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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebel Scanlations

With great difficulty, Feisha opened his mouth, “Uh… I was only given eternal life a short while ago. Also, I’ve heard that Hell is very dark, there’s a lot of fire, it’s stuffy and hot. There’s quite a number of bugs and when I went back to the human world recently, I didn’t buy any pesticides…” Stammering, he looked for excuses.

Isefel said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to vacation in Hell?”

“Vacation?” Feisha gaped and blinked his eyes a couple of times before saying, “Ah, vacation. Ah! Vacation. Ah ah ah, vacation! Honeymoon vacation?” He saw Isefel looking at him as if he was smiling and yet not, and Feisha laughed dryly, “Okay, I added the word ‘honeymoon’.”

Isefel said, “Mm. What you said was not wrong.”

Feisha stared at Isefel as though he was trying to make sure he hadn’t heard that wrongly. Isefel’s expression didn’t even change as he allowed Feisha to look him up and down.

After about half a minute, Feisha rushed out of the room, ran down a few floors, threw himself between the railings and shouted down, “I’m going to Hell for my honeymoon! I’m going on a honeymoon vacation with Isefel! Is there anything I need to bring?”

The entire hotel was silent for a full three minutes.

From below, Gin lazily stretched out his head, “Bring me back a tube of the Cool and Refreshing Cream from Hell’s second floor.”

Feisha thought of the thing Isefel had taken from his room and was momentarily silenced. He didn’t even need to think to know what the Cool and Refreshing Cream would be used for.

Gin smiled evilly, “Oh yes, friendly suggestion, you should get a tube for yourself, too.”

He had just finished speaking when Layton ran out from the staircase behind Feisha.

Feisha tucked away his awkwardness, turned around and diverted the mockery to someone else, “What about your family?”

“I want to ask for your help.” Layton got right to the point.

It was the first time Feisha saw Layton looking so serious, he couldn’t help but stop smiling, “What is it?”

Layton gathered up his courage, “Bring me along?”

Feisha smiled and said, “If Miss Amantha is coming along, then I have no objections.”

Layton’s calculations were thrown into a hideous mess.

Feisha patted his shoulder, “If you like her, then you must charge forward bravely!”

Layton sighed, speaking in a fairly heavy voice, “You don’t understand.”

Feisha watched him slowly walk away and couldn’t help but ask, “What is it that I don’t understand and only you understand?”

Layton turned around and looked at him.

Feisha’s imposing manner softened, “Excluding the manufacturing process of the Domino Receiver.”

Layton shook his head, unwilling to argue with him.

Feisha rushed back to Isefel’s room, “When will we leave?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

Isefel hadn’t even finished his sentence and Feisha had already begun rifling the closets and drawers to pack the luggage. This time, going back to the human world, besides entertainment, he brought necessities too. Opening the wardrobe, it finally wasn’t a row of suits and bathrobes that looked absolutely identical. Since he started living with Isefel, Feisha had begun moving his belongings here. Isefel didn’t have many things so the wardrobe was now full of all of his things.

“Isefel, I heard that hellfires are big, what should I wear?” Feisha picked at everything.

“Fire-retardant clothing.”

“…..” Feisha flicked a pair of colorful beach shorts, “Do you think this is okay?”

Isefel said, “What are you wearing on top?”

“Do I need to wear something on top?” Feisha placed the shorts against himself, “It looks a bit small. I was thinner when I was in university.”

Isefel raised an eyebrow.

Feisha casually threw the beach shorts into the suitcase, “But I heard that parts of Hell are quite cold, should I bring something warmer?” He mumbled to himself and dug around in the closet for quite a while, finally unearthing a thick military overcoat, “Ah-ha, this is it! It’s like it’s just for winter!” He strove to stuff it into the suitcase.

“Oh yes,” As he looked for the sunscreen lotion, he said, “What’s on the second floor of Hell? Gin asked me to bring back a tube of Cool and Refreshing Cream.”

“It’s the red light district.”

Feisha was stunned and then he realized that Isefel had leaned closer soundlessly and without a change in expression.

“You…” He had just finished saying this word when he was heavily covered by Isefel’s body.

Feisha couldn’t even move, “I need to pack.”

Isefel’s lips curled and he simply lowered his head to silence Feisha with his mouth.


The result of that night of hard struggles was that Feisha realized when he woke up on the second day that he didn’t need to bring the beach shorts. His upper half was full of big and small strawberries, if he was walking around with his bare torso, he would definitely be thought of as sex-crazed.

When Isefel saw Feisha taking out the beach shorts, he actually said lightly, “Pity.”

Feisha: “……”


It was finally time to leave.

That Hell chariot was dragged out again.

Gin repeatedly reminded him earnestly, “Remember to bring the chariot back.” Obviously, he had totally forgotten who the owner of the chariot was.

Hughes said to Feisha in a warm voice, “Have a safe trip, take care.” Obviously, he had totally forgotten who Feisha was travelling with.

Layton was still holding onto hope, “You really won’t reconsider?”

Feisha smiled and looked at Asmantha, standing timidly by the side, “Miss Amanthus…”

Layton hurriedly said, “Have a pleasant journey.”

