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Chapter 7: Conversation at the Table

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The next second after Lin Mo gave up struggling, a gust of wind blew behind him, and he was pulled back into someone’s arms.

Lin Mo had been very resistant to touching other people except for his family since he was a child, including friends who he played with, and after two years of inhuman torture in the Research Institute, Lin Mo had become mentally aversive towards the touch of strangers.

The Lin family was okay. After all, his eldest brother and second brother here were like the same as his brothers from his previous life, and Lin Mo could easily accept it. So when Lin Mo fell into a stranger’s arms, and there was no psychological resistance, Lin Mo’s face was surprised, and his brain froze.

The man’s scent suddenly invaded his senses. Lin Mo, whose brain short-circuited, didn’t think of the smell but felt very relieved. When Lin Mo reacted, the two people moved away from one another, because Lin Xing and Lin Chen, who heard Lin Mo’s scream, had run over.

“Fourth Brother, are you okay?” Lin Chen ran over and scrunched his face tightly.

“Fourth Brother, why are you barefoot? The stone here is very slippery.”

Lin Mo stepped back and said, “It’s all right. I was just careless.” 

“Brother Cheng.” Lin Xing and Lin Chen said hello to Cheng Yan.

The two brothers and Cheng Yan had seen each other several times from afar, but they knew Cheng Yan because their Eldest Brother knew him, not to mention that after yesterday, Cheng Yan had become the lifesaver of their family.

Cheng Yan nodded at them, pausing for a few seconds to tell Lin Mo, “Mn, be careful not to play by the river.” 

After talking with them, Cheng Yan went back to take the things scattered on the ground and looked at them and left.

He was not playing! Lin Mo was a little depressed about what the man said.

“Fourth Brother, didn’t we say don’t get close to the river before?”

“I just wanted to pick some wild vegetables… By the way, take the herb with little white flowers on the top home.” Lin Mo reached for the one in the grass by the river. Lin Mo specially told him not to damage the root tuber. Lin Xing had no choice but to walk down the river.

After getting the precious herbal medicine, Lin Mo put on his shoes and went back and forth to look for more of it by the river. Unfortunately, he didn’t find another one. When they put the fish and shrimp in the bamboo basket to go back, Lin Mo gave up.

“Have you seen this herb anywhere?”

“No, this…” Wasn’t it just a weed? Lin Xing saw Fourth Brother’s expression and swallowed back what he was about to say.

Lin Mo didn’t speak anymore. He tied the picked wild vegetables into a bundle and took them. Lin Xing carried the bamboo basket on his back, and Lin Chen held the tools. Seeing that there was nothing left, the three people went back.

It was time for people working in the farmland to go home. On the way home, many people said hello to them and asked about Lin Cheng. Lin Mo just stopped and stood in silence. Sometimes the topic fell on him, and Lin Mo just laughed in response and didn’t talk.

When he arrived home, Lin Mo gave them the dishes to wash, and he went to deal with the fish and shrimp. As a person who loved eating, Lin Mo’s cooking skills were very good.

Father Lin and Mama Lin, who went out early in the morning, also came back at this time. They were still carrying things. It seemed that they went to the town to buy things. The two children in the family came from the vegetable field, each carrying a small bamboo basket filled with withered yellow leaves.

Two sets of short legs drew close to Lin Mo, who was squatting in a corner to deal with the fish and shrimp. Her eyes brightening, Lin Xiaoya took her small bamboo basket and turned in his direction. ‘Da, Da, Da’ sounded as she ran to Lin Mo. Lin Xiaonan saw that his sister had stopped following him.

“Fourth Uncle, you’re back!” Lin Xiaoya squatted beside him and said this with a milky voice.

“Mn.” Lin Mo continued to process the shrimp without pausing.

“Fourth Uncle, do you want shrimp for lunch?” Lin Xiaonan also squatted on the other side of Lin Mo and asked.


“Fourth Uncle, do you want fish?” Lin Xiaoya looked at another fish in the basin and asked.

“…Mn.” Lin Mo continued to deal with the shrimp without expression, but the movement in his hands was a little faster.

“Fourth Uncle, can we eat sweet fruit?” Asked Lin Xiaonan.


Lin Mo’s hands stopped, he said they were going to eat fish and shrimp. Was there any fruit here? Did children’s attentions span so much?

“Can we?!” Lin Xiaoya’s mouth was wide open, and she looked like she was shocked.

“Fourth Uncle said… It’s still edible.” Lin Xiaonan’s little face was wrinkled.

“… I’ll do it for you in the evening.”

“Fourth Uncle is the best~” Lin Xiaoya’s eyes curved into crescent moons with joy.

“Mn, bestest!” Lin Xiaonan nodded solemnly and looked at Lin Mo with big eyes.

“What did you want to pick these leaves for?” Lin Mo glanced at the leaves in the small basket beside them and asked.

“For the chickens.” Lin Xiaonan replied, still squatting aside.

“Then you can go and eat after you feed the chickens.”

After the two children left, Lin Mo finally took a breath of relief, washed the shrimp, and put them aside. Lin Mo began to process the fish in another basin, quickly scraped off the scales, and removed the internal organs.

Thinking of two three-year-old children at home, Lin cut some fish slices into thin ones and gave them to Lin Chen to cook them in porridge in order to avoid fish bones.

