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SH Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Persecution (Part 2)

Deer and Aldente This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

God drinks in the kitchen, gently pour the apple out of the basket and rinse into the sink. Although he was not part of his work, he did not have to help, but more than just assembling fruits when Antonio was injured.

Feisha who followed him in the hope of finding open to start the strangers of convincing – he Dea and Antonio are without harmony words when you work in the kitchen, he is to doubt his integrity plan It has become.

Most of the ugly ugly in their stories would like to end the “and they are happy,” not only those of tons, the original version was a beautiful sand of endings. For example, take a Little Mermaid. Her position in the sea was quite sweet and princess, but she had to go to the ground with this devil factory. Why was Joe warm? Because she does not love her, hot she’s not good. After all, she is a sea-bubble, history is gray, still called a happy end!

“What do you want to eat?”

Feisha focused the sound of the conversation. Unfortunately he logged in through Antonio.

“Well, do you have a freshly baked cloth?”


“Why?” Laughing laughter faisha Not all the knees of New?

“I do not know, I just do not have it.”

“Like bonsai, tortilla, pancake, Chinese pie, winter potato, fried pumpkin cake …?

Antonio did not smoke. “Yes.”

I felt that I should buy a lottery while I was living at Noah.

“So do you want to do something since then?” Antonio asked to prepare the dough.


Antonio’s face did not change much, but he felt like a depression.

Feisha returned to her and went to Deu, who still had an apple. “Do you want to help it?”

Kara ignored her.

Antonio said “to clean the floor”, showing the trash behind the entrance.


Feisha was pulled by a tongue in a wet circle behind Deas.

“Can you physically clean other parts of this huge kitchen?” Antonio was tired and exploded.

“It’s, I’m from where, it is said to be” ignoring the edge while Space Center shines “was called” Feisha, characterized in that it is good or more. “” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


At this stage, Day had finished to wash an apple and was moving to the skin. Feisha is “make it REM, wait! I’m fine over peeling. Before that, I was convicted as a Peeler champion, or do you know?”, I jumped at the opportunity.

“Do you cook matches?” Asks Antonio

“No, that was parental support competition for elementary school tasks, one of the rounds was peeled competition.”

“…” Unexpectedly, a day gave him apples. Feisha saw he left the kitchen with bright eyes.

The “Erm,” he, 20 or so apple fruit knife Antonio taken began with a stiff smile holding his hand, extended: You can “first go to all the toilet Can you do it?”

Antonio pushes the knife. “Is it urgent?”

Feisha nodded hopelessly. “It is very urgent”

“I can help you break the very urgent part.”


A light reflected from the knife stood out of Feisha’s subtle nature, of shining fear. He swallowed and said, “I think Clover’s cartridge is urgent, do not you agree?”

According to Antonio’s order, before Feisha could escape, it was a long time that the apple stood on a perfect sphere. After her surprise, Dea actually did not leave the dining room, but it was visible from the window.


Feisha was inspired without flattering his clothes when he moved. The Deaso’s table had only one vessel, but it was not a flower. Instead, the bitter flavor of flower petals was sad on the table between the original parts of the body planted on the surface.

…? I was meant to symbolize the desire of dancing for the section after death? Feisha’s hand used to lift the chair to the step, advanced a quick direction and pulled a chair for him.

Ahem. He knocked down his seat and adjusted his position in an appropriate nice and long talk.

“It was a strange” Day stopped before he started.

“You did that?” Feisha looked at the number that confused him. “What’s wrong?”

“The number of petals”.

It was a break.

“Well, how is it deformed to it? Why is the flower number important? Is this flower different from the kind of other flowers?” Feisha will rarely show you something. I am in the stadium’s petals near his desk.

“I swear I’ll never see him, if I’m strange, and vice versa.”


The only thing is that your fate is fine. Feisha catches breath. It’s 50 options and you’re still failing.

Wait a minute, Day swore, is it? Does this mean that he will not see the king’s king again? His plan died before he could even see the light of the day.

