STSC Chapter 7

STSC Chapter 7

Chapter 7

She woke up in the middle of the night, he missed all the faces and saw him in the dark. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He dreamed of the past.

It did not dream of three years in jail, but on the contrary it was 13 years ago that I went with this new king.

In addition, it was full of pleasant memories.

But this led him to eliminate a cold sweat by awakening of terror.

… How long did it happen, because I dreamed of that?

Remembering these times, I feel it’s just depressing and dark.

Just scratch

But, in my surprise, I still feel it as a happy moment.

Have they really been my happy moments?

… I was pleased when I received some sincere greetings from other brothers. I was glad I climbed so badly as to hit another brother. I was pleased when I was saved when the victim was found. I am happy for the party who wanted to win the accepted jewels. Brothers and sisters, they have combined and been in contact for more than a decade – – Because my graduates are destroying all the children, I was glad that no one could threaten me …

… How terrible.

Nan Ge Er’s spin erroneously ran to melancholy underwater.

He noticed three times that he looked at his hand red.

After a little doubt, he realized that this was an illusion.

His face was covered, his fingers felt cold and wet feeling, and I realized he was weeping.

What is the reason why I came into this world?

It’s wonderful that I died from the beginning of the fire.

I want to go back to a peaceful world where my friends and play friends take care of my family …

… I did not have this place, I do not own it here.

I died. In this world it will not live as a wandering ghost.

I hate everyone!

I did not come because time was not enough. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

As a surprised animal, the hunter ran away. He progressed with all his power, not to mention the time to breathe.

At present, the person who finally began to relax, finally acquired energy that hates the sin.

He finally raised his head after not knowing how it was.

The tears have stopped, he was a little worried about my mind.

I do not know the way to live from now on.

He was inside, but at that time the sky was still dark, maybe midnight, the wind blew, thought he would instinctively cool.

But Nan Ge Eram, who now received emotional shock, seemed to be food – I felt he needed to calm.

He snatched out the outer clothes, he cried.

The winter in the world was always cool, but air conditioned 1 and blankets were not even now. Although his body contained a fur and a cotton, he could not stay in the cold. Three years after immersing the castle in prison, his body collapsed completely. Now, even before the winter ended, regardless of the people who did not sleep well every day, he felt the cold in the body, I was not warm.

The office building could fully enjoy the food now, so I did not really want iron.

With some cotton inserted in a cotton, he escaped pressing the door.

As soon as the door was opened, the wind began to blow, and almost fury flew.

He looked at him, broke his neck and went back a little.

He waited for a fierce wind blown to drop, and he was in his hand in opposition, sleeve swollen, I started to walk the drebējot out of his room.

In fact it was midnight.

I can not see the moon and the stars.

The current budget of the government’s office was not as strict as it was used for cost reduction rates, but the door was 5 Tsunonomi two of the light, the doorway, that is, due to a small pipe, it was gracious to lead to a toilet. Except it was almost dark.

He was not really interested in going to the bathroom.

So without the first protection of the darkness, he only walked accidentally and uncomfortably. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Please walk indefinitely.

When he felt frozen, he noticed the shadow of the front of the pavilion.

He was ready to escape, but he quickly recovered his self-control. Besides him at the government office?

At the same time the shade gave a beautiful and distinctive voice. “Nan Ge Er?”

… How was it expected, Judge

Nan Ge Er temporarily forgot his noise and bent the corner. “Darren, why are you here?

I woke up earlier than the waiter and remembered to sleep after the dog!

“Mi” “I see plum flowers.”

“Ha ha?” Nan Ge even responded surprisingly, but exploded the pavilion where Mo Shu was.

When he arrived, the government looked like a poor man, but the assessment of its structure could prove that the government office had a great deal of thought.

In the area of ​​the pavilion there was at least a land containing fake mountains and artificial lakes that never worked.

“It’s not time for plumage flowers to bloom, does it?” At the end of Christmas, the flowers should flourish? It was too early.

Mo Shu replied: “There’s not yet a time.

“…” So what do you see?

He was blown with cold-pressure pressure, making him undesirable for his neck and legs. He lost his balance and fell, because he did not notice he was on the left of his right foot with heavy clothes.

However he was supported.

“Eh?” He instinctively raised the head of his head.

He could not see anything in the dark.

“… Please worry.” Mo Shu seized his hand and warned when he pulled him to the pavilion, helping him.

… Honey, your warnings were too “fast”!

Nan · The · I was saying.

Of course, he was quite shocked.

How did I noticed that Mo Shu failed to help and I was surprised if my current Mo Shu Pavilion’s distance was at least 10 steps left?

As expected, Mo Shu knew how to congug and seems to be very big.

Mo Shu led the pavilion, but he did not lose the hands of Nan Ge Er. He looked for a little related tune and forced himself to keep Nan’s Ge’s hands almost drier than the cold “Why are they so crazy?”

“I feel cold at me.” Of course he said he could not stop his voice from the cold.