Sister-in-law Lin cooked before the three of them came back. Lin Mo prepared all the materials. Lin Xing helped watch the fire, and they started cooking. Lin Mo’s cooking speed was very fast, and he looked inexplicably handsome. Lin Chen, who was mixing the fish slices in the porridge, looked at him and thought this.

When cooking fish soup with green vegetables, Lin Mo took the time to take a look at how the fish porridge was looking, and then went back to his original position to take off the pot lid and put some ginger pieces in to remove the fishy smell.

Lin Chen picked up the wooden spoon and continued to stir the fish porridge, but he was puzzled. He thought he saw two drops of water fall from Fourth Brother’s hand and into the porridge.

Lin Chen looked at Fourth Brother’s dry right hand, and the doubt in his heart disappeared. Lin Chen thought that Lin Mo was too suspicious recently, which was what was really abnormal.

When the dishes were ready in the kitchen, Father Lin and Mama Lin put their things away and walked out of the room. Lin Xing took his nephew and niece to wash their hands while Lin Chen took the dishes and chopsticks to the table.

After Lin Mo brought all the dishes out, he first filled a bowl of fish porridge and had Lin Chen bring it to their Eldest Brother’s room. Sister-in-law Lin also entered the room with the medicine.

As usual, he left a dish for sister-in-law Lin, and the other family members sat down to eat. The two children in the family were quite clever. They didn’t need help to eat; just help putting the dishes in their bowl.

Farmers didn’t pay so much attention to eating, and they could talk at the same time. Sometimes the family’s decisions were also made at the dinner table.

Lin Mo sat quietly and ate, listening to their chat without making a sound. When the meal was half-eaten, it felt like the timing was right. Lin Mo arranged his thoughts and looked over at Father Lin.

“Dad, the fruit in the orchard is ripe. Shall we not pick it?”

“The orchard? You can’t sell it even if you pick it.” When Father Lin heard Mo’ger’s question, he was obviously stunned for a moment, and then answered.

“How about we sell it in other ways?”

“Fourth Brother, you mean… Wine?” Lin Chen asked. The wine made by Fourth Brother in the morning flashed in his mind.

“What wine?” Mama Lin stopped her chopsticks and looked at Mo’ger in doubt.

“Fourth Brother made fruit wine this morning.” Said Lin Xing as he shoveled in rice.

“Fruit can make wine?” Mama Lin was completely shocked when she heard that, and the meat clenched in her chopsticks had fallen into her bowl. 

Father Lin put his bowl on the table and looked at Mo’ger. He had some doubts in his eyes and thought about the feasibility of using this method to make money.

Although the Lin family had changed from being merchants to farmers when they arrived here, after all, Father Lin was still the only son of Grandfather Lin. Even if he had no business talent, he had been walking around with his father since he was a child, and he had also been influenced.

“Fruit can be made into wine and other things, but I think we can take advantage of the ripeness of the fruit and pick it for a quick brew. We can wait for the next time.”

Lin Mo looked at Father Lin fixedly with no expression in his eyes. There was no impatience or excitement of a young person eager to exert his talents, he felt like this was a very common thing.

“How does Mo’ger know that fruit can make wine?” Father Lin asked after a long silence.

After Father Lin asked, all of a sudden, there was silence around him except for the two children who were having a meal and chattering. Lin Xing and Lin Chen felt that the atmosphere was a little strange. They immediately bowed their heads, picked up rice, and pretended they didn’t know anything.

“In my dream. I used to dream every night when I was sick, but I forgot about it when I woke up in the morning. I didn’t recall it again until I woke up a few days ago.” Lin Mo’s mood was completely calm, he said this deadpan.

“I thought that Mo’ger of our family would be blessed when he grew up.” Father Lin’s eyes were red.

Mama Lin had been very sorry for Lin Mo’s weakness. If she had not had the accidents when she was pregnant with Mo’ger, Mo’ger would not have to take medicine and suffer from illness in his childhood.

“Mo’ger’s cooking is also because of those dreams?” Asked Mama Lin.


“You can do it if you want. Anyway, those fruits are rotting in the fruit orchard if we don’t pick them. I’ll get you the tools you need after we eat.” Father Lin tapped the vegetable basin to remind him.

“Okay.” Lin Mo nodded and continued to eat, but he was relieved. He was afraid that they would try to get to the bottom of the story because of the new information. If they suspected him at that time, Lin Mo did not know whether to cheat them or not, but they believed him in the end.

In fact, the Lin family also noticed the recent great change in Lin Mo. Some doubts were made clear now. The ancient people were superstitious, and Lin Mo’s change was considered ‘mutual dependence of good and evil.’

If it was a disaster to get sick in childhood, then some ‘miracles’ from dreams were also blessings. So Lin Mo’s recent great changes were because he remembered the things in his dreams. The Lin family found this the reason for all the changes in Lin Mo.

Lin Mo was really lucky to be reborn in this family. The family got along harmoniously, and there were no relatives who would challenge Lin Mo’s words. Now all he had to do was give them ideas and try to make money.

Lin Mo remembered that his Second Brother needed to get a title. It was very expensive to study, and his two younger brothers were getting older, but they hadn’t gone to the Academy. He didn’t want them to be stuck at home.

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