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Chapter 26: Cheng Yan is Jealous?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After finding Lin Xing, they all went shopping for a while. More than half of the time had passed and there were fewer people on the street. The two children couldn’t hold on any longer. They fell asleep in the arms of Cheng Yan and Lin Mo. After that, they didn’t want to play, so they went back to Zuiyun Plaza.

It was impossible for them to go back to Daling Village tonight and they had already told Yan Ningxi in advance. Zuiyun Plaza was full tonight so Yan Ningxi arranged for them to put up in the backyard. The backyard of Zuiyun Plaza was the place where Yan Ningxi usually rested when he came here so one’s safety was guaranteed.

There were many rooms in the backyard and it was big enough for them to rest in. Yan Ningxi took his friend to a room, and Lin Mo and Cheng Yan carried the two children back to their room. When they came out, Father Lin and Mama Lin had also returned.

“Back? How was it?” Lin Mo went up to help with the things and asked casually.

“Mn, all sold out, and the publicity effect was good. When we open the shop, we can publicize it again.” Lin Cheng laughed.

“Big brother is very powerful! I’m going to learn business from big brother later!” Lin Chen’s eyes were so bright as he looked at Lin Cheng with adoration.

“A-Chen’s talent is good. Just a moment ago, he understood everything.” Lin Cheng explained. This was a compliment for Lin Chen, and also told Lin Mo that Lin Chen was really a good young man for business.

“Well, don’t praise each other any more. Move things to the house first. It’s the middle of the night now. Go back to the house and go to bed after you’re done. If you have anything to do, wait to go home. ” Mama Lin said, because tonight was really very happy, with a smile in her eyes.

Moving the contents of the cart back to the house, the others went back to their rooms to sleep. The next morning, Lin Mo was the first to get up as usual. It was already bright outside. They went to bed late last night so it was normal that they didn’t wake up until now.

Lin Mo broke a willow branch and simply rinsed his teeth. After washing his face, he heard the sound of a door open. Lin Mo glanced over and found that it was the young man who had been standing next to Yan Ningxi last night.

He wondered why the man was also staying here. Lin Mo glanced at him and turned around to dry the water on his face.

Yan Min walked outside, washed his face and asked politely, “You get up so early?” 

“Mn.” Lin Mo was surprised that the man was trying to be familiar with him, and nodded in response.

Before Yan Min could say anything more, the door of another room opened and Cheng Yan stepped out. Seeing Lin Mo up earlier than him, Cheng Yan was a little surprised, but after seeing Yan Min next to Lin Mo, Cheng Yan stared at him for a few seconds, then looked away and walked towards Lin Mo.

“When we go out for breakfast later, see what’s missing at home. We’ll buy it now.” Cheng Yan said.

Actually, the new house was not their home yet, and Cheng Yan didn’t know why he just said that. Lin Mo could buy it by himself, but Cheng Yan still wanted to stay with him for a while.

“Mn, please wash quickly.” Lin Mo nodded. It was really the best time to buy all the things they needed to buy now. After a few days of ventilation, they could put in some furniture and small things in the house.

When Cheng Yan and Lin Mo left, Yan Min, who was standing by the window, couldn’t help smiling. The man was really sharp. However, he didn’t expect Lin Mo had a sweetheart. It was a pity.

There were many people outside and the decorations for the Lantern Festival were still on the street. As it was bright now, without the darkness of the night and the dim lights of the lanterns, it seemed a little crowded and messy.

Cheng Yan brought Lin Mo to a noodle shop. The noodles tasted good here. Before, whenever Cheng Yan came to town, if there were no accidents, he would come here.

“Boss, a bowl of chicken noodles, a bowl of egg noodles… and five meat buns.” Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo and said the last sentence.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Mo doubted. Don’t you just eat a little more? He ate a lot himself.

But when the boss and his wife brought everything out, Lin Mo took back what he just thought. The noodle bowls here were not the same size. One could feed two in his family. The meat buns were about the size of his fist. Lin Mo could only say that his food was better. It seemed that Cheng Yan didn’t have enough to eat at his home before. However, the price must be a little higher, let alone the meat.

“Cough… It’s not hard to eat all day long. In fact, I eat a lot.” Lin Mo explained.

Cheng Yan: …

How much did gers eat? Cheng Yan silently bowed his head and ate his noodles.

However, it was true that he ate a large amount of noodles. After Cheng Yan finished eating his noodles and five steamed buns, Lin Mo also finished his bowl of noodles.

The noodles tasted good, but Lin Mo could make better ones. These noodles were delicious for others, but there was nothing so great about it. But the soup with the noodles was delicious. It should have a secret ingredient.

After filling up, Lin Mo followed Cheng Yan to the carpenter. Lin Mo stood aside and listened to Cheng Yan pass on what he said to the old carpenter.

