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Chapter 706: Simulacrum and Separation

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even as the owner of the house, You XiaoMo also could not guess what it was.

There are too many things to count in the little wooden house. There was a little bit of everything and some were little trinkets picked up from some peddlers. Most were piled into the cabinets in the little wooden house after he bought them.

You XiaoMo was hesitating whether to go and look through it or not. Ling Xiao had already gotten up and walked over so he hurried after him. He could not help but block his eyes with his hands when they opened the door of the little wooden house and saw the scene inside. It was too dazzling to the eye.

You XiaoMo put down his hand a moment later.

The light had burst out from the decorations placed on the cabinet and there were a total of twelve rays of light. A distant memory suddenly appeared in You XiaoMo’s mind upon seeing these things. It was a memory from long ago. At that time, he had not left the southern part of the Long Xiang Continent.

He remembered that he went to SiFang Town, which was famous for its sculptures, to buy a soul stone. In SiFang Town, Ling Xiao and him met a little boy who sold them twelve jade carvings that were handed down from his ancestors at a very low price. At that time, he only bought the twelve jade carvings because they looked like the twelve Zodiacs. He just thought they were nice-looking, but he didn’t realize that these jade carvings were quite extraordinary.

Under their gaze, the twelve jade carvings suddenly rose into the air. They were barely able to make out that the intense light was emitted from their bodies.

You XiaoMo tightly grasped Ling Xiao’s sleeve, “This-this-this…”

He could hardly speak a complete sentence because he was too agitated. Suddenly, he had an intuition that the twelve jade carvings might be the key to help Ling Xiao to break through.

Ling Xiao gripped his hand, yet his eyes never left the jade carvings. He could feel an unknown powerful aura, but there was also a feeling of familiarity. The several bloodlines within his body began to pulse, as if a resonance had been created within his body.

The twelve jade carvings rotated in the air, and the light became more and more dazzling. At last, You XiaoMo could not help closing his eyes. As a result, there was only one jade carving in front of him when he opened his eyes again.

The jade carvings looked like a Milu. This is the first thought that came into You XiaoMo’s mind after seeing it. Of course, he was not referring to the Milu from the animal kingdom. The original name of the Milu was an elk, and the Milu here was not an elk. The Milu quietly floated in the air.

Just as You XiaoMo was thinking of walking over, Ling Xiao suddenly pulled him back. You XiaoMo was about to turn his head and question him when the jade carving of the Milu changed.

The Milu jade carving emitted a faint ray of light. The next second, the light lengthened and instantaneously transformed into a human figure wrapped in light, making it hard to make out its appearance.

You XiaoMo jumped out of his skin. He turned and threw himself into Ling Xiao’s embrace while the latter took the opportunity to hug his waist at the same time.

A moment later, a reserved sigh sounded, as if it had been steeping for thousands of years. The figure that could not be seen clearly opened its mouth as a somber tone came from it, “Now that twelve jade carvings have been activated, it means that a person with four types of bloodlines has reappeared. Regardless of who you are, I will only say it once before I’ll disappear, so please listen carefully…”

As the other talked continuously, even the expression on Ling Xiao’s face changed slightly.

This unfamiliar figure was the same person who died and brought down the former TongTian Emperor with him during the ancient war. He was also the inheritor of four bloodlines and the twelve jade carvings was a simulacrum he had left behind. Only those who have four bloodlines would be able to activate them. Otherwise, these jade carvings would just be an ordinary and ornamental item. Of course, although he left behind the simulacrum, he would not have expected that Ling Xiao did not just have four bloodlines, but five instead. Nevertheless, what he said had also greatly benefited Ling Xiao.

Just now, he had problems while cultivating and what he lacked was a key.

He had this key now!

The content of the simulacrum’s narration was his experience of successfully integrating four bloodlines. He was not as lucky as Ling Xiao and had to blindly feel out bit by bit for him to be able to grow to such a high level. The process was very difficult, but he finally succeeded. He did not know if there would be another person with four bloodlines like him in the future, but he left this simulacrum as he knew that the person with four bloodlines would definitely be discriminated against. Whether that person could get it or not depended on his luck.

In the land of the Qilin Clan, Lin Tian had finally arrived. He was only a little hurt and it was nothing serious. Though Lin Ming did not deal the final blow to him in the end, this just made him loathe Lin Ming even more. He had hindered Lin Ming’s progress together with Zu Ma to buy time for Lin ShaoYi.

In fact, Lin Ming had guessed that Lin Tian definitely knew that Lin ShaoYi had smashed the remains of Qilin Lord and used them to create a barrier. This was because Lin Tian was the one who had hated the Qilin Lord the most among the Qilin Clan. He must be the most happy to see that the Qilin Lord had died without a whole body. They other members of the Qilin Clan had probably been left in the dark regarding this.

