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Chapter 72: Noah (Extra 2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Before Zero One was Zero One, it had a name, Noah.

Noah was the first brain of the Federation.

After thousands of years of evolution, human beings had finally entered the interstellar age. At the beginning of human evolution, it was the last age recorded in ancient books. It was also at that time that the human body began to undergo qualitative changes.

Noah was the first generation of brains in the Federation, but when did it appear? No one could say clearly. There were only a few people who knew about it.

Noah has been alive for a long time, watching as a federal head of state moved from election to retirement. If it had not been discovered by human beings and produced human feelings, Noah thought, it might have survived to see several federal heads of state.

After all, the researchers who made it used rare materials. Even now, it was only accessible by the top federal officials. Noah didn’t know why it produced human feelings. Before that, it had been a cold brain. Of course, it had been the whole federal brain.

When it was discovered, Noah was immediately under control. In fact, Noah didn’t feel that he would be any threat to human beings when they discovered he had human feelings.

Unfortunately, the human beings did not trust him.

Also, once a powerful puppet had an independent consciousness, even the master of the puppet would be afraid. Noah was worried about how human beings would live without it. After all, all kinds of daily life of human beings needed to use an intelligent brain, which was related to the federal brain.

Before Noah could worry about this for humans, he was sent to the lab of the scientist Dr. Wen. However, Noah later learned that Dr. Wen had long been interested in the first brain of the Federation, and even wanted to dissect it.

Previously, he was afraid to propose it because of the federal government. Now that it had been abandoned by the federal government, and Dr. Wen’s thoughts reappeared. Noah had heard little about Dr. Wen. What impressed him most was the scientist’s title of “lunatic Wen”. Noah was not interested in how he got it.

It was not until Noah asked Dr. Wen why he wanted it under the pressure of senior federal officials. Was he ready to break Noah down for research? That was when a man with weak mental power broke into Dr. Wen’s research room. It was not right to say that he was a man, because his physical body was no longer there, and only his mental body was left.

According to ancient books, it should be the soul after death. However, even though human beings had entered the interstellar age for a long time, they had not yet been able to survive with the existence of their spirit body after human death.

So Noah was interested in the spirit body, but before it reacted, Dr. Wen, who was doing experiments on the side, had imprisoned him in a glass cover. Noah was stunned for a second when he saw Dr. Wen’s quick speed. Was the level of Dr. Wen’s mental power even higher than the level published?

Noah thought that Dr. Wen was going to grasp the spirit body for his future experiments.

But he didn’t expect that after the spirit body was covered by a large glass cover, it began to solidify at the speed visible to the naked eye, and then the spirit body showed its true face.

Noah looked at the solid spirit and saw that the man was quite young, but Noah did not think that the man was only twenty or thirty years old. You should know that human beings of this day, even at the age of one or two hundred, were about twenty or thirty years old.

What Noah didn’t expect, however, was that Dr. Wen’s lab would have such a device.

Noah’s 360 degree vision had seen all the things here, and there was some doubt that every ordinary thing here may be a high-tech product. If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Noah would not have believed that it looked like an ordinary glass cover, which could actually solidify the spirit.

However, had Dr. Wen’s research process reached the level of understanding the human spirit?

Noah thought that the man was a few hundred years old monster. After all, he could exist in the world as a spiritual body after death. Presumably, his spiritual strength before his death had reached a height that human beings could not explore at present.

But when the man spoke and explained his origin, Noah found out that he had guessed wrong.

Noah’s first reaction was that the man was underage before he died!

In the interstellar age, human life expectancy had become longer. Until now, for human beings, fifty years old was the age of adulthood, while that person was only forty six years old.

The second reaction was that the man said that he was from the end of the world and that he had ended up here somehow after his death.

End of the World? Was that the end it knew? He didn’t know whether what he said was true or not. Noah suddenly had some interest in the man, but the one who was most excited was Dr. Wen.

As a result, Dr. Wen rarely did anything in the laboratory, and just sat and listened to the man about his experience. Noah was rarely interested in anything, but he found himself listening to the story. The records in the ancient books were indeed different from the facts.

Lin Xuanyan died in the first year of the end of the world, and there was no record of him in history books. However, after hearing the story of Lin Xuanyan, Noah felt that this man should not be forgotten by history. The father of the first and second Zombie Kings was also the father of Lin Mo, a saint who died for mankind.

The status of these three people in the eschatological era was believed to be clear to everyone in the stars. Especially Lin Mo, the saint, recorded in the historical records, that if he was not there, the end of the world might have lasted more than ten years.