Despite the bitter cold wind like the story, in the palm of Mo Shu, the fingers of Nan Er Er could recover part of their feelings and remained warm.

“Tsk” Mo Shu’s track can sound silently before hurting her hand “Your body is too weak”.

Despite the idea that Mo schoo could not see his face in the dark, Nan’s Ge ERS instinctively pushed a smile on his face: “Yes, it was accumulated for the years”

Mo Shu may have noticed that Nan Ge Er does not want to continue the conversation.

“Why did you go out?” Mo Shu dropped some hands from Nan Ge Er to other hands, but when he moved it moved him from an unexpected wind I pressed it.

“I had a dream, Nan Ge Er responded a little before asking:” Do not blush flowers still float? ”

From its point of view, featherish flowers were not seen.

“There.” Mo Shu noted a specific direction with the jaw. “There’s a lead in this area”

After a short time, Nan Ge’s eyes gradually adapted to the dark, so his eyes followed Mo Shu’s chin’s instructions.

… It was only a branch in the dark, there were no flowers.


“Well” Mo Shu quickly recognized it. “By the way, I really want to thank you.

“I did it?” I did not know what Judge meant, and Nan Ge Er was worried by anger. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“If we do not get to the government office, today it’s not woodcakes, not to mention wine.” Mo Shu said: “It’s very embarrassing to accept, but Zoo and Cuy and I do not have any food that even even a non-representative do not manage, we do not fully use.” Zoo-Qi-Adviser – was Xiansheng. He lacked some time before continuing: “Your body is very weak, we will have to work on bones, but enough people and enough money” The lack of … “he finally talked, Mo Shu’s voice could not solve the problem, “was low, working for another, really …”

Noting that Mo Shu was quite depressed, Nan Ge Er quickly “… was not too difficult, because he was not great to accommodate daily houses, so that he was only He did not have much to do because it was true, done when Work was done, then they did it in the kitchen, then brown slowly.

His usual behavior was exactly what he needed.

Even when he was in the government, it was really very sorry that he did not enjoy the food at all.

Mo Shu shouted calmly, and stopped talking.

After a quiet moment, Nan Ge Er could not ask again: “Erm, Dana, because there are no flowers of puppies, are you …?” He really is a horrible sunny day Mo Shu leaves Looking at the eupholic plumage flowers, I looked at surprisingly bare bubbles that I could not …

“I see plum flowers.” Mo Shu laughed easily.

Despite the darkness that penetrated his vision, Nan Jae gradually adapted to the darkness could still see his lips.

“But …” There is not even a pen flower on the ground watching the stick here!

“I see the feathery flowers that will flourish in the future.” Moshi was again called.

“Is a pen blossoming in the future?” Nan Ge was even more confused.

“There is a nearby lead” Mo Shu laughed: “A little later, the feathers bloom, they are very elegant and beautiful, together, white.”

“They still did not bloom yet.

“I told them they are blurred flowers in the future,” Mo Shu laughed.

Do you see flowers of your imagination on such a cold night? It does not matter, how good it was Ge ERS of Nan, he helped, but then could not do in his mouth: “How do you know what is explained as featherish flowers?” ”

“You do not understand?” Mo Shu laughed when he asked.

“I like it.” I felt that Ningen was impossible.

“That’s it.” Mo Shu slowly smiled. “They do not know they can give flowers when they donate, but they do not know, only when they bloom, but this does not stop me in the future, you can guess how it looks like.”

“What?” Although Nan Ge Er got angry, he felt that Mo Shu’s words were deep, but he could not understand it.

“That’s why I think pretty white flowers will continue to bloom like last year,” said Mo Sung quietly. “At least, at this moment, I look at the landscape that I think.

… Your flower vision method is too ambiguous for those who love me like me.

“So, I do not look at them this year or the next year, if I can still see the blossoms of the day blooming.” Mo Shu turned to Geo by ER Ge, laughing It was.

He could not see Mo Shu’s expression in the dark, but Nan Ge Er could feel obedient to Mo Shu’s glance.

However, he simply saw Mo Shu and gave a slow voice. “He still did not understand the meaning of Mo Shu.

He could meet now, but Mo Shu meant deeply, but he could not yet understand it.

Mo Shu once again saw plumb trees and strained his lips, “How wonderful a lead!

Nan Jae still answers it, focusing on the idea of ​​the words of Moshi.

Clearly elegant Mo Shu says: “Blossom flowers can be seen and plums can be eaten.

“…” Nan Ge Er felt we needed too many doors to talk about the boy’s elegance.

T / N

1 Air conditioner in Asia has a warm function.

The punishment part 2 was a literal phrase “(Ume) with the brush”. They did not have “luxurious flowers” hair. “Hairy” is a random method that does not say anything, “hair” means hair / skin. In “Mei” (Mei) (Ume) similar to “(MEI)” inside (eyebrow), the author is included in “URI” pun. A Tracy-punch administrator helped me with a phrase = D This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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