Shamal had hidden in his room for so many days and he had finally appeared, yet he still looked dispirited, like he would fall if a gust of wind blew hard enough. But even he forced a smile in this moment, “Remember to bring souvenirs.”

Feisha replied, “Don’t have too high hopes. I doubt they have souvenirs like Jesse.”

Shamal’s face tightened. But his face had been tense for so long that it didn’t look very different. Antonio was most concise, he simply nodded in Feisha’s direction, counting that as a farewell. Victor was the newest new person here. And because of Asa, the people of Noah’s Ark were neither hot nor cold to him. He was also not like Feisha, who would play it up in front of others, acting familiar, thus he could only stand by the side and laugh ‘hehe’.

Feisha thought of his own feelings in the beginning and felt some degree of sympathy for this new employee, “Do you want me to bring anything?”

Victor: “Food.”

“…You’re very practical.”

“Let’s go.” Feisha was standing beside the chariot.

Feisha pulled a large suitcase and walked over. Isefel easily took the suitcase and indicated that he should get on first. Only after Feisha stepped into the chariot did Isefel lift the suitcase and sit down himself. The hell horses lifted their hooves and then charged forward like arrows.


So what on earth was Hell like?

If Feisha’s heart was full of curiosity and excitement when he went to the faerie world and Genesis, then right this moment, in the midst of his excitement and curiosity, there was a quite a bit of nervousness. After all, Hell was the place that was brought up countless times in legends and myths. A place that represented evil and the befallen.

Feisha couldn’t help but lean towards Isefel, “This place won’t have bloody events, right?”

Isefel thought for awhile, “There are.”

“There are?” Feisha was even more tense, “The bloody prison cells are open for public visitation?”

“Prison?” Isefel’s words held some doubt, “I’m talking about the arena.”

“The arena?” Feisha’s expression lifted. Man’s natural warlike traits were engaged. “Like those gladiators? Or is it like the suspended arena like in Hunter?” (1)

“It’s only thunder.” Isefel was evidently losing interest.

Feisha said, “Can you participate?” If he participated, would the host invite the seven great demons as the challengers? He couldn’t help but be curious.

Isefel said, “I can. But no one will take up the challenge.”

That was true. Feisha a little disappointed, but this answer was a very predictable answer. The seven great demons were, after all, Hell’s lords. One likewise won’t expect Bush or Clinton to box underwater.

“We’re arriving.” Following Isefel’s voice, Feisha saw that the scene before his eyes brighten and then he fainted.

When he woke up, he found that he was sitting before a river. The sky was dark and gloomy but there were torches all around him so it didn’t seem very dark. A boat stopped before him. An old man with a head full of white hair sat at the front of the boat. The only feature visible amidst the white hair was an aquiline nose.

“Awake?” Hearing the voice behind him, Feisha suddenly became aware that he was leaning against Isefel’s chest.

The head of white hair said impatiently, “Oi, since you’re awake, decide. Do you want to take the boat or not? Two gold per person, no bargaining.”

Feisha looked at Isefel bewilderedly.

Isefel explained, “Charon. Boatman. Do you like taking a boat or do you want to fly over?”

Feisha had never heard of the name ‘Charon’, but since he could run a business in Hell, he was probably famous, “The boat.”

Charon was suddenly very cheerful, “Yes, this boat ride is well worth your money, I’ve rowed this boat for thousands of years, it’s never capsized before.”

As Feisha got into the boat, he mumbled, “Why do I feel like the chances of a capsize just became more fortuitous after hearing your words?”

Charon, “…..”

In the end the boat didn’t capsize and it reached the shore very peacefully.

Feisha saw Isefel give Charon some money and said regretfully, “It’s just a boat.” He thought the boats of Hell would be a bit more special, for example, maybe when he was rowing, both sides of the boat would spew fire. Or maybe there would be two water monsters following in front and behind the boat. But it was even more uneventful than taking a motorboat.

Charon was very unappeased and said, “What, ‘just a boat’? Have you been ferried in a boat that has been rowed for thousands of years?”

Feisha said, “No. Because ten years is enough for them to gather the money to buy a new boat.”

“…..” Charon savagely rowed the boat away from the shore, but even after he was a distance away, Feisha and Isefel could still hear his bitter voice, “I must raise my prices! Raise my prices!”

Feisha and Isefel continued on.

The road was very smooth, but the two fires by the side were not very fierce. Feisha’s heart slowly settled down. Although it was Hell, compared to Noah’s Ark, where one couldn’t walk out of it no matter how hard one tried, this place really seemed like a place for romance, not just a place to book a room. Just as he was about to say some sweet nothings to boost some feelings, he saw lights faintly glimmering on the floor.

It was a light that was different from the light of a fire. From Feisha’s perspective, it looked more like the light from the City of Everlasting Night. As he walked forward, his suspicions were confirmed.

The path forward was suddenly cut off. Below his feet lay a city of glittering lights and many skyscrapers.

Isefel lightly introduced the city, “This is the first floor of Hell.”

That was to say Hell’s cities were all like this and as they went down each floor, it would look like a circular staircase?



(1) Feisha is referring to the 2016 movie released in China. It’s like a mystery movie where two men try to find the truth amidst a series of suspicious cases.

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