No, he can not deny it. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

I figured one after another Feisha “Is it sure?” It’s strange “petals, rising incredible, and it slid into his sleeve. “No?”

“Did you do it with a grenade and apple?”

Catch the skin with a red hand. Feisha rubs her nose, smiled at a smile: “Everything comedy affects.

Deer left.

“You are not serious or” What you know “is Feisha insisted on his overall care.

“Why do not you count the petals?”

Feisha fired, she lowered her head and began to list petals seriously.

“… 13, 14, 15?” Shit if he is to add his seeds petals … “or in it too! Fein king will find you?” Waiting for its success It seems that it was not a complete swelling.

The hand of the table is behind.

“Do not worry about me … Are you still worried about this event with Jin?

Lightning appeared before God, shining his face. Feisha is not heat skin, if going, if he does not have enough immunity against threats, he is now, it has to flow through the brain thinks it’s a very good opportunity.

However, Gena’s delicate energy was probably high. A simple mention of gin, that the last time you want to return together, is it the DEA that went to Anthony, that time, took the form of implementing the thunder into the eyes of Gina’s name?

“I do not think you should have to do with it as well. It’s not that you have a short final gate.” Feisha was calm, impressed your heart, “honest to put it,” he preserves his reassurance, deserves some reward during these problems.

Deer shoots. “Did Jane tell you that?

“He was very afraid of the fault. The conversation ended with the road, Aleluya.” Well, just a daily embrace with your diabetes will find you travel from hotels, drawing attention to forever. Do you really know what you are guilty of?

To make it light, to dispel all the darkness in the heart of Deas. “It’s not his fault.”

“In any case, it had another idea:” Feisha rubbed the face of his embarrassment for not being too obvious. “He is completely open to take you as a mistress, to be able to live your 3 is happy.” Finally, Grimm of ugly ended with a cliché.


South Reminder in Almedane, reminded me when I first heard about Deu, who was asleep. Despite their differences, each fairy looks like anger.

“However, Feisha, before the table to enter the fire,” his advice, my final judgment, a battery that was content with the rebellion and dissatisfaction.

“About rifles”

“No, you too … and the king”. One of the rules was adopted at the time that was associated with a great firing, this meant that all possibilities have to be stuck.

Deer screwed the circle to the table. “So he knows.

“That’s bad!” Feisha.

It was fulfilled with a pure chaos.

“Erm”, Feisha is going to return after this explosion. To create a “beautiful and healthy future, I believe it has to reduce the loss of both!

“How will you do it?”

“Well, I’m going to say so, you are that strength to understand that it is in influence, I would like to say first. Your heart and soul are still clean, always with their starting point It’s done.

“Who made you say that my heart and soul were so started?” But Dare could not help, he insisted.

“Mate, do you really do that? I just leave the claim.”

DEA is finished only silent, struggling for some time to refute it: “I just listen to your brother, because we were angry with him, my fake apathy I never thought I would run away. It’s too late now …”

Why have not been asked before? In the case where you said initially, Gina body will be buried forever, and the fuse will be free to find a better partner. What waste

“So how can I make him believe he always likes him?

What kind of beauty, people will be far away from this shamelessness. Feisha attacked his depression with a sense of justice. “In fact there is a simple solution – accept it!

Dear eyes had width as a banner.

“Well, before that, there is a need to invent something. A man you slept was Nano Nani instead of gin.

“Why?” The expression of death is rapidly darkening.

“This is the only way to make Almedande believe that you really have touched.”

“I will not listen”.

“Almedande may have never talked about something. After all, Jean’s appearance is quite decent. We are all things, genie, as a kind of as you want, and it is but not, the king does not do it, look at me Has a room while at least doubts about your feelings, it’s nice to set it up.

DEA considered the hesitation Almedande jealousy invasion. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“However, what’s different,” Feisha was prolonged. “I’m convinced that he is, when you say you can not break up on the urea-table table in your heart, you can not be suspicious of me.”

