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Chapter 13: Guqin Exhibition

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


“An’an, are you going to the guqin exhibition today?” An Jiu looked at what there was to do today. Today, there was only the guqin exhibition.

Half a month ago, the news about the guqin exhibition began to come out. It was said to be huge, with high investment in materials and human resources. The people invited by the organizer were all big shots, and they had great names in the guqin sphere.

An Jiu knew that Xia Qian’an liked the guqin very much, and was very talented in the guqin. This guqin exhibition had a lot of skilled people. It would not be a waste of time for Xia Qian’an if he went to see it. Moreover, he needed to go out more now to have more contact with people.

Xia Qian’an was getting better and it was no problem for him to be in contact with one or two strangers. This needed to be maintained, so An Jiu began to pay attention to it as soon as the news came out. Any news or things beneficial to his master would be of special concern to An Jiu, not only as Xia Qian’an’s guard, but also as his lover.

“Guqin exhibition? There will be many people…” Xia Qian’an hesitated a little. He knew about the guqin exhibition and that the organizers had invited a lot of talents from the guqin industry. However, there would be many people there. Thinking about it, he was slightly hesitant.

Even if he could accept a few strangers near him, it didn’t mean that he could handle crowded places.

“An’an, I will be by your side.” So, don’t worry, even in a strange place, you still have me; unless you don’t want me anymore, I will never leave you.

An Jiu held Xia Qian’an’s hand and looked seriously in his eyes. No one else could see anything from his expressionless face, but Xia Qian’an saw it at a glance.

“… All right, all right.” Xia Qian’an averted his eyes uneasily and agreed casually. His ears were slightly red. However, when Xia Qian’an came back to his senses, there was a look of chagrin on his face.

“An’an, what’s the matter?” An Jiu bowed his head near Xia Qian’an, and his voice was slightly low.

“No… It’s nothing…” Xia Qian’an took a little step back, his cheeks slightly red; his head was slightly lowered, and he dared not look at An Jiu. If he looked up, An Jiu would surely see how clouded his eyes were.

It was too bad. Since the incident with An Jiu, he would remember it inadvertently whenever they were together. Xia Qian’an felt a little ashamed. He thought about it everyday. He was so… lewd…

Before Xia Qian’an could leave, An Jiu pulled him into his arms and raised his head slightly with one hand. He wanted to see why he didn’t dare to look at him after that, but he didn’t want to see this sight.

An Jiu’s breath was slightly heavy, his eyes are dark and deep. The face of the delicate person in his arms was slightly red, and his eyes were looking at him intensely. The person in his arms was his lover. An Jiu sighed internally and kissed the other’s thin pink lips. Whenever he got tempted, his proud self-control would be for naught.

“Mn…” Xia Qian’an’s eyes were no longer clear. He sunk into the kiss, his head was slightly raised and his eyes were reddish.

Ordinarily, An Jiu was reticent. Staying beside Xia Qian’an, everything was for Xia Qian’an. But in such matters, An Jiu had a strong desire to monopolize. Every time, he was in the dominant position.

An Jiu’s kiss was gentle, but with strength that couldn’t be ignored. Xia Qian’an’s neck was slightly tilted, and his eyes were full of confusion. An Jiu stopped, one hand around the paralyzed body of the man in his embrace, one hand caressing his back. Xia Qian’an was resting in An Jiu’s arms, trying to calm his breathing.

“Let’s get dressed and go to the guqin exhibition?” An Jiu suggested.

“Mn… Let’s go.” Xia Qian’an murmured. Even though he still had some internal struggles, he agreed.

“I’ll be there too.” An Jiu’s grip was tight. Xia Qian’an’s head was in his arms. He felt his cold breath and his restless heart calmed down.

After breakfast, they changed their clothes and went to the guqin exhibition hall by car. In the back of the car, An Jiu held Xia Qian’an’s hand. Xia Qian’an didn’t come in contact with the crowd at first. There was uneasiness, but An Jiu was there, so there should be no issues. 

The guqin exhibition was held in the music hall in the city center. People of different ages and professions came, but most of the people there liked classical music. There was a crowd standing outside the venue. The small sounds of chatter made the scene livelier, and the distance between people was small. One could touch anyone around them in half a step. People entered the venue one after another.