“When will it be ready?” Cheng Yan finished and asked at last.

The old carpenter thought and said, “The internal structure of what you asked for is quite exquisite. It will take some time. When do you want it? I’ll watch the time.” 

“In a month?”

“A month? Okay!” The old carpenter calculated the time in his mind and readily agreed.

After discussing some matters, Cheng Yan paid a deposit.

There were two sugar loving children and a younger brother who wanted to eat everything. Lin Mo and Cheng Yan strolled around and carried a lot of food.

“How about opening a shop after we get married?” Lin Mo asked.

Cheng Yan’s money was earned by hunting and selling game, but the game didn’t sell too well. Moreover, the mountains were dangerous. This time, they got away with it. But maybe he wouldn’t be so lucky next time.

“Mn, I’ll listen to you.” Cheng Yan nodded. It took less than one day to hunt in the deep mountains, and more than three or four days to stay in them. He used to be okay.with this on his own, but it was better to find a stable job after he got married.

In a room, on the second floor of Zuiyun Plaza, Yan Min and Yan Ningxi sat by the window to chat. Yan Ningxi looked out of the window and saw Cheng Yan and Lin Mo coming back after shopping. Yan Min also saw them.

As the two chatted and talked about Lin Mo, Yan Ningxi felt something was wrong. His friend didn’t like Lin Mo, did he? Yan Ningxi frowned, “Yan Min, don’t tell me that you like Mo’ger of the Lin family.” 

“What? I’m just interested in him, but not to that extent.” Yan Min said with a smile. He was really a little interested in that ger. He felt that he had a sense of contradiction and couldn’t help but want to explore it.

Yan Ningxi stared at him for a few seconds and quipped, “To be honest, even without Cheng Yan, you are not suitable for him.” 

“Oh? Why? I am no worse than you.” Yan Min held the table in one hand and slowly rotated the teacup in the other.

“My wife, the daughter of the Lin family, is not a concubine and does not serve others. Although it’s nothing for other people to take care of concubines, their family looks down on it.”

When Yan Ningxi married Lin Lan at that time, Father Lin told him that he could not let Lin Lan down.

“No wonder there is no one around you before you got married and after you got married, but if your wife did not get pregnant this year, your family would have arranged one for you.” Yan Min said.

“Don’t think of me as someone like you.” Yan Ningxi glanced at him and took up a cup of tea. He could not do such a thing as hurting his wife’s heart.

“Not everyone can have pure love, like you. Some, who marry a couple of concubines, sometimes can not have the final say, but you, lucky guy, was born in a good environment.” Yan Min looked out of the window and mocked with a smile.

When he was young, he also liked a teenager, but when he grew up, he had to marry a woman he didn’t like for his family. Now, his youth was the treasure of others, but in this way, there must be someone for him to protect.

Lin Mo and Cheng Yan went back to Zuiyun Plaza after shopping. Father Lin and Elder Brother also packed their things and moved them to the cart.

“Fourth Uncle, you are back!” Lin Xiaoya ran towards Lin Mo and held his legs.

“Mn, take it and give it to your brother.” Lin Mo stopped and gave Lin Xiaoya two sticks of tanghulu.

“Good~” Lin Xiaoya opened her hand, each holding a stick, and then turned to find Lin Xiaonan.

“Brother~ Eat sugar~” Lin Xiaoya licked her stick and shouted.

“Fourth Elder Brother~ These two sticks must be mine and A-Chen’s?” Lin Xing came to Lin Mo and smiled like a flower.

“Mn. I should make you stand by and watch everyone else eat them next time.” Lin Mo glanced at him.

“Definitely not. Fourth Brother is the best! Thank you!” Lin Xing smiled pleasantly, took the two sticks and ran to Lin Chen, who was sorting through things.

“What did you buy them for? Don’t we have a lot of sugar at home?” Mama Lin knew that they could make this kind of tanghulu in their own house, although it was not very similar to what they sell on the street.

Lin Mo put down what he was holding and said with a smile, “I only bought a few of them. The children like it.” 

“Fourth Brother is right!” Lin Xing agreed.

“Didn’t you say you weren’t a child?” Lin Chen took a bite of tanghulu, and looked at him in a speechless way.

“It’s only so I looked good.” Lin Xing said while licking the sugar on the surface of the tanghulu.

After all the things had been moved into the car, Eldest Brother went to talk with Yan Ningxi and then they drove away. When they got home, it was almost noon. Moving the things out of the cart, Lin Mo went back to the house to tidy up, and Elder Brother Lin returned the cart to town. Sister-in-law Lin, Lin Xing and Lin Chen went to cook while Lin Mo and Cheng Yan went shopping for their new house.

“Elder brother, please ask brother-in-law if a shop has been found.” Lin Mo reminded him before Lin Cheng left.


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