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Chapter 73: Lin Xiaonan (Extra 3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Xiaonan’s favorite person and the one he adored most was his Fourth Uncle-in-law, Cheng Yan. In the impression of Lin Xiaonan, Fourth Uncle-in-law was the gentlest. When he was a child, he often took him and his sister out to play. Lin Xiaonan had worshipped his Fourth Uncle-in-law since he was a child, so when he was fourteen years old, Lin Xiaonan followed Uncle Fu to the military camp outside the pass.

Of course, at the beginning, the Lin family was against it. After all, a little carelessness in the battlefield would lead to the loss of life. However, Lin Xiaonan thought, he was not small, he couldn’t always stay under the wings of adults, he wouldn’t be able to grow up that way.

He knew that Fourth Uncle-in-law had already been outside the pass at his age. Since Fourth Uncle-in-law could do it, he could do it too! However, before leaving, Lin Xiaonan did not forget to tell his sister that she must not be abducted by those smelly men before he came back.

“Take care of yourself and don’t get hurt.” Lin Xiaoya, a head shorter than Lin Xiaonan, had reddish eyes.

The brother and sister had been together since childhood. It was the first time that they would be separated. It was hard for Lin Xiaoya to not be sad.

“Good.” Lin Xiaonan nodded solemnly.

Sure enough, his sister was so lovely. Anyone who wanted to be his brother-in-law must be able to beat him. He would try to be as fierce as Fourth Uncle-in-law, and then beat up the person who was watching his sister until he dared not appear in front of her.

Lin Mo: … was Xiaoya going to be single all her life?

After talking with his sister, Lin Xiaonan said goodbye to his family one by one, and finally walked to Fourth Uncle.

“Fourth Uncle…” Lin Xiaonan stood in front of them.

A young boy, about the same height as Lin Mo, had a strong body, but his expression was not good. This made others who witnessed this scene many times still marvel. You know, Lin Xiaonan was a copy of Cheng Yan in front of outsiders. His face was taut and serious.

Of course, it was also related to Cheng Yan. Who knew that Lin Xiaonan had worshipped his Fourth Uncle-in-law since he was a child? Even now, his skills were all brought by Cheng Yan.

“Fourth Uncle has prepared a wooden box for you. There are many medicines in it. Remember to put them away and listen to your Uncle Fu when you are outside the gate.” Lin Mo said.

“I see, Fourth Uncle.”

“If there is still no one you like after you come back, it’s ok if you don’t want to get married. I’ll tell your grandfather.”

“Fourth Uncle…” Finally, Lin Xiaonan left the Imperial City to go outside the pass.

The battlefield was the best place to train people. Lin Xiaonan had been outside the pass for six years. Had it not been for the letter from Fourth Uncle that his sister would be married in two months, Lin Xiaonan would have returned to the Imperial City with the soldiers six months later.

The resolute man sitting on the throne finished reading the letter with a black face and was so angry that he wanted to tear it up. However, he thought that it was the letter from Fourth Uncle himself or that he was under pressure.

His lovely sister was abducted! Two months before she was to get married?!

“General, what’s the matter?” Asked the sergeant, who was sitting with a book in his hand, glancing quietly at the letter in his hand.

“Nothing.” Lin Xiaonan, who had changed his name to Lin Nan, calmed down his anxiety, carefully put the letter from Fourth Uncle into a special small box and locked it.

The general donned in blue lowered his eyes, and the light in his eyes became dimmer. The other generals sitting at the bottom looked at each other, cough… They couldn’t talk about the general and the division. Who didn’t know that their general’s brain was so dull, and their military division was not an active person.

“I will leave for the Imperial City the day after tomorrow. You go down and clean up.” Lin Nan opened several letters sent together, without looking up.

“This… General, aren’t you going back in half a year? Did something happen to the general’s family?” A general hesitated and asked. They didn’t know about their general’s family, only that he would receive letters or send them home every month.

They all admired the general’s climb from a small soldier to the highest position in the army. Although this was slightly worse than the God of War, Prince Cheng, he was still very powerful.

“Hum, of course, go back and beat the man who abducted my lovely sister to death!” Lin Nan’s expression was a little ferocious.

“This… Is the general’s sister still young?” Otherwise, why was the general so…

“My age.” When Lin Nan saw the contents of Fifth Uncle’s letter, one couldn’t help tearing it up.


It was a little late for a twenty-year-old girl to get married now. Did the general want to keep his sister at home for a few years?

“Why did you tear up the letter?” The sergeant saw the letter torn in half.

“It’s written by my Fifth Uncle.”

“Then the other letter…” He thought that it was very valuable.

“That one was written by my Fourth Uncle.” Lin Nan’s sharp eyes softened.

All of them: “…”

The letters had the same content but he only accepted the words from his Fourth Uncle. This scene looked strange. No matter what his subordinates thought of him, Lin Nan was already on his way back to the Imperial City. Because he needed to go back quickly, there were only a few generals and a team of elite soldiers with him. The army behind them was marching according to the plan.

In a hurry, Lin Nan finally arrived at the Imperial City one month later, and so did another group of people. They were not generally curious about the general’s family background, but the general had never mentioned it to them before. So they were determined not to let it go this time.

“Yan Qing, how are you? Can you still hold it?” Lin Nan asked the man before him with a worried tone.