“I say, what do you think would happen if I told the others that the Qilin Lord’s skeleton did not exist anymore?” Lin Ming threateningly glared at Zu Ma and Lin Tian. He would no longer show them any mercy.

Zu Ma frowned.

On the contrary, Lin Tian was very calm. When he heard his words, the expression on his face remained unchanged. The corner of his lips drew up in a cold smirk, “No one will believe you. You are a traitor of the Qilin Clan and you’re the one who killed the Qilin Lord.”

Zu Ma was immediately reassured upon hearing him say this. She was afraid that the Qilin Clan would rebel at this critical moment. Now that the members of the Black Spider had been drawn out, she could only rely on the Qilin Clan, but…

Zu Ma frowned. Tao WenLiang should have found out that it was a trap by now. Why hadn’t he come yet? Could it be that a mishap had happened while they were on their way over again?

Lin Ming knew that the problem Lin Tian had brought up was the crux. Nowadays, the members of the Qilin Clan did not believe him. Even if he said anything, they would think that he was trying to sow dissension among them and would not believe him at all. However, he believed that there would be some within the clan who harbored some doubts.

As long as he scattered the seeds of suspicion and buried a lurking peril in their hearts, the seeds would naturally grow when they think about it.

Lin Gu’s heart and his were linked as 0one, and Lin Gu had already asked people to spread this out without Lin Ming needing to say anything.

The barrier that had appeared at the main peak was just too fishy. They had never even heard of such a thing before. The Qilin Clan was not totally composed of blind people. The reason they had chosen to unconditionally believe in Lin ShaoYi was because the reputation he had construction in the past was deeply rooted in their hearts. Therefore, they were not willing to believe the rumors spreading outside no matter how bad it was.

But after such a long time, some people had begun to suspect something. Lin ShaoYi often conspired with the Black Spider, though they did not know what sort of shameful things they were doing behind others’ back.

Now there were some old folks who did not approve of the war they were waging with the three other clans. They believed that this misfortune was one the Black Spider had brought down on themselves, and it should not be borne by the Qilin Clan. However, they could not say anything because of Lin ShaoYi’s might, resulting in the present situation.

Lin Tian’s expression darkened upon feeling the change in the emotions of the Qilin clansmen. However, as he was not naturally suited to be a leader, he was unable to say anything to bolster their trust.

Only Zu Ma was anxious as she saw that the barrier would soon be broken by Lin Gu and the rest. At this moment, Tao WenLiang finally came back. But unlike what she had assumed, Tao WenLiang and the rest had cut an even more sorry figure than her and they had even brought back less people then the number they had set off with.

Zu Ma jumped out and rushed to them while Lin Tian was hassling Lin Ming, “What’s the matter? You were ambushed?”

“It is the Mage Association, the Beast Transfiguration Guild and the Cang Alliance. They somehow got the news and ambushed us at those routes. We had managed to escape after great difficulty and rushed back.” Tao WenLiang’s expression was no longer as calm as before.

As he had finished speaking, the Mage Association, the Beast Transfiguration Guild and the Cang Alliance who had been following closely behind rushed into the Qilin Clan’s land. Their arrival was one disaster on top of another for Zu Ma’s side. She had thought that their situation would improve, but they had attracted more opponents in the end. All of this had clearly long been orchestrated by Lin Ming.

They did not suspect that there were still moles among them because of Lin Ming’s ingenious arrangement. The scene became more chaotic and the sound of fighting and furious roars mingled. Through the joint siege of the seven major forces of the TongTian Continent, the Black Spider and the Qilin Lord were finally unable to hold out. The barrier had also collapsed under the attacks of Lin Gu and his group. The golden dot of light that seemed to be representing the Qilin Lord slowly rose into the sky, and eventually disappeared.

It was like they had felt something as all the Qilin clansmen suddenly felt like raising their heads.

Several elders of the Qilin Clan suddenly withdrew from the battlefield. With a sorrowful look on their faces, they muttered something that seemed to be related to the Qilin Lord if one listened carefully. Then they made a decision that shocked everyone.

“The Qilin Clan announces their withdrawal from this war!”

A tossed stone raised a thousand ripples

Besides Lin Ming and Lin Gu, the others all had incredulous expressions on their faces. This was especially so for Zu Ma and the Black Spider as this action had which directly gave them a profoundly painful blow.

“You old farts, are you crazy? Do you know what you’re talking about?! You’ve actually deserted your Qilin Lord at this critical moment! Could it be that you aren’t afraid that ShaoYi will settle the score with you guys after he comes out of seclusion?” Zu Ma practically went crazy. Things had not been going well for her ever since ShaoYi went into secluded cultivation.

Several elders did not say anything even as they eyed her indifferently. Then they left with their clansmen. The only person who did not move was Lin Tian. His apathetic expression had never changed even when the truth was exposed. It had to be said that he was really cold-blooded and ruthless to the extreme.

With the departure of the Qilin Clan, the situation on the battlefield became overwhelmingly one-sided in an instant.

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