Xia Qian’an and An Jiu had arrived long ago, but because there were many people outside, much more than was acceptable, Xia Qian’an stayed in the car.

An Jiu was appeasing Xia Qian’an when he heard the sound of the window being tapped. When the driver opened the window, An Jiu saw a few men in black suits bending slightly outside.

“Assistant Ji. Young Master said he would like to have a look. You see, Young Master likes the guqin very much.” The driver touched his head and said with a hearty smile.

“…Please follow me, Young Master.” Assistant Ji said after a pause. How could this man have come to such an occasion? However, this was not his concern. Although his identity was a bit awkward, the boss had a good attitude towards him.

“… Is big brother here?”  Xia Qian’an asked hesitantly; he didn’t expect to meet his half brother.

“…Mn. Boss just came to pass through.” Even though he was the biggest sponsor of this guqin exhibition, he didn’t intend to meet Xia Qian’an.

“…Okay.” Xia Qian’an answered and got out with An Jiu. He was afraid of his stern brother and didn’t want to meet him.

Assistant Ji led the two of them, but mainly Xia Qian’an, to enter the venue through a special entrance, which was generally accessible to only a few people. It was either someone powerful, or famous people in various fields.

Although they were celebrities in different fields, everyone knew each other because they were public figures. Xia Qian’an was a Xia family member, but he seldom appeared in front of people. Therefore, the two strange faces of Xia Qian’an and An Jiu were naturally looked at by others.

The temperament, excellent face, the clothes, and also coming through the VIP entrance, who was this big shot? How come they never met those two people? They glanced a few times at Xia Qian’an and their hearts skipped a beat.

Some people also recognized Assistant Ji, who was leading the way in front of them. However, they were just surprised and looked away. It seemed that the two men had something to do with it.

Therefore, Xia Qian’an had become a mysterious and influential person without anyone knowing his identity. After all, he really was a great person. Assistant Ji took the man to the room and left with a bodyguard. He had to do something later. As an assistant, he had the bodyguard go with him.

Xia Qian’an was taken to an inconspicuous position in the VIP room where the people had manners and knew better than to stare at strangers.

Two or three people gathered around to say hello and reminisce about the past. Although they were not friends, they were in the same circle. Xia Qian’an was out of place, but few people noticed.

Xia Qian’an tried to get closer to An Jiu. His body was straight and his head was slightly lowered. He had been staring at his hands and his body was all stiff. An Jiu could tell Xia Qian’an’s mood at this time and secretly grabbed his hand.

“An’an, relax.” An Jiu whispered.

“Mn, it’s okay. I’ll be fine later.” Xia Qian’an looked up and smiled at An Jiu, but his face was tense.

An Jiu saw Xia Qian’an’s stiff expression and his heart tingled. He pressed lips together in a thin line and held his hand tightly.

I can’t bear to see my master hurt the most, but for the sake of his later life, he can’t stop it now. He seemed to be abusing himself. If his master was afflicted, he’d suffer a lot.

Not far away, a middle-aged man happened to see this scene, and his eyes brightened.

“I finally found it. It was really profitable to come here.” The middle-aged man whispered, his voice full of excitement, his eyes full of fanaticism.

“Director Li, why did you come to the guqin exhibition? Don’t you hate this kind of thing?” A woman smiled.

“I do need to go out occasionally.” Director Li smiled back.

“I heard that your crew has just finished filming. When will you shoot another one?”

“It’s still early. I want to shoot a short film soon.”

“Oh? Did you find the leading actor for it?”

Director Li just smiled and didn’t speak. He found the actor, and the two leading roles. But it was not easy to convince them to join. Looking at their temperament, identity, and the position they had, they were obviously a very low-key kind of people.

He had to think about how to persuade them. Director Li looked at Xia Qian’an and pondered. The theme of his current drama was a little shocking; at the moment, there was no such theme in the film industry. If the response turned out bad, it could destroy the starring actors.

But Director Li still insisted on filming this drama. In his eyes, it would definitely have a great response. The only thing he could do now was eat crabs, though. As for the audience, many people would watch it. After all, he started to prepare for this drama because of the strong demand of his fans.

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