He is DEA when trying to remember that it seemed Nani, was met with unparalleled memory of a cotton.

“And, of course, it is the most important point: What, unfortunately, before the minute is finished,” Feisha is, you’ve tried to cry “the Almedande because there is no human being to go.”

“What if he had the race of all the nano?”

“Will you tell him what you’re doing?”

“Of course not.”

“And there you will go. If he loved his relationship with you, he did not dare to go after the dwarf,” Feisha is to stop the bad grim of slip on his face said not to be. “That depends on you.”

No DEA, who had offered some time to think about it, was the opposite. Feisha is, because it was better than he thought, chose not to know your fate.

Before he leaves, DEA threw the ball on his shoulder. “Gina and your relationship are pretty good.”

Feisha was temporarily lost in words. “Where does hell have it from you?” Before falling to the ground, he caught the chin.

“You are a matter of the first who knew everything about us from people who passed through Noah’s class.”

This is, the driver was a big mouth, it’s the reason for just stupid easy. However, it does not say. “Well, that’s because UM …”

“Blackmail?” Deeds are, quietly watching you to rest before their existing petals an unusual diligence of lips on them.

Feisha, he was the one, because sunlight passed over by morning, she was not able to move in a nice smile.

Translator of notebook

Most of the ugly, vague and would like to end their stories “and, they are much more ahead are ready to love.” […]

I changed a lot about it, so here’s a translation of the origin:

The Western story always told an unknown princess to live a prince and happiness. However, [men carried out the field work, women occupy textile] are different from the Chinese people, that was the best masterpiece. Or why do we have a full cloth of cloth of cloth napkins, full of clouds in the sky, does not have much promotion, yet another one of the Weaver girls, thrown to the top of the sky? She is because she herself started to find a herd of capacity … herds. Then, the story ended “content”. Because they thought it was satisfying it, and in the Queen’s and the Queen’s Eye, she closed her eyes.

Some of the technical features:

The seventh of the month of the month: very bizarre-Waver girl and cow girls up that year of two lovers who have banned to meet in one day, is a very popular folk theater. As I did, I think Cinderella. Or, for example, Santa. Literally, everyone will know that story. To that end, holiday. If you want to know more: https: //
Tear and occupy field work men and women are talking about Chinese as Ko Otoko woman Nan Zhen Zhi nǚ. It’s getting less cheerful life back (at least farmers).

Well, that’s super, I’m the only one to me, let’s say that internal monologist does not know how to speak Feisha. I do not see how it is related to the situation. Since I’m not really sure everyone who really gets it, can you tell me, it’s great.

“Well, do you have a freshly baked cloth?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

酥油 vi bǐng 饼 pencon (lighting fried pies) is, in part, able to understand the author’s apple.

“Like bonsai, tortilla, pancake, Chinese pie, winter potato, fried pumpkin cake …?

They are, in many cases, all the kitchenette / shopkeeper based appetizer that runs a Chinese restaurant. Their names (in order) are the following. The green onion oil onion Kong your bǐng, decoction 蛋饼 Ken Dan bāmng, 烙饼 Laos bǐng, GUI tip of the old Auntie Laos PO Bongo and pumpkin 饼 Nan.

Long Feisha, the more he stayed at the Noah Arche, who felt that he would have to buy a lottery.

“He locked the underground (pomegranate) of the warehouse, and now, he is, they do not, then took one of the real search appetizer.

If you do not follow the edge, while your Space Center looks like it is more than good.

Yao xǐDA of Liang liǎn 扫地 only 扫地 center, wash 脸 要 wash a large bridge of the nose sǎo of zhǐsǎoDZ Zon Yang, xǐ (only to clean making, light sweep the center of the floor, you have to wash the bridge of the nose, when you wash your face there you)

“I am, you do not think it’s too worried. Not in it, so you have the end of the shorter.”

Similarly, “at least, you did not have those who took the shot.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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