According to his plan, his military division should have come back with the returning army, not with him. After all, the physical constitution of the military division could not match that of his elite soldiers. Unfortunately, his military division was also stubborn. Fortunately, there were still many medicines given to him by Fourth Uncle, otherwise Yan Qing would not be in a state to support himself.

“Nothing, just go back to sleep.”

As for why Yan Qing pretended to be weak, it was better for him to take the initiative and enlighten the rotten head, Lin Nan, himself. Just, the thought that they were both men, and that there was no chance to be together… Yan Qing’s heart was stagnant again.

This was probably also why Lin Nan couldn’t see Yan Qing’s feelings for him all the time.

When he arrived at the palace of Prince Cheng, Lin Nan turned over and dismounted with Yan Qing, and straightened his clothes.

The generals and soldiers who were following: “…”

This was their iron general?

The guard in front of the gate of Prince Cheng’s Mansion: “…”

Was the general sick?

After tidying himself up, Lin Nan walked towards the gate of Cheng Wang Fu, passed by the well-known guard uncle, threw him a token and walked in.

“Ah, general…” The other young guard wanted to stop thim.

“Don’t shout, that’s the young master.” This was said by the elder guard who had watched Lin Xiaoya grow up.

Young guard: “…”

The second month after taking the post, just after being popularized, he met the young master, who was still a grown-up young master.

Standing at the gate of Wang’s mansion were the soldiers: “…”

Their general was the young master of Prince Cheng’s residence?

Yan Qing stared at the gate of the palace for a long time. He had always thought that it was impossible for him and Lin Nan. Fortunately, he hadn’t spoken his mind. At least he would not be so embarrassed in front of that man.

The elder guard took the young master’s subordinates into the mansion and asked people to prepare some food to fill their stomachs.

However, Yan Qing and the people beside him left without entering the palace.

Now that I’m back, I’ll go home and have a look.

After coming back to see Fourth Uncle-in-law and his Fourth Uncle, Lin Nan asked his subordinates to go home and return to the Lin house.

Seeing his sister was fine, Lin Nan’s face was black with anger.

“Brother, what are you doing? He didn’t provoke you.” Lin Ya had no choice.

“If I knew that guy had been spying on you so early, I should have beaten him half dead at that time!” Lin Nan gnashed his teeth.

“When can you change the problem of your brother-in-law control? Was it because you don’t like it that Xiaoya should never marry?” Lin Mo, who came over here, said in a funny way.

“Fourth Uncle…” As soon as Lin Nan heard the sound of the Fourth Uncle, he immediately cried out.

“Fourth Uncle, there you are!” Xiao Ya walked quickly and said admiringly.

She and her brother were brought up by Fourth Uncle. Her father and mother were busy with the Emperor’s business. Fifth Uncle was busy with scientific research and imperial affairs. Sixth Uncle had to travel all over the country throughout the year to do business and had no time to manage them.

When grandpa and grandma were old, Fourth Uncle took them to the royal family. It was Fourth Uncle who raised them, he could almost be called their dad.

“Xiaonan, your sister is getting married. Shouldn’t you find someone too? Who do you like?” Lin Mo came up and sat next to them and asked.

“That’s right, brother. You’re old, too.” Lin Ya said with a smile.

“This…” Lin Nan seemed to think of something. His ears were a little red.

Lin Mo and Lin Ya looked at each other. 

“Brother, do you have someone you like?” Lin Xiaoya asked with a smile.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m in the barracks all day long. Who will like me?” Lin Nan said solemnly, but if his ears were not so red, maybe he could believe it.

“Barracks… Is that your division? So the little boy of the Yan family?” They wrote a lot, so Lin Mo knew who his nephew was with.

Lin Nan: “…”

“Is Fourth Uncle’s guess right?” When Lin Xiaoya saw that her brother didn’t speak, she looked strange.

“… We are both men, and the Yan family will not agree.”

“It seems that you like him and know that he likes you.” Lin Mo felt his chin and suddenly realized.


“It’s OK. Let your Emperor uncle make a decision. Besides, the Yan family is prosperous, and it’s not like he’s going to inherit.”

“… Don’t you think it’s strange? Men and men together… ” Lin Nan hesitated.

Men were different from ger. Ger could have children, but men couldn’t.

“What’s strange? You just like each other.”

“Fortunately, Xiao Nan was born in a family like ours. If anything, I’m afraid he’s the one out of luck. Bring him to Fourth Uncle tomorrow. If you can, the two of you can have a wedding together.”

“This… Wouldn’t it be too soon? ” Lin Nan was a little gobsmacked.

He hadn’t expressed his feelings to Yan Qing yet. And now they would have to discuss their marriage?!

“Your grandparents are sad that you didn’t marry before you were supposed to, which they could accept. As for other things, it’s just preparing for one more. “

“Since the wedding of Xiaoya and I are going to be held together, let’s push back and get ready.” When Lin Nan thought of his original purpose, he grew serious.


His sister’s bridegroom, who was waiting for him to be upset: “I’m sorry.”

Two months later, the young master and miss of Prince Cheng’s mansion finally married on the same day.

Lin Nan looked at Fourth Uncle and his Fourth Uncle-in-law standing next to the hall, with a light smile on their faces, which were rarely expressed all year round.

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