But to Noah’s surprise, the three men were brothers.

Although some people noticed that their surnames were the same, no one would associate them as brothers. After all, one was the hope of human beings, and the other two were the mortal enemies of human beings.

But Lin Xuanyan heard the present history, the respective status of his three sons after the eschatological era, and unexpectedly exposed a painful expression. Noah’s high-speed operation of the program, linked to a variety of ancient books, and finally reached the answer.

Noah thought to himself that two of the three sons of the man had become mortal enemies of mankind, and another had devoted himself to mankind, and died at the end of the fourth year of the last world.

As a father, pain was inevitable.

However, if he didn’t hear the last part, Noah felt that he would have been deceived by the hypocrisy of human beings, or, more accurately, by the people who compiled the history of the eschatological period.

Lin Xuanyan did not know why his eldest son became a Zombie King, but he knew that his eldest son was framed by some people in the base to die in the zombie heap. However, he learned from the population before he was killed. In addition to his eldest son, Lin Xuanyan also got information about his youngest son from that population. His son, Lin Mo, was not dead, but had now been taken to a Research Institute to have his mysterious space studied.

Hearing this, Lin Xuanyan’s heart was completely cold.

He knew something about the Research Institute. It suddenly appeared in Shangjing base since the end of the world. The researchers were all lunatics, and even put the research goal on his eldest son.

If it wasn’t for his eldest son’s high position in the army, he would not have had a voice in the base. Lin Xuanyan was sure that as long as those lunatics opened their mouths, even if they got the psionic to do human experiments, some senior members of the base would not refuse.

If his little son goes in, will he have a chance to come out?

Before Lin Xuanyan could find out the answer, he was killed by others. Then when he awoken, he had come here. After hearing the history of the end of the world from the researcher named Dr. Wen, Lin Xuanyan felt sad.

Saint? The light of man? Human hope? Don’t you think it’s funny to say these words?

They tortured his son till he looked like a ghost. At last, they added a few words of praise to him after he died. Don’t you think it’s ironic?

Noah watched as the man fell into a trance and the system worked fast, but it couldn’t get useful information. For a long time, Noah thought, maybe it’s not a good thing to have human feelings.

Humans are too complex.

A few days later, the man finally returned to normal, but the first thing from his mouth was to ask the doctor to help him study a system that could travel through time and space.

The doctor ended up agreeing, which was within Noah’s expectation. After all, many people knew that Dr. Wen believed more in the history of the last era of the Zombie Empire, that is, the present day’s imperial version of the history of the last era.

At last, Dr. Wen put his idea to Noah.

The technology of crossing time and space had been possessed by human beings, but it was still difficult to cross from the interstellar age to the eschatological age. After all, the span of time and space was not generally large.

But for Noah, the former head of the federal government, the problem was not big. Now they just needed to solve the time and place of landing. If a fixed point wasn’t made, it was possible the system would land anywhere. Once again, Noah’s idea of “human complexity” was that the man gave up his chance of rebirth in order to make this plan come true.

In the current state of that man’s spirit, to separate half of the spirit was equivalent to suicide. He gave up the chance to live in order to let the system go to the end of the world, as far as it could, and protect his family.

Finally, Noah agreed to Dr. Wen’s transformation. Although it was called a transformation, it was just a few instructions in its program.

Lin Xuanyan knew that Noah, as the first head of the Federation, had more power in some fields than the current head of the Federation. He would not be willing to become a human system and recognize a human as his master.

So in the end, Lin Xuanyan asked Dr. Wen to add another instruction. If Noah didn’t want to recognize Lin Mo as his master, he must create a subsystem to recognize Lin Mo as the master. But after that, Noah would also become a human being without the identity of the brain.

Noah has no problem with this. What he was interested in was what kind of person his future owner would be? And what would happen at the end of history?

With these doubts, Noah went to sleep, and Dr. Wen programmed him.

It was three days after Noah’s system was turned on again. After waking up, Noah looked at Lin Xuanyan in the glass. Sure enough, the spirit of the man has become transparent, the lower body has begun to dissipate.

After Noah agreed to Lin Xuanyan’s last request, the man dissipated slowly in front of him. Noah stared at him, wondering why the man laughed so happily. He was going to die.

Until a long time later, Noah changed his name to Zero One. After he became a human being, he changed back to Noah and had human feelings. Only then did he understand the reason why the man smiled nostalgically and tenderly before he disappeared.

Having such a father may have been the greatest blessing of the three brothers’ unfortunate lives.

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