lin Xiaoya asked her uncle-in-law to put her down, ran to Lin Xiaonan and shared the news with him.

When Lin Xiaonan heard, he looked up at Fourth Uncle in front of him with expectation.

“I’ll buy it for you later.” Lin Mo touched his head.

“Fourth Brother, what about me?” Hearing this, Lin Xing hurried to his side and asked in a low voice, his eyes also full of expectation. Obviously, he had forgotten what he had just done.

“Do you still want to eat?” Lin Mo looked at him deadpan.

“Well, if you don’t eat, you don’t eat.” Lin Xing counseled again.

“Your brother-in-laws are funny.” Yan Min, standing beside Yan Ningxi, looked at their interaction and said with a smile. It was much more lively than the children in his family.

“It’s true that every time they talk, it’s relaxing.” Yan Ningxi looked at the group standing not far away, laughing.

“When we go back, I’ll wash it and give it back to you.” Seeing that the handkerchief in his hand was drenched, Cheng Yan was embarrassed.

“It’s okay. It’s for you.” Lin Mo’s eyebrows and eyes were slightly bent in laughter.

The hazy warm light reflected off Lin Mo’s face, and his eyes were full of light, which made Cheng Yan lose his mind for a moment.

Yan Min, who occasionally looked up, saw Lin Mo’s face. He shook his head after a few seconds, and then talked to Yan Ningxi like nothing had happened after he regained